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Oh, Come On!

Sam woke to the blaring of the alarm and rolled over, slapping at it to turn it off. When he finally opened his eyes and adjusted to the light in the motel, that’s when he saw it. Dean and Y/N’s empty bed, completely made and never slept in. A bit of panic shot through him, thinking they had gone out and gotten captured by whatever was haunting the town, until he heard the muffled sounds of Dean’s snoring from somewhere in the room. 

Sam pulled himself out of bed to find the source of the noise, making his way around the room, finally discovering it at the foot of the bed. “Oh, God.” Sam muttered to himself, taking in the scene. 

You were draped over Dean’s face, topless, your back exposed entirely to Sam. Thankfully you’d managed to get back into your jeans before you passed out, even if they were unbuttoned, unzipped, and barely covering your ass. An empty bottle of Jack Daniels was clenched firmly in one of your hands and the other held a whip. How Dean wasn’t suffocating with his face buried in your cleavage, Sam wasn’t sure, and he wasn’t about to try and figure out. 

Slowly and carefully, Sam moved you off of Dean’s face to allow him to breathe, draping you over his body instead. Neither of you budged, both of you far too drunk too notice. Dean was no better than Y/N. His tie tied around his head, a pair of sunglasses on the very top, a flogger in one hand, one of his shoes next to his head, and Y/N’s pink bra around his neck. “Gross.” Sam muttered, thoroughly scarred for life after seeing the toys. There were things he didn’t need to know about his brother and his best friend and this was definitely at the top of the list. 

Sam left you both to shower, only coming back to make sure Dean and you were still breathing before leaving you both to work the case.

Dean woke first, smacking his lips and running his calloused hand over your bare back, making your stir. “Whiskey, neat.” You mumbled into his chest, eyes still closed.

“It’s morning.” Dean chuckled and sat up, much to your dismay. You reached up, ripping his sunglasses off his head and putting them over your own eyes. “S’ok. We don’t have to go anywhere. Sammy can handle it.” He grinned, cupping your breasts and leaning in to kiss you gently.

You wrapped her arms around his neck, deepening the kiss as the door opened. “Are you guys - oh come on!” Sam yelled, turning around and slamming the door shut. 

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Imagine meeting Dean at a bar and hooking up, although you both want to know each other more. Only you find out the next day that he is your new teacher. (Part 2)

Originally posted by winsync

Read Part 1 here!

“Alright, I expect to see your projects by the end of the week on my desk. Whoever is even a day late will not like to hear what’s coming. Have a great day kiddos, and don’t party too hard!”

He went from 100% professional and serious to cheerful and easy going it almost took you by surprise. One moment you would see the man you met just the previous night, relaxed and funny, someone that you’d really want to talk to and that really most of the students in your class seemed to like. He’s talk with such passion about his subject but not in a way that made it boring, he almost had all of you finally interested in it and he was so cool and relaxed it got even more people to participate. And the other he’d talk about your school responsibilities and he’d be all authoritative and stern and not hearing a word about his job or the work you had to do. He look serious enough to remind you who he really was and that he wasn’t your buddy, even there were times you could see him as that.

And you? Oh you saw him as much more than just a buddy or your teacher and that was exactly the problem.

“Uh miss (Y/l/n), can I speak to you for a moment?” his rough voice caught your attention and you blinked, looking up to lock eyes with his forest green ones.

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Baby Banshee (Dean Winchester X Wife!Reader)

Characters: Dean Winchester X Wife!Reader

Universe: Supernatural

Warnings: Birth, pain, blood, small argument

Request: Heyo!! Can I request a Dean Winchester x Reader where the reader is pregnant and has a weird pregnancy and after the baby is born they realize dean and Readers baby is supernatural. they have a fight but everything works out in the end and is super fluffy!

Originally posted by dark-dagger

When it came to your life, you never thought you’d have a family. A husband and a baby on the way. But then again, neither did Dean. It was something rare in the lives of Hunters. But, somehow you’d managed to find a way to make it happen. You’d gotten married, and now you had a little one on the way.

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Something We Need To Talk About

Based upon THIS imagine

(Warnings: Major body image issues, a metric ton of swearing, and the reader smacks herself in the face)

The realization that you had a ridiculous crush on Dean Winchester – not the kind where you batted your eyes and puffed out your chest, but the kind where you could imagine dates and cuddling and romance – scared the ever loving shit out of you. Not because he was so gorgeous (he was), not because he was like sin on bow legs (he was), not because he was probably one of the best people you knew (…surprise, he totally was).

It was on you. All on you, that fear of the crush.

Because there was no way, no way, Dean Winchester could ever see you the way you saw him.

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Lullaby-Part 8

Summary: Dean and you approach the baby’s due date when complications occur. ( PART ONE ) ( PART TWO) (PART THREE) (PART FOUR) (PART FIVE) (PART SIX) (PART SEVEN)

Prompt: inspired by @deanwinchesterxreader

Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader

Pairings: Dean X Reader

Word Count: 1600

Warnings: Language, fluff, the Angst! Like holy shit angst. Trouble late pregnancy. Blood. ANGSTY AF

A/N: Hope you enjoy! I’m really sorry…ANGST and TRIGGERING  Please know that I am warning you now.Any feedback is appreciated, also if you wouldn’t mind liking and rebloging.

