#13- Dry Humping (Wincest)

Requested by @choosecastiel for my kink list!

Summary: Sam and Dean do laundry.

Warning: Wincest, dry humping

Word Count: 1450

A/N: I am having so much fun writing these kinks. I hope y’all are enjoying reading them! Feedback always appreciated!

Dean hums absently as he loads the clothes into the washer. He can hear Sam moving around behind him, folding the clothes that just came out of the dryer, comfortably silent as the afternoon wears on, calm and serene.

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Tales From The Impala

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The One With The Fluff

The One With The Angst

The One With The Smut

The One With The Multiple Parts

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My Fault

A/N: So, lotsa people wanted a sequel to Im Sorry, and I do want to write one, I plan on it, updates are going to be crazy constant because I do have a lot going on, but when i don’t have anything going on I love to write so yeah :) Send me in any ideas you have for this sequel!!!!

P.S This is short because its basically just a teaser/intro.

Word Count: 400

Characters: Sam, Reader

Pairings for overall story: Dean x Reader

Im Sorry Masterlist

You woke up confused, disoriented with vertigo, your vision still seemingly blurry but you could still make out the surrounding in the area, you knew you were in Dean’s room in the bunker, your brain drowned in the possibilities to why you were in his bed, and feeling like that and the only option you came to the conclusion of was, you guys got smashed at bar, came home and well had sex.

You groaned running your fingers through your messy tangled locks, you loved Dean, you had for awhile, you knew he didnt love you, you were just a friend to him and nothing more, till possibly now, where he would probably, most likely knowing Dean, friends with benefits. Not that you were totally disgusted and appalled by the idea, but you always wanted to be more than that, and in this life and now with this situation you were never going to get it.

Sighing, you decided to finally get up after minutes of trying to piece together possibilities as well as scenarios that could play out when you left the room to face Dean, it could be awkward, it could not be, he could not remember, but even with that he wasn’t stupid, he woke up to you naked.

Finally gathering all the courage you needed, as well as some of Dean clothes to put on, you stood up making your way to the door, placing your hand on the knob taking a deep breath “fuck it” you mumbled, carefully opening the door, maneuvering down the hallway, trying to be as quiet as possibly, hoping to catch Dean and Sam talking, to eavesdrop and find out what mood Dean was in, but all you could see was Sam pacing back and forth in the library with his phone to his ear, his face covered in worry “Dean where are you?! Call me back!” he hung up dialing again get frustrated after a few moments, taking a deep breath placing his hands on the edge of the table, sighing.

You shifted slightly causing a giant creek in the floor, Sam’s head shot up, him immediately taking the gun off the table turning around and aiming it in your direction, his face paling “y/n?”


Imagine: You are in the military and you come home after four years (of service). Sam and Dean are between cases so you surprise them by asking Cas to bring you to the bunker and you hide there until Sam and Dean get home. [x] [x]

Y/N: Thank you so much for doing this, Cas. *smiles* I owe you one.
Castiel: Don’t worry about it, Y/N- I’m just glad you are home.
Y/N: Me too- *hears a noise* Hey, I think that’s them. *hides behind a bookcase*
Dean: *walks in* Hey, Cas, what are you doing here? I thought you had angel business to attend to?
Castiel: Something more important came up. Where’s Sam?
Sam: *walks in after Dean* I’m right here, why?
Y/N: *jumps out from behind the bookcase* SURPRISE! I’m back!
Sam and Dean: Y/N?
Y/N: The very same. I’m back- I got back a few hours ago, but Cas helped me to surprise you two here instead of me driving over. *smiles* Did you miss me?

Want to request an imagine?

Dear John.

A/N: This is the 4th backstory to the imagines rewrite, that & the previous backstories can be found here. This has some angst but for the most part it’s just sad. At this point the Winchester men haven’t seen the reader for almost 8 months. Everyone’s age is going to be changing throughout this part

Dean’s age-14

Sam’s age-10

Reader’s age-20 months

The boys raced up the steps of Bobby’s house, each time they stopped by they hoped that you would be there. It had been nearly 9 months since Meredith grabbed you and left the motel room and they hadn’t heard from you since.

