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What do u think will happe do dean and castiels relatio ship once Cas comes back for this season?

Well I imagine that Cas isn’t going to come back all ok and fine and they can hug, kiss and be happy in 13x06.

Shit is gonna go down.

As for after that, once those things are “sorted” I expect still some reticence, some worrying about their feelings being unrequited etc.

They also cannot advance to their happy endgame TOGETHER unless they themselves have accepted themselves and feel self worth, so we need Dean to complete his denouement from his climax in 12x22 and for Cas to complete all of his journey too since his death.

So they have to work on themselves first before they can be together, so I expect lots of this and also a build up of their feelings being framed as heavily romantic (building on the subtext of 8 years and the especially strong subtext of season 12) before hopefully something very very strong in the finale.

I would LOVE for 13x23 to give us Cas’ decision to be Human, after a build up of re-explaining why this is a good thing for his character, so that is the finale, alongside Jack helping them defeat Lucifer.

I’d then love 14x01 (because it’s their 10 year anniversary!) to just open after all this Destiel build up and now with Human!Cas with an alarm going off, Dean in bed with his eyes closed before hearing a rustling of sheets, we see Dean smile and as it fades out we hear “Dean” in Cas’ husky voice before Dean rolls over and says “morning Cas” softly.

OR the first half of season 14 is the Dean/Cas build up with Cas in the bunker, human etc as we read in fanfic, with the Destiel climax moment in the midseason finale… it depends how long they’re gonna go on for :)

Ideally human!cas and destiel should be separate but they can be approx the same time, as long as it’s clear that Cas choice to be human doesn’t rest entirely on Dean :)

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Sweet: Favorite love song?

~hmmmm that’s a hard one…gosh I don’t think I really have one… Dean-What 2 Do/ or Destiny’s Child- Cater 2 U… idk if you would consider that a love song tho..

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what are ur biggest strengths? weaknesses? what do u bring to the table dean

Strengths: Handy in a fight, especially perky nipples
Weaknesses: Holy water, salt, demon traps

AU Fic Rec, Part 2

Sci Fi & Fantasy

So, This is a fun one! SF/F includes: Magic, Space, Future, Ye olden days, Fairy tales, supernaturally but still AU kind of stuff and uhhh anything else I want to put on this list. Yr welcome.

Part One - BDSM


1. Not Part Of The Plan - This is Scaramouche so you know it’s going to be fantastic. But it’s long as fuck. I have got lost halfway through before. There’s magic, arranged marriage, warring nations, coups, love, errr other stuff. It’s just a really good read.

2. All Things Shining - Okay. You guys. This was one of the first things I read in the SPN Fandoom. There’s original mythology and so many realistic and wonderful Original Characters. It’s just lovely. A story about love. It’s so, so well written.

3. A Beginner’s Guide to Communing with the Dead - this one is fun! Dean is a cop, and Cas is a ? Something. There is magic. There is a greater evil. There is sass. You will enjoy this one I promise u.


5. Clean Air - Oh, how did this get here? Syke, it wouldn’t be a SF/F fic rec list without the most bestest post apocalyptic murder mystery love story, would it? Again, this is one of my all time favourites, I will not hear a word against it, read it immediately. I stake my reputation on this fic. It’s so good.

6. Paper Planes - Kind of like Interstellar except it was written two years before Interstellar came out. Dean gets to live in space with all the resources. His BFF Cas is stuck on the dying planet. I read it years ago when it came out during the 2014 DCBB so I don’t remember it clearly, but I know it’s good. I know it in my heart.

7. Dark Side of the Moon - ASTRONAUTS. Dean is on the moon. He is stranded there. They have to rescue him. It’s intense, honest to god. I don’t know what else to say without spoiling this other than that the plot is intense and the emotions are intense and it’s really good. Seven thumbs up from me.

8. A Place Where Nothing Moves - Ooooh, Something freaky goin on! This is another Original mythology and it’s so creepy and well written. I really enjoyed it. Enemies to lovers!

