Hellatus is over…

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so anyways i was thinking about this post the other day 

and anyways long story short i did a thing 

Just imagine:  John Winchester comes back from death
  • John: Okey, tell me everything that happened.
  • Sam: It is really long story.
  • John: I've got time.
  • Sam and Dean: *tell all story*
  • John: So... You were fucking demon. And became one? What else? You're friends with some vampires, werewolfs or other shit?
  • Sam: Actually, there is that one guy named Garth...
  • Dean: And I had Benny...
  • John: At least here in a bunker are just normal humans.
  • Dean: They are not here right now, but we don't live alone
  • John: Oh God...
  • Sam: No, not him. He left. But he really makes amazing pancakes.
  • Dean: And got hot sister.
  • Sam: Dean, don't pretend...
  • John: Don't pretend what?
  • Dean: Well, we live here with my boyfriend Castiel. He is an angel.
  • Sam: Yeah, and we kinda adopted and raise together the nephilim, Jack.
  • John: Nephilim? You mean human-angel son?
  • Dean: Don't look at me. He's Lucifer's.
  • John: Awesome, maybe now tell me Satan himself was here too!
  • Sam: He was.
  • Dean: In Cas. And in Sam.
  • John: In Sam, of course. Who else?
  • Dean: In Sam? I'm not sure about Gabriel.
  • Sam: Shut up.
  • John: Gabriel? The archangel?
  • Dean: One and only. But he was also banging Rowena here in a library. Before you ask, Rowena is a witch. And mother of Crowley, King of Hell.
  • Sam: Who was your bestie.
  • Dean: Now you shut up.
  • John: You know what? Screw it. I've got another son.
  • Sam and Dean: Shit. We forgot Adam.

The best part of this photo is that if I was to show it to someone who didn’t know who the hell these two people were, they would think they were a couple. Come on! It’s so obvious! ❤️😍😂