They didn’t even bother knocking on the door, they swung it open, hoping to see your face but they were crushed when they were met by Bobby’s sad stare from the couch.

“Come on Sam, let’s grab our stuff from the car.” Dean said dejectedly. The boys walked back outside, passing their dad on the way in.

John let out a sigh and Bobby stood up and walked over to his desk, “Still no word?” he asked.

Bobby grabbed something from his desk, an envelope, and walked over to John, “She wrote you something.” Bobby spoke quietly.

John ripped it from Bobby’s hand and opened the letter,

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Supernatural Imagine: Sam Surprising You with PAX East/VidCon Tickets

Requested By: Anon

Originally posted by frozen-delight

Hot Ticket

“So, thank you everybody, so much for watching! And as always, I will see you in the next video! Buh-bye!”

You couldn’t help but join in on the latter half of the ecstatic looking red haired man’s outro to his YouTube video. Sighing happily, you click out of the window and shut down your laptop for the night. The remnants of laughter from the last half hour keeps you in high spirits.

The moment the screen is shut, you jump as Sam comes into view. He looks at you, amused from his position of leaning against the door frame, arms crossed over a plaid covered chest.

“How long have you been standing there?” you ask embarrassed, feeling heat rise to your cheeks for not catching your boyfriend earlier.

“Long enough.” He pushes himself off the door, moving towards the bed and kicking his shoes off.

He settles on the bed, moving your laptop to the side table before pulling you to his side, clicking off the light.

“Well, why didn’t you say something instead of watching me like a creeper?” you ask, still a little miffed, but enjoying the warmth Sam’s body is  providing you. You rest your head against his chest and you can feel the echoing rumble through it as he chuckles.

“I was going to, but you were laughing and listening to something and…”


“You just looked so happy, I didn’t want to interrupt.”

A sort of comforting warmth spread in your chest that had nothing to do with your embarrassment or Sam’s body heat.

“Thanks, Sam.”

“Nah, no need for that.” He paused. “Who were you watching anyway?”

“His name is Markiplier.”

“Ah. Interesting.”

“And, high fives all round! Thanks everyone, and I’ll see all you dudes, in the next video!”

You barely hear the neon green haired man’s outro, still laughing over his rage in the game he had just played in his video.

“Uhm…why do I hear a screaming Irishman?”

You look up from your laptop to see Dean and Sam staring at you. Sam looks like he’s trying to hold in his laughter while his brother looks completely bewildered by the Irish sounding yells he had just heard.

Before you could answer Dean, Sam cuts you off.


You shake your head with a smile, touched he even remembered the last YouTuber’s name.

“This guy is called Jacksepticeye.”

Sam nods, ushering his still confused looking older brother out the door. “We’ll leave you in peace.”

Dean’s still confused as he heads out the door. “Jacksepticeye? Is that a monster?”

You’re just about to press play on the next video when you hear Dean mumble out in the hall.

“Dude, what the hell is a Markiplier?”

You flop onto the surface of your bed, tears of frustration stinging your eyes. You grab a pillow and cover your face with it, an attempt to block out the world.

What a horrible, lousy day.

It only takes three minutes for your boyfriend to decide to tentatively knock on the door and head inside when you don’t answer.

He sits at the edge of your bed, sighing. “I’m not going to give you that whole speech about how everything gets better.”

“Good,” you answer, voice muffled underneath your pillow. Sam can’t help the slight upturn of the corner of his mouth at the sound.

“I was going to wait until your birthday, but I think it’ll be better if I give this to you now.” He doesn’t explain further, coaxing your interest to pull you from the depths of your pillow.

It works. Damn him.

You peek out from under your pillow to see Sam patiently holding out an envelope. You sit up, pillow falling to your lap as you take it from him.

“What’s this?”

“Why don’t you open it up?”

Pulling open the envelope, your gaze falls on two tickets to Pax East. Your eyes widen.

“Are these-”

“They are.”

“So I get to see-”

“Markiplier and Jacksepticeye? Yes, yes, you do.” Sam’s affectionate grin makes you happier than the tickets do. “Plus, I’ll get to see these two men who have been making my girlfriend laugh these days.”