9. Stories from the In Between - Fairies! Witches! Magic! This is fun, and very sweet. Dean gets himself an imaginary friend. :)

10. White Albatross - Magical realism! This fic is so lovely and well written. Angst but a happy ending, imo. Please read it. Dean and Cas have been in love, and now things are stale. Dean doesn’t know what to do. THe heart ache u guys, honestly.

11. Off The Record - Cas moves to a new town and joins the local paper! He meets Dean! Something weird and awful is happening to him! This fic is amazing, and I loved it and highly recommend. It’s a good time.

12. A Melting Spell - this is some high fantasy shit. The world building is so well done and the different parts of their journey are so great to read. Dean sets off to rescue Lisa Braedon. Things don’t go as planned!!!!!!!

13. Do You Want to Play With Magic? - !!!! Witch Dean, Familiar Cas, Charlie is there, stuff happens, things occur, !!! Okay so Dean is a P.I. who has a complicated relationship with his magic. Enter Cas. Also Charlie in this fic is wonderful. If you like magic, hit this one up.

14. What Once Was Sacred - Cas is a sexy musical incubus, Dean is a retired hunter who is now a cop. Sam works in a weird club. I read this a while ago, and if you’re into incubus stuff, then this fic is a must(ard).

15. Once Upon a Hazy Memory - Royal Fantasy! OK u guys so Cas is a prince set up for an arranged marriage - but he runs away bc he loves Dean so much and wants them to be together. I loved the world building in this, the different kingdoms n shit. Super believable. Also the biggest case of “Wait let me explain” ever.

That’s all I got for u atm. Probably this will edited at a later date lmao.


Part Three - Historical Setting

Part Four - Modern

Top 8 Personal Favs

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there was a "power sign" between dean and cas what do u think it means??

The whole thing says “Kansas Power Corp”.  I think the whole power thing is just a visual motif in which the show is expressing the power of Dean, which first is shown as him literally becoming a bomb, but then falls way to Dean finding another way to break the cycle all the Winchesters (Cas included) have fallen into.  Kansas power is the power of family, of talking through your problems and forgiving (even when it’s a past that can not be erased), instead of perpetuating a cycle of violence and death. It’s the power Dean has that he gave to Cas and its the thing it turns out Amara needed most, understanding and love. The bond of “family” (from Kansas born Dean) is strong between Dean and Cas and is permanently cemented in this episode, wherever the show takes that from here.  



Dean just used the wrong toothbrush. He lost his and found a brand new one, still in the package and everything.

But it was a cursed one, jammed into the back of the sink drawer.

Dean didn’t realize until he found himself kissing Cas right in the hallway.

His hands felt glued to Cas’s back as he jammed his tongue into the angel’s mouth.

Cas didn’t do anything at first but was now uncertainty kissing Dean back.

Dean pushed Cas up against the wall, not relenting his attack on his mouth one bit. Cas wound his arms around Dean’s waist and kissed back harder.

Soon Dean was gasping for breath but he didn’t pull back for air. Until this point, Dean didn’t want to stop kissing Cas but he soon realized he couldn’t stop.

Cas was now panting heavily. “Dean.” He whimpered against his mouth.

Dean tried to detach himself but it only made him kiss Cas harder.

It was starting to hurt his lips and he could barely breathe.

“Cas, I can’t stop.” Dean whispered, only pulling back enough to say that and went right back into making out with Cas.

Dean started walking over to his room only a couple feet away, dragging Cas along with him.

He kicked the door closed then dropped them both to the ground, climbing on top of Cas, pretty much assaulting his face with kisses.

Cas put his hands on Dean’s chest, trying to pry Dean off of him, but to no avail.

“Cas, I can’t let go, you have to push me off somehow.” Dean mumbled.

With a great effort and a flash of blue from his grace, Cas slammed Dean away from him.

Cas quickly bound Dean’s wrist and tied him to a chair. Cas was breathing even harder than he was when they were kissing.

“Dean.” Cas gasped. “What happened?”

Dean struggled against the bounds, his body trying to get to Cas even though his mind was trying to think of what was wrong.

Dean tipped the chair down sideways. He grunted when the chair hit the ground. “I dunno, Cas. The last thing I did before I, uh, kissed you was brush my teeth.”

