dean you are in love with judas baby

addiction-survivor25  asked:

33, 34, 41, 52 & 53? 😘😘

Sorry its late baby <3 Love ya

33 - favourite actor? - I have lost,  Tom Hiddleston, Richard Dean Anderson, Sean P Flanary, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Norman Reedus   are just the start off lol

34 favourite actress? - I don’t have one 

41 top 10 favorite songs

Everything I do I do It for you
Talk my breath away
You  are not alone
a river flows in you
kiss the rain
Tonight am fucking you
My Immortal
Feel Invincible

52 what is your dream car? - I have two 

Black chevy impala 1967
Silver 1967 Shelby mustang gt500 

53 opinion on smoking? - Am not a fan of it myself but if it what someone wants to do then they can, I myself would not do it,

sorry, again baby for it being late please still love me.