You lean towards him, giving a him a huge kiss. “Thank you so much, Sam!” You’re buzzing with excitement.

Sam laughs, watching you bounce up and down in the bed, suddenly full of energy. “Anything to keep you smiling, [Y/N].”

And he means that. 

For the rest of your lives together.

Tidal wave

A/N: this is posted from my phone and partially written on my phone, so please excuse the grammar & spelling errors. Anyway, this one was requested and it was a blast to write!

“Seriously guys, if you don’t stop, I’ll go alone,” you declared with crossed arms as you watched Sam and Dean glare at each other from opposite sides of the room. You had no idea what was going on. Ever since the three of you had come into the motel room, these two had been ridiculous.

“No,” Both men snapped, turning their glares to you. You rolled your eyes, and sat down on the bed with crossed arms while wondering where everything had gone wrong.

24 hours ago

“Dean!” You screamed and jumped up from your bed before running down the hall of the bunker,

“Sam!” You slid into the kitchen where the brother were only half awake and eating something they qualitfied as breakfast. You were the complete opposite of them. You were as awake as could be due to the four coffees you had already thrown back. That and you hadn’t actually slept. Why hadn’t you slep? Because you were so close to lead in the case of your parents.

“Why are you so hyper?” Dean muttered and drank from his steaming coffee. Sam only shot you a smile, which you returned while putting your laptop down on the table.

“Because my dearest Dean,” he rolled his eyes before looking up at you,

“I have found us a lead.”. You turned the laptop towards them so they could read what you had found.
It was a news article about a mysterious mass murder that looked suspiciously a lot like your parent’s. 

“There was blood everywhere and weird symbols had been painted around the room in the victims blood. We have to go,” you pressed on before snapping your laptop closed. 

“Have you, slept, at all?” Sam asked as he looked up at you. For a second, you opened you mouth to asnwer that you had, but it was no use. And the caffeine was bound to run out sometime. 

“No, but that doesn’t matter,” you waved it off and ignored the concerned looks the brother’s shared,
“Eat and get ready to go, beacuse we’re going.”.

The drive to the crime scene was longer than you had expected and as you did expect, you were coming down from you caffeine high. Still, the mere anticipation was enough to keep your eyes open, however barely.

“You alright kiddo?” you looked up at Dean as he cut the engine. Sam looked at the two of you and got out of the car, sensing that his brother wanted to talk with you alone for a moment.

“Yeah,” you smiled, a little fake, but whatever,

“why wouldn’t I be?” you got out of the Impala and walked around it to head inside the motel. But before you could get far, Dean was beside you and took a hold of your wrist. Your head snapped back to him, Sam was nowhere in sight.

“Y/n,” Dean sighed and let you wrist fall from his grasp and leaning back against the Impala with crossed arms. As you turned back to him, you realised he looked genuinely worried about you.

“I know you want to find out what happened to your parents, but,” he sighed and shook his head as he seemed to swallow back the next words he was going to say. In the end, he chose:
“Just be careful.”. 

“Careful’s my middle name, Dean,” you shrugged off with a smile and headed inside the motel, leaving him behind with worry in his gaze as he watched you walk away. If only he could’ve told you what he actually wanted to say.

“Hey, you guys alright?” you looked up at Sam, who already had the key dangling from his fingers. You rolled your eyes,

“Yes, I’m just a little tired,” as the words left your lips, you yawned, making Sam smile down at you and pull you inside his side with one arm. You smiled up at him, trying to fight a little blush as he pushed you up to the room the three of you would be sharing. And the moment you stepped into the room, you felt like you suddenly woke up from a dream. Like the moment Sam opened the door, an invisible tidal wave crashed into you. You groaned silently and blinked hard, stepping out of Sam’s hold to steady yourself.

“Y/n,” Sam trailed off and you looked up at him with a slight frown. Before you could ask what had happened, he dropped his bag on the floor, grabbed you by your waist and neck and kissed you. Your eyes widened at the sudden change of character, but you were too perplexed to do anything. 

