he’s just a temporary me

Summary: Seeing his ex with another man doesn’t agree with Dean [written from Dean’s POV]

Pairing: Dean x Reader, mentions past Dean x Lisa

Warnings: drinking, pining, insecurities, angst, jealousy, language, rebounds, soft smut, 18+, impala sex

Words: 1,765

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Written as requested by @81mysteriouslyme based on the song Temporary Me by Kings

Also written for  @spnkinkbingo

Square filled: Mutual Pining

A/N: thought I’d try something different, writer’s block has been eating at me so the fact I managed to write this is a goal in itself xD

Dean’s POV

It was a late night at Harvelle’s Roadhouse and I was gripping my beer bottle hard enough to make my fingers ache as I watched Y/N at the other end of the bar with her new man. They weren’t anything serious or in any official relationship, but I know they were hooking up frequently.  

Just the sight of that son of a bitch standing right next to her, his hand on the small of her back as they were in conversation made my jaw clench.

Y/N barely even knew the guy. He was a frequent here at the Roadhouse, but we’d never stopped to have conversation. It wasn’t until after our breakup that that douche started hitting on her. Fuck, how I wanted to punch that smug smile off his face.

As much as I was hurting, Y/N still looked beautiful as always. She was wearing a long sleeved top with her dark jeans and boots, the denim of her pants hugging the curve of her ass. A fresh, small cut was visible above her eyebrow, no doubt from her latest hunt, and it took all my restraint not to go over there and check in on her.

Her laugh ran through the room, the familiar sound making my heart ache with both loss and jealousy.

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Cut Your Losses

This was an idea I originally had for Sam but I felt like it fit Dean so much better, so here this is. I actually am not mad at it and I really like the plot. It reminded me a lot of the 100 (I’m not gonna say any spoilers but…) This is very angsty,  if you couldn’t tell. There is kinda a twist thingy that I added in here. I was thinking about doing a part two but I’m not sure yet.

Imagine: You becoming more and more reckless on hunts and Dean getting angry at you.

Word Count: 781

The hunt had gone south, fast. It was as if the demons knew you were coming. You had been captured by a couple and they held you and the brothers hostage in a windowless room.

Sam and Dean were on the opposite side of you with demons on either side of them. And you, you had a demon holding a knife to your throat. You couldn’t help but laugh. Sam and Dean stared at you, not with confusion, but with fear. You had a knife to your throat and you were laughing.

They weren’t that surprised though. In the past month they had watched you get more reckless, more suicidal, and it scared the hell out of them. Dean especially. He worried so much about you, you were after all his girlfriend.

“If you’re gonna do it, then do it.” You chuckled, earning a death stare from Dean and a frown from Sam. The only reason they hadn’t tried to fight their way out was that your life was at stake, and they weren’t sure if you’d join them in the fight.

“You better watch that pretty mouth of yours or I just might.” The demon spoke in response, gripping you closer to him.

You watched as the boys’ faces turned from panic to relief.

A bright light showered the room and the grip on you was released. You watched coldly as demons dropped 1 by 1.

You looked at both the brothers before turning on your heal and walking out to the impala. You waited a good 5 minutes till the Winchesters came out of the shabby rundown house. You prepared yourself for the hour long talk you were bound to get about why you should be ‘more careful’ and how you had been ‘unbelievably reckless’ lately. You didn’t understand. It was your life. Why did they care so much what you did with it?

The driver side to the impala slammed close and you looked up from your twiddling thumbs. The ride home was surprisingly quiet, save Sam’s constant shuffling in his seat. When you pulled up to garage in the bunker Dean got out as quickly as he possibly could and slammed his door once again.

Sam looked back at you and gave you a quick sympathetic smile. You returned it and got out of the car, following Dean’s footsteps. They led you to the library. He sat there with his hands firm on the table.

“Dean, are you good?” You asked as you walked a little closer to him, being sure to stop a couple feet away. Dean was angry, you could tell. But it wasn’t the loud, throwing things anger; it was the quiet calm anger which with him, was by far scarier. It took a lot to make him like this, you knew you had majorly pissed him off but you wondered why it bothered him so much. You wondered why it didn’t bother you at all

He didn’t answer, instead he stared at you, coldly.

