Imagined Jack pointing it out when Dean is jealous, especially of your crush on Matthew Daddario.

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“What are ya kids doing back there?” Dean’s voice was heard and this time it luckily registered, despite how focused you were on the screen of the tablet in your hands. Having seen the same scene, which played on it, numerous times didn’t even matter because it seemed like you could find yourself losing track of time and place whenever you saw it.

“I’m not a kid.” you mumbled almost immediately, giving him a look at which he just grinned as he looked at you through the rare view mirror. He grinned because he knew that as much as you played offended, you loved to hear the nickname roll of his lips because you were still younger than both him and Sam.

“Sure thing, sweetheart.” he licked his lips, eyes on the road as you smiled softly to yourself “What are you doing anyway?”

“Oh (Y/n)’s showing me an interview.” Jack said with a sweet smile, looking up for only a split second.

“Interview alright, that’s fun.” Dean mumbled, more focused on something else than that to care to ask. So instead he looked at you two in the backseat with a suspicious look and said in a gruff voice “And hey, why don’t you put some distance between you there huh? No need for that close proximity or any extra touching to watch just an interview.”

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I cannot explain the screeching sound I led out when I saw this picture


Summary: After your daughter says ‘mama’, Dean tries to make her say ’dada’.
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader
Word Counting: 240 words
Warnings: Parent Dean Winchester, fluff, first words.

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“Say Dada,” Dean insisted with your daughter. “Da-da.” 

“Mama,” she said back in a giggle. 

“No. Dada,” he repeated. “Dada.” 

You filmed the scene in front of you with a smile, trying hard not to laugh. Mary was learning how to speak and had said ‘mama’ days ago, which stuck Dean in a mission of making her say ‘dada’ before leaving the bunker for his next hunting trip. 

Oblivious to his efforts, she reached out and pulled his hair into her strong grip.

“Having fun?” you walked to his side.

“It’s not fair,” he frowned. “She won’t say dada.”

You laughed, making a funny face at your girl, who giggled. 

“Don’t be jealous, I spend a lot more time with her than you do,” you caressed his face for a moment and saw Mary pouting with the corner of your eyes. 

You giggled a bit. She looked so much like Dean, his carbon copy.

“Come here,” you whispered to him, cupping his cheek and bringing him to a kiss. 

Your lips barely touched for more than one second before your daughter complained loudly and when you moved away to look at her, she pulled Dean’s face from yours with an angry look. 

“Dada dada,” she said, scoffing you like you would scoff someone. “Dada!”

You busted into laughter and Dean did the same. 

“She’s jealous,” you said out of breath. “I can’t believe!”

“Who cares?” Dean smiled bouncing her. “She said dada!”

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Imagine Jack questioning yours and Dean’s ‘friendship’ when he sees you cuddling and why he is the little spoon.

“Jack.” Castiel breathed out “Jack!” he said louder, getting up from his seat and trying to catch up with the nephilim.

“Dean? Dean?” the younger man shook the sleeping hunter on the shoulder. Dean snored softly as per usual, oblivious to what was going on in his sleep, and you lay behind him with an arm drapped over him and your legs tangled. Your face was buried in the crook of his No matter how you fell asleep you’d always end up in the weirdest positions ever, this was the most usual one considering he liked to keep a hold of his gun to feel safe for the both of you.

“Jack, I wouldn’t do that!” Castiel pushed the saloon door open, trying to warn him but it was too late.

“Aaah!” Dean snapped awake and cocked his gun, pointing it at Jack. Sam jumped awake at the noise and you let out a groan when Dean’s abrupt movement woke you up.

“No, no no! Dean’s, it’s me. It’s me!” Jack raised his hands in surrender. Dean raised an eyebrow at him, glancing at Cas with only one eye open.

“Ah hey” he said in a rough voice, lowering his gun.

“D” you whined, the man putting the gun away and turning slightly to lay on his back so he could have a better look at you.

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Take Care of You

Title: Take Care of You

Pairing: Dean x Reader 

Word Count: 3,531

Warnings: Sick!Reader, So much Sickness,  Fluff

Square Filled: Playing with their Hair

Summary: The reader has come down with a summer cold on the way back from a hunt. Dean is kind enough to take care of her. 