They both caught their breath, Dean still straining against the bonds. Cas sat on the floor a good distance from Dean.

“Dean, I don’t know how, but whatever is causing this has somehow attached you to my grace. That’s why I am so drained, I’m fighting a part of my grace with my grace.”

Dean sighed. This was definitely not how he imagined his first kiss with Cas to go. Him cursed and tied to a chair as Cas warily watched him as if Dean was a wild animal ready to attack.

Which Dean sort of was, his whole body trembling from wanting to be close to Cas. He gritted his teeth. “I used a different toothbrush, it was in the back of the drawer. It’s right on the sink, blue and white.”

Cas shakily got up, leaving Dean lying on the ground. Dean really questioned his whole life right then.

Cas came back a few minutes later, looking intently at the wrapper from the toothbrush.

“I see. This is a cursed object that projects one persons feelings by the mouth. Hatred would be insulting and verbally attacking while love would be kissing and confessing.” Cas said reading the print.

“So, I guess I don’t hate you.”

“Yes, that seems evident.”

Right then, the ties that Dean had been rubbing at to get free, snapped. he cursed as he moved without his violation, slamming into Cas.

Dean pressed his lips to Cas’s and unwillingly jumped up so his legs were wrapped around the angel’s waist. Cas hugged his arms around Dean to keep them from falling as they kissed.

“Sorry, Cas. I am in love with you.” Dean didn’t mean to say that last part.

Cas’s eyes widened but he didn’t say anything else. He gently lowered them to the floor, this time Cas on top. He grabbed Dean’s face and pulled as hard as he could to pry him off.

Dean separated from Cas’s face with difficulty. Cas held Dean down as they tried to breathe.

“How do we break this curse, Cas?”

“I am not sure yet, Dean. I didn’t get to finish reading the toothbrush wrapper.”

Dean smiled sheepishly. “I just had to kiss you, you were so cute.” Dean said, his teeth gritted since he only wanted to think that, not say it.

Cas wound his hands in a stronger rope this time and tied Dean to the bedpost, then Dean could sit and not tip his chair over.

“It doesn’t say much else, but a note is written that says there is a journal the Men of Letters kept that told more about this object.”

A small brown book appeared in Cas’s hand. He opened it and skimmed through it, trying to find a solution. Cas’s eyes stopped and moved slowly over the page.

“It says: “In a case where hatred is the factor, both parties will have to duel to the death in order for the curse to be broken.” At least we don’t have to do that one.“

Dean guessed it was a really good thing that he was hopelessly in love with Cas for years. "Ok, so how do we break it if love’s the case?”

“Both parties much confess their true feelings for each other. The person who has not been influenced by the curse has to speak with true intent and initiate the kiss in order for the curse to be lifted.”

This was the moment of truth. Dean knew Cas liked him, even as more as a friend, but did he love Dean? Well he was going to find out whether he wanted to or not.

Cas nervously walked over and knelt next to Dean. They both took a deep breath.

“Cas, I am so in love with you and I wish the circumstances were different so I could tell you the way I wanted to, the way I always dreamed on telling you.”

Dean hated that he didn’t have a filter, hated that he had no choice but to tell Cas how he felt without any consent from him.

Cas cleared his throat. “I have always loved you Dean, from the moment I saw you I knew I would be lost in everything Dean Winchester. Every moment we spend together I fall even deeper in love. I am in love with you.”

Cas gently touched Dean’s jaw as he leaned in, giving Dean a small, soft kiss.

Dean immediately relaxed against the ties, and breathed a sigh of relief.

Cas undid the bonds, and Dean rubbed at his wrists, sore from trying to escape.

“Cas, who would’ve know it would take a curse in order for us to finally admit how we felt.”

Cas nodded. He moved onto Dean’s lap. “I am so glad it happened. I know that we have already kissed a lot and it wasn’t that pleasant but could we kiss again without any-”

Dean cut Cas off, kissing him very gently and hummed against Cas’s lips. Cas threaded his fingers through Dean’s hair, pulling him in closer. They were very gentle with each other, not wanting to push too far.