“Really?” Was all he said as he stood up from the table. You just shrugged at him.


“Don’t what me, you know what.” His voice was low and deep. The kind of tone that would usually send shivers down your spine.

“What do you want me to say, Dean? It’s my life.”

He just stared at you. Is that what you really thought, that it was your life so you could do whatever you wanted. Things didn’t work that way anymore, not since Dean, not since you had gotten people who cared about you. Family.

“But that’s just it Y/n. It isn’t just your life anymore. Your decisions affect me and Sam and they could easily get you killed. With your-“ He paused, as he tried to find the right words to say.

“With your laughing. Do you not care about what happens to you?” He asked, looking deep into your eyes. You didn’t know what it was, but lately you had wanted to feel something, anything. Whether it was guilt, happiness or fear, you really didn’t care. But you never did. Ever since you came back from hell you didn’t feel anything.

What came out of your mouth wasn’t what you wanted to say but it was exactly what you wanted to say at the same time.

“No, I really don’t Dean. So cut your losses because I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about what happens to me.” You watched his lips went into a tight line and he looked down.

When he looked back up tears were visible in his eyes.

“Okay.” He whispered.

You still didn’t feel anything as his eyes dropped from yours and he walked past you, leaving you standing alone in the library.

Dean and his fucket list

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Dean has had lots of sex in lots of different ways but when you started dating and brought up the idea of a fucket list, he was all for it.

He had a fairly long list but over time he was able to cross them off one by one.

6. In the back of the Impala

This was the first one crossed off the list and just a few days after he made it. Sam was busy doing research in the library and you two were bored waiting in the car for him. When Sam returned the windows were fogged, Dean’s hair was a mess and the backseat smelled like sex. Sam refused to get in the car and insisted he would walk back to the motel room.

34. In a bar bathroom

You and Dean went out for drinks after successfully ridding a home of its poltergeist. You played pool, you took shots and ended up making out against the jukebox. By the end of the night he had you holding onto the sink counter in the men’s bathroom so tight your knuckles turned white as he fucked you from behind.

15. With Sam still in the room

This one wasn’t as wild as the others. Sam was asleep in the bed next to you guys and Dean took this as an opportunity to jerk you off. You knew you would be testing your limits if you tried anything else because of how squeaky the bed was but Dean still counted the act and checked it off the list.

27. The mile high club

Dean hates flying and this particular excursion was a reach even for him. The only reason it happened was because the Impala was out of commision and Ellen had an emergency back in Montana. You convinced Dean to get on a plane solely with the promise of sex in the bathroom to get another escapade off his list.

12. Edging

This one turned out to be Dean’s favorite. He knew about edging of course but never had the patience to try it. He was used to one night stands and getting in as many orgasms as he could but now that he was in a relationship with you and it was something he would finally get to try. Four times you brought him so close to his release before pulling away. As desperate as he was to get off it was one of the best sexual experiences he ever had.

3. Handcuffs

As simplistic as it was Dean was very excited to try this with you. He insisted on using real metal handcuffs ‘cause he liked the extra sting it gave him on his wrists. He nearly tore the headboard right off the motel bed with how hard he was pulling on the cuffs while you fucked him. Sam however was not as happy when you couldn’t find the key and he had to pick the lock open of the handcuffs on his very naked brother.

21. Sex tape

Dean had plenty of nude photos of himself as well as the ones you’ve sent him on his phone but he was intrigued by the idea of actually filming you two having sex. He set his phone propped up on the dresser at an angle that could get the full view of the bed. Now when he needs something to get him off quickly he pulls the video out and jerks off to the sight of him fucking you.

9. Threesome

Dean didn’t think you would go for this one but you guys met a very atttactive man at a bar and you had had enough drinks to say what the hell and went back to his place. Dean’s grin was so big when he got to take this number off the list and later when you told him you’d be open doing it again sometime, he got a boner right then and there.

