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And WOW, what a rough night for Cas.  Talk about a one-two punch.  Ouch.

Technically, of course, that can’t really be Jimmy’s body anymore.  It was given a hunter’s funeral.  What he’s occupying now has to be some sort of replica the Guardian of the Empty put together.  Even before that, Chuck had already reconstructed the Jimmymobile at least three times; it’s doubtful we can really say it was still, in truth, the original.  But it’s interesting that Cas still thinks of it as Jimmy’s–and that what happened to the Novaks is his greatest regret, considering how many of them he must have at this point.

I’m wondering why he didn’t tell Nick that he, too, has been possessed by Lucifer, and understands what lengths of desperation can drive someone to say yes to the Devil.  Too personal, maybe?  Still too fresh in his own mind?  Or maybe it would have come out eventually, if Nick hadn’t pulled the finger-snap maneuver and freaked him out.

I guess Cas was so underutilized last ep because Dabb was saving it all up for this one…

And Jack, of course, was correct about what they’d have to do if they couldn’t get Michael out of Dean, and what Dean would want.  Whatever happened at the end there, I doubt we’ve seen the last of AU!Michael.

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I would like to note that I agree with 'aj', but I think Mary may end up choosing to go back to that au world if they're ever able to open another portal. At this point that's a big if, with only one archangel left.

I assume Michael is going to die since they’ve established the vessel can live if the archangel blade is used, which is a way they can kill Michael and Dean lives (although why we’ve forgotten that angels can be excised a la that time Alastair tried to excise Cas is beyond me) so if he dies that will be that. Also, I kind of doubt they brought back fake Charlie and fake Bobby just to send them back to the AU world so I’m not sure why they would open the rift again. I think Mary is here to stay, unfortunately. As much as it pains me to say it. 

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Round 2

Here we go y'all, it’s Rich’s fabulous directing vs Bucklemming’s “writing”… Hooooboy this is gonna be a trip…

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-ah yes, dilapidated church. That’s my shit right there👏🏻

-ooof the Deanmon hair is back

-yeah that’s totally the reason Cas can’t go Sam 🙄🐸☕ sure

-Jack you better not do anything stupid

-God I hate the flashbacks on this show 😭💔

-Nick please don’t cry, don’t do this to me please MAAAARK STOP

-wtf is DFA Bobby 😂

-I like Mary’s pantsuit. Red’s a good color for her.

-he literally does Jack. Same thing happened a few seasons ago. #thanksMetatron

-kick your ass Dean

-Mark your Lucifer is showing dear. I miss him too but rein it in my friend 😂

-also get your ass back in that Bunker sir, Cas you’re an awful babysitter

-you mean that showboat-ass Michael didn’t introduce himself to everyone personally while he tortured them? 🙄

-damn she needs to go to the vampire dentist

-I see all that sass wasn’t Lucifer’s

-ouch Nick…

-ayyy Mike where you get that pinky ring at? 😂💍

-bad puppy 🐶


-yeah ‘cause there’s like 8 angels left smartass 🙄

-Kelly named her son after her dad 😭 augh my heart this episode hurts🖤

-now get back home before somebody comes looking for you, with your no-power-having easily-kidnapped-by-your-creepy-uncle ass 😒

-“There are worse ways to be human than to be kind."🖤

-oh shit here it comes. Ohhh Lord Jack no leave Cas aloooooone

-I don’t trust the sweatervest-plaid combo. Something ain’t right here 🙄

-if I have to watch Bobby die again with my own two eyes I’m suing and my mom will need to be restrained. She cannot deal with that again 😂

-for Chuck’s sake y'all don’t fall for this in the last 5 minutes please 🤦

-Nick whaaaaaaat the hell dude

Imagine your boss, Dean Winchester, flirting with you every time he can.

“And last but far from least-” you let a small sigh, looking at the door in case someone was coming “Mr Fury asked to see you.”

“Fury? As in Nick Fury?” Dean raised and eyebrow, his interest peaking.

“Exactly. It either has to do with the damage you and Mr Stark caused on your small trip around town or-”

Dean chuckled, leaning back in his chair “Come on (Y/n), we were drunk!”

“That does not justify it. On the contrary, it was reckless to go take his suits while being drunk.” you said with a pointed look and his smile turned into a softer one.

“You know-” he leaned forward so that he was closer to you “I love it when you care so much about me.”

“Mr Winchester.” you scolded softly, not meeting his eyes but still unable to hide a small smile from your face.