I am so thankful for all y’all reading this series.


You fell asleep, back pressed against Dean because that was the only way you two could sleep together now; your gigantor stomach not allowing you to flop over him any longer. He was barely awake, breath deepening but his hand still rubbed across your belly gently. It’s funny, you had always thought Dean and you were as close as two people could be, but it was so much more now. There was this new level of connection, a new level of feelings that you had never been aware existed. It was the way you two looked at each other across the room, how the small touches had become more meaningful. There was just… more.

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Spoiling her - Dean Winchester x Reader

Title: Spoiling her

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: Light smut, languge (I guess)

Word Count: 841

Prompt: Request for reader and dean and it’s a flashback to smut and they forgot the condom and then flash to present day with their daughter

A/N: Will check this along with the other one for Sam, cause I planned for them to be just imagines but am upload it this way.

Dean’s lips trailed over you collarbone, he kissed every little spot of your jawline. You breathed in and out heavily as your nails almost dag at his bare back. His hands roamed your naked figure, creating goosebumps all over your skin. Wherever he touched you it felt as if your skin was entirely on fire.

You were careful not to touch any of his fresh wounds that you had just a few minutes ago stiched up yourself. It had been a particularly hard hunt and when Dean came back all beaten up and in need of some comfort you just could not find it in yourself to not give him just that.

“Dean” you panted, your hands squeezing his arms and back.

“Please, j-just-” you could hardly form any words as a moan left your lips.

“Y-yes baby y-yes” he panted, his fingers squeezing your hips so tight you were sure were going to leave bruises there to remind you of tonight, just like almost every other time. But not a single one of them did you mind, because every one of them reminded you of all those night with Dean. All those moments and all those times he had been inside you, making love to you like there was no tomorrow and trying to show with everything he had how much you mattered to him. You knew he was not a man of words and all these actions meant so much more to you than he could ever realize. It was his way of showing everything he felt, even after all those years

“D-Dean” you moaned deeply, burrying your face at the crook of his neck as you squeezed his shoulders. You kissed his chest and the tattoo there as Dean trailed his lips with kisses from your stomach, up to your chest and buried his own face at the crook of your neck, a little sloppy kisses left there as his tognue danced over your collarbone and his tetth grazed ver it occasionally.

He took hold of your hips, wrappng your legs around his wait as he placed himself between them.

“D-Dean wait- what about-” you said breathlessly, looking at him in the eyes after glancing at the nightstand.

“No, it’s ok. Forget it this time. I want to feel you, all of you. Just for tonight baby girl, please” he looked at you deeply in the eyes.

You smiled softly, nodding your head at him “Alright, Alright” you brushed his cheek wth your thumb.

He smiled as well, nodding his head as he leaned down to kiss you fully on the lips, putting as much passion as he could into it and-

“Mama?” a soft voice brought you out of your thought and you shook your head at the memories.

“Huh?” you looked down at the bright green eyes of your daughter that was looking at you with an expecting expresion on her face “Yes sweetheart?”

“Daddy said we can go to the theme park today if you want to, can we? Can we?” she asked, jumping up and down on her small feet as she held her teddy bear close to her, a hopeful look on her face.

You looked up from her over to Dean seating on the floor with her toys around him, a small grin on his lips. You chuckled and looked down at your daughter “Of course sweetie” you said with a bright grin, ruffling her hair.

A wide grin spread on her face as she jumped up and down, squealing in delight “Thank you! Thank you!” she exclaimed, hugging you tightly as you chuckled.

“I will go get ready!” she said happily as she ran up the stairs.

“You just have to spoil her, don’t you?” you asked with a chuckle, raising an eyebrow at him.

“Well, I have no problem with spoiling you as well” he shrugged inoccently, getting up and coming closer to you.

“Maybe I could even do that after we’ve returned from the theme park, you know in our bedroom” he grinned cheekily, wiggling his eyebrows at you and you laughed otu loudly.

“Oh by all means, I have no problem witht that- only remember this time you ain’t getting away just with that” you said matter-of-factly and he frowned for a second.

He plopped down on the couch next to you, wrapping his arms around you “Huh? And what do you- oh!” realization downed on him as you looked at him with a raised eyebrow. He laughed.

“We both clearly remember what happened the last time you wanted to spoil me, Winchester, and actually left out the part where you use a condom”

He laughed out loudly “Come on, I know that you liked it after all!”

You chuckled “You mean the process or having a daughter with you?”

He chuckled as well “Both” he winked at you, kissing you fully on the lips.


“You know, I am not really going to let you touch me again if you don’t have a condom, right?”

“Agh fine, fine!”


Request:  Could you do a one shot where the reader is a writer and is caught writing a story about her and Dean, leading to Dean teasing her and then telling her he’s really in love with her? Fluff!!

