Yes, Professor- Part 2


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WC: 1,899

Warnings: dirty future implications? None really.

A/NThis doesn’t have the smut y’all were probably hoping for, but dang it– Professor Winchester is a handsome, respectable, intelligent man and I thought it would be a disservice to him if he just jumped into the sack with a student right off the bat.
Y’all can blame/thank @ericaprice2008 for this. I posted some time ago that I had several big assignments due, but all I wanted to do was write smut. She said, “Just don’t confuse the two. That could get awkward hella quick.” GUESS WHAT IDEA I RAN WITH. Also, @whimsicalrobots messaged me the day I had a run in with my professor and said “So how’s your day going? See any professors you want to run any ideas by?” Y’all probably don’t remember those moments because this series has taken months to get going, but I thank you again for the inspiration!

By class Wednesday, Charlie was really starting to drive you up the wall. She hadn’t let your dream go for a second and she promised she wouldn’t give it a rest until you divulged every single detail. You’d purposely arrived late to class to have a few extra moments of peace, but you were sure she’d set into you again as soon as class was done.

Professor Winchester had settled into a lecture about the Transcontinental Railroad and its role in the growth of cities when Charlie decided she wasn’t about to wait until the end of class.

“So how’s your day going?” she whispered. “See any professors you want to run any ideas by?”

You ignored her and began taking notes. Since you still couldn’t get yourself to look at him and Charlie was trying to get a rise out of you, you fixed your eyes on your notebook and refused to let them wander.

“You can’t go all class without looking at him,” she continued in a hushed tone. “I know how much you love it when he wears darker colors.” You finally looked up to glare her, but all she did was grin.

Professor Winchester cleared his throat loudly and you snapped your attention to the front of the room in embarrassment–immediately forgetting that you’d been determined not to look at him.

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The rain was beading up on the windows, and you kicked yourself for thinking that it made sitting in the Impala with Dean feel intimate, somehow. You were still surrounded by glass. And there were still people walking by on the sidewalks.

But when you turned to say something to him, the words died on your tongue. There was something in his eyes, something about the way he was looking at you that took away your ability to speak. His eyes lingered for only a moment, but your heart stalled out and you couldn’t ignore the sudden change in the air between the two of you…

About A Dog

A/N: Set after season 13, so there may be a couple spoilers. This fic is based in a much happier time where Michael’s outta Dean and the season ended on a pretty positive note. :,) Hope you enjoy!

Title: About A Dog

Summary: Even dead, Gabriel still finds ways to make you happy.

Words: 1667

You’d always wanted a puppy. Who didn’t? It was a puppy.

Your brothers, on the other hand, weren’t as impressed. Where Dean shot back retorts like “who’d clean up after it? ‘Cause you’re not catching me picking up shit!” and “I have never met a clean dog in my life”, Sam stuck to the more logical reasons; “we’re away too much, Y/N. We wouldn’t be able to leave it at home by itself and it would just get bored on long car journeys”. Which, of course, you thought about, too. It would be unfair to leave a puppy alone in the bunker, to put it simply. And besides, the three of you would probably come home to find the whole place wrecked and then you’d have to suffer though incessant “I told you so!”s from Dean.

Cas… Cas was a different story. He wanted a puppy. Actually, one hundred percent, supported it. You didn’t know what it was – honestly, you’d have thought he’d be on your brothers’ side – but he seemed thrilled with the idea of adopting one. Nevertheless, even he couldn’t sway Dean. That man would never change his mind and he made a point of reminding you every time you brought the subject up.

And so, you weren’t entirely sure how you were standing in front of the map table, Dean and Sam sat around it while Cas was stood over a box that had a curious little head poking out of it. The four of you were completely silent for a while, your brothers and the angel wearing matching grins while you stood dumbstruck in your PJs, until the puppy – because, yes, it was a goddamn puppy – barked. Your mouth dropped open and Sam chuckled. “Come over here, Y/N,” he said. You didn’t need to be told twice; your feet were taking you to the table before you’d even processed what was happening.