They both smiled, breaking the kiss and sighed into each other’s mouth.

"I enjoy kissing you Dean. Even when you wee forced to, I loved you kissing me.”

“Good, because I want to kiss you as much as humanly possible.”

Cas nodded. “Maybe stop to breathe, though.”

“Yeah. Too bad our first kiss had to be like that.”

“As long as you kiss me again, I don’t care what our first kiss was.”

(What followed was lots and lots of kissing. And other things but this is not that kind of story.)

okay but rly in next week’s episode can we have a scene w sam and dean where dean is gushing on and on about how great and strong and hot this wrestler is and eventually sam’s like “christ dean can you shut up about your crush” and dean’s like ??? what do u mean crush don’t all guys have a list of men that they’d fuck/are attracted to?? like harrison ford and dr sexy and really hot athletes????? and sam just looks @ him like oh honey…….

Imagine having social anxiety and Dean being the only person who could calm you down

You woke up, eyes bleary from the couple hours of sleep you just grabbed in the rumbling impala. Once your vision cleared, you could see that Sam was in the passenger seat, reading over information on the case and Dean was nodding his head to the soft music coming from the radio.

The latest case was taking you and the boys to Orlando, Florida. A string of seemingly normal murders with a strange element of exsanguination caught your eye as you read the paper yesterday morning.

Dean finally noticed your awakening and turned his head towards the back, “Hey sleeping beauty, decided to grace us with your presence?” He smiled at you through the rearview mirror and tossed you a wink. Usually you would say something back but just waking up made you more shy than you usually were.

A downfall to having the job that you had was having social anxiety. It was nearly impossible for you to go out with Dean and Sam to question witnesses or go to the police to see if they found any new leads. You could only count on one hand how many times you questioned a witness with one of the boys. Most of the time, you had gone with Dean, knowing he made you feel safer when you had to go out in public while other people were still around.

“How you feeling today? Up for some lunch?” Dean asked, with a furrowed brow. You knew he wasn’t asking if you were hungry, he was asking if you were okay with going in to a diner. Sam understood your social anxiety but he knew that Dean was the only one that could get you to calm down whenever you had a panic attack. So it was always best if Dean talked to you when you were feeling particularly panicky.

A grumbling stomach had you considering it. You shrugged your shoulders and looked out the window. You scratched at your fingers, a nervous tactic that has been around since before you could remember. “That’s alright I can just run in and get the food and run back out, it’s a piece of cake,” Dean assured you.

Sam finally entered the conversation, “Actually, Dean, one of the murders was right outside the diner by a half an hour from the motel. We could always stick around for a little bit and talk to the staff. If it’s okay with you?” Sam asked you without turning.

Dean hesitated, “I don’t know Sam, I don’t think-”

“It’s fine. I’d rather wait at the motel.” You gently interrupted. Dean was still on the fence with the idea but hearing you talk for the first time that morning made him more comfortable with leaving you alone. Dean nodded his head and drove to the motel to drop you off.

“Okay, your bag is on your bed. I put your cellphone in there when you fell asleep last night while you were playing that candy crush game, you have your gun, my knife is under my pillow as always, and Sam and I both have our phones on us so call if you need anything,” Dean rattled off the list of things he’s recited many times whenever him and Sam have to leave you alone somewhere.

You nodded along with him, showing you understood. Dean realized he had nothing else to tell you but he didn’t move from his spot by the door. You sensed his not wanting to leave so you told him, “I’ll be fine, Dean. It’s not like you guys haven’t left me alone before.” He looked over and you sent him a small smile.

“Right. I’ll see you in an hour. Remember to call us if you need anything,” He insisted. You nodded and sent him on his way, glad to have some alone time for a little while.

Fifteen minutes later and you were settled into the motel, and bored. Usually you brought a good book to read but because Dean wouldn’t let you drive the impala this time, you went through your book in a breeze. You looked around the room for something to do and your eyes landed on the tv. But of course, nothing but Casa Erotica was on. You huffed your frustration and crossed your arms over your chest.