Request: Hey! I am pretty sure it’s Monday if it’s not Opps sorry but can you do one where the reader plays a prank on the boys that theyre is really hurt almost dead. cas is in on it so he can make it look real. Sam laughs while Dean gets really mad and stays in his room cause he secretly likes the reader please? Btw I love your blog <3

Request: it’s monday where i live (idk if it is where you live) but i was wondering if you could do a deanxreader where the reader has known the Winchesters for 4 years and the reader has had a crush on dean for the longest time and gets really jelous whenever he flirts with other girls when really hes trying to make her jealous bc he likes her? maybe they get into a fight and then dean tells her he loves her lots of fluff and feels. sorry its so long! I love your writing soo much! Have a fantastic day!!

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Title: Purgatory

Pairing: Dean x Reader (Crush)

Request: Anonymous said: Imagine getting separated from Dean, Benny and Cas in purgatory and when they find you, you’re bloody and terrified of them because of shifters

(Sorry It took me so long to get this done.)



“Nobody gets left behind!” Dean shouted at Cas as Cas wanted to keep moving to exit but they had lost sight of you. “We are finding her. If you want to go ahead and go, fine im not leaving without her” Dean spoke through his teeth gripping his blade before starting to walk back the way they came

 “Im in brother” Benny spoke following him. “You are my only way out” Benny spoke with a chuckle patting him on the back.

Benny walked backwards and began to talk to Cas “And if I believe Y/N Is your way out…” Benny laughed and turned back around as Cas sighed and started to follow them into the woods.


Running through the woods you had lost the boys not knowing how you did. You turned around and they were gone. “DEAN!” You shouted huffing trying to breath looking around. “Benny?! Cas?!” Your heart was pounding as you gripped your blade.

Hearing a stick break you turned around seeing Dean. “Oh my god I thought I lost you guys!” You smiled running over to him wrapping your arms around him. You heard a chuckle come from him before he gripped your jacket throwing you to the ground your blade flying. You held your head looking up at him. “What…what was that for..Im sorry I lost you guys its just-” You were cut off from him picking you up again throwing you against a tree. “You’ve been a bad girl..” He spoke in a low voice as you screamed. Him stopping you by gripping your throat.


Dean froze when he heard your scream but it was short lived. He spun around trying to find out where it came from. “I think it was that way” Cas spoke pointing as Dean was Ready to take off running but Benny spoke. “No it was that way” He pointed a different way. “Now why would you say that it was clearly this way” Cas spoke louder and Benny glared at him. “I think I can hear just fine-”Dean cut him off “Guys!” sighing deeply freezing when he heard you scream again…And took off running.


Hitting Dean in the throat you were able to get away but fell from his grip. Jumping to your feet you started running again running into Benny. “Benny!” You shouted standing behind him as Dean walked up They both stood and smiled at each other. “So..You’ve been bad?….” You heard Benny speak. You started to back up seeing Benny turn around as his eyes turned a different color. You tripped bashing your head against a rock. You blacked out.

When you awoke you were tied to a tree. Opening your eyes you saw Cas standing in front of you staring at you as tears ran down your eyes. “Cas?..” You spoke softly knowing it wasnt him but in hope you wished it was. 

“Y/n…They are leaving us behind…Im sorry but they are killing you first…” Cas spoke staring at you in the eyes. You just cried hating this might be real.. “Dean…He cant leave me….does he hate me that much?” your heart broke as cas stared at you, you could barley speak.

Benny and Dean both came into your sight smirking. “This should be fun…” You heard Dean say right before benny went running at you pushing Cas to the side and started hitting you. You screamed as Cas and Dean stood there and watched. When he was done you felt that your hands were loose.

Dean stood in front of you “And just so you know. I know you have a crush on me and I think its disgusting..” Feeling blood run from your nose and lip you couldnt look at him “Why else do you think were leaving you here…” You closed your eyes as tightly as you could as Benny still stood in front of you gripping your throat in his hands. 

Pulling your hands out you pushed benny away and started to run once again seeing your blade you picked it up as dean wrapped his arms around you. You got out of his grip swinging your blade cutting his throat. You hated the sight as his blood splattered your face. Benny came running at you. You cut his leg making him fall to the ground as you stood over him you jabbed your blade into his chest. Cas then grabbed you from behind throwing you backwards. You grabbed onto his coat pulling him to you as you stabbed your blade into his stomach watching him fall to ground. 

You ran…


 When your screaming stopped Dean kept running. “I think were close..” Benny spoke looking back at Dean as he ran tripping over something. Dean looked down seeing two Benny’s. One dead,One freaking out. “What in gods name is that!” Benny spoke loudly jumping up. Deans eyes fell on his own body laying on the ground his throat cut open. Cas broke the silents as he stared at the three of them dead. “Shifters” Cas spoke as Benny was poking the shifters body with a stick. “Do I really look like that?” Benny spoke tilting his head as Dean let out a laugh, “Lets go, she cant be far” 


Your feet pounding under you you kept seeing nothing but trees you could of swore you were going around in a circle. Confused and crying your legs wanted to give out but you couldnt stop running.