The little thing was standing on his two legs in the white box, front paws hanging over the side. His tiny golden tail was wagging like mad behind him, pink tongue hanging out of his mouth, and his stubby body was shaking with excitement. You stared at him, those bright brown orbs gazing straight back at you, and you didn’t move until he yapped once again, throwing you out of your crazed thoughts. “Y-you got me a… you got me a freakin’ dog?!”

Dean couldn’t help but shake his head fondly as both your hands flew up to cover your mouth. “No, kid, it’s a prank. Cas, take him back to the shelter, would you?”

You punched your brother lightly on the shoulder, knowing he’d never take a joke this far, and turned back to the puppy. He was bouncing around inside his box, clearly wanting to meet you, and you gingerly reached inside to pull him out and into your arms. “Oh my God,” you whispered, feeling how soft his fur was. You were wearing a smile that was threatening to split your face as you stared down at him with tears in your eyes. “Guys!”

Your brothers and Cas laughed, the angel leaning down and placing his arms on the table. They all looked equally as happy as you; even Dean, who you would’ve expected to be looking at least a little skeptical. “Do you like him?” Cas asked, and you nodded frantically.

“I love him!” A tear fell from your eye, landing on the little dog’s golden head. “Why is he here? Is he mine?”

Sam smiled. “Of course he’s yours, Y/N.”

“What made you change your mind?” It was this question that made all three look at each other, their smiles faltering slightly. In all honesty, you knew there’d be something. Your brothers would never have gone from “oh, hell no!” to “sure!” so quickly. You felt the puppy snuggle further into your arms, resting his little furry head on your shoulder.

“Well… he’s not from us, per se,” Cas said after taking a deep breath.

You frowned. “What do you mean?”

Dean shut his eyes for a brief moment as if composing himself before he spoke. “He’s a present from- from Gabriel, Y/N.”

That name completely disintegrated your happy smile, replacing it with a thin line. The tears in your eyes were now there for a completely different reason. Your grip on the animal in your arms tightened only slightly, and you knew it was because you were trying to keep yourself calm. Keep yourself from bursting into tears. Eyes closed, you drew in a shaky breath. Gabriel. The thought of him had been keeping you in your room this past month, just wallowing in your grief. It just hadn’t quite settled in yet that he was gone. Again. “What do you mean?”

The elder Winchesters and the angel could see you were having trouble with this. The archangel had been killed by Lucifer only six weeks ago, and the pain of getting him back only to lose him yet again in such a short amount of time was still fresh in your heart. “He wanted to get you a puppy,” Cas said, “and managed to persuade your brothers–” a part of you wanted to find out how in God’s name he’d done that “–to let him adopt one. He chose this one when he was about two weeks old and arranged to pick him up and surprise you with him when he was ready to be adopted. It was…” He sighed. “We hoped maybe he’d make you a little happier.”

With fresh tears in your eyes, you looked down and realized with an aching heart that the puppy’s red collar had tiny ladybirds on it. You didn’t know whether to start crying or laugh, and so you decided to stick with a watery smile, leaning down slightly and kissing the top of the dog’s head. You lingered there for a moment, closing your eyes and just thinking. You couldn’t imagine how much Gabriel had been looking forward to adopting this dog… he’d probably expected to be there with you both on his first walk, and when you taught him how to sit, and when you played with him and cuddled with him on the sofa… he was gone, now. And he hadn’t even gotten to see you meet him for the first time.

“I miss him,” you found yourself whispering into the puppy’s fur.

“We know, baby,” Dean said, expression one of utter sadness and understanding. He stood to his feet and enveloped both you and the dog in a hug, his hand finding the back of your head and pulling it into his chest. “But, hey. Now you’ve got this little guy to remind you of him.”

