A few days ago I shared that I opened an Etsy for Supernatural (the television show) themed and inspired bath bombs/fizzies. Here is the link for that if you would like to check it out:

So I thought to make pie bath bombs because 1. Dean Winchester loves pie, 2. sweet smells are wonderful, and 3. pie.

So I wanted to make them look like the pie they smell like. In the photo is Banana Creme Pie, Apple Pie, and Chocolate Cream Pie. I think they came out pretty cute.

The problem comes when you put them into your bath water. The water turns yellow in the case of banana and brown in the case of the others. This is not pretty, not at all. So back to the drawing board it is.

I am thinking of making the pie pieces themselves be fun colors and just having them be put into boxes that are cute and look like the pie pieces they are meant to represent.

If you would be interested in purchasing one, which scent of pie would you like to see available?

Supernatural Themed Personal Asks
  • <p> <b>Dean:</b> Who would you selflessly help out no matter what?<p/><b>Sam:</b> How tall are you?<p/><b>Cas:</b> Who is your current crush?<p/><b>Bobby:</b> Do you have a chosen family?<p/><b>Rufus:</b> IRL friends on here?<p/><b>Benny:</b> Who's your best friend?<p/><b>John:</b> What is one weird obsession you have?<p/><b>Mary:</b> Do you love your mother?<p/><b>Ellen:</b> Who's you're mentor?<p/><b>Jo:</b> Do you have an unrequited love?<p/><b>Gabriel:</b> Favorite sweet thing to eat?<p/><b>Balthazar:</b> Any sex kinks?<p/><b>Michael:</b> What are some of your flaws?<p/><b>Lucifer:</b> What are you proud of?<p/><b>Raphael:</b> Eye and Hair color?<p/><b>Garth:</b> Any weird habits?<p/><b>Bela:</b> Something you can't live without?<p/><b>Charlie:</b> Sexual orientation?<p/><b>Anna:</b> Are you a virgin?<p/><b>Lisa:</b> Are you in a relationship?<p/><b>Hannah:</b> Have you ever pretended to be someone you're not?<p/><b>Abaddon:</b> What color is your hair?<p/><b>Crowley:</b> what would you do if you were king? (of hell or the world)<p/><b>Becky:</b> Celeb crush/es?<p/><b>Chuck:</b> What would you change to make the world better?<p/></p>

This…. is the best thing ever xD

Dear Supernatural Fandom,

Everyone take one & pass it down.

Grab a slice.

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One per person please.

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Let the DW fandom just pour you a nice hot cuppa.

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Because remember!

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The Sherlock & Doctor Who Fandoms got your back! We’ll get through this together.

Love, Your Big Sisters