“Sam,” you groaned and gently tried to push him away. Sure, he was a good looking guy and sweet, but so was his brother and you weren’t attracted to them in that way. 

“What’s the hell?” Dean scowled as he walked into the room and saw his brother all over you. You didn’t know why, but you realised you were in an incredibly awkward posstion right then and there.

“Guys,” you trailed off as your eyes darted from the one to the other, the testosterone rising dramatically in the room. Dean walked into the room and shut the door behind himself, dropping his bag and yours right next to Sam’s.

As the two kept staring each other down, they straightened up and you took that as the opportunity to step out of Sam’s reach. It didn’t really help that Sam’s hand reached out and took hold of your waist to keep you planted firmly next to him. Dean’s eyes snapped to his brothers hand on you and he clenched his jaw. You rolled your eyes,

“Can you stop behaving like prehistoric cavemen for five minutes so that we can go to the crime scene?” Neither of the answered, they only glared at each other until you finally managed to break free forms Sam’s hold. 

“Seriously, stop it,” you warned with raised eyebrows and as much power in your voice as you could, but it didn’t help. 

“Seriously guys, if you don’t stop, I’ll go alone,” you declared with crossed arms as you watched Sam and Dean glare at each other from opposite sides of the room. You had no idea what was going on. Ever since the three of you had come into the motel room, these two had been ridiculous.

“No,” Both men snapped, turning their glares to you. You rolled your eyes, and sat down on the bed with crossed arms while wondering where everything had gone wrong. 

Deep down you knew it had something to do with this room. That feeling you had when you entered was not Norman and undontedly connected to the Wincheater’s behaviour. And it didn’t take long for your hunter knowledge to come up with a plausible scenario. 

“Damn witches,” you muttered and got up from your place in the bed. 

“What’re you doing?” Sam asked and Dean scoffed at that and shook his head, 

“She’s a grown woman, she can do whatever she wants without needing your permission.”

“I didn’t tell her that she couldn’t stand up, Dean,” Sam fired back and crossed his arms,

“I was just wondering what she was going to do. And it’s not like you’re not controlling of her! You won’t let her go alone to a bar or a diner, you always have to be with her!" 

"Oh my god,” you groaned under your breath as they kept going back and forth. You decided not to pay too much attention to them and started looking around the room. You started with the beds, pulling the sheets away and cutting the pillows open with one of the knifes the boys had given to you.


Next up, the bathroom. But the shower, the cabinets and the drain were empty. 
Lastly, you went into the small kitchen. You checked every cabinet, inside the microwave and even the fridge. But again, nothing. 

“She doesn’t even like Guns ‘N Roses!” Sam spat just as you returned to your spot on the now unmade and feather-covered bed. You had hoped to find a hex bag, or something witchy that would explain all of this, but you were disappointed to come up empty handed. 

“Excuse me?” Deans voice rose in its pitch, like Sam’s words has struck a cord,

“Y/n loves Guns 'N Roses! And she damn well should! She even knows all the words to November Rain, you dumbass!” You shoot your head, if they were going to continue for much longer, you were going to drive yourself back to the bunker with Baby. 

As your eyes kept roaming over the room, you caught something. The smoke alarm! 

“Of course!” You grumbled and jumped off the bed. Quickly, you grabbed q chair so you could reach the alarm and you unscrewed the cap. 

“Eureka!” Very carefully, you took the he bag down and threw it in the sink before  taking a few matches and lighting it up. When the bag started to burn away to ashes, you felt again that same sensation as when you entered the room. That tidal wave hit you and the boys too. 

When you were sure the bag was completely gone, you turned to Sam and Dean, hoping that everything was alright again. 
And judging from their confused faces, you had hoped right. 

“What just happened?” Sam frowned as he looked away from his brother to you. 

“That, my dear friends,” you smiled and crossed your arms as you stepped closer to them,

“was a love spell. Now, let’s go to that crime scene and forget this ever happened.” You smiled brightly and patted both on their shoulders before passing them. And though you wanted to forget this had ever happened, your lips still tingled with Sam’s kiss. Too bad he didn’t know what he was doing when he kissed you. 