You nodded, looking up to your brother with a teary gaze. “Can I call him Gabriel?”

Dean smiled and pressed a kiss to your forehead. “You can call him whatever you want, sweetheart.”

The puppy yapped, probably signalling to you that he was getting a little squashed in between you and your brother, and the two of you laughed as you pulled away from the hug. You felt Sam rub your back from behind you, his own way of making sure you were okay, and you smiled at him reassuringly.

“Personally,” Cas said, “I think my brother would definitely be bragging to everyone he saw that his ladybird named her dog after him if he were here.”

You laughed, agreeing whole-heartedly. “Definitely.”

Dean scoffed. ”He’s probably doing that right now, wherever the hell he is.”

“Maybe they’ll get tired of his bragging and kick him out.” Sam threw a wink in Cas’s direction and the angel rolled his eyes. He then turned to you and stood to his feet. “We’ll talk more about your new pup later, okay? We’ve not bought him food or toys or even a bed yet, so we’ll go out after we’ve had some breakfast.”

“Who wants pie?” Dean asked, hearing the word ‘breakfast’ and immediately directing his attention towards the only food that seemed to matter to him. He rubbed his hands together and turned to walk towards the kitchen, ruffling your hair and giving the dog a pat as he passed.

Sam groaned and both he and Cas followed after him. “You can’t have pie for breakfast.”

“I must say I agree with Sam… it’s full of sugars and-“

“I don’t give a crap. Pie is pie is pie.”

“Why don’t I make bacon inst-“

“Pie, Sammy.”



You rolled your eyes as the three disappeared around the corner, their laughs echoing around the bunker, and turned your head back to the furball in your arms. He seemed to be heading off to sleep, if his drooping eyes were anything to go by, which was utterly adorable. You still couldn’t quite believe that you had a dog – your dog – in your arms. If you were being honest, these past few weeks had pretty much been hell for you. To get one of your best friends back only for him to go and get himself killed by Michael was something you were almost glad Dean had pushed you through the rift before you’d had the chance to watch. It’d been hard at the same time, though. You just wanted to see him again.

But now, looking at this little thing asleep in your arms, you were reminded of the archangel. Of the fact that he’d chosen him. That it was his idea. That he’d probably held him the exact same way you were now. That he’d clasped that collar around his neck… you’d always miss him, of course you would, but he’d left something of his behind for you and that was more than you could have ever asked for.

“You know,” you whispered, brushing a finger across little Gabe’s head, “you’re named after a pretty awesome guy.”

And, somewhere, in a place not even we know, an archangel smiled a toothy grin and sighed in content. “That’s my girl.”

A picture of what little Gabriel looks like!! (It’s not mine).


Title: Don’t

Pairing: Dean x reader

A/N: This has been floating around in my head since Mary showed up and started working with the British Men of Letters. Also, I wrote this on mobile so…

Summary: You and Dean have just been reunited. You left when you found out you were pregnant, and now your son is 3 years old. Something told you to return to Dean, only to find another Winchester has reappeared.

Warning: angst, yelling, protecting Dean.

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Mary sat in the kitchen, having just had it out with Sam and Dean about working with the Brits. Dean was hurt and could barely speak. You didn’t know she was in there. You didn’t go looking for trouble. Upon entering, she looks up.


Something about Mary had always bothered you, and you’d finally figured it out.

“I promised myself I would stay out of this. For Dean’s sake. For our son’s sake. But, I just can’t.” You shook your head. “Do you know what I see every time I look at Ketch? I see them torturing Sam! I see the burns on his feet. I see his blood on my hands as we helped him to the car! I see what they did to him.”

“I’m trying to save the world.”