A/N: For @spnfluffbingo. Thank you for all the get well wishes this past week. Y’all are the best family. Here’s what my sick brain created! I hope you enjoy this fluffball of a fic! Happy reading! Feedback is greatly appreciated! 

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 The impala drove down the dark, wet road. The rain pelting against the roof of the car. The windshield wipers were going fast as they could so Dean could see the road ahead. Sam was sitting shotgun, his laptop on his lap as he searched for yet another case. Thankfully you were headed back to the bunker to sleep in your own bed for the first time in almost a month. It had been a rough hunt. A werewolf pack and one got out before you could clear them all out. You had tracked it through three states, following the bodies. It was a tough hunt and it had been hot as hell.

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First Kiss | Drabble

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Author’s Note: I want to do a ‘dating x would include:’ with Jack, but he’s the equivalent of a toddler and has only been here for a bit so writing that would be a stretch I think. Maybe I’ll do it soon. – Haley xx

“Human emotion is… strange…” Jack murmured to me. We were sitting in the back seat of the impala while Dean and Sam put on the FBI act to get some questions. Since Jack came into our lives, Sam and I took turns basically babysitting Jack while the other one goes on hunts with Dean.

“You can say that again,” I said. Jack looked over at me before slowly reciting what he said a few moments ago. I shook my head and chuckled, “Jack, that’s an expression. It means that I agree with what you said.”

“Oh. Well, that’s very confusing,” he told me.

“Everything is confusing when you are a human,” I said. “But why do you think emotion is strange?”

Jack blinked at me. “I-I don’t know if I should tell you… Dean would not like it.”

“Jack,” I said and scooted closer to him, “I’m your friend and I’m not going to judge you. If you want to talk about it, we can.”

“We’re friends?” Jack asked me.

“Of course, we’re friends, Jack,” I said. Confusing and sadness flashed across his face before Jack turned and looked straight ahead.

I sat against the leather seats and watched him. It seemed like what I just said was not what Jack wanted to hear, but it is true, we are friends. Jack sat like that longer, ignoring me and staring out of the window. I sighed and moved back to my seat.

I looked at my window and watched my brothers talk to the local law enforcement. The job we were on was tricky one and one that Jack did not need to get involved. He was getting better at talking to people, but not that good at lying about being in the FBI.

“What if I don’t want to be friends with you?” Jack asked.

“What?” I turned around and looked at him. The sunshine was making his golden hair look like an actual halo. “You don’t want to be friends with me?”

“That’s not it!” Jack said, sliding across the seat getting closer to me. “I just… you make me feel weird.”

“Weird as in?” I asked him.

“Weird as I want to protect you from all the harm in this world, but you also make me feel sick. I asked both Dean and Sam about it and Dean told me not to tell you.”

A smile crept up on my lips. “What did Sam tell you?”

“He told me that I should tell you,” Jack said. “I don’t know what this feeling is.”

“Do you trust me?” I asked him.

Jack nodded his head. I cupped his face with my hands and leaned in closer to him. My breath fanned over his nose and Jack’s eyes went wide. I pressed my lips to his for a second before pulling back.

Jack was red all over.

He blinked at me again before pressing his lips against mine.

Swetheart, what are you doing?

Summary: ‘Suck on a guy’s fingers and watch his soul leave his body.’
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader
WC: 570 words
Warnings: Pre-smut. A bit of teasing but nothing clear.

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You stared at the way with your mind lost, the words your sister had said playing in your head again and again.

Suck on a guy’s fingers and watch his soul leave his body.’

Well, now you wanted to try it but had no one in your mind.

Okay, you had someone in your mind but wasn’t brave enough to try.

“You’re staring,” Sam said by your side.

You shrugged. You actually were staring at Dean’s ass right now. He was hot, you couldn’t help yourself.

You had had a crush on him as long as you could remember, and you actually flirted a lot, though never leading to anything more than a few looks and words.

“He has a nice butt,” you said aloud, not caring if he would head. “And sinful thighs.”

You heard Dean chuckling as he turned around.

“You do love my thighs, sweetheart,” he noticed. “Almost too much.”

You smirked and Sam sighed heavily.

That’s my brother you’re talking about.

“They are strong. Thick,” you licked your lips.

When Dean sat by your free side, Sam rolled his eyes in exasperation.

“Bet they are a good ride,” you spread honey on over your pancakes.

He smirked.