Imagine: Being a ghost that is tied to Sam and Dean. They can’t hear or feel you, so when you try to tell them that Sam agreeing to be Lucifer’s vessel isn’t the only way, they can’t hear you. You’re forced to watch Sam go to Hell. [x]

Y/N: Dean! Sam! Please! You’ve got to hear me!

Y/N: DEAN! SAM! There IS another way! Don’t say yes to Lucifer, Sam…

Y/N: No! Sam- don’t! *watches Sam beat up Dean* Stop, please stop… You have to! It doesn’t have to end like this…

Want to request an imagine?

mittensmorgul replied to your post “do u ship samstiel?”

In canon, I was shipping him with Eileen until Toni Bevell shot him… but I could see some sort of strange love triangle between the three of them if they do bring Eileen back in s12.

Ya know I am all for this. Oddly enough since I’m not usually a fan of love triangles, but poor Sam hasn’t had any proper action or really been close to anyone other than Dean and Cas in such a long time that I would love to see him caught up in a love triangle. 

I really want them to bring back Eileen and since she is also a legacy I am hoping that she will get on with Lady T and perhaps help the British MOL with whatever the next big conflict is gonna be (because I am sure that whatever is going on with Lady T’s kid? will be involved in the conflict) I also think that Lady T will swap sides and ally with the Winchesters and Eileen against the dusty old white guys who are clearly running the British MOL and therefore I want Eileen and Lady T to become really good friends… Though having them also rival for Sam’s affections would be interesting to explore. 

Animal Crackers and Teddy Grahams

Originally posted by heytheredeann

Pairing: DeanxReader, Sam
Word count: 976
Tagging: @nerdflash @faegal04 @damalseer @i-am-not-a-freak @vika-hiddles @craftersdust @panic-everywhereabouteverything @fayemenelmir @crowleysqueen88 @brinnyridesforgondor  @that1awkwardfangirl @winchesterprincessbride  @myspnsmutsave @lovetusk
I Can’t Do This

“Daddy!” You called out. “We’re home!” Laughing, you set your squirming toddler down. At thirteen months, he still wobbled when he got too excited.

The small boy giggled as he went hunting through the halls of their small home. “Dada!” He yelled.

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How Far Will It Go?

How Far Will It Go?


Pairings: Crowley x Reader

Warnings:  Angst! Fluff!

A/N: I know this is a short part to The Truth Comes Out, but I am working on the third part. Work has me working 10hr days 5 days straight so it’s a little hard getting my thoughts on paper. Anyways, enjoy and keep in mind, requests are open.

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Choices - Pt. 9

Catch up: [Part 1][Part 2][Part 3][Part 4 smut][Part 5 smut] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part8 Smut]

Characters:  Female!reader (Y/N Lafitte), Charlie Bradbury, Castiel Novak, some other characters being mentioned.

Pairing: Cas x Reader, (Friend!Cas)

Warnings: None, well language.

Word count: 1.9k

Summary: Castiel and Y/N talk about thing, the wedding is coming and Dean crawls his way back into Y/N’s life.(Maybe this part is an interlude to something bigger, what do you think?)

Requested tags:  @daydreamingintheimpala @dancingalone21@nadiandreu7 @that-one-awkward-teen @supernatural508@buckyready

you want to be on or off this list just let me know :)

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Feedback will be highly appreciated!!

Originally posted by spn-jerk-bitch-assbutt

The hot water ran down your back and it felt wonderful, you opened the faucet a little wider and let it get hotter.

“Fuck” you moaned in pain at the sensation, the trail of hot water was almost scalding your skin, such a sweet pleasurable pain.

You moved, turning around, and faced the sapphire blue tiled wall. You straightened your head up so the water could hit your face but not directly so it wouldn’t burn you, your eyes focused on nothing in particular.

You got lost in the pale blue color, your body was sore everywhere and although all you wished was for the water to wash away every trace of the night you’d lived; it was impossible, bruises and bite marks would take a while to fade away and eventually would disappear completely but the guilt of what you had done will be within you forever.