“You know, when I met you, I thought Dean and you were so alike, but now I know. I know that Dean is nothing like you.” Your face was heating up. “Dean never had a childhood. He had John who made him care for Sam when he was barely old enough to care for himself! He raised Sam. Raised him and tried to protect him from everything. Dean feels like he doesn’t deserve to be happy, that he doesn’t deserve to be loved because he couldn’t do the one thing he promised he would! All the bad shit that’s happened Dean carries on his shoulders! All of it! You! John! Sam! And the rest of the damn world that won’t give him a break!” You were fuming.

“I have been a mother almost as long as you have, and I will never understand what you’re doing. And I am perfectly okay with that. If it weren’t for Dean, I would’ve killed every last one of those Brits and never thought twice. Dean makes me a better person. Dean makes the world a better place. I wish, just once, someone else would tell him that. Maybe he’d finally believe it.”

Mary couldn’t look you in the eyes.

“If this is your choice, then go. Stop causing him so much pain. He has suffered more than his fair share.”

You exited the kitchen in a huff, forgetting why you even attempted to go in. Dean was around the corner and pulled you in for a tight hug. As he let you go, he pressed his lips against forcefully, the first time since you’d been back.

“I thought you needed time. To think or forgive me or whatever.” You looked up at his green eyes.

“I think I was just scared. I heard you in there.” He raised a brow.

“Dean, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have…”

“No. Stop. I want to thank you. You stood up for me.”

“I’ll always stand up for you. Best friend. Partners. Whatever you want.”

“I want you. And our son. I know now that’s what I want. I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you too.”

Your lips planted on his. Right where they belong.


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Dean Winchester x Reader

Summary: Dean helps you with a nightmare you had

Warnings: Fluff, Mentions of being tortured (really really small) Language. If I’ve missed anything please tell me.

Please reblog or leave feedback if you liked it it makes me wanna write more

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The Accident

Part of the Living with the Winchesters drabble series

Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: arguing, humorous threats (is that a warning?)

Word Count: 692

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“You’re grounded,” you snarled, pointing your finger angerly at your husband.

Dean leaned back, very obviously offended. “Y-You can’t ground me!” Sam laughed in the background, fueling your anger.

“You’re grounded too, Sammy boy!” you growled. “All four of you are grounded until I find out who the fuck set my car on fire!” You glared over at Castiel and Jack, who stared up at you, one more fearful than the other. “So, anyone up for a confession?” Your gaze snapped back to Dean and frowned.

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Perfect Match

Fed up with your recent string of failed dates and barely there relationships you decide to try your luck with an online dating service. Just a short little quiz, a personality and dating profile, and the company promises you will be matched with your soulmate. Okay, so soulmate is probably a silm stretch, but you’re willing to try anything at this point.

However, your best friend Dean, isn’t too fond of the idea and it’s not because he’s in love with you! Sam doesn’t know what the hell he is talking about. The two of you are just friends. Just. Friends.

Chapter 1 - Your perfect match is loading

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5


Dean x Reader AU starting soon! 

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Anyway I will take request today and only today. Sorry lovies but my time is limted. My anons are on so you may request anonymous. Here are some guidelines for requests:

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3. I am comfortable writing about self-injury and eating disorders but I don’t feel they are something I should be exploring due my own mental struggles at the moment.

4. Plus Size Reader is totally my jam. Please feel free to request squishy tooshies.

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Person A: What are you doing?

Person B: *squiggling in person A’s arms* Hiding

Person A: … you mean hugging?

Person B *pauses* : Did I fucking stutter.

Person B : This is my safe place.

Person B : Now shut up and put your arms around me.

Me daydreaming about Literally any supernatural character:

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Everyone around me:

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Dean Winchester/Sex Banshee

Author’s Note: Sorry not sorry this was just on my mind…actually super proud of thisXD

Summary: You question why Dean is so quiet in bed, and once he explains it, he promises he won’t hold back one more beautiful sound.

Warnings: Smut af, cursing

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*Not my gif*

Sex with Dean Winchester was nothing short of amazing.