“Of course you do,” Dean bit his toast. “You can try them when we finish this, uh?”

You heard Sam exaggerated exasperated sigh and looked at him with an annoyed gaze.

“Will you stop doing that? We are in the kitchen.”

“Come on, Sam,” you chuckled. “Jealous?”

Dean laughed to himself, eating his food without saying a word, and his brother just stood up.

“I’m out.”

You chuckled to yourself, concentrated on your plate, and your mind went back to your sister’s words for a moment, still curious if she was right.

God… Only if you had the opportunity.

You were pulled back to reality when Dean’s fingers touched your chin, where a bit of honey had fallen.

“Always messy, Y/N,” he said to himself, pulling his fingers from you, but you held his wrist.

Not thinking twice, you opened your mouth and put his two fingers inside it, licking his warm skin and sucking softly. You had your eyes closed, and opened them when you heard a low and sexy sound coming from the man in front of you.

Dean had moaned.

You started at the man in front of you without moving a muscle. His eyes were dilated, his jaw clenched and his breathing fast.


“Sweetheart,” he whispered darkly. “What are you doing?”

You moved your head back, his fingers making a ‘pop’ sound when passing through your lips and licking them for a moment.

Your eyes traced his raising chest, and your gaze fell on his bulge. Damn, he was hard.

You licked your lips again, looking at his face again.

“Dean…” you whispered.

That was his trigger.

Dammit, Y/N!” he growled.

In a second, you went from sitting by the table to sat on the table, your lips crashed against his and his hands all over you.

Just then, Sam decided to come in again with his dirty plate.

“Oh no. Not in the kitchen!” he exclaimed when he entered the room. “Get out of here!”

Dean didn’t even flinch. He grabbed you by the hips, your legs wrapped around his waist, and walked to his room without giving his brother.

When you got there, he threw you on the bed and licked his lips.

“You’re all mine now.”

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Imagine Jack spilling to you what Dean thinks, and practically feels, of you when he reads his mind.

“Wait, wait, wait, wait.” Dean raised a hand, stopping Jack from drinking his beer “How old do you think you are?” he asked, mouth half full as you and Sam shared a look.

“Uh 3 days, 17 hours and 42 minutes.” Jack replied precisely to the question and seeing the look on Dean’s face almost made you choke on your own drink. It was priceless to say the least. Barely at four days old and the young man had already outsassed the older Winchester, well this was going to be fun. Dean just shook his head and took a sip of his beer, Jack watching closely and doing the same at the exact almost moment.

“So-” Jack cleared his throat, looking at you “You are my aunt, right?”

“Uh well-” you smiled “Was, actually. I’m no longer an angel, I fell and after building a vessel things happened and… there is no angel mojo in me anymore. So I am practically human.”

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Noise Complaints Masterlist

Status: In-Progress

Summary: A Supernatural AU. Dean and the Reader are next door neighbours. Dean has an active sex life that keeps the Reader up at night. One night, the Reader decides she’s had enough and decides to confront Dean.

Pairing: Neighbour!Dean Winchester x Female!Reader

Warnings: Mentions and implications of sexual intercourse. Language. Angst. Jealousy. Alcoholism. Sexual intercourse. Violence. Blackmail. Mentions and implications of STDs. Make sure to read the warnings for each part.

Part 1 » Part 2 » Part 3 » Part 4 » Part 5 » Part 6 » Part 7 » Part 8 » Part 9 » Part 10 » Part 11 » Part 12 » Part 13 » Part 14

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Imagine having to remind Dean who you are every five minutes when he is under the remembrance spell.... and eventually you have to wear a sticky note.

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“Ma’am I think you have the wrong room.” Dean asked as you sat at the table, typing away on the computer.

“No Dean, I am in the room we are sharing with your brother. You are sitting in the bed we are sharing.”

“And who are you?”

“I am the girl you claim to love every time you walk out the door.”

“Oh. So you and I…” he began to point between you both.

“Yeah baby.”

“Sweet.” He replied, yet several minutes later, “Ma’am I think you have the wrong room.”

“Dean, would it help if I wore a sticky note?” You replied, as he looked at you in wonder.