Your head hung down on your chest, the pounding was getting worse by the minute. The boiling cascade was incinerating the back of your neck; it hurt, but you needed it to hurt.

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Titles are hard to come up with.

Crowley x Reader, Sam, Dean.

Basically, Sam is your best friend, Dean is like a brother to you, and you have a thing with Crowley. Of course, you dont tell them, but when they start fighting over who you would be a better boyfriend for you, you finally tell them.

Warnings: bad writing, forgetting to tag (probably).

“Fuck you!” Y/n screamed at Dean, as he sprayed her with the hose. “What the fuck, Dean!? That’s cold!” She scolded, running. Dean was spraying Y/n with the hose because one, she was in white, two, she told him the last girl slept with him because she felt sorry for him, and three, it was hot. “Dean, give her a break.” Sam added, tired of the yelling. He was researching for a case: three children have died all with their skulls gone.
“Shut up, Sammy! I’ll spray you too!” Dean yelled jokingly, then spraying Sam. Sam shielded his book and that got his hair wet. A wet moose is never a happy moose. Sam, aggravated at Dean’s stupid actions, got up, put down his book, and charged Dean knocking him down and knocking the hose out of his hand. This was Y/ns chance so she grabbed the hose, and sprayed Dean in the face. Sam was laughing, y/n was trying to aim the water at Dean’s ear, and Dean was yelling. “God damn it! I’ll kill you sons of bitches!” Dean yelled, finally able to knock the Moose off of him. Sam got up quickly but when he did he was sprayed in the eye with a huge blast of water. “What the Hell?” He exclaimed, blocking it with his hand. Y/n was laughing as she tried to spray Sam’s hair. Suddenly behind her, she felt strong arms wrapped around her picking her up. “Damn it Dean!” She kicked and squirmed, but to no avail. “Get the hose, Sammy!” Dean yelled holding y/n down. Sam grabbed the hose and sprayed Y/n until she was totally soaked.

That was yesterday.

‘They’re screwed.’ Y/n thought, replacing all the beer with vinegar. Somehow, someway, she was able to get vinegar in the bottles and the beer out. About an hour later, the guys woke up, and headed straight for the fridge. Dean was the first to take a swig. Immediately he spit it out, and he spit it out on Sam’s leftovers from the diner. they could hear Y/n cracking up, then her fall off the couch. Sam was relieved he didn’t take a sip of his beer, then Dean ran off to get revenge. A little while later, Y/n heard talking. “Why would she even think about dating my nerdy little brother when I’m here?” Deans voice said. “Because unlike you, I care about all of her! Not just her body!” Sam exclaimed. Dean shushed him, and hit Sam in the arm. “Hey guys, who ya fighting over?” Y/n cut in so nothing would go down. “Who do you think is cuter?” Dean asked. Sam hit Dean back and quickly turned to Y/n and asked “more like, who do you like more?” Y/n laughed  and laughed until she was on the ground. “Are you guys fighting over me?” She asked, just to make sure. They nodded. Y/n sighed and pulled out her phone. “Hey, can you stop by now?” She asked into the phone, talking to someone with an accent. Sam and Dean looked at each other, wide eyed. “No…” they said at the. Same time. “Hello boys.” Crowley greeted, suddenly appearing. “Crowley!” Y/n exclaimed happily. Crowley wrapped an arm around her waist, kissing her. Sam and Dean just stared, not sure what just happened. “Y/n…are..are you-” Crowley cut a stunned Dean off. “Yes. She is mine. She likes men, not boys.” Crowley snarled, holding her closer. Y/n giggled and kissed him on the cheek, him smiling softly at her. “Well, now that you’re aware, I’ll give you time to process this.” Crowley said, poofing away. “What…just happened…” Sam asked aloud.

Diner Encounters - Part Two (Sam Winchester x Reader)


Author: Bailey

Summary: Dean is hesitant about accepting you, while Sam is ready to help.