He never seemed to disappoint in stamina, always gave as well as recieved, and never ceased to give the best warm cuddles afterwards, whispering how much he loved you in your ear.

You knew you truly had no reason to complain, but you couldn’t help but have one tiny problem…

Well, it was more of an insecurity than a problem.

Dean never made any sound during sex, apart from the occasional grunt as he came. He never moaned or whimpered or groaned or cried out, in fact, it looked like he was trying his damn hardest not to.

Like right now.

Even through the intense pleasure coursing through you as Dean slammed his hips into yours at a fierce pace.

His eyes were shut tight, his face scrunched up and red to the point he looked almost in pain. Every few moments he’d inhale sharply, almost as if he was holding his breath.

“D-Dean,” you choked out, gripping his shoulders. “Hold on, baby. H-hold on.”

Dean’s eyes popped open, concern etched across his face. “Are you okay? Did I hurt you?”

Your face flushed, and you considered telling him nevermind, suddenly embarrassed.

“I just - I…”

You couldn’t back out, you had to tell him now.

“You’re so quiet.”

You had expected Dean to raise an eyebrow, perhaps laugh or give you a funny look, something to tell you your observation was pointless, but to your shock, his face turned bright red.

“I…uh…I don’t…” he stuttered, his face growing more red with every sound he made. “I just don’t usually…”

You felt a rush of guilt crash over you. Clearly, you had made him uncomfortable some how. “It’s okay, D. I get it.”

Dean blinked. “You do?”

“Yeah…” you swallowed. “I can try something else, maybe me on top or from behind or…I don’t know, just something to make it better for-”

“Wait wait wait.” Dean cut you off. “You think I’m quiet because it doesn’t feel good?”

“Well…” you furrowed your brows. “Yeah.”

Dean stared at you bewildered. “Y/N…no, that’s not it at all. I just…” He took a deep breath. “It’s embarrassing.”

You cocked your head, reaching up and stroking a hand through his short hair. “What’s embarrassing?”

“You really wanna know?”

“Yeah, Dean. I can’t be the only one screaming,” you teased.

Dean chuckled, an awkward lopsided smile tugging at his lips. “Okay. But don’t laugh.”

“I promise.”

“Alright…when I first started…uh…masturbating,”

You giggled.

“You promised you wouldn’t laugh!”

“Even horny giggles?”

Dean raised an eyebrow. “Horny giggles?”

“Anything I do from this point on is horny.” You gestured between you, “As you can see, you are still very deep in me. This is going to be a hard conversation to keep serious,”

Dean chuckled. “If I gotta try, you gotta try. Anyway, when I first started to masturbate I made really…loud noises. And uh…I got teased for it.”

“Teased for being vocal?”

“Yup. They used to call me a uh…sex banshee…”

You struggled not to giggle at the name. “They?”

“Old friends, you know how guys are.”


“Yeah that.”

“Dean…” you chewed your lip. There was only one way to show Dean you wanted - no, needed - him to let loose. “Do you remember that time Cas asked you about the pizza man porno and he pulled it up in front of us and Sam?”

“Uh, yeah.” Dean looked confused.

“Do you remember the sounds that man was making?”

“Well I mean, I’m a guy, so…I usually try not to notice other guys in pornos…or in any situation…”

“Shut up, Dean. Anyway…the noises he was making were absolutely crazy. I mean moaning, groaning, grunting…the works.”

You ran the hand not touching his hair up his chest and to his shoulders, gently massaging him.

“I’ve never been that interested in porn, but that…that was something else.”

You raised your hips just enough to feel Dean sink slightly deeper into you, and grinned as he shuddered.

“I mean I just about came on the spot. Don’t you like it when I make noises? When I moan or cry out for you?”

Dean swallowed. “Yeah…yeah I do…”

“I don’t care what anyone ever said to you, a man moaning is hot. I just want to hear you, Dean. Will you let me? Sam isn’t here, neither is Cas or Jack or your mom. It’s just us, baby.”