“How do you know my…”

“We have been dating for about five years now, we met at the roadhouse, I was Jo’s best friend. You and I started sleeping together the first night you were there. Jo was furious, and you and I just laughed. Soon it went from nightly flings when you and Sam rolled into town, to I tagged along. You told me you loved me first, I made you a pie, and you said, “[Y/F/N] [Y/L/N] I will Love you until the day you stop making me pie. I however was the first one to kiss you not during sex, it was raining and you gave me your jacket so that I won’t freeze. I kissed you as soon as we got in the Impala.”

“Oh… maybe a sticky note would help.” He replied as he started towards the sticky notes, scribbling something down. Then he walked over and pressed the note firmly to your chest.

“There, now I won’t forget.” He smiled, before leaning down and kissing your hair. Returning to his seat as you looked back to the screen.

“Hey Wife, what is this?” He asked, pointing to the unlabeled book.

“Well that is a book. Did you just call me Wife?”

“That is what your sticky note says.” He pointed as you looked down at the note and saw Dean’s chicken scratch, ‘Wife.’

A smile spread on your face as you looked back at him, “yeah, I guess it does.”

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When Dean and Rowena descended down the stairs you were met with the no fixed joke. And then he looked at you, “hello Wife.”

“Hello Dean.”

“Did I….”

“Write Wife in my sticky note, post it to my chest and called me wife the whole time because you forgot I was your girlfriend every five minutes. Yea you did, but hey, now you have given me something I am never getting rid of.” You smiled

“Well the next irreplaceable thing I sound get you is a gold wedding ring.”Dean answered as he took your hand in his.

“Dean, I think I will stick with just the sticky note for now.” You smiled as you left, happy that you were always going to remember Dean’s amnesia.

What Should Have Been Masterlist

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Summary -  Sam is gone, Dean and Y/N only have each other until Dean leaves her for Lisa. Moving into Bobby’s she begins to move on with her life without the Winchesters, or so she thought.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5 

Part 6 

Part 7 

Part 8 

Part 9 

Part 10 

Part 11

Part 12

Part 13

Part 14

Part 15 

Part 16

Part 17

Sleepless (NSFW)

Summary: When you can’t fall asleep, Dean helped you in a very unorthodox way.
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader
Word Counting: 1k words
Warnings: Smut. A bit of exhibitionism. Squirting.

Originally posted by winchesterinterrupted

You let out an angry exclamation, kicking off your covers and leaving your bed.  

You couldn’t sleep. Again.

Sleepless nights weren’t new to you but it was getting borderline ridiculous.

You sighed, leaving the bed and just walking around the room, finding the remote control and turning on the TV. A minute later, you heard the knock on your door and cracked it open to see Dean standing outside.

“Hey.” You muttered.

“It’s the middle of the night. I heard noise. What’s up?” He asked in a worried tone.

“I can’t sleep.” You moved inside, hugging your legs, your big baggy sleep shirt exposing your naked bottom and boy shorts.

“Is there anything I can do?” He questioned in a low voice.

“Read me a bedtime story?” You joked.

Dean rolled his eyes and reached out to pull you outside.

“Come on,” He muttered. “There’s something I know can help.”

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Imagine being an Omega and during a night out in a bar you meet your true Alpha mate, demon Dean.

“This is such a terrible idea.” you groaned as you followed after your friends.

“Will you stop being such a cock-block already?” one of your friends asked and you rolled your eyes.

“If a cock-block to you means having some actual sense in me, then no. What we’re doing is simply reckless, don’t you see that!?” you tried to keep yourself from raising your voice.

“Oh come (Y/n/n) just live a little! It’s not the first time we’re going to a bar after sneaking out in the middle of the night!”

“She’s right, stop complaining and relax! Just enjoy this!” she threw an arm over your shoulders and you shook your head in disbelief.

“Sure and then as a ghost I’ll say to my parents, mom, dad, don’t cry that I died just know I enjoyed it!” you said full of sarcasm, glaring at your friend.

“Geez (Y/n) you’re not gonna die tonight, relax! It’s just a bar like any other.” she shrugged.

“Do you need me to point out for like the millionth time that there was dead body found here just last night?!” you looked at them with wide eyes “It was all over the news!”

“Really? Cause I don’t see one here.” she giggled and you glared at her.

“I’m serious about this! That place in there is full off not just asshole Betas. There are killers in there and there are Alphas that I- I don’t wanna think what they’re capable of.” you shuddered but they just brushed it off “There is no place for Omegas in there, the second they catch smell of us we’re screwed! Come on, let’s just go back.”