A loud knock at the door made you jump. Your brain went into a panic, knowing that if it was Dean or Sam they would’ve let you know if they were coming back to the hotel. The knocking increased and seemed to get louder the longer it went on. You slowly shuffled towards the door and looked through the peephole.

The man on the other side was dressed in a faded turquoise jumpsuit, was carrying a vaccuum, and had greasy, untamed hair and the mustache to match. He too, looked bored out of his skull. “I’m your cleaning lady, let me in!” He sarcastically shouted. The shout startled you, causing your hands to start shaking and your mind shutting down. One of your hands went to your chest, trying to control your breathing. It felt like your lungs were collapsing in on each other.

Your legs carried you backwards, across the room until they hit a table, scaring you all over again. You vaguely remember hearing your phone ring before your mind completely shut down, causing a black out.

Dean angrily threw his phone onto the space beside him and made a u turn. “Whoa Dean! What are you doing?” Sam yelled, holding on to the side of his door. “(Y/N) isn’t picking up,” Dean explained. Sam took a deep breath and picked up Dean’s phone and held it out for him, “Try her again. Maybe she missed the call.”

“I called her four times, Sammy.” That shut Sam right up, but he took his own phone and tried to call you. When you didn’t answer him either, he started to take on worry of his own. After what felt like an eternity, Sam and Dean finally pulled in to the motel parking lot.

Dean didn’t even bother to park decently before he ran to the motel door and frantically opened it. “(Y/N)? Damn it,” He murmured and crossed the room to your unconscious body. “Hey, (Y/N), can you hear me?” Dean put one of his hands under your neck and the other cupped your face, gently tapping to wake you up.

After a few seconds, your eyes slowly opened and you took in your surroundings. Your arms started to flail of their own accord until you heard Dean’s voice, “Hey, hey, it’s just me. You’re okay, don’t worry. I got you.” Both your mind and body calmed at hearing and seeing Dean.

“Come on, let’s get you into bed.” Dean gently helped you up, hands covering your elbows. “There we go, you’re okay,” he said more for his own benefit. Sam finally entered the room and saw Dean pulling the duvet up around your shoulders. Your eyes were closed but Dean was still standing over you, hand carding through your soft locks.

“I talked to the cleaning guy outside, he said he was trying to get in the room to vaccuum. He probably startled her,” Sam whispered. Dean nodded and sat at the table. “So, what’s our closest lead?”

Later that week, you, Dean and Sam were on your way to the forest to hunt down a werewolf. At first you thought the monster you were hunting was a vampire from the exsanguination but after examining the bodies, Dean and Sam concluded it was a werewolf from the claw marks and the telltale sign of a missing heart. That was how you found yourself loading silver bullets into your gun while Dean parked by park.

“Well, the map says that these woods are the center of it’s hunting grounds,” Sam peeked over the dashboard, looking for any sign of a hunting werewolf. Dean smirked and loaded his gun, “Let’s go catch ourselves some werewolf.”

You chuckled and shook your head at Dean, but got out of the car nonetheless. Sam followed behind the two of you silently. The quiet walk made you think of the last werewolf you hunted. Madison. A sense of dread fell over you as you realized that maybe this poor person had no idea what they were doing. But Sam and Dean had already come to the agreement that killing the werewolf was the best solution to the problem.

Dean could see the sour look on your face and cleared his throat, “You okay?” He asked. Dean’s gravelly voice cut through your thoughts and you glanced over at him, “Yeah, just thinking.”


"Last werewolf we hunted.” You didn’t have to elaborate, knowing from Dean and Sam’s simultaneous sharp inhales that they knew what you were talking about. 

Dean sighed and kept looking around the dark woods, “That wasn’t anyone’s fault. And neither is this. The werewolf is killing people, it needs to be stopped.” You shrugged your shoulders and stepped over a fallen tree, “I know, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t feel bad about it." 

”(Y/N)-“ Dean was interrupted by a sharp clawed, sharp teethed monster tackling him to the ground. "Dean!” You and Sam both yelled and shot at the werewolf but missing the heart. The human like creature clawed at Dean's shoulder, creating a large gash that was already oozing blood.