“Y/N, I…”

It was a dirty trick, but you didn’t care. You were desperate to hear those sex banshee moans he was telling you about. You thrust your hips up without warning, then grabbed his firm ass to keep him in place.

The noise that fell from Dean’s lips shocked you.

It was a choked cry, something you never could have imagined from him. He clamped his jaw shut quickly, as if he was trying to take back the sound.

“Oh shit,” you breathed. “Can you…oh shit if you make noises like that…I don’t think I’m gonna last long…”

“You thought…you thought that was hot?”

“That was ridiculous. Like…holy shit please tell me there’s more where that came from,”

Dean grinned, pride swelling in his chest. “If you want it you got it, baby.” He shifted slightly, pulling back his hips and getting ready to thrust back in. “You ready?”

You beamed, excitement stirring in your stomach. “Give it to me, D.”

Dean closed his eyes, getting ready.

For the first time ever, you and Dean both cried out.

When his hips slammed into yours, the impact was so hard it knocked you up a few inches on the bed.

Dean began a relentless pace, slamming into you hard and past and merciless. With every snap of his hips he let out a delicious cry, and it was so overwhelming all you could get out was a squeak.

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ahhhh…..”

You could hardly believe the sounds coming from him as he pounded you, and the louder he got, the harder you clenched around him.

“Hoooooly shit, D,” you cried, raking your nails down his back. “Baby keep going.”

The heat in your stomach was almost overwhelming now, the combination of Dean’s thrusts and his cries igniting a fire in you.

Dean dropped his head to the crook of your neck, somehow making an even hotter noise then before. He continued his hard thrusts, loud, low whines falling from his lips right beside your ear.

“Oh Dean…” you moaned, your voice shaky as the sounds and thrusts stirred a heat in you.

“Uuuuhhhhh…mmm…fuuuuck…” Dean began to thrust faster, rubbing and hitting all the right places.

You began to clench down on him, your hands reaching to grab his ass and pull him faster into you. He reached down, viciously rubbing your clit under you were chanting his name.

“Dean Dean Dean Dean Dean Dean Dean - ooohhh!” You practically screamed for him as your orgasm washed over you, your arms and legs tingling and your vision filling with white spots.

Now usually, Dean would finish as your pussy began to flutter, and you’d ride out your orgasm as he finished his. But this time…

It wasn’t a moan or a grunt or a cry, it was a wail.

A full out wail of your name, like nothing you’d ever heard. It was loud and slurred and so fucking hot. You screamed at the sound, a second orgasm crashing over you so hard you almost passed out. And then you felt it.

You squirted all over him, crying out as he whimpered in your ear, the sound almost coming out as sobs.

He thrusted slowly and sloppily into you, riding out his high with barely enough strength to pull out far enough to push back in. When he finally stilled, panting and laying almost all of his weight on top of you, he let out a long groan.

“Holy fucking shit.” He panted, propping himself up on his elbows. “Did you…did you just squirt?”

“I…I think so,” you breathed, eyes closed as you lay under him.

“I didn’t know you could do that,” Dean rumbled, bringing his lips to yours. His tongue delved into your mouth, devouring everything you had to offer. You moaned, stroking up and down his spine with one hand and cupping his face with the other.

“I didn’t either,” you mumbled against his lips.

“If I’d have known you’d like it that much I would have tried to sound like an idiot way sooner,”

You smirked. “Baby you got a lot of time to make up for now, my big handsome sex banshee.”

Hips Don’t Lie Masterlist

Hips Don’t Lie-Dean x Plus Size Reader


Summary: She was a shop owner for hunters in a small East Texas town. When the Winchesters come through after reports of usual animal attacks they are reunited with an old friend, Y/N. The girl that Dean Winchester had the biggest crush on, but never did anything about it. This time though, he’s determined to change that.

Setting: Between seasons eleven and twelve.