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Hips Don’t Lie Ch. 2- Dean x Plus Size Reader

Summary: She was a shop owner for hunters in a small East Texas town. When the Winchesters come through after reports of usual animal attacks they are reunited with an old friend, Y/N. The girl that Dean Winchester had the biggest crush on, but never did anything about it. This time though, he’s determined to change that.
Author: @anotherwaywardsister
Setting: Between seasons eleven and twelve.
Pairing: Dean x Plus Size Reader
Warnings: Body Imagine Issues, The Subject of Low Self-esteem, Smut, Fluffy of doom, Canon Violence.

AN: CHEESY. CHEESE.  OOC DEAN!  I suck.  Sorry.  


TAGS ARE CLOSED, LOVES.  Sorry. <3  Unbeated.  Please excuse any major errors.

The meal was prepared well and hearty.  It was nice to have the boys to cook for, ever since her father and brother had died, Y/N had struggled with necessary things.  She’d always made too much food and had to take most of it to her neighbors or to one of the elderly folk in town.  She also had forgotten what it was like to have voices echoing through the house.  The Winchesters were making far too big a deal over some chicken, mashed potatoes, and okra.  Y/N giggled when Sam mentioned that the chicken was the best he had ever had.  Dean hadn’t stopped to breath since they sat down and she just shook her head at them.  

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Imagine...Playing Truth or Dare

Originally posted by frozen-delight

Summary: Dean and the reader play truth or dare one night after getting stuck due to weather where Dean learns some unfortunate truths about the reader’s love life…

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: brief language

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It’s alright

Summary: When his little sister gets her first period, Dean needs to make sure she is fine.
Pairing: Dean x Sister!Reader (No incest)
WC: 1.1k words
Warnings: Periods and fluff.

Originally posted by disneyshiddenislandrp

“Go away!” you yelled from the bathroom.

Dean didn’t know what to do. John had left on a hunt more than a week before, and he was alone with you and Sam since then. Your brother was sleeping soundly on his ed – the kid could sleep through an earthquake – but you had locked yourself in the bathroom and didn’t want to leave.

“Y/N,” he called for what felt like the 100th time. “Y/N, please, get out.”

You’d been there since you woke up that morning.


You and Sam were 13, a very awkward age for the whole family. Out of nowhere, his little brother was getting taller and taller, and his little sister needed bras!

He moved to sit on your bed, sitting down, and his eyes widened when his eyes fell on the print of blood on the sheets.


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Imagine being transported in the Supernatural universe, with no memory of your life, where you become a hunter and fall in love with Dean. Only for a very important person from your past to come looking for you and change it all.

“And who’s our lead?” you placed the mug on the table, a small giggle slipped past your lips when Dean held your sides the moment you reached out for one of the books out of the pile to support you. What none of you noticed was that it just happened to be the journal Jack was holding in his hands minutes ago.

“Ticklish much?” he smirked, raising an eyebrow and you hit his chest giving him a look.

“Don’t you even think about it.” you warned, although you knew very well he already had and would gladly use it to his advantage. And would you both love the hell out of it, even if you wouldn’t admit it.

“What.” Sam corrected, gaining your attention “Uh a stone, a gem of sorts. Orange, glowing, great power although we don’t know about what exactly. They used it to gather all those souls from heaven which Cas said went missing two days ago. My best guess is that it could be something similar to the seal of Solomon that we have, but we’re jut looking.”

“Orange glowing stones huh? What’s next, men flying in suits of armor?” you scoffed, shaking your head with a smile as you skipped through the pages without reading a word, only paying attention to the drawings or designs here and there “So, what do we have so far? Anything on what it could be or at least where from?”

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Dive - Masterlist

Summary: You and Dean… You weren’t a real thing. Sometimes, when you were too drunk and needy, you slept together and pretended it didn’t happen in the morning and that was it; but when you fall pregnant and the only possible father is no other than Dean Winchester, you need to make a hard decision. 
How hard would it be to hide a pregnancy from the Winchesters while living with them? 
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader
Characters: Reader, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Castiel

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Imagine demon!Dean beating a guy up to death because he touched you and he got jealous.

