@starnatural0667 sent in the prompt Halloween. Here you go! It’s not the greatest, but I hope you enjoy.

Halloween is one of the holidays that Dean loves the most. He loves the candy, the scary and spooky things, and the costumes. He really enjoys being able to dress up as someone else, because one night out of the year he’s able to pretend to be anyone he wants.

When he walks into his dorm room, Cas is laying down on his bed with a book in his hand.

“Heya, Cas,” he nods and walks over to his bed, setting the plastic bag down on it as he shrugs out of his coat and kicks his shoes under his bed.

Cas rests his book on his chest and arches his eyebrow. “Hello, Dean. What’s in the bag?” He gestures to it.

“Oh, this?” he asks, untying the bag. “This, this is my Halloween costume.”

Cas closes his book, setting it on his night stand and sits up. “And just exactly who are you going as this year?”

Dean blushes and pulls out his costume. He holds the plastic bag up so Cas can see it.

Cas examines the costume throughly, and gulps when he meets Dean’s forest green eyes. “You’re going to look amazing in that,” he whispers.

Dean’s brain short circuits and the air feels thinner and Dean all of a sudden he has trouble breathing.

Cas chuckles at Dean being all flustered and runs his hands through his hair causing it stick up in every direction. Dean calls it his sex hair.

“I can’t wait for you to see my costume,” Cas says with a wink.

Dean groans, just thinking about the possibilities of Cas’s costume. “Dude, if it’s anything skin tight, I’m not letting you leave the room.”

Cas reaches out for Dean and loops his fingers in his belt loops. He pulls Dean in between his legs and rubs circles into his hips. “Well in that case..” he trails off.

Dean dives for Cas’s lips and it’s nothing but teeth, tongue, roaming hands, and clothing flying off.

Imagine...Cas & Dean Reassuring You

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Request: Could you do some destiel x reader where the reader feels insecure about her place in the relationship but dean and cas reassure her and remind her about how much the both of them love her?

Pairing: Dean x reader x Castiel

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Broken Beyond Repair 5

A/n: more chaos

Words: 1,105

Link to Chapter 4

Pairings: Gabriel x reader


Did Gabriel tell you about he and I sleeping together?”

Your mouth dropped as you looked at Rowena with wide eyes.

“Excuse me?”

Rowena looked like she had let some big cat out of the bag. She giggled in a very girlish manner.

“I thought that you should know.”

About that time Gabriel came walking into the room with a book in one hand.

“Y/n, I know arguing with you works about as well as baptizing a cat but can I please convince you to not go visit apocalypse world? Its nasty and…dirty….and oh shit!”

Gabriel hissed as he saw Rowena sitting at the table and you looking at him with a pissed off expression. You, meanwhile, stood a moment before storming forward and grabbing him by the jacket

“I need to talk to you…like now!”

Gabriel followed you into the kitchen.

“What is she doing here?”

You turned.

“Better question, why did you sleep with her?”

Gabriel blinked a few times.

“She told you that huh?”

You nodded, feeling like you were ready to start screaming again.

“YES! Because it sure as hell wasn’t you! We were just in there having this little cozy hear to heart and now there is this.”

Gabriel groaned. How did it slip his mind to tell you that he had hooked up with Rowena? You didn’t seem near as offended with the porn stars as you did with the prospect of him sticking his key in Rowena.

“Well we were kind of getting along good and I didn’t really want to ruin that but it looks like that is shot to hell.”

You sighed, taking a breath. You tried to count to ten or do anything to calm yourself down. Gabriel starred at you for a moment.

“Y/n, look, I’ve told you that I have made a lot of mistakes. I thought that we had this conversation.”

Gabriel reached out taking your hands in his. His golden eyes looked at you full of pain.

“I slept with her because she reminded me of you. You and Rowena share so many traits. I came back…expecting you….and nothing. When I got my mind back….Y/n you were the first thing that I thought about. I also thought that I really fucked up and a lot of explaining to do. Might as well start now…”

You looked up confused.

“Who else have you slept with?”

Gabriel’s golden eyes flashed and he quickly looked angry.