Sitting down by a tree trunk giving your legs what they wanted. Trying to wipe the blood off your hands you tried getting a breath. You swore to the sky screaming “FUCK.” You pulled your legs to your chest wrapping your arms around them putting your face into your knees as you cried. “Its just a dream…its just a dream…” You spoke to yourself. Lifting your head after it had gotten dark out. Seeing movement ahead of you, You stood up seeing the three of them again. “Y/N!” Dean called out. “No…no..” You spoke softly “Stay away from me!” You screamed and started to run again.

“Y/N!” Dean yelled again seeing you had started to run he handed his blade to cas as he took off running as fast as he could wanting to be closer to you knowing it had to be you. He didnt want to loose hope that you were not alive anymore that some monster killed you but here you were. 

Your legs were tired you couldnt run fast enough as dean grabbed the back of your jacket stopping you. You swung your blade but he grabbed your arm taking your blade throwing it to the ground. “Y/N! Its me! Calm down!” You sobbed hitting him trying to get away. “Please let me go!” Dean held you against his chest tighter backed you up against a tree holding himself against you taking your face into his hands looking you in the eyes. “Y/n…” Dean spoke softly as tears ran down your face. He wiped them away. “D-dean..” You spoke softly and he smiled at you. “Yea its me…” you felt a weight be lifted as You wrapped your arms around him tightly not wanting to let go. “What the hell happened to you….” He asked softly

“You told me you hated were discussed by me, you didn’t want anything to do with me….” You spoke in a whispered as he brought your head to his chest holding you tight and whispered “I would never say mean the world to me..” You smiled holding onto him not wanting to let go.

“Well thats sweet and all but can we get going?” Benny asked with a smirk dean smiled down at you. “Lets go home..”


As you got to the exit the four of you stared up at it. “Alright lets get this over and done with..” Dean spoke taking of his knife getting read to cut open his arm when there was a scream in the woods. Looking in the same direction you heard “NO WAIT!” 

Deans eyes got wide as they got closer. It was you running at them. Your hand gripped Deans arm as The thing stop right in front of you and Dean. It was like looking in a mirror. “Im Y/N Shes the shifter!” The thing pointed at you as you swallowed hard looking up at Dean “Dean dont believe her…” He looked back and forth at you both as Benny laughed “Well this is going to be fun…” Cas glared at him before looking at you both. “Dean-” Dean didnt know what to do as cas walked up behind him pointing at the thing. “Look at her eyes…” Cas spoke softly and Dean did. No change…

“I dont get it..” Dean spoke even more confused. The thing grabbed deans arm pulling it out of your grasped “Iv had a huge crush on you even since we were little” The thing spoke and your face turned red. Dean pulled away his arm and back pulled out his blade holding it to its neck. “Y/N Would never admit that so fast…”  he chopped off her head and you covered your face with your hands not wanting to see yourself die. 

Dean was pulling your hands off your face with a smile looking into your eyes “What if it really was me…How did you know it wasnt me..” Dean shrugged “I would never forgive myself. but I knew it wasnt you…” Benny and Cas were already heading to the exit. “But how…” Dean smiled sweetly touching your cheek. He didnt answer you he winked at you walking to where the boys were. “So..You have a crush on me huh?” 

You face turned red again as you hit his arm lightly “Shut up Winchester” You teased. “Lets just go home. I could really use a shower” Dean laughed. “I could use some damn pie” You laughed harder.


Anonymous said to supernatural-fics:

Hi I was wondering if you could do a shy!ReaderxDean where they can talk to Sam just fine but clams up everytime Dean comes into the room. Until one night when Dean corners them and makes them talk about it with lots of blushing. Please, I love your fics!!

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: None

You met the brothers only three months ago, while on a walk with your roommate. There had been three strange murders in your small town, all the victims having their hearts ripped out. It was suspicious yes, but you wondered back then why the FBI needed to be involved.

It wasn’t until you and your roommate were attacked that you learned what was lurking in the shadows. Sam and Dean, or Agents Jovi and Smith as you thought you knew them, saved you. But it was too late for your friend.

Having no family of your own, and nowhere else to go, the Winchesters took you in, teaching you about monsters. Dean kept insisting you go back home, live a life. It wasn’t until you saved him from a vampire that he stopped doubting your hunting skills or your dedication to the job.

There was no going back to your domestic fantasy. And after only two months, you realized you did in fact have a family.

The brothers were very different very different in many ways, and you learned quickly what made them tick.

Sam, the younger brother, you got along with almost immediately. He was conscious of your space and respected your introverted nature. Talking to him was like confiding in a life-long friend.

Dean was different. You were attracted to him since the day you met, which made speaking to him nearly impossible.

You were extremely shy by nature and Dean’s forward attitude and aggressive behavior made your stomach flit with butterflies and your tongue lock up. He always tried to talk to you. He cracked jokes, flirted occasionally, but it only made things worse.

“You could talk to him you know. He’s not going to bite.” You shrugged, pushing the ramen noodles in your bowl around with your fork. It was 10 o’clock at night and Sam, having discovered that you had a crush on Dean, was trying to convince you to talk to him.

