Harry Potter Characters that I will believe are canonically queer until JKR herself tells me otherwise.

Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnigan - idk about their individual sexualities but they’re a canon couple. Pretty sure JK said at one point that she considered making them canon, so they are. You can’t change my mind.

Luna Lovegood - pansexual. Luna doesn’t give two shits about your gender. If she likes you, she likes you. She probably feels about genitals the same way she feels about moles or birthmarks.

Draco Malfoy - gay. I’m about 105% sure that Draco only married a woman because his parents expected him to continue the Malfoy Bloodline. A belief that’s only furthered by the fact that his wife knew she would die at a young age and wanted a child before her passing. His parents gave him a hard enough time for marrying a woman that isn’t a racist, now imagine him getting with a dude that can’t even produce offspring. He hid, masked and repressed his sexuality probably his whole life.

Harry Potter - bisexual, although probably with a preference for women. Harry’s described people of both genders as good looking, attractive, handsome and/or beautiful. And then there was that weird tension and borderline obsession with Draco, especially in Half Blood Prince.

Sirius Black - gay. Unmarried, no children, no former girlfriends known. Also, his really “close” friendship with Remus. I imagine their relationship a lot like I would that of Dumbledore and Grindelwald. A heated on/off affair. Except over the course of multiple years.

Remus Lupin - bisexual. See above. Also, his actor at one point said he acted Remus like a “gay junkie.”

Gellert Grindelwald - ?. I strongly believe him and Dumbledore had some kind of heated affair during their time together, but I’m not sure if he actually returned Dumbledore’s feelings or if he was just using him or experimenting. And if he did return his feelings, he could be anything from gay to pan or bi.

Nymphadora Tonks - bisexual. I can’t really tell you why, I just got this feeling.

There’s more, I just can’t think of them atm.

ok i have been seeing a lot of misinformation about harry potter couples? so here’s the real deal

harry and draco are boyfriends and also harry is a bisexual

luna and ginny are obviously married, and they hang out with harry and draco all the time

hermione and ron are still canon but are in a poly relationship with pansy parkinson

neville is ace af so leave my poor plant boy alone

also dean and seamus are together but i’m pretty sure that was canon so it doesn’t need repeating

blaise and theo are being aesthetic boyfriends ™ over in france

remus lupin is also bisexual and is having a great time in the afterlife with his literal wife and also that sneaky dog sirius black

also in the afterlife: lily and james are the only canon couple i truly support w all my heart. pure young adults that died too soon but they get to hang in heaven and look down at harry being happy and livin’ his best life

Ten Deamus Headcanons

  1. Dean became very good at healing charms and spells due to healing Seamus so often from fire and explosion related injuries. 
  2. Seamus managed to explode their wedding cake. 
  3. In fourth year they made out in the same room as Harry. Harry, being Harry, did not notice.
  4. Dean and Seamus had their first kiss during winter break when Dean attempted to teach Seamus how to play football.
  5. Ron, Neville, Dean and Seamus had a bet of when Harry would notice the relationship. (Neville won.)
  6. Harry didn’t notice until he got the wedding invitation. 
  7. After two years of being married, They adopted a little girl who they named Aideen Minerva (Aideen meaning ‘little fire’; Minerva being a bossass witch)
  8. Dean has a secret book of drawings of Seamus that he started in fifth year.
  9. Seamus knows that Dean hates cooking and proceeded to take weekly lessons from Molly Weasley so he could learn.
  10. Dean tricked Seamus into a job interview with George once. (He now is WWW’s firework consultant and tester.)
Hogwarts's 20th Anniversary Party
  • <b> Hermione:</b> [clanks glass with spoon] Attention everyone- attention! Please shut up, thank you. Quiet, please. Harry would like to say a few words.
  • <b> Harry:</b> [Stands up] Uhh, wow... 20 years... that's a- that's a long time. I'd like to say a few words, if that's all right.
  • <b> Harry:</b> Hermione, without you I'd be dead. Ron, Fred, George, Gin, you gave me a home. Dean, Nev, Luna and Seamus, you guys taught me things worth knowing about friendships. Everyone here did, really. Thank you, all of you.
  • <b> Ron:</b> Thanks mate, really. Now! On with the fea-
  • <b> Harry:</b> And Draco...
  • <b> Draco:</b>
  • <b> Ron:</b>
  • <b> Snape:</b>
  • <b> Obama:</b>
  • <b> Moaning Myrtle:</b>
  • <b> Harry:</b> You taught me how to have fantastic sex BOOM OUT I'M GAY SURPRISE BITCHES
  • <b> Harry:</b> [mic drop]

Make Me Choose: Theodore x Blaise or Dean x Seamus - for anonymous

And for the @hprarepairnet Be Mine Challenge!

“Since Dean could not return to Hogwarts for his final year, the two did not see each other for some time, and they missed each other greatly.”

  • Ginny doesn’t start dating Luna until after she breaks up with Harry
  • Luna was always there to comfort her at hogwarts, so when Ginny asks her to stay over the night after she and Harry broke up, how could she say no?
  • But that morning when Ginny wakes up, Luna is gone
  • She eventually finds her in the garden, eyes red from crying
  • Luna hadn’t been able to sleep in a closed off space since she’d been locked up in the Malfoy basement
  • She’d been sitting outside for hours, afraid to wake up Ginny
  • Ginny promises she doesn’t have to sleep indoors after that
  • Now they sleep outside, their intertwined hands illuminated by the stars
  • But when winter comes and the snow starts to fall, even the most powerful heating charms won’t work against the cold
  • Ginny decides this won’t do, and asks everyone she knows to come over for new years
  • And all of Luna’s friends arrive to finally make her feel safe and at home
  • Dean, Seamus and Dennis Creevey paint the ground floor to look like the open parts of the forbidden forest
  • Percy and Oliver Wood make the laundry room look like a quidditch pitch
  • Fred and George draw the most ridiculous creatures they can think of in the hallways of their new house
  • Harry, Ron and Hermione paint the bathroom to look like a huge coral reef
  • Ginny and Neville transform the guest room into a moorland
  • The attic was turned into a meadow filled with flowers by Bill, Fleur and Cho  
  • Only one room was done by just one person
  • Because Ginny knew he regretted not saving Luna from his basement more than anything
  • And he wanted to show her how sorry he was
  • So when midnight neared, and Luna came home to find all of her friends there
  • In a house where she finally didn’t feel trapped
  • She met a boy with pale blond hair
  • And scars across his chest
  • Sitting in the middle of her bedroom
  • Covered in paint, surrounded by the night sky
  • And Luna smiled, because she had the most perfect girlfriend
  • And Draco smiled, because he knew he’d made up for at least one of his mistakes
  • And Harry smiled, because he now finally knew who to kiss at midnight.
  • And they were happy
  • And all was well

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