“She’s pretty.” you said softly, trying to hold back the hint of bitterness and pain in your voice. Or jealousy for that matter. You couldn’t blame her, who knew with how many women Dean had been with ever since he became a demon.

“And probably his type. But it shouldn’t bother you now, should it chipmunk?” Crowley raised an eyebrow as the both of you didn’t take your eyes off of the demon playing darts as the blonde waitress gave him another drink with a rather flirtysmile might you say.

“Not now, not ever.” Crowley finally turned to look at you “You are not his girlfriend, (Y/n). Never been, yet you are bothered so much by this. I wonder why.”

You scoffed, turning to glare at him “As if you don’t know. Dean is probably the most oblivious man in the world but you never were Crowley. Why would you use this stupid nickname on me if you didn’t?”

“Guilty.” he flashed you a smile, downing his drink “But he’s no longer the man that you remember, love.”

“Right, so that’s why you wanted me here?” you scoffed “And don’t you dare deny it to me Crowley. You didn’t even blink in surprise when you saw me. You’re letting yourself get caught and sooner or later Sam will come walking in as well.”

“I must admit- the only thing that did surprise me was the fact that moose didn’t come in right after you.” he shrugged “But probably- it’s time to finally put him on track-” he looked at Dean “And make him realize how little he is leaving for just how much.”

“Hell? Oh wow, yes Crowley that really is everyone’s dream kingdom.”

“It is one, nonetheless.” he winked at you and before you could say a thing he had vanished right in front of your eyes. You scoffed at him but didn’t have the chance to question him when you turned your head and your eyes locked with his green ones. And just like always they made your heart skip a beat. Because maybe you were always friends but your love for him was undying.

You held your breath as he set his glass down and raised an eyebrow at you. He said nothing to the rest of them men he was playing with and casually strode towards you “(Y/n)” his voice was as rough but a lot more cold “Fancy seeing you here.” and the smirk on his face made it all worse.

“Is it?” you asked in a low voice and his smile dropped.

“What do you want here?” he asked serious.

“Oh so Crowley didn’t tell you?” you scoffed a laugh “He knew I was on your tracks with Sam, he should be here very soon. I managed to get a lead and thought if I could convince you to come back without him having to hurt himself but… I don’t think there is a point in trying.”

“I told you to stay away.” he shrugged casually, stuffing his hands in his pockets “Not my fault you don’t listen.

“You told Sam to let you go, not me. And I thought there was a chance here but- I was wrong obviously. I’m curious how you didn’t see this coming, or even more that Crowley didn’t speak to you about his plans. Whatever those may be. What happened? Don’t you guys tell everything? Oh no, don’t Dean, secrets are bad, they ruin relationships. We know it better than anyone.” you went from sarcastic to completely serious.

He scoffed, putting on a smirk on his face and rolling his eyes “Don’t care what his game is, I am not his toy. I have my own plans and I’m glad that… he made it easier for me.” he looked

“What do you mean?” you frowned when you noticed the predatory smile on his face “Made it easier by letting me find you?”

“I’ll let you know soon, now follow me and let’s out of here. You’re drawing too much fucking attention with those shorts.” he took hold of your arm, dragging you up as he glared at a few men behind you that had been sneaking looks at you.

“Like hell.” you hissed, snatching your arm from his “Why does it even matter to you? Especially now, I am nothing to you. So what if they look? I am free, Dean, hell they can even touch as much as they want to.” you said angrily.

His eyes darkened as he looked “Let’s go. Now.” he said in a low almost growl but you weren’t having any of it.

“Why?” you scoffed a laugh “So that you can kill me now? Or so that she doesn’t see us talking?” you motioned with your head to the blonde that already had her eyes on you. You tried so hard not to show how much this was hurting you.

“She has nothing to do with this. Come on.” he tugged, holding your hand again.

“Right, of course she doesn’t.” you scoffed “With how many have you been exactly all these months?”

“You’d want to know, wouldn’t you?” a satisfied smirk was on his face.

You didn’t have the chance to speak though because another voice spoke up “Is everything alright?” it was a guy you had seen checking you out ever since you came in.

“Yes, everything’s fine actually. My friend here was just leaving.” you gave Dean a look “How about you buy me a drink and we can talk?” you gave him a smile that made his grin widen.

“Yes, of course sweet cheeks.” he wrapped an arm around your waist.

