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If you guys were given the opportunity to write a canonical happy ending for Supernatural, how would you end it?

Oh, all the things I would do… I’m just going to list a few:

  • Dean and Cas would get together
    • and they would get out of hunting, have a normal life, live in a normal house with an apple pie life
    • Dean would get all nervous introducing Cas to Marry
  • Gabriel would come back and find peace
  • Sam would get a dog
  • We would find out what happened to Bobby
    • and it would be a peaceful and happy ending
  • Crowley would get back his throne 
  • Mary would get to know her sons
  • Sam and Amelia would find their way
  • The Winchesters and all their loved ones would just life happy for the rest of their lives. No more pain, no more deaths, no more suffering. Just happiness.

Is that too much to ask?

Supernatural Themed Personal Asks
  • <p><b>Dean:</b> Who would you selflessly help out no matter what?<p/><b>Sam:</b> How tall are you?<p/><b>Cas:</b> Who is your current crush?<p/><b>Bobby:</b> Do you have a chosen family?<p/><b>Rufus:</b> IRL friends on here?<p/><b>Benny:</b> Who's your best friend?<p/><b>John:</b> What is one weird obsession you have?<p/><b>Mary:</b> Do you love your mother?<p/><b>Ellen:</b> Who's you're mentor?<p/><b>Jo:</b> Do you have an unrequited love?<p/><b>Gabriel:</b> Favorite sweet thing to eat?<p/><b>Balthazar:</b> Any sex kinks?<p/><b>Michael:</b> What are some of your flaws?<p/><b>Lucifer:</b> What are you proud of?<p/><b>Raphael:</b> Eye and Hair color?<p/><b>Garth:</b> Any weird habits?<p/><b>Bela:</b> Something you can't live without?<p/><b>Charlie:</b> Sexual orientation?<p/><b>Anna:</b> Are you a virgin?<p/><b>Lisa:</b> Are you in a relationship?<p/><b>Hannah:</b> Have you ever pretended to be someone you're not?<p/><b>Abaddon:</b> What color is your hair?<p/><b>Crowley:</b> what would you do if you were king? (of hell or the world)<p/><b>Becky:</b> Celeb crush/es?<p/><b>Chuck:</b> What would you change to make the world better?<p/></p>

This…. is the best thing ever xD

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