“I know. It’s just… hard. I don’t think I’ve said more than five words to him. I’ve tried… but… I just get so anxious.” Sam sighed, organizing several Men of Letters folders and brushing the hair from his face.

“(Y/N), if you don’t tell him, you’ll never know whether or not he feels the same.”

As if on cue, Dean entered the main room, stretching.

“I swear, if I read one more word I’m gonna scratch my eyes out. How about you guys?” You swallowed, your entire respiratory system shutting down. Sam glanced at you warily.

“I hear you. Are you going out?” Dean smirked, slipping his coat on and winking at his brother. You thought you were going to faint.

“Yup. Just gonna get some fresh air.”

“You mean alcohol don’t you?” The elder Winchester scoffed in mock offense.

“Of course not. See ya.” And with that, he was out the door.

Sam just turned to you, giving a look of disappointment. You rolled your eyes.

“Don’t give me that. You know I can’t…”

You yawned, glancing at the digital alarm clock to your left. 2 am. Sam had gone to bed hours ago, and as tired as you were, you wanted to know Dean got back safely. Part of you felt silly doing this, the Winchester was more than capable of taking care of himself. But you couldn’t sleep until he was back at the bunker. Maybe it was that you were slightly jealous of him hooking up, but you convinced yourself it was the need to protect your partner. Your family.

Your love.

You shut that thought down immediately, shaking your head and walking to the kitchen to make some coffee. Buried so far in your feelings and thoughts, you failed to notice the shadow lurking in the corner of the hall. Before you could reach the light switch at the far end of the hall, a figure pegged you against the wall, arms on either side of you. Your breath hitched in your throat and you tried to scream, before a hand clamped over your mouth.

“Don’t wake Sam.” Your eyes adjusted to the light, focusing on a familiar face. You retracted the knife you had pointed at his stomach and he took his hand off your mouth.


“Dean. My name’s Dean (Y/N).” Your face grew red hot and you bit your cheek, annoyed he was being a smartass about your shyness. He waited for you to say something, but you were tongue-tied. Dean sighed, his breath hot on your face, laced with the smell of whiskey.

“Why won’t you talk to me?” You blinked, swallowing. “Because you seem to be fine talking to Sammy, but you clam up whenever I’m in view. I know you can talk (Y/N).” He was annoyed to say the least. You knew he wasn’t trying to be a bully, he was just a little hurt.

“I… You…” Dean stared at you intently, his bright green eyes seeming to read your thoughts. You felt hot and extremely uncomfortable under his gaze. You were the center of Dean Winchester’s attention. Part of you hated it. Part of you loved it.

“I’m not going to hurt you.” You sighed, fidgeting and trying to melt into the wall.

“Dean… I… You’re…”

“That’s not a sentence (Y/N).” You felt tears welling up in your system. This was so hard, and there was no way to express how hard it was to the man in front of you. But you would not cry. Not now. Not when you finally had a chance to tell him how you felt.

“I… I think I… li…ke…” Your voice faltered and you bit your lip, closing your eyes. Your anxiety was peaking and you were pretty sure you would explode. But still you refused to cry, refused to let your shy nature get the best of you, like it always had.

You met Dean’s gaze again, adrenaline shooting through your veins like a hot flash.

“I love you. I love you Dean Winchester.”

Dean blinked, mouth open slightly in shock. Your breath caught in your chest and you saw your friendship flash before your eyes. You waited for the rejection or the laughter.

Dean leaned closer and your heart was on the verge of exploding. His nose brushed ever so slightly against yours, his eyes locked on yours.

“Was that really so hard?” His voice was a breathy whisper, barely registering in your mind before his hand locked behind your neck, his lips on yours.  You felt like you were flying, weightless and free. He kissed you for a couple minutes, before breaking contact.

“I like the sound of your voice.” Drunk on the taste of his lips you grabbed his collar.

“Shut up.” You could feel him smile under your lips and you couldn’t help but grin, your shyness a distant memory.

Hope you enjoyed it :)


Four Months

Created by the lovely @dean1winchester1dreams1of1pie


Dean x Reader

Word count: little over 1000

Summary: Well I mean a summary would give away everything….

And away we go….

You laid in the grass and smoothed out your dress. You hadn’t worn it since the night Dean had gone under. He had given you your first and last kiss that night. He invited you out and the two of you made love under the stars. It was more than a huntress could ever wish for. It was perfect. Until at 11 Dean got up and started walking away.

“I’ll find a way back” he had said. “I’ll be back for you”

He had been walking for an hour into the woods, but when it hit twelve you could still hear his screams. He screamed your name, Bobby’s and his brothers.

You drove the impala home slowly and pulled into the junk yard. You went into the house where Sam and Bobby were. You handed Sam the keys

“He wanted you to have this” and you gave Bobby his favorite flask. “He wanted you to have this”

That was the last thing you said for a solid month. You laid in bed every day. Hugging his pillow to your chest and when it would rain, they could hear you sobbing into it. But you still wouldn’t talk. You ate and drank only when It was necessary, and came out to go to the bathroom only a total of seven days.