Pairing: Sam x Reader (Eventual)

Word Count: 1.1k

Warnings: Death (again, not that major), minor swearing, uhhhh I don’t think anything else. To be honest it’s late and I’m tired and I don’t really care right now lmao

A/N: Hellllllooooooo loves! Welcome to part two! It’s late, I’m tired, it’s unedited, so I hope this is acceptable! I love y’all

Read Part One Here



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Supernatural Hiatus Writing Challenge - Week 13

Characters: Dean, Sam (mention of Dean x reader)

Warnings: None (?)

Prompt: “Are you… watching a Disney movie?”

Words: 541

A/N: I sadly missed the past couple of weeks, but here’s my entry for week 13! It’s basically a drabble due to it being so stupidly short, but I felt like I needed to post this week. (PS; thank you Kayla, for being so understanding of why I haven’t posted)

Tagging: @one-shots-supernatural & @waiting4thedoctor

Sam had seen his brother do many weird things throughout his life. Some he tried hard to forget, others were just so mindbogglingly dumb that he stored them in his memory for hard times when he would need something to cheer him up.

But when Sam heard Dean talking down the hall, he could feel his eyebrows furrow together. He knew that Y/N was out on one of her walks and she never brought her phone for those, so he couldn’t be talking to her. Cautiously, the younger brother approached the room down the hall. Dean’s voice got louder as he got closer, but all he could hear was his babbling.

The door was only open a sliver, but Sam could see Dean lying on the bed he shared with Y/N, head propped up with a few pillows and Y/N’s laptop resting on his thighs. He had headphones covering his ears, and the only sound in the room was Dean’s commentary to whatever it was he was watching.

Sam pushed the door open a bit more so he could peer at the screen of the laptop to see what he was watching. He was momentarily stumped until a thought hit him. “Are you… watching a Disney movie?” he asked as he nudged the door open a bit more. Dean made a startled noise as he slammed the screen of the laptop down, Y/N would have been pissed if she’d seen that.

“What?!” Dean asked exasperated, holding a hand over his heart as he took a few breaths. Sam only raised his eyebrows with an amused smirk creeping onto his face. He fell against the door frame as he watched Dean struggle to find the words to explain. “Y/N was watching this movie last night, and she was smiling the whole time so I figured I should watch it too, you know?” he tried to justify his actions, but Sam saw right through him.

“I thought Y/N never used her laptop in bed, the charging chord doesn’t reach her side of the bed, she’s been complaining about it for ages now,” Dean fixed his brother with a glare as he wracked his brain for a rebuttal. Sadly, it seemed dismal, so he sighed and pried the laptop open again.

“I was going to watch this one action movie we watched a while ago, but then I saw she had a whole bunch of movies on this thing, and, well- c’mon man! It’s Dumbo! You can’t tell me Dumbo isn’t a good movie,” Dean exclaimed as he settles back into a comfortable position on the bed. Sam scoffed at him but relented.

He didn’t move from the door though. “What now?” Dean asked with a groan and Sam’s smirk grew more malevolent. “You cried during that scene with Dumbo’s mom, didn’t you,” his suspicion was confirmed once Dean gave him a straight-faced look. Sam laughed and his brother called out insults as he walked away.

Y/N passed him on his way into the library, and she gave him a confused look as he amusedly grinned at her. If only she knew what would be waiting for her once she opened the door to her room, she’d be twice as amused as he was.

Me and my ships

for example: Supernatural (but it’s mostly similar with other movies, series, books etc.)

Destiel? Fuck yes
Sabriel? Fuck yes
Wincest? Fuck yes
Wincestiel? Fuck yes
Denny? Fuck yes
Samifer? Fuck yes
Casifer? Fuck yes
Sam x Ruby? fuck Ruby I hate her. (Jared and Genevieve rule tho <3 Just don’t like Ruby.)
Gabriel x Lucifer? Fuck yes (do they have a ship name?)
Megstiel? Fuck yes. (they really are cute. Seriously)
Dean x Crowley? (or Deanley. Idk how you call it. I like Deanley) Fuck! Yes. 

Or in other words
I’ll probably ship 97% of the ships that are possible, even if I say I won’t like it at the beginning.
I didn’t feel like I’m going to like Wincest at the beginning but welp
I blame @