 After noticing the other two people standing around it, the wolf got up and chased after you, ready to rip out your heart. Sam was helping Dean up off the dirty forest floor while you shot at the werewolf. Before you knew it you were out of bullets and now hoping that someone would just kill it already. You turned around to look for the wolf but saw nothing.

Sam and Dean were both out of your sight along with the wolf. Your heart raced once you realized you were defenseless against the creature, the bulletless gun in your hand seemed a lot lighter and a lot less dangerous than before. You slowly spun in a circle, looking for the wolf but not seeing anything but darkness.

Thinking you lost the creature, you made your trek back to Dean and Sam, your head replaying the image of Dean getting his shoulder ripped open. The thought caused you to be distracted so you didn’t notice the snarling coming from behind you until it was too late.

A heavy weight dropped you to the ground. You could feel the heavy legs holding your own down no matter how much you struggled. The wolf’s razor claws slashed down your back, looking for your heart. You screamed out in pain from feeling your skin tear apart. There was no doubt that the wetness seeping down and around your torso into the soil was blood. “Dean!” You shouted, not above screaming for help.

You managed to kick the wolf off of you enough so you could turn over, but that only made your heart more vulnerable for taking. Once you got a good look at the wolf’s face you realized it was the same man who came to clean your motel room the other day. The thought made you cringe and kick out against the force holding you down.

His teeth and jaw clacked as it tried to bite you, but your hands pushed against his face, attempting to push it away. A claw swiped out and caught your throat, causing you to stop. Your arms dropped away from it’s face, not able to function very well. The sudden blood loss caused your whole body to quit fighting, along with your eyes that could barely stay open. Your hand crawled its way up to your throat, providing as much pressure as it could to the gaping wound.

A shot rang out and the werewolf was down on the ground next to you, eyes open. It didn’t matter how much pressure you attempted to put on your throat, more blood squeezed through your fingertips. “(Y/N)! Are you okay?” Dean and Sam ran towards your unmoving body. Dean could barely feel the gashes in his shoulder over his worry for you.

Dean dropped to his knees beside you and looked over your body, “Oh my god, she needs a hospital.” Dean looked up to Sam who nodded his head then watched as Dean attempted to pick you up, his shoulder stopping him from making any real progress. “I’ll get her,” Sam softly said, then moved in front of Dean and cradled your body to his chest.

“Put this on her throat,” was the last thing you remember.

A terrible pulling on the skin around your throat was what initially woke you up. But what caused you to open your eyes was the bright light above your bed. You groaned at the feel of paper sheets beneath your hands and the sterile smell that hospitals always seemed to carry. “Your finally awake,” a small woman said from beside you.

The voice startled you, then she started asking questions, “How’s your throat? And what about your back?” You froze up, not wanting to talk after just having woke up in an unfamiliar place with an unfamiliar face. You looked around the room hoping to see Dean or Sam waiting for you to wake up, but you found neither.

“You’re in the hospital, it’s okay,” the woman touched your shoulder and you heard the heart monitor speed up. You started to sit up, looking for a way out, but the nurse was having none of it, “I need some help in here!” She shouted. But instead of another nurse, a man walked in.

Dean. You instantly calmed at the sight of him and he walked through the door. “Hey, it’s alright,” He came to the other side of your bed and cupped your cheek.

“Sir, you can’t be in here right now,” The nurse ground out. Dean glared at the nurse, daring her to kick him out. As expected, she backed off, giving you and Dean some space. “It’s okay (Y/N), I’m here.” His hand moved from your cheek to your hair, smoothing it back.

A team of three nurses barrelled into the room, but pulling up short at the lack of trouble. “It’s alright, she’s okay now,” Dean said, but never took his eyes off of you. All the nurses walked out, moving on to the next room.

“How are you feeling?” Dean asked, after your heart rate slowed down and you laid back. You shrugged your shoulders, not wanting to admit how much pain you were in. “I know it hurts but they should be giving you some pretty extreme pain medicine anytime soon, it looks like you’re almost out,” Dean smirked at the IV bag hanging beside your bed, but soon looked back to you.