The second month was when you finally got up. They thought it was just another bathroom run, but they heard the shower. Sam jumped up and started making food for you.

“She’s barely eaten anything boy, she needs to start off slowly” Bobby told him, helping make the food anyway.

You stood in the shower letting it rain down on you, all you could think about was him screaming your name. You fought away the tears and washed up slowly, you didn’t have enough energy to stand very long.

You got out and dried up, putting on one of his shirts and not bothering to do anything with your hair. What was the point? You walked down the stairs slowly trying not to fall over. Sam walked over and smiled slightly, you could tell he wanted to jump on you and squeeze you, but he was keeping it in. You took another step and jumped into his arms. He caught you and hugged you as tightly as he could

“it hurts sammy” you sobbed out quietly, your voice sounded scratchy and rough. He picked you up and carried you to the table, setting you down carefully and Bobby placed a bowl of soup in front of you

“I know it does” Sam said kissing your head. You wiped your face while Bobby and Sam sat down across from you, telling you the things you had missed.

It was month three that you stopped wearing Dean’s shirts and started wearing the things he’d liked most on you. Some days you’d be in dresses, other days it was sweats and a hoodie, but every night you wore the lingerie set he bought you.

When you woke up the morning, Sam was on a hunt. You got out of bed slowly, putting on the Zeppelin tank top, Dean had bought you and walked downstairs. You didn’t think Bobby was home so you turned up your music and started making pancakes. For the first time in months you felt giddy. You shook your butt and danced in circles.

You heard a deep chuckle and turned around with your gun cocked and ready. Bobby had his on you and you both let out a big breath as you put your guns away.

“Where did you even have that?!” Bobby exclaimed, sitting down at the table. “You’re in a tank top and underwear, there’s no place to hide it!” you set your plates down and shrugged.

“I’ve got places”

After eating for a little bit you noticed Bobby looking you up and down.

“Bobby Singer!, Well I never” you gasped, putting your hand over your chest. He rolled his eyes and you giggled slightly

“You’ve lost a lot of weight” He said seriously. “I shouldn’t be able to count your ribs, you were small to begin with.

You sighed and shrugged, looking down. You knew you had gotten smaller, but you didn’t know it was so bad.

It was the final month you started getting better. Bobby wouldn’t let you on any hunts because you weren’t ready, not to mention he was convinced you were going to break. You stayed home helping him around the house.

You went upstairs to start making the beds when you noticed the dress in the closet, he had always begged you to wear it, he loved it on you and his last night there he’d taken you on a date.


“And that’s what’s been going on” You said looking at the grave. “I told Bobby I was going for a walk and ended up walking here”

You started to fall asleep under the hot sun when you heard sounds coming from underground. You got up quickly and pointed your gun at the grave.

“You better not be a Zombie, Dean so help me. I WILL SHOOT YOUR FACE” you screamed.

A hand came up and started yanking on roots and grass.

“Oh I’m gonna regret this” you said, biting the gun and holding on with both hands. You started pulling and the earth around you started to cave in as you dragged the body out. You wiped your gun on your dress and then held it up.

“Look Mr Zombie pants. I’ve got a couple of silver bullets and I really don’t feel like wasting them. So just crawl back into your little Zombie hole and let’s just call it a night”

“Y/N?” a gruff voice coughed. They stood up shaking the dirt from their hair and clothes.

“Oh come on! really! This has got to be Crowley’s worst. Sending a demon dressed up as Dean! Of all the low-”

You were cut off by the Zombiemon who cupped your face and started kissing you.

“D-dean?” you whispered. “Dean don’t fuck with me, not now”

He laughed, looking you over. “Y/N IT’S ME, god I swear it’s me”

“DEAN” you screamed, tackling him over and kissing all over his face.

He held your waist and laughed. “Take it easy!” You sniffed, trying to fight the tears.

“You stupid Jerk! It’s been four months” you laid your head on his chest and sighed. He started to rubbed your sides and frowned.

“Have you lost we-” he started.

“It’s a long story” you said, closing your eyes.

Walk away

13. “You want to know what happened to me? You! You happened to me.”
14. “You took a piece of me, and I let you.”

Pair : Dean x Reader

Warnings : angst, cursing.

Requested by Anon and @aprofoundbondwithdean

A/N: I decided to combine the two because it works. Lol. Hope you like it!


Tonight was suppose to be a chill night. But your friends decided it was best to go out to a bar and have a “girls night.”

Usually you’d come up with something to get out of it, but you couldn’t think of anything.

The bar was crowded with fumbling men and overly friendly girls. You swore at least 5 girls complimented your shirt.

“There’s the guys!” Melanie spewed, pulling the girls with her.

“Y/N, are you coming?” She asked.

You flashed a soft smile. “I’m going to get a drink first, I’ll meet you.”

The girls nodded and walked over to the boys. You made your way over to the bar, and motioned for the bartender.

“Can I have a shot of vodka mixed with red bull?” You smiled.

He nodded and started your drink.

