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Dean Unimpressed

This is a follow up to That Don’t Impress Dean Much. It’s a really short kinda/sorta from Dean’s POV in the form of texts between him and Charlie. Definitely need to have read the companion piece first!

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Dean: Cas is back

Charlie: Wait, what?! When? Is he alright?

Dean: He fell

Charlie: OMG, so what does that mean? Is he not an angel anymore?

Dean: I don’t know. He’s lost his mojo. So yeah, I guess. It’s kinda happened before

Charlie: So he can get it back?

Dean: Dunno. Maybe?

Charlie: Do u want him to get it back?

Dean: What do u mean?

Charlie: I think I was pretty clear

Dean: No, u really weren’t. I don’t even understand why ur asking the question

Charlie: Oooookaaay. Let’s try again. What do u think will happen if Cas gets his mojo back?

Dean: How should I know?

Charlie: …

Dean: He’ll probably leave again. That’s what he usually does

Charlie: So I repeat the question

Dean: …

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          ❝ LISTEN, KID —— I’m not in listening business, alright? I’m in the kill first, ask questions later business. It’s sort of a FAMILY thing. ❞ There’s a thick, obvious tone of sarcasm in his voice and a tired look in Dean’s gaze, staring at the stranger standing before him with his hand still curled around a knife he’d just used to slice some demon’s head of.  

❝ So, tell me. Should I be killin’ you too or are we good here? ❞

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dean what 2 do (im ded)

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*after dean gets cas out of lucifer* dean thinks abt what mildred said. he looks over at cas & gets a warmth in his stomach. dean: hey cas, can i talk to u? cas: of course. dean leads them into the impala not telling where they were going. cas: i thought u wanted to talk. dean smiles: we will. they suddenly reach a beach & dean steps out and walks over to cas. a wise lady told me i should follow my heart & enjoy sunsets. what better way than to do it w/ u. dean slides closer to hold cas' hand

aw omg


Awwww so much Dean feels :(((( “wow dean is always happy what do u mean”

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what's the dean's list? what privileges do u have if u r on the list?

Dean’s list lists out all the students who have a 3.5 or greater for the semester. There are no privileges besides being able to say your’re a Dean’s List student on your resume.