A serious expression took over his face and you dreaded the next conversation, but then Dean surprised you. “I know that you ran out of bullets so I’m not mad. But next time, please be more careful, we almost lost you,” He murmured. You nodded slowly and took his hand in yours. “I’m not going anywhere,” You croaked out.

Dean smiled and kept pushing his hand through your hair, “Sleep, I’ll be right here when you wake back up.”

A gentle kiss pressed to your forehead and you were eased back into sleep.

Master List


Who to love

Cas x Reader, Cas x Hannah

Cas and the reader have just begun a relationship and everything seems to be going well until his first love, hannah, comes back into town and wants Cas back, both women love him and neither wants to let him go, leaving Cas with the most important decision of his life, go back to hannah, the love he always imagined himself with, or stay with the reader, his best friend, who he can’t imagine life without, follow Cas as he figures out what true love really means and he makes the ultimate decision of who to love.

part 1  part 2  part 3  part 4

Letters to Juliet

Sam x Reader

description: You and your fiance go on an early honeymoon to verona italy, along the way you find a letter written 20 years ago, but what happens when you respond to the letter and get an unexpected reply, find out in letters to juliet. (sorry if the description kind of sucks but it’s the best I could come up with)

part 1 part 2  part 3  Part 4  part 5

You wish

Dean x Reader

On Halloween night when dean and the reader are just little kids, they both make a wish on the same star, they wish for love, for each other, but as they get older the magic of childhood and the hope for love seem to fade, but what happens when fate intervenes and they finally meet each other, was it destined to be, or will life and circumstances tear them apart before they even have a chance?

part 1  part 2  part 3  part 4  part 5  part 6

Battles and Wars (finished)

Dean x Reader

Imagine after being saved from a vampire attack by Sam and Dean you want to go with them and become a hunter.

part 1  part 2  part 3  part 4  part 5   part 6  part 7

My Guardian (finished)

Cas x Reader

Cas is the readers guardian angel but she can’t see him and he falls in love with her. How will this epic love story undergo as Cas and the reader fight for the love of a lifetime.

part 1  part 2  part 3  part 4  part 5  part 6  part 7  

Taking over me

( Based off the song taking over me by Evanescence ) Dean has always had a thing for the reader, but what happens when she gets possessed , not by a demon, but by a poltergeist and looses her memory.

part 1   part 2   part 3   part 4   part 5  part 6   part 7  part 8  part 9   part 10

So close (finished)

( based off the song so close by Jon Mclaughlin ) someone close to the reader dies, and is missing their heart, Sam and dean take the case, but what happens when the reader and sam become a little too close.

part 1  part 2

Song One shot’s

Come Home

Cas x Reader

(based off the song come home by onerepublic)

Safe and Sound

Sam x Reader

(Based off the song safe and sound by Taylor swift feat. The civil wars)

The hunter’s daughter  

Dean x Reader

(based off the song the blower’s daughter by Damien Rice, if you haven’t heard the song I suggest that you listen to the Matt McAndrew version, I personally think it’s better then the original).

Hurts like hell


(Dean Winchester and Castiel Novak where both known not to where there heart on their sleeves, but did they hide their love for each other to well? The song is hurts like hell by Fleurie)

Lay me down

Cas x Reader

(based off the song lay me down by Sam Smith)

Remembering sunday

Dean x Reader

Based off the song remembering sunday by all time low)

Whiskey lullaby

Dean x Reader

(based off the song whiskey lullaby by brad paisley)

The Harold Song

Dean x Reader

(Based off the song the harold song by ke$ha)

The Man Who Can’t Be Moved

Sam x Reader

(based off the song the man who can’t be moved by the script)


The walk of shame

Jensen x Reader

Can u write one where the reader and Jensen Ackles are love interests on and off of supernatural. They run lines together one night and get too into the scene, then she ends up spending the night and Jared catches her doing the walk of shame which she try’s to play off but she doesn’t realize she has hickeys and her dress is on inside out?

