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This one is in third person pov, with fem!reader. ((i realized i have better luck writing in third person than i do in first pov.)) sorry if you guys don’t like that, but it’s the best writing style for me. 

Summary: reader is a hunter that works along side brothers sam and dean, but on this hunt, she is attacked by the shifter. 

warnings: slight violence, blood, swearing, i guess a little angst?? idk. sarcasm, lmao. probs the worst and longest imagine i’ve ever wrote?? it has like minimal fluff to it. 

Y/N had her gun drawn as she slowly made her way around the warehouse, she mentally cursed at herself for choosing the floor with the most area to cover. Dean and Sam had split up as well, everybody had their own floor to check. Her gun was aimed and already cocked back, she pressed her body against the wall as she approached a corner. She peeked around the wall as she checked to make sure the coast was clear, once it was, she began to resume her pace. Her gun moved back and forth as she scanned the room. She barely had even started looking around her floor, and she could already sense that something was going to happen. She just hoped that it wasn’t going to happen to her.

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Over Our Heads

Title: Over Our Heads

Summary: When Sam leaves you and Dean alone in the bunker to have a movie night all by yourselves, feelings that have been under wraps for years begin to surface. Will it be the start of something new or will it turn into yet another moment you’ve had with the eldest Winchester?

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader, Sam Winchester (mentioned)

Word count: 2482

Warnings: Language, the slightest bit of angst. Pure fluff.

Author’s Notes: This is my submission for @idreamofhazel ‘s and @impala-dreamer ‘s “Sammy Says” writing challenge. First of all, congratulations to both of you amazing human beings because you deserve it. Second of all, thank you so much for letting me participate, I loved writing this.

Also, I’d like to thank my amazing twin @ravengirl94 for putting up with my whining and for helping me figure out what I wanted to do with the ending here. Thank you so, so much, Emily, you’re the absolute best.

Now about this fic: My prompt was “You mind doing a little bit of thinking with your upstairs brain, Dean?” and is included in bold in the text below. (This is written both from the reader’s and Dean’s POV and includes a flashback in italics.)

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Your fingers curled into your palm whilst you sat on Dean’s bed, head rested against the headboard, body just mere inches away from his as the world in the screen before you came to life.

It was one of those rare nights that you had nowhere to be and nothing to do. Miraculously enough, the world seemed to be doing just fine without you and the Winchesters brothers were more than happy to take advantage of all of that tranquility and stagnation while it lasted. Sam, for instance, had already hit the bar for the night -he had said something about needing to spend some time with himself but you were pretty sure that his sudden outing had something to do with that beautiful librarian that had been flirting with him all week- while, much to your surprise, the older Winchester had decided to spend a lazy night in with you, filled with cooking and silly jokes, wonderfully interesting conversations and laughter.

However, as fantastic as the evening had been, it was getting late and you were getting more and more tired.

Stifling a yawn, you turned to see Dean already staring at you, green eyes bright and wide in the dim light of the bedroom.

“What?” you asked.

He smiled that half-smile of his that always caused your heart to flutter unevenly.

“C’mere.” He whispered, arm draping over your shoulder to pull you to him.

You opened your mouth to object but the look on his face, vulnerable and intense, pierced through your very soul and you leaned against him, letting his warmth seep into your skin and his scent, so utterly and uniquely Dean, to overwhelm your senses, comfortably resting your head on the crook of his neck.

“Better now?”

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Masterlist - Sister Winchester

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  • Dean: Sammy, I have to tell you something.
  • Sam, slowly pulling rainbow flag out from under shirt: yes?
  • Dean: I just, it's been on my mind...
  • Sam, pulling string that drops rainbow banner down: yes?
  • Dean: I've been wanting to bring it up for a while now,
  • Sam, popping rainbow confetti: uh huh?
  • Dean: I just... I just....
  • Sam, pulling Cas out of a closet: what is it, Dean?
  • Dean: I just can't get over you changing the seat height in my car.
  • Sam, flipping table, shoving Cas back into the closet, sweeping confetti away, pulling down banner: COME ON!!!!

That damn gate. S12 E04, “American Nightmare”
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I feel like this was a perfect showcase of the differences in personality between Sam and Dean. You know if Sam had done what Dean did with the gate there is no way Dean would have been able to let it go by without laughing and making some sort of comment about it.

But Sam just gives him those couple of looks and moves on. I love it.

Also, can we talk about Dean’s dad sweater? I can just see him trying to figure out what to wear to look like someone from CPS…

Dean: “What about this flannel?”
Sam: “It’s fine.”
Dean: “Well… you’re wearing a sweater… Should I wear a sweater?”
Sam: “It doesn’t matter. Just pick something!”
Dean: *staring at cardigan* “Alright, I’ll wear the sweater.”
Sam: *pinching bridge of nose* “Oh my God…”

How You Hold Hands (Supernatural Preferences)

Dean Winchester:

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It could be holding hands, or just touching. He needs some form of contact with you to remind him that you’re safe. It starts out with little grabs at your fingers before your hands are completely intertwined.