There was a loud ruckus across the room. People were yelling and hovering around someone, or something. You weren’t quite sure what it was.

You tried to stretch your neck, hoping to catch a glimpse of the situation.

It looked like two guys were fighting. Maybe over a girl. Typical.

Losing interest on the matter, you turned back to your drink and gave the bartender some money.

The jumper at the bar threw the guys at, making it less chaotic.

“I’ll kick your ass!” You heard the familiar voice.

Snapping your gaze, you felt your stomach flutter as you met the face of a man you haven’t seen in a little over a year.

Propping on your feet, you followed behind. Keeping your distance.

The cold air hit your face immediately.

“D-Dean?” You forced out.

The freckled, green eyed families face turned on his heels.

For a moment, he forgot how to breathe. His heart felt like it skipped a beat and his stomach twisted into knots.

“Y/N?” He hiccuped.

Dean took a few steps towards before stumbling over his foot and almost falling to the ground. But you caught him.

“Woah okay there buddy.” You exhaled, trying to hold him up.

Dean propped up on his feet, hiccuping and quivering.

He looked like a mess. His hair fell everywhere and some of his clothes were torn. It pained you to see him this way.

“You okay?” You asked.

He shrugged his shoulders. “Of course baby-” he chuckled. “I’m awesome! You’re awesome.”

You furrowed your brows and tilted your head to the side. “What happened to you?” You blurted.

Usually you’d keep remarks like that to yourself, but you knew he was to drunk to even remember this in a few minutes.

“You want to know what happened to me? You! You happened to me.” He yelped, pointing directly at you.

You were taken back and your breath hitched. “W-wait what?” You hesitated. “H-how-what? I didn’t do anything.”

Dean scrunched his face at you, and let out a loud huff. “Are you shitting me?” He croaked. “You broke up with me. You left! You took a piece of me, and I let you.”

“Dean I-”

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll be okay. But for now, it’s time to party!” He cackled.

Before you could say another word, he walked past you, leaving you alone in the parking lot.

And just like that, he was gone.

Too Damn Lucky -- Dean x Reader

(Based off of this imagine. Hope you like it! xx)

Your teeth chattered as you sat on the damp gravel road beneath a twinkling night sky that didn’t fit the violent scene that you were currently inside of, the multiple red and blue lights flashing in front of you blurred by the tears in your eyes. Crushed and bent metal was scattered across the ground a good few yards away from you, with shards of glass glinting with the colored lights. You couldn’t even bring yourself to look at the ruined Impala before allowing yourself to bury your face in your hands and beg yourself not to absolutely lose it when you had been acting so strong in front of the police and paramedics.

The recollection of the accident, although it practically had just happened, eluded you with the fear that you were trying to contain inside of yourself to the best of your ability. All you knew was that you had been driving, smiling and singing along to one of Dean’s favorite songs, and then the sound of shattering glass and groaning metal before everything went dark around you. When you had woken up, you were lying on the road with two paramedics calling out your name when they saw that your eyes were fluttering. After being checked for a concussion, they had urged you to sit in the back of the ambulance, but after much convincing, your stubbornness pulled out in the end. Even through the slight pain that you felt everywhere in your body and the sting that your cheek had from an airbag, you could feel just a little victorious when they made you sit on the curb with an uncomfortable blanket while they called Sam and Dean. Even though that meant going home, which was wherever they were, and possibly brushing this whole thing off, you were just petrified.

You didn’t know what the brothers had said in response to their call, and all that you were told was that they were on their way. Gulping at the thought, you shuddered; Dean would see his Baby all smashed up and unable to drive, and you would be partly responsible for it. Maybe he would yell at you, or maybe even just ignore you in his fury; either way, you knew that you wouldn’t be able to face him without feeling guilty. You weren’t sure if you could even begin to handle that, the silent glares that he would give you, and him not cheering you up with the bright grin that always made you smile, no matter if you were having one of those rough days me nights that occurred quite often in your life. This could possibly very well be the first time that the older Winchester wouldn’t even care; you despised thinking like this, but through all the chaos that you had went through and that was going around you at that very second, you couldn’t help but focus on your horrible thoughts.

Bright headlights suddenly sped up the road and once they swung onto your sitting figure, the car stopped and both of the Winchesters sprinted out of it. Panic was written all over their faces, and Sam ran both his hands through his hair in shock as his hazel eyes grew wide, while Dean wasted no time in getting to you; he instantly took you into his arms, as if needing to feel you inside of his hold in order to make sure that you were still physically with him.

“Y/N, Y/N,” he murmured inside of your ear, relief surging through him as he spoke your name; his anxiety still showed, though, when you felt him shake. You started to tremble just like he was, and he looked into your flooded eyes before letting you bury your face into his shoulder.

D-Dean,” you whispered, your voice splintered by the tightness of your throat and the tears that were soaking into the soft fabric of his Henley.

“It’s alright. You’re alright.”