Pairing: Dean x Plus Size Reader

Warnings: Body Imagine Issues, The Subject of Low Self-esteem, Smut, Fluffy of doom, Canon Violence.








Imagine...Being Pregnant with Alpha!Dean’s Pups

Request: Could I request Alpha Dean where the reader is his omega and she’s pregnant with their “pups.”

Pairing: Alpha!Dean x Omega!reader

Warnings: implied smut (sort of)

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“I beg your pardon?”

“You heard me. I used to hunt things like you. I don’t know what you did to my boy, but I won’t allow it anymore.”

“Your son knew from the beginning. And I did nothing wrong.”

Imagine Jack and you getting close and Dean being jealous about it because of his feelings for you.

“Jack did you uhm… Did you bring Cas back?” Sam asked with a small tilt of his head.

“I don’t know.” the young nephilim looked down for a second “I wanted him back. I- I talked with (Y/n) about it. I begged for him to come back, but…” he trailed off.

“Well, here he is.” Dean nodded his head.

“Because of me?” Jack’s eyebrows raised.

“We don’t know, Jack. But we- we- we think maybe.” Sam gave him a small smile, barely visible but definitely there.

“Thank you, Jack.” Castiel breathed out in a rough voice, full of emotion.

“I-” Jack nearly choked on his words, his eyes filling with tears but a smile making its way on his lips “I missed you so much.” he breathed out, finally wrapping his arms around the blue-eyed angel. Castiel didn’t miss the chance to hug back as tightly and warmly as he could, a smile on his face.

“Sam and Dean tell me you’re doing well.” Cas finally said once they pulled away, a hand on the younger man’s shoulder.

Jack smiled, eyes casting down for a second again, before he nodded his head “I am.” he admitted, looking at the two Winchester before taking a seat back on his chair “Sam and Dean are doing the best they can to help me adjust. And (Y/n) is amazing at helping me figure out how my emotions work and how I can deal with everything, she’s great!”

“She is almost an expert in that anymore.” Castiel nodded his head with a fond smile before looking around.

“Wait till she finds out you’re back, we gotta tell her! Where-” Dean looked around the room for you, his smile not fading even when he didn’t spot you.

He could only imagine the excitement and happiness you’d experience sent his heart on overdrive. He even felt the butterflies in his stomach dance around like crazy when he thought he’d finally see that beautiful sparkle in your eyes and that gorgeous smile that, admittedly made him weak on the knees, but made his heart soar in his chest. He was sure, part of why he had lost all faith and maybe any will to keep fighting was because he saw how much you broke after Castiel'sdeath. You always saw the bright side of things, you were always the bright ray of light in the darkness that surrounded him and a shoulder to lean on. You’d lately been unable to whisper small words of support to him, though, as much as you wanted to keep faith for him. He saw it was forced because he knew you like the back of his hand. But now that he was back and you finally got a big win you both needed, Dean knew you’d be back to your old self and he felt giddy to hear your laughter again.

“Where is she?” he blinked and Jack’s head perked up faster than ever before.

“Oh (Y/n)!” he shot up so fast from his chair that the three men didn’t have time to blink “I’ll- I’ll go tell her, she will be very happy to know Castiel is back!” and of course the wide boyish grin was impossible to miss for any of them, along with the cheerfulness in his voice. Dean blinked and gave him a funny look, as if he’d grown a second head or something but it went unnoticed.

“No, Jack, you don’t have to. I’ll just-” Dean started with a perplexed look, a frown on his face.

But the nephilim shook his head fast, before Dean even had the chance to complete his sentence “No, it’s fine.” he nodded his head with a soft smile, eagerness hard to contain “I will. I will go tell her.” he was already making his way towards where the boys assumed you were.