Sam Winchester:

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You love being close to him, so it never really stops at just holding hands. Your fingers intertwine with his as you bury yourself into his shoulder, his constant warmth and security pulling you in.


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He likes to keep things simple; your fingers intertwined with his. It’s enough to remind him that you’re with him through it all.

Big Brother Sammy/Sister!Winchester: Head Canon

*Sam always being the reasonable one to talk about things with

*Him bringing protective over you as much as Dean

*Long nights in Library discussing books with Sam

*Running to him whenever Dean pisses you off (And Oh Boy! Dean pisses you off a lot)

*Stealing his flannels for night shirts

*Him pretending to be mad, but he doesn’t mind

*Mocking him whenever you see something healthy on his plate

*Taking pleasure in teasing Dean with him

*Sharing a love for Harry Potter just like your brother

*You always and admiring how smart your big brother is

*When fixing supper, you fix up a salad just the way he likes it even though you and Dean won’t eat salad.

*Hearing him have nightmares about Jess, and you go into his room to comfort him.

* “I miss her so much, y/n/n. She never deserved to go out like that. It was all my fault.”

* “I know you miss her, Sammy.” carding your fingers through his hair, “She didn’t deserve that, but it wasn’t your fault. You need to forgive yourself for that, because I bet she did a long time ago.”

*His puppy dog eyes always manipulating you.

*Playing board games with Sam, while Dean goes out to the bar to hookup with a chick.

* “Go Fish!”, “I thought we were playing war?”

*Feeling accomplished whenever you get Sam to eat junk food with you.

*Loving your big brother so much because he’s the best

*Besides Dean, your the only one allowed to call him Sammy.

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Imagine meeting Jared on the set of Supernatural and falling in love

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Wild Child ~Winchester Sister~

Summary: Your two older brothers let you go out to a party but you miss curfew         and the get a call saying your miles past drunk. They come pick you up. 

Warnings: Heavy consumption of alcohol by the reader. 

Pairings: Sister!reader with both Sam and Dean

Author’s Note: 2 more coming your way! Daryl Dixon and Barry Allen :) 

You flinched slightly as someone slung a hand over your shoulder. You couldn’t help but burst out laughing at the senior who exclaimed something not quite audible over the loud music. 

“Drink up!” he yelled in your ear and you laughed plucking the red cup out of his hand and in one swig the contents were gone burning their way down your throat. He stood back and cheered before running off leaving you laughing. 

More alcohol. That is what you needed. You snaked through people making out and individuals who were basically having sex standing up something they would call ‘dancing’. You slipped into the kitchen and grabbed the whiskey bottle that stood on the counter. 

“This i’ll do!’ you exclaimed loudly surprising yourself. Dean and Sam were going to be furious.  

“Hey!” someone called and you turned seeing the girl who invited you to the party- Mary? Anyway this was extremely kind of her as you were a travelling teenager that barely stayed in one school longer than a month. You never got invited to such things as you never stayed long enough to make new friends. 

“Gimme me some Y/N!” she slurred. You laughed as you poured her about half a cup. Sam and Dean had reluctantly let you come here but you turned 17 a week ago they felt way to guilty and bad for not allowing you the joys of being a teenager. 

They also attempted the pep talk before and the ‘Under any circumstance if you feel uncomfortable you call us’. If you had to recite the exact words that Dean used. 

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How You Sleep (Supernatural Preferences)

Dean Winchester:

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He never wants either of you to have to get up in the morning, because that means leaving the warm and safe comforts of your bed. He holds you close to evade both yours and his nightmares everynight and silently whisperes your name as he sleeps. You sleep in his chest, the steady beating of his heart beneath your ear reminding you he is alive and well. His hands run up and down the course of your back as your both lie in the darkness. You both silently hope the morning will never come.

Sam Winchester:

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Your nights start out innocent enough his arm wrapped around your waist as you both drift off. It assures him you’re always there and alerts him if anything has gone wrong. It is only in the middle of the night when you wake up shaken by a nightmare you turn around and bury yourself into his chest. He doesn’t say a word and silently pulls you to him, reassuring you nothing can hurt you here. His arms will always be your safe place, your home.


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Castiel doesn’t sleep, but still enjoys laying with you until you eventually fall asleep. Every night it’s the same thing, you promising you’ll stay up with him tonight and you’ll both talk until dawn. It is only a few hours later when you’re out cold, lulled to sleep by his soft voice and gentle touch. His final act for the night is to gently pry himself from behind you and tuck you in.