He smoothed back your hair with gentle fingers, crushing you even closer to him to check once more that you were still tangible and in reality. Although patience definitely wasn’t one of his strongest traits, he showed tolerance with you by rubbing your back while humming some calming songs that he knew you loved quietly so that only you could hear, and also just sheltering you from the mayhem that was laid out in front of your eyes through allowing you to drop your head to his chest. The sound of his steady and strong heartbeat that was a reminder to you that he wasn’t going anywhere halted your tears slowly, and he wiped the leftover saltwater trails from your cheeks, which were roseate from the cool, autumn night weather. You winced when his thumb brushed over the welt that you had received from the airbag, and he drew his hand back with a desolate gaze that was fixed on you.

“What happened?” He finally asked the curious question softly, but didn’t coax you into answering right away.

“…F-From what I was told–” You stopped, and took a quaking breath before continuing. “–I was at an intersection, and somebody ran the red light while I was driving through it.”

His features visibly clenched, and he didn’t notice when you flinched at his sudden aggressiveness. “When they catch whoever this is, I am going to kill them! I guarantee it! They will never see anything more terrifying in their miserable life than–”

Dean,” Sam was suddenly by his side, and pulled him off of the ground by yanking on his jacket sleeve. “Now is not the time.”


“They caught the guy,” The younger Winchester explained tranquilly. “The traffic light’s camera got a clear picture of his license plate, and he’s been taken into custody. Intoxicated, by the way. The alcohol content in his blood is way higher than it should be. You shouldn’t scare Y/N. She’s already shaken up.” He then crouched down so he could give you one of his comforting bear hugs, engulfing you in his embrace and squeezing his eyes shut while gratefulness went through him. “Thank God you’re okay. I don’t know what I would have done if you weren’t.”

“I’m glad that you don’t have to find that out,” you returned, and he gave you a brotherly kiss on the forehead before standing back up.

“I’m going to get any more minor details from the accident that I can scrounge up, alright?”

Both you and Dean nodded, and as Sam walked away, you felt something being draped over your shoulders. Dean’s jacket was much warmer than the blanket that you had been given, and you put your arms through the too-big sleeves with a thankful expression. He sat back down next to you, and took you into his arms so that you could feel secure once again; as he rocked you to him, he laid his head on top of yours.

“I’m sorry,” he told you in a hushed voice, his grasp loosening a little as he spoke. “I really shouldn’t have lost my temper like that.”

You almost laughed, but it came out as a croak due to your current state. “D-Dean, you have nothing to be sorry about. I do.”

He pulled away from you with a bewildered expression. “What are you talking about, Y/N?”

“Your Baby is ruined, Dean. Totaled. I don’t k-know how the guy even got away! It’ll cost a fortune to fix. You should be u-upset with me right n-now! You should be asking why I decided to go driving in the Impala t-tonight! It’s my fault, and–”

Dean looked at you in shock, and then his face settled into one of softness, one that you didn’t understand. It surprised you when he put a gentle hand on your cheek that wasn’t wounded, and leaned in closer to you.

“You are so, so wrong,” he told you almost inaudibly, and then everything around you abruptly swelled and then ceased completely when he pressed his lips to yours.

The kiss was urgent in clarity but absolutely loving, and you forgot about the minor pains that you felt all throughout your body when you focused on Dean, and Dean only. You giggled at the fact that he was being overly-gentle with you as your fingers tangled in his short hair, and he chuckled as well before breaking away from you and looking into your eyes.

“Y/N, you have to believe me when I say this,” he said pressingly, no hint of doubt in his words. “I can fix up the car. It might take a while, but I’ve done it too many times before to not be able to. It can look as if it’s brand new. You, on the other hand, can’t. I wouldn’t be able to fix you up if something would’ve happened to you, and that would break me more than the Impala being totaled. All I care about is that you’re okay, and that you’re still with me.”

Tears welled up into your eyes once more, and you saw some in his as well when the police lights were reflected in them. All of your worry had been for nothing, and it disappeared without a trace as you gave him another passionate kiss.

“I-I’m glad that I-I’m still with you too, Dean,” you whispered, and swiped at your tears before giving him a grin. “B-But you’re wrong about one thing.”

“And what’s that?” he inquired with a small smile, pressing you to him.

“You’re always there to fix me up,” you murmured, intertwining one of your hands with his. “With every smile, with every joke that you make. You just make life so much more…bearable. …I’m lucky to have you.”

Dean’s smile grew wider at your words, and he brushed his lips over your temple as he was filled with overwhelming joy from what you had just said, and at the fact that he could still hold you in his arms, that you were still there to share sweet moments with him such as the one you were in right then.

“I’m so lucky to have you, too,” he breathed, emerald eyes completely warm and fluid as they met yours again. “Too damn lucky.”

Looks like Westmore’s in for a treat– due to the increasing number of students at the academy, Dean Rice has recruited me to take same of the load. Long story short, all of you lucky little spitfucks rascals will be seeing my face during your Practical D/s classes alongside Dean Stovall’s.

First things first– there are quite a few students I don’t know by name and I’m going to need to change that real fast. If we haven’t spoken before, I want your name, your mark and one unique fact about yourself. Yes, it’s unoriginal, but it’s effective. Go. Do.