“You’re gonna lose that hand buddy.” Dean growled, and you both stopped before you could leave.

“Excuse me?” he raised an eyebrow “Did you just threaten me?”

“No, I was giving you a friendly warning.” Dean shrugged with a casual smile.

“Yeah, right.” he scoffed, arm tightening on your waist just to mock the demon and for a second you got scared when Dean’s smile completely fell.

“But you obviously don’t listen very well.” he scoffed and before you could realize it he had grabbed the man by the collarof his shirt and pinned him against a pillar.

“And now- you get to see what I mean when I say that you shouldn’t have done that.” and even if you expected it you jumped when he threw a powerful punch at the man. And the another, and another and another without letting him do a single move. You were almost scared for his life when you saw the mark on Dean’s arm burn that angry red as he kept hitting the guy, blood covering his fist and groans and moans of pain filling the bar along with hushed whispers from other customers.

“Fucking asshole, think you could ever have a piece of that?” he scoffed a laugh, punching more “In your dreams!” another punch “She’s too pure and perfect for a bloody jackass like you. You would never stand a fucking chance.” he growled, punching him more.

You could barely make out any of the things he said after that as the sounds were too much to handle. People shouting, some cheering and encouraging him to keep going. And then you heard her.

“Dean, stop!” she screamed but he didn’t listen to her, as he kept punching with groans himself “Stop! You’re gonna kill him!” she screamed but it didn’t seem to have a single effect on him at the moment.

“Would serve him fucking right.” Dean growled, grabbing his bloody face and making the guy look at you “Do you see that? Do you see her?” he said through gritted teeth “She’s great isn’t she? And you’d really want a piece of her tonight but that would be it. You had some gruesome thoughts for her after that though, didn’t you?” he turned his head to look at Dean “Didn’t you?” he roared and he gave him a weak nod.

“Just like I thought.” Dean smirked “For the first, I’d really just break your hand and maybe face. But for this-” he looked at him darkly and your breath got caught in your throat. If he killed him right there in front of so many people he’d draw all the wrong attention.

“Dean!” you screamed “No, no don’t!” you exclaimed and as surprising as it was for everyone, it caught his attention and he glanced at you over your shoulder. You looked at him with wide eyes, shaking your head in fear.

“Seems like your lucky day, bastard.” he growled “You’re very damn lucky that she can have this effect on me because trust me your death… it would have not been easy. And she would never give you a single glance because you know why?” he smirked in an almost sinister way “Oh you know why.” he laughed, pushing him to the side and he fell on the floor. He looked down at him for a second, smirking before with a roll of his eyes he turned around and looked at the rest of the customers.

He didn’t say a think, he only scoffed at them and walked towards you.

“D” you found yourself whispering as you stared at him with wide eyes “You would have-”

“I should have.” he growled “Hope you fucking understand I am not playing games here, (Y/n).” he grabbed your jaw with one hand and your heart leapt to your throat when he brought his face closer to yours, your lips only an inch away. You knew what he wanted to do but he stopped himself, looking from your lips up to your eyes. He smiled slightly, running his thumb over your lower lip.

“You are mine, and I’ll make sure everybody knows it from now on.” he said in a low rough voice and you frowned. You knew in what way he meant it, you were no fool with what he had almost done but it still confused you. You were always friends and on top of that even if he didn’t care at the moment as a demon… what really held him back from forcing a kiss out of you? IT felt as if for a moment you saw your own Dean flash through his eyes.

“Only. Mine.” he said in a husky voice in your ear and you felt shivers run down your spine when his teeth grazed over it “I’ll wait in the car.” he added and let go of you, almost leaving you to try to recover from the shock.

But you only had another one coming once he’d left and the waitress spoke to you “You are (Y/n)?”

“Why-” your voice was hoarse as you looked at her “You know me?” and the look on her face only said yes, making you realize there was only person that could have spoken about you to her.

Dean. But the real question was why?

I Hope She Was Worth It - Part 15

Pairing - Dean X Reader, EX Sam X Reader, Harrison, Charlie, Jody, Claire, Alex, OCs.

Warnings - Fluff, angst, swearing, mentions of cheating.
Word count - 3k
Summary - Life with Sam was amazing until he broke your heart.

A/N - So there will be a few more parts after this a few more than I expected to write but I do hope you all enjoy! x

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