The night heaven fell

Reader x Gabriel , Reader x Michael, Reader x Lucifer, Reader x Cas

I have a request! Um so, Gabriel, Michael, Lucifer, and Cas would all like the reader and they would all do little things like hold her hand and touch her leg, etc. And she can’t decide!! You can choose how it ends! I love your fics so much!❤ Thanks!


Sam x Reader

I have a request: Sam tells Dean that he’s in love with the reader, but he doesn’t know how to say it to her. The reader somehow finds out and confronts Sam about it. Lots of fluff please! Thank you 😘😍 I love your fics!!!

The Secret

Jensen x Reader

Can u write one where Jensen is dating his Co star but there keeping it a secret bc her dad is a producer for the show? Jensen x reader

I couldn’t leave you

Cas x Reader

Hey, could you write a Cas X Reader where the reader is around thirteen or fourteen and Cas becomes their age to hang out with them and maybe get to know them a little better?

Need you Now

Sam x Payton

Can I please have a supernatural ship? My name is Payton, I’m 5'3", blue hair and blue eyes, and I’m chubby/fat. When I first meet people I’m a little shy but after a while I’m kinda outgoing. I love animals and sometimes like to draw. And I like dark/creepy things but also cute/girly things.

(based off the song  need you now by Lady Antebellum)

Saving all my love for you

Jensen x Reader

you should do a song fic based off the song saving all my love for you and it should be about jensen and the reader :)

(based off the song saving all my love for you by Whitney Houston)

I have nothing

Hey I was wondering if you could do a jensen x reader to the song I have nothing by whitney houston were jensen and reader are co stars and jensen has a huge crush on her but the reader is really shy or something please and thank you :)

based off the song I have nothing by Whitney Houston

So what are we?

Dean x Reader

Can u do a fanfic where the reader and Dean are like best friend and the reader is younger like 5-8 years and is bobby’s niece and they fall in love and start a relationship after the reader hears Dean moan her name in his sleep (no smut) and r nervous to tell everyone because of the age difference and they have to tell Bobby and sam(who is like a very protective older brother) so they hide it for a while but get caught making out by Sam and end up telling every one but it all ends happy?☺️

Say Something

Cas x Reader

Hey can you do a song fic with cas and the reader for the song say something by a great big world 😆

(Based off the song say something by a great big world )

That’s gonna leave a mark

Dean x Reader

Request from the writing prompts

I knew you wouldn’t leave

Gabriel x Reader

Request from the writing prompts

Until next time

Gabriel x Reader

Request from the writing prompts

Walk away

Gabriel x Reader

Request from the writing prompts

Criminal Minds


The Date

Spencer x Reader

Could you do a Criminal Minds fic? Like Reid x Reader something really cute? Maybe it’s like Reid’s first real date and he gets all awkward and nervous or something? (Idk I’m sorry if this is a bad request

Wanna Bet

Derek x Reader

can i request a drabble of you and morgan teasing each other seeing who will snap first on a case

No competition

Derek x Reader

Can you make a multi shot drabble on the imagine where one of morgans fav bootycall (girl) joins the BAU, and reader (in love with Derek, derek is in love with her too) gets really jealous and quiet.. but reader looks hot everyday to challenge the bootycall??

Mardi Gras

Derek x Reader

Anonymous said Drabble request for the reader and Garcia going on a vacation during Mardi Gras to New Orleans. And they both hit on guys and get themselves into a lot of trouble ;) and Morgan gets super mad at Y/N but it’s his feelings talking… Fluff

Is it too late

Derek x Reader

I have a drabble request. I would like to read a story about the reader (temporarily) breaking up with Derek after he admits to cheating, but they get back together (imagine Garcia being supper pissed at Morgan after seeing you cry). I’ve recently called a break with my

I’m starting too

Derek x Reader

Request from the writing prompt list

Let me go

Derek x Reader

Request from the writing prompt list


Derek x Reader

Request from the writing prompt list

I just need some time

Derek x Reader

Request from the writing prompt list

Is that what you want

Spencer x Reader

Request from the writing prompt list

The Vampire Diaries


Me or her

Stefan x Reader

Request from the writing prompt list