“Can you stop worrying with who the fuck I have slept with for a minute? Y/n, Adam is alive.”

Your mouth dropped. Had you just heard what you thought?

“Gabriel, did you say…”

He nodded.

“That is exactly what I said.”

Was it the truth or was Gabriel just screwing with you? Surly, he wouldn’t be that cruel to you! Your heart was pounding just at the thought of Adam being alive.

“Prove it.”

You muttered. Gabriel looked at you before vanishing. Walking back into the library you ran a hand through your messy hair. If Adam was alive, did he remember everything that happened to him? How would he react knowing that you were in love with an archangel? How would Sam and Dean react?

From the time that Adam and your mother had died you had always blamed yourself for their deaths. If you had been there to protect them, they would have never died. It didn’t matter what Sam and Dean said. You would have protected them not died along with them.  


You quickly turned and there stood Adam looking just like he had the last time that the two of you had been together.


Your eyes fluttered to where Gabriel stood looking worried. Adam didn’t even look at the archangel.

“Y/n, everything is fine.”

You stood a moment before taking off to your brother and throwing your arms around his shoulders. Adam clutched onto you burying his face in your hair.

“Adam, you’re alive!”

He nodded.

“Yeah and I am not going any where this time. No stupid archangel is fucking with us again.”

You blinked a few times before glancing at Gabriel.

“Um…there’s an archangel.

Adam’s eyes widened in fear as he turned to face Gabriel who was looking a tad confused himself.

“Which one is he?”

You sighed, knowing that this wasn’t going to be pretty.

“This is Gabriel. He’s good though. He can be a pain in the ass but he is good.”

Adam shook his head.

“Y/n, you do not want to trust angels! They will just get you killed!”

“That’s rude.”

Gabriel muttered as you turned back to face your brother.

“Adam, look he’s….”

“Sugar, don’t.”

Adam snapped back to Gabriel.

“Why the hell did you just call her sugar?”

Gabriel shrugged.

“I always call her that. I do know her name, for the record, but sugar sounds a lot nicer than baby or darlin or any of those other pet names.”

Adam blinked.

“Her name is beautiful! She doesn’t need some archangel trying to woo her. Go screw with your own species. Y/n, whatever, he has said to try to win you over….just say no.”

Gabriel chuckled, reminding you eerily of Loki.

“Too late! She loves me. WE are kind of an item.”

Adam looked if possible three shades paler as he snapped back to you.

“Y/n, what are you thinking?! You were there when Michael the douche bag took me over and ruined everything…”

“Granted, you were dead then.”

Gabriel said with a smirk. Adam quickly rounded on Gabriel before picking up a book and chucking it at him. Gabriel snapped his fingers making the book explode into a million pieces.

“Eww scary! Just an FYI pal, you aren’t going to hurt me.”

Adam began to tremble with rage.

“Yeah but you can hurt my sister!”

Adam had glanced back at you noticing the expression of hurt on your face. It didn’t take him being a brother to realize that there was clearly some bad history between the archangel and yourself.

“What have you done to her?!”

Gabriel tilted his head getting that extra sassy tone that never benefited anyone.

“I never claimed to be perfect.”

You quickly got between the two holding them back at arm’s length.

“Adam, come on. Let’s go talk. Gabriel, stay here and be good…please.”

Gabriel looked less than pleased. 

“This is the last time that I try to fix anything











You’re the only one worth seeing

The only place worth being

The only bed worth sleeping's 

the one right next to you.

Oh my love,
I know I am a cold cold man.
Quite slow to pay you compliments.
Or public displayed affections.

- Cold cold man, Saint Motel  

Ok so i have this theory. You know when Dean and Cas look at each other for a long time and Cas makes the little cute confused face. I can’t find a good gif but he does the little head tilt and squinty eyes thing. Anyway, in one episode with Claire, Cas tells Claire that he can not only sense prayers, but can sense a longing too. My theory is that when Cas and Dean are making intense eye contact, Cas can sense the longing and even lust that Dean feels towards him. That’s why he looks confused, because he’s trying to work out why Dean is longing for him.