“I thought that by now we had agreed on that, sweetheart. It’s Dean.” he said, sounding a little disappointed.

“You know that can’t happen, Mr Winchester.” you mumbled, starting to place all of his files in place. Anything to keep you occupied from looking him in the eyes “I’m your assistant.”

“Well then we can arrange that. I could always fire you.” he gave you a cheeky grin as with wide eyes your head snapped to him.

“What?” you stood there frozen for a second until he started laughing at your expression.

“Just kidding. There’s no way on Earth I would fire my most trusted worker.” he shook his head “Besides, this enterprises would crumble down without you here to be honest.”

“Glad you appreciate my job then, Mr Winchester.” you chuckled with a small sigh of relief, shaking your head at your boss.

He rolled his eyes for a moment “That’s just not going to go away easily, is it?” he huffed, almost disappointed and you bit the inside of your cheek; still not looking at him.

“Wish it could.” you mumbled and saw him from the corner of your eye get up and walk towards you.

“You know it can-” you almost jumped at how close he had gotten without you realizing it, his breath only fanning over your cheek and his hand on your back “It’s all up to you.”

“Mr Winchester please-” you glanced at the door nervously “Someone might walk in. I just- I don’t want them to think I am taking advantage of-”

“Of who? Me? Sweetheart by all means, do so.” he gave you a boyish grin and you couldn’t stop a chuckle at his words, shaking your head.

“No. Of the time I spend with you. I- I worked hard to get this position.”

“I know, I saw it for myself.” he frowned slightly “That’s why you got the promotion.”

“Yeah, well if they see us like this they’re not going to think exactly that Mr Winchester. I don’t want people to assume I am here because I am sleeping with my boss.” you placed a hand on his chest, regretting it but still pushing him away. You couldn’t even dare look him in the eyes, you couldn’t take the heartbroken look on his face.

“But they don’t have to see us, if that’s the problem.” he suggested after a long pause and you frowned.


“I mean if that’s what you’re most scared of- we don’t really have to tell everyone. Let them find out on our wedding day.” he added with a wink and you couldn’t help but giggle at him.

“Mr Winchester-” you started with a small whine but you knew you didn’t have an excuse good enough. Honestly you were mostly trying to convince yourself that you couldn’t be with him than him in the first place. Besides, it was your own feelings you had been battling with mostly these days than your boss’s advances and flirty remarks.

“Come on, just give me a chance. You’ll see I’m not that bad!” he threw his arms in the air and you bit your lip.

“Mr-” you stopped yourself “Dean, I know you’re not.” you confessed looking him in the eyes “And I know that if the circumstances were different- I wouldn’t have hesitated for a second. Especially after such a surprise.” you added with a chuckle and he grinned.

“You like them?” he remembered the flowers he had sent to your apartment. One of his many attempts in getting you “Took my brother’s advice in it.”

“The flowers were amazing, really.” you admitted “But I was mostly referring to the sweets, especially the pie.”

“Well, that one was my idea actually.” he confessed, full of pride and you giggled.

“Oh I bet!” you shook your head with a laugh.

“Say-” he spoke up, a hand again being placed on your back “How about I take you out… for pie and burgers and we can make a fresh start?”

“Dean” you sighed “You’re not going to give up, are you?”

“Hell to no.” he confessed.

“May I ask you- why are you so interested in me? Up until a few months ago I was just one of the secretaries until I became your personal assistant. But still- nothing more.” you dared look him in the eyes, only to see confusion written all over his face.

“I think we’ve made it clear that you got this position because you are the only one that actually puts effort into their work. Plus, you’re the only one that knows me so well and doesn’t dress up on purpose to show off and turn me on.” he shrugged, before pressing you close to him “That happens either way.” he added and you rolled your eyes at his cheekiness.

“I’m only wearing a white blouse and pencil shirt.” you mumbled.

“As I said- too fucking hot.” he growled almost in your ear and for the first time you let him kiss your cheek without you pushing him away.

“Dean” the way his name left your lips was definitely something you weren’t planning on.

Dean grinned widely “See? Already getting there-” he licked his lips “Do you really want to know why I am so interested in you?” he said in a low rough voice “Because you’re special. Because every morning you have walked in my office, hair a mess, no make up on and clothes a little a little wrinkled with a few buttons undone-” he paused for a moment, his eyes roaming your body “I can only think of how gorgeous you look, and how I’d love to see this sight every fucking morning. Especially after an intense night of-” he paused grinning up at you, only to see a hint of red on your cheeks.

