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(ANON) Reader has known Dean since his Moxley days and had since lost touch. But after a random run in, would he still remember the drunken promise they once made (ANGST)


Warnings: NONE


Gonna try something different and use Dean’s real name lol


“Jonathan, you’re drunk.” I said with a giggle, calling out my best friend after he’d just said something that sounded so ridiculous.

Jon shook his head while giving me a look.

A look that seemed to say, “Oh and you’re not..?”

“No, Y/N…” Jonathan said as he put his empty beer bottle down on my coffee table. “I’m serious. If me and you are still single by the time we’re 30 then let’s do it. Let’s drive to Vegas and get married.” He said laughing slightly.

For someone who’s suppose to be serious, he sure is contradicting himself with that laugh.

“Sure Jon. If I’m single when I’m thirty, I’ll marry you.” I replied with a giggle of my own, before getting up to get us a couple more beers.

At the time I was just going on with what he’d said, but who knew years later I’d find myself actually holding out for that drunken promise to become reality as my 30th birthday came and went.


“Mocha Frappichinno with chocolate drizzle…”

I quickly glanced up from my phone as I threw my hand up, as if I was a child in school who knew the answer to the question the teacher had just asked.

“Right here…” I said, making my way past a few people who were still standing in line for their order.

I was so wrapped up in some random thought that flashed through my mind that I didn’t even notice that there was a blonde woman making her way up to the counter just as I was.

“That’s me.” She and I both said at the same time.

I giggled while giving the blonde stranger a quick look, with my hand still up. “I think that’s mine.” I told her trying to come off polite.

“How do you know..?” She asked looking over at me. “They are the same, you know.”

That’s why I said I think, I thought to myself mentally snapping at her.

“Look, I said I think, not that I was su–”

A loud huff came from the blonde that stood next to me, as she began speaking over me. “Shouldn’t you have the name for who’s order it is?” She asked the confused teen behind the counter.

Well damn, is she going to get an attitude with the whole world?

“Oh, um…” The teen nodded, quickly holding the cup up trying to read the scribbled and half smudged name on the cup.

The annoyed blonde shifted from one leg to the other before she extended her arm grabbing at the cup. “You know what I don’t think the name matters, they’re the same order, anyways.” She said before pulling the cup from the teen’s grip.

“Yeah, but it says Y/N, so…” I started while I took what was now clearly my drink from her. “Thanks.” I added while flashing a smile her way before turning on my heels and walking out of the line and back to my table.

Not like she deserved it though.

I once again got comfortable in my chair, that was in the back of the coffee shop, and it seemed the second I took out my book I heard someone clear their throat.

“It’s me again…” The blonde from the line said as she looked down at me. “Can I sit here?” She asked while already pulling the seat out before I could answer.

Why even ask?

“Sure…” I mumbled before flipping a page of the book.

Considering you’re already sitting, I silently and sarcastically added to myself.

“I just wanted to apologize for what happend a few minutes ago.” She said, speaking up again. “It’s just my morning’s not off to a good start, I got into a fight with my husband, he dropped me off then ditched me and I don’t know, I kinda ended up taking it out on you and that employee.”

I nodded still focused on my book. “That’s a good to know.” I replied trying to make it really noticeable that I wasn’t interested in what she was saying.

I mean, who just sits down at a table with a stranger and tells them her life story?

Well at least her morning events.

“I’m Renee, by the way.” She said speaking up again.

It was then that I let out a barely audible groan while slamming my book closed because I clearly wasn’t gonna have a peaceful read with her sitting across from me.


“Well at least you are married…” I said with a laugh as I slipped the last bit of my mocha frappichinno. “I turned thirty a month ago and I’m still single.”

Renee laughed along with me as she shook her head. “I don’t believe that.”

I sighed biting my lip as my laughter died down.

Me and Renee had been chatting for what seemed like a little over an hour and honestly she wasn’t so bad.

You know, when she’s not yelling at random people.

“It’s the truth.” I replied after a minute or two of silence. “Like, there was this guy and he made me this stupid promise that we’d marry eachother if we both were single at thirty but obviously that didn’t work out.”

Renee nodded as she picked up her phone after it vibrated. “That’s my husband right there, wondering if I’m still in here.” She said putting the phone back down.

“Oh, you’re leaving?”

She shook her head in response before a playfully smirk formed. “Nope. I told him I wasn’t ready to leave, so he can either sit out in the car or come in.”

And as if on cue a tall man slowly walked up to our table, taking a seat next to Renee.

His hands slowly came up to take his shades off and trust me, when he did I felt my heart drop.

Renee’s husband was the man that had slowly faded from my life.

The man that had made that promise to me.

“Jonathan…” I said unable to hide the shock from my voice.

Renee almost immediately looked between me and Jon.

“You know my husband?” She questioned and for a bit I didn’t know if she was coming off upset or just surprised.

But before I could answer, Jon nodded, speaking up and giving his wife the answer to what she’d just asked.

“Yeah, she’s an old friend…” He mumbled while sorta staring at me.


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