“Jack” Sam chuckled, a knowing smile on his lips that turned into an amused one when he saw the way Dean’s eyes narrowed at the boy “It’s- it’s totally ok, you know you don’t have to. Cas can just go and-”

“Oh no, I want to. I want to tell her the good news. It won’t take long.” he was walking past Dean while he said casually “She’s in the shower.”

“Alright-” Dean huffed, shrugging albeit a little sadly “Just tell her we’re-” he started mumbling before it dawned on him. Jack’s final words recorded and his eyes widened more widely than ever before as his head snapped up in panic. He swirled around so fast it felt like a blur for a moment.

“Whoa whoa! Wh-what!?” he blinked, his voice raising an octave “Whoa! No, no! Hey- hey stop, there- Right there. Stop!” Dean pointed a finger at him, his brows furrowing deeply “What did you just say?”

“I-” Jack blinked, looking at Sam and Cas to see the first snicker and the second roll his eyes with a shrug “I just-” he looked back at Dean, not understanding his mistake “I want to tell her the good news.”

“No, after that.” he took a step forward, voice deep.

“It won’t take long.” Jack still looked perplexed.

“No” Dean’s voice got more rough and accusing as he took more dangerous steps forward “After that.”

“She’s… in the shower?” Jack’s voice was low “What is wrong with that? Humans do- Don’t humans usually- Did I say something wrong?”

“Yes, Jack, don’t worry. Everything’s fine. You didn’t say anything wrong.” Sam shook his head, chuckling “Dean come on, don’t scare him. Just let him-” but he huffed and stopped when Dean turned and gave him a sharp look. He just shook his head, looking at Cas who just shrugged with an equally understanding look.

“Say, Jack-” Dean tried to force on a smile, but it looked more like a dangerous one with the way he was slowly approaching him “Have you, I don’t know, ever had to walk in the bathroom while (Y/n) was having a shower?”

“I-” Jack glanced at Sam and Cas as if for help but Dean didn’t let him as he moved right in his line of sight “Y-yes…?”

“Yes.” Dean pursed his lips, nodding his head with a deep frown.

“Dean” Sam said, more amused than scared of what the older Winchester could do. He might seem intimidating, but after having witnessed Dean get possessive over you so many times, Sam was no longer surprised. Only amused, unlike Jack.

“No, it’s ok. Everything’s ok, Sammy. Don’t worry.” Dean chuckled, a little too casually it made Castiel raise an eyebrow “I’m fine, it’s all-” he cleared his throat “Totally cool. And uhm Jack, let me ask you something more: Was she… wearing anything, any of those times?”

“I-” he blinked “Yes, yes of course!” he exclaimed and nodded his head, eyes sincere and Dean’s shoulders relaxed for a second “Did you think that-” he tilted his head to the side “Did you think that I would ever disrespect her in any way? No, definitely not.” he said firmly, the sigh of relief that left Dean’s lips was hard to miss “I never walked in on her naked, I understand she wouldn’t want that… and I’m assuming you wouldn’t either.” he ended up saying in a soft voice.

“Damn right.” he ran a hand through his hair “Alright then, kid. You can go tell her, just- You make sure to knock again, ok?” he pointed at him.

“Alright” Jack swallowed, nodding his head “I will. Don’t worry.”

“Good.” Dean gave him a nod of approval which finally made him relax and smile more easily.



“Uh Jack-” Sam spoke up, a smirk on his face “Just out of curiosity… what was she wearing?”

The nephilim stopped on his tracks and looked at them with a casual smile “Oh, her underwear!” he said with smile before turning to happily make his way back to you, pretty fast at that as if he looked forward to it. Completely oblivious to what he left behind.

Dean choked on thin air, his eyes going wide once more as Sam only chuckled. Castiel mumbled something along the lines of “You had to ask.” but it was all forgotten when one voice was heard.

“What?!” rough yet panicked “Jack, wait!” and it belonged to Dean who rushed after the boy.

And Sam could mutter one thing as he and Castiel trailed off behind Dean as well “Shit