43. With food

The one thing Dean loves as much as sex is food. You started the night with him feeding you chocolate covered strawberries accompanied by champagne and moved onto the whip cream. You sprayed and licked whip cream off all over his body. His neck, his chest, his nipples, his abs, his thighs and finally off where he wanted you most. This would surely not be a one time thing.

Dean kept this list in the inner pocket of his leather jacket, happily adding to it whenever he thought of something new. Sam once put Dean’s jacket on by mistake and found the list. He couldn’t look at either of you in the eyes for weeks but Dean didn’t care. He was damn proud of his fucket list.

Who’s your best friend from Supernatural?

(Based on the last digit of your like/repost)

1. Gabriel

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2. Lucifer

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3. Castiel

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4. Bobby Singer

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5. Ellen Harwell

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6. Sam Winchester

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7. Charlie Bradbury

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8. Crowley

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9. Rowena

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0. Dean Winchester

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dating dean winchester would include:

a/n: i cant believe i’d never done this before???? 

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- ‘ugh you bled on me’

- ‘oh don’t worry that’s not mine’

- ‘whAT’

- he totally does that thing where he runs up behind you and picks you up

- lying across the front seat of baby with ur legs draped over his lap while he drives

- ‘hold me back so i don’t beat the shit out of that son of a bitch’ 

- ‘deAN all he did was compliment my shirt’

- ‘i know men, ok. he wasn’t complimenting your shirt he was complimenting what’s inside it.’

- having the most casual conversations mid hunt

- ‘ooh we should get burgers’ as you stab someone in the face

- stopping halfway through making out for a beer break

- proposing to you with his silver ring u know the one

- having air guitar competitions

- ‘no offense but i would literally kill you right now for some nachos’

- ‘i respect that’

- being the only one he’ll let change the station

- no matter how pissed off you are at eachother your fights are always put on pause at night time because neither of u can sleep without eachother close

- calling you his cherry pie

- getting matching tattoos

- and the whole time leading up to it he’s like ‘don’t worry sweetheart you can hold my hand if you need’

- but he’s the one that ends up needing to hold ur hand

- with the amount of injuries he’s sustained be probably gets cramps and has back issues 24/7

- resulting in him lumbering around and getting heartburn all the time like a fucking 80 year old 

- ‘i’m sorry grandpa did i forget to give you your heart meds this morning?’

- ‘big talk for a girl who’s in a frickin comatose state every morning before her coffee’ 

- ‘….. fuck you’

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“whats your kink?”

“men double my age wearing glasses”

Imagine your favorite characters protecting you.

« I’m never gonna let them hurt you. They will have to come through me. »

« I will protect you until my last breath »

« Don’t you dare touch a hair from her head »

« Touch her once more and she/he’ll be the last thing you will ever touch.”

when i hear carry on my wayward son in public.

Imagine Sam waking up in the middle of the night horny, and he begs you to have sex. But you are too tired, and instead you tell him you’ll have sex in the morning. You then wake up to him sitting on top of you and saying, “Now?”

It had to be posted.

Imagine telling the boys how much you like Sam’s beard and showing the weak spot you have for men with a beard too.

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“It’s just every time I think about it, you know, it’s like a- it’s like a nightmare. I mean, I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. It’s always there, watching!” Dean said so seriously anyone would have believed he was talking about something important or even more grave but in reality it was something entirely different.

Sam rubbed his temple, following after him and sighing “Dean” he said the name shortly “It’s just a beard. I’ve been a little busy lately.” he came to stand in front of his brother, hoping he’d reason with him. It was probably one of the most stupid arguments they’ve held but Sam was so relieved and happy Dean was there to have even this stupid conversation that he wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.

“Yeah, well, that’s not an excuse you know.” the older Winchester scoffed, the teasing tone ever mixing with the seriousness he tried to keep up “Cause “Duck Dynasty” called and they just- they want it all back.” he motioned at the younger Winchester with both hands.

Sam huffed slightly, trying his best to keep himself from rolling his eyes. He just ended up shrugging, putting his hands in his jacket’s pockets and tried his best to defend himself “Some people say I- I look good.”

“No” Dean just shook his head, making even the small smile flutter for a second on Sam’s lips “No Sam. No people say that.”

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oh how much i love this.