“Gosh I would so love that.” he breathed out huskily, his breath tingling your lips as his face stood only a few inches away from yours.

“I’m- I’m not that-”

“I swear to god, if you complete that sentence I am just going to grab you and prove you wrong right here and now in any way you can imagine.” he said with a slight growl and you swallowed the lump in your throat, feeling yourself shiver when his hands started traveling. You couldn’t deny you liked it a little too much.

“Do you even know the things you do to me when you lean over my desk?” he whispered, resting his forehead on the side of your head; his lips brushing past your ear “With those tight, black skirts. I’ve had such a fucking hard time concentrating during meetings just because of you. You don’t even have to touch me, hell not even say something and I know I am a goner. I can’t think straight when you are in the same room. And gosh, you’re not even doing it on purpose. You’re so clueless.” he grinned “So adorably clueless.”

“Mr Winchester” you whispered, fisting his suit jacket in your hand.

“And the way you say that- I hated it so much at first, it felt like you put a wall between us. I still do but at the same time-it sounds so innocent, so unintentional that you can’t realize how cute and hot it sounds at the same time.” he chuckled and you bit your lip.

“And as if all of that is not enough you- you are such an amazing woman. You actually listen to me when I need it, you try to understand me and you- you love rock too. You listen to me ramble about my car when my own brother always tries to make me shut up when I do. You actually know so much about me, every side of me, that no other woman I’ve been with has ever known. And that’s only because you are the one interested.”

“I can’t help it you know.” you whispered, looking at him through your eyelashes.

“I know. Trust me baby, I know.” he breathed out, cupping your face and before you had the time to react he crashed his lips to yours.

This made my heart beat 582993x faster

The Past On Your Doorstep - AU

Dean x Reader

Summary: After more than 4 years Dean knocks on your door, surprising the hell out of you. Then it’s his turn to be surprised when he sees a little girl standing next to you.

A/N: Moving this fic from my side blog @canyonic to my main one.

Word Count: 1900+

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boyfriend Dean

^^ - we like your lips too ;)

we got quite a few boyfriend!dean request so i hope this is somewhat what u guys expected

  • serenades u to sleep
  • writes a lot of songs about u
  • u are his muse
  • sitting on his lap ( - no matter size and gender ;) )
  • late night drives
  • shyly introducing u to zico and crush
  • u getting nervous the first time meeting zico and crush like you’re meeting his parents or something
  • having to tend to a cute, drunk hyuk
  • late night skype calls
  • him always tucking your hair behind your ear when it falls on your face
  • lots of cute lip pecks
  • back hugs and singing while cooking together
  • when he is preparing for an album u have to baby him a lot
  • traveling and trying out lots of food together
  • “we can be like bonnie and clyde”
  • “alright but lets try to keep no killing involved in this”
  • him snuggling on your chest when sleeping while u play around with his hair
Best Teacher In The World

Kindergarten Teacher!Dean x Reader

A/N: I saw this post about what a great kindergarten teacher Dean would be, and I totally agree, so this one-shot followed. It’s just fluff and Dean being adorable. What’s new?

Word Count: 2100+

Tags: @mrswhozeewhatsis @daydreamingintheimpala @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @amoreagron @spnfangirl1965 @aristtewinchesterholmes @thisisthelilith @chelsea072498 @skymoonandstardust @apeshit7x @aiaranradnay @anokhi07 @tatortot2701 @jerkbitchidjitassbutt  @mangasia @sharkeeshark @maui137 @mogaruke @zanthiasplace @extreme-supernatural-lover  @feelmyroarrrr @mrsbatesmotel53 @ronniesanter @jensen-jarpad @27bmm  @just-another-busy-fangirl @deathtonormalcy56

“…re you go, buddy. You call me if you need any more help, all right? Natalie, you good there?”

Knocking on the ajar door, you peek into the classroom to find the 5-year-olds on their morning break, eating and talking, a teacher with them who’s currently helping a little girl opening her bottle of apple juice. The same teacher your friend keeps telling you about, the same teacher everyone is in love with, according to her. Dean Winchester. She’s mentioned him so many times that his name is now seared into your brain.

“Can I help you?” His eyes find you, and right then it’s easy to figure out why the moms like him. He’s way too attractive.

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Imagine changing in your room while your neighbor, Dean Winchester, is watching from his own window.

Related to this: Imagine your neighbor, Dean Winchester, getting jealous when he sees a guy leave your house in the morning when your parents are gone on a trip.

You slowly let the summer dress your friend had convinced you to wear for the day slide down your body, your hands sliding down with it and trailing all the way down, bending just slightly. In the end you were only in your underwear.

You didn’t know why she insisted at first but when you saw she had invited Tom you understood why. He was cute and all but he couldn’t compare to your gorgeous and, well, older neighbor Dean Winchester. You were finally home and ready to spend the rest of your night in bed thinking about said older man and hopefully catch a glimpse of his straight out of the shower.

You rubbed the sore muscles of the crook of your neck. Standing there for a moment you bit your lip, glancing down at the small mirror you had on your desk to see him still standing there with wide eyes. 

You didn’t know what got over you at first and you didn’t know how you could be thinking all of these things at the moment. It wasn’t right, no, but without letting logic take over you reached and slowly slid one strap of the the bra after the other. Your eyes didn’t leave his reflection on the small mirror and you reached behind your back to unclasp your bra and let it fall down on your feet.You stood with your back still to him and when you turned just slightly to look ont he corner of your room you did have your arms slightly over your chest.

You wanted to look over your shoulder, see what he would do if you locked eyes, but you didn’t have it in you. One mere glance at the mirror showed how affected he was, with those perfect lips of his slightly apart and an awe-struck look on his face. You nibbled on your lip, your hands resting on the hem of your panties on each side of your hips. You saw that he took in a sharp breath, and his eyebrows shot up. He stilled himself, almost awaiting for it and you had to keep yourself from giggling at the look on his face.

Who would have ever thought you could have this effect on him? Maybe you should really start taking advantage of it, seeing as he really did his best to torture you with the way he acted around you. 

You shook your head and grabbed a nearby oversized shirt, pulling it over your head; it reached your mid thigh. You may or may have not actually bent a little too much on purpose to pick up your dress and bra and without looking up you made your way to the other side of the room. You rested your back against a wall and slid down. You could feel your entire face heat up not just because this wasn’t usually your thing - he could really bring out the worst and best in you all at the same time - but because as you took a look at the mirror you saw his face.

You could practically hear him let out a growl of frustration, it was obvious on his face, and the way he mumbled something to himself and ran an angry hand down his face made you giggle. He went out of view, striding somewhere, probably in the direction of his shower.

“Payback’s a bitch huh Mr Winchester?” you thought, biting your lip.

He would call you kid one moment and then the other he would suggest that you looked more delicious with or without wiped cream than his pie? Oh he was going to get what he deserved.

Hooked on a Feeling (Part 2)

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Summary: You finally decide to tell Dean, and the two of you move forward with your plans

Pairing: Firefighter!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,400

Warnings: pregnant!reader, mild angst at the beginning, pregnancy cravings and mood swings, morning sickness

This is the sequel series to Hold on I’m Coming and the previous part can be found here 

Forever beta credit to @deanssweetheart23 who listened to me whine endlessly about this and helped me figure it all out

A/N: Sorry this took so long, everyone! Things have picked up around here, leaving me with little time to get to my computer. And I’ve been in a serious Benny rut lately, but made myself finish this part up since I know some of you have been anxiously awaiting its arrival. Hope you like it :D

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Sons of Lawrence

Summary:  Sons of Anarchy meets Supernatural. In this AU, the Winchesters run the most notorious biker gang in Lawrence. They traffic illegal drugs, weapons, and anything else that makes them money and keeps them on top.
Characters in this chapter: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Mary Winchester, John Winchester, Bobby Singer, Kevin Tran, Jo Harvelle, 
Pairing: Eventual Dean Winchester x Female Reader
Word Count: 2,219
Warnings: Language
Author’s Note: This series isn’t going to be light and fluffy. It will include explicit language, explicit sexual content, casual use of illegal drugs, possible explicit canon typical violence.

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Freedom. That’s what it felt like when Dean hopped on his bike, and rode down the streets of Lawrence.  Even the back roads. Especially the back roads. It didn’t matter if he was going 20 or 90. It was the wind that surrounded him, pushed through his hair, up and over his shoulders. It was the fact that as he rode, nothing else mattered. Not John or Bobby grooming him to take over the family business. Not Mary pestering him playfully that it was past time to find a woman. Not Jo pining after him like he was a goddamn football quarterback. Nothing. It was just him and his bike.

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