Supernatural Insults

Dean: Bitch

Sam: Jerk

Cas: Assbutt

Bobby: Idjits

Crowley: Moose, Squirrel, Giraffe, Mop-headed lumberjack, Samantha, Wincheter Jumbosize, Little Sammy, Jolly Green, Feathers

Destiel ❤


Sam: “Oh, shh…that must’ve hurt.”

Dean: “My god. How can someone so small be so sadistic?”

dating dean winchester would include:

a/n: i cant believe i’d never done this before???? 

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- ‘ugh you bled on me’

- ‘oh don’t worry that’s not mine’

- ‘whAT’

- he totally does that thing where he runs up behind you and picks you up

- lying across the front seat of baby with ur legs draped over his lap while he drives

- ‘hold me back so i don’t beat the shit out of that son of a bitch’ 

- ‘deAN all he did was compliment my shirt’

- ‘i know men, ok. he wasn’t complimenting your shirt he was complimenting what’s inside it.’

- having the most casual conversations mid hunt

- ‘ooh we should get burgers’ as you stab someone in the face

- stopping halfway through making out for a beer break

- proposing to you with his silver ring u know the one

- having air guitar competitions

- ‘no offense but i would literally kill you right now for some nachos’

- ‘i respect that’

- being the only one he’ll let change the station

- no matter how pissed off you are at eachother your fights are always put on pause at night time because neither of u can sleep without eachother close

- calling you his cherry pie

- getting matching tattoos

- and the whole time leading up to it he’s like ‘don’t worry sweetheart you can hold my hand if you need’

- but he’s the one that ends up needing to hold ur hand

- with the amount of injuries he’s sustained be probably gets cramps and has back issues 24/7

- resulting in him lumbering around and getting heartburn all the time like a fucking 80 year old 

- ‘i’m sorry grandpa did i forget to give you your heart meds this morning?’

- ‘big talk for a girl who’s in a frickin comatose state every morning before her coffee’ 

- ‘….. fuck you’

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“I mean, Y/N in a white dress?”

“Are you seriously thinking about it?”

“It’s been awhile since I’m thinking about it. But you know, never the right time.”


Pairing- Jack Kline x Reader

Warnings- None

I stared at Jack while he slept over the top of my phone and smiled. I liked Jack but my brothers would never allow a relationship between their little sister and a regular guy, never mind a nephilim of the archangel Lucifer. I sighed and went back to scrolling through my Tumblr feed.

“Y/N,” Dean said.

My head shot up and met my oldest brothers eyes in the rearview mirror. “Yeah?”

“Stop staring at Jack while he’s sleeping. It’s creepy.”

“I’m not staring at Jack,” I said unconvincingly, blushing like crazy. I thanked Chuck that it was dark and tried to calm myself down.

“Yes you are,” Sam said, looking at me in the rearview mirror. “You’ve been staring for a while.”

I huffed. “So.”

“So no,” Dean said, making his signature are you crazy face. “No. You and Jack cannot be… whatever it is you want to be.”

“Don’t worry about it,” I said. “He probably doesn’t even like me. Can we drop it please?”

“I like you Y/N,” Jack said, and everybody jumped. Nobody had realized that Jack had woken up. “I would like to be, um. Your boyfriend. That’s the word right?”

“Yeah, that’s the word. Wait really?” I said.

“Yeah, I really like you but wasn’t sure how to tell you.”

Sam snorted and I turned to look at him and Dean. Sam was holding back laughter while Dean turned from red to purple. 

“Dean,” I said, nervously.

“It’s fine Y/N. You and Jack can be what you want to be. I’ll deal with Dean,” Sam said.

“Nope,” Dean said and then everybody erupted with laughter. “Stop laughing. I said no.”

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You: “Hey Sam! Oh, you look horrible.”

Sam: “Course I do, it’s three in the morning! What the hell are you doing here, Y/N?”

You: “Nice to see you too! I got work for you!”

Sam: “Oh my god…”

Imagine in order to fight off Lucifer's child, Cas has to knock you up so you too  can have a angel/human hybrid child

All hope was gone. A true tragedy. Rumor has it that the Winchesters could kill anything or save the world at the snap of their fingers…but this was something no one expected. Lucifer had a bun in the oven, and no one knew where she was. Now, the Antichrist was on the verge of being born, and the chances of the world not crashing and burning was slim to none.

“Now what?” you sighed as you sat down in a nearby chair, your hands in your hair as stress began to take you over.

“Well,” Sam began, “research could still be helpful…or Crowley, Rowena-”

“Crowley is not going to help us on this, and Rowena isn’t trustworthy!” Dean interrupted.

“Well, do you have any better ideas?” Sam’s arms flew up in the air in frustration before coming down with a harsh slap against his thighs.

“I do,” Castiel spoke up in his monotone voice. All eyes turned in his direction for further explanation. “It took another archangel to battle Lucifer when he was cast out of Heaven…Michael. Michael had the same power as Lucifer, or even more powerful some believe. We need something as powerful as this child…another hybrid.”

“What are you suggesting, Cas?” Dean snapped in confusion.

“I’m saying,” he sighed, “that I could impregnate Y/n, so that when Lucifer’s child is born…so will the Nephilim.”

“What?” the youngest Winchester demanded, his brows knitting together.

“Hell no!” Dean practically yelled at the angel who was growing more and more frustrated by the second, yet no one bothered to ask you about your opinion even though you were the person that had the most control in saying if it was happening or not.

As the tension grew in unison with the volume of their voices, the small string that was holding your mouth shut snapped. “OKAY! ENOUGH!” you yelled as you stood up from your chair. “You two have no say in this! It’s between Castiel and I!”

“Y/n, you seriously aren’t considering this, are you?” Sam asked in a voice that dripped in disbelief.

You only shrugged. “Hey, you guys risk your lives any chance you get just to save one or two people. I think I can do the same for the entire world.”

“Y/n, no-”

“Save it, Dean!” With a sigh, you held your lower stomach and closed your eyes. “I’ll do this for you two. For the world. To kill that monster that is growing this very moment somewhere out there…It’s time I do something useful around here.”

Who else thinks Sam and Dean need one of these??? Also I bet this would make a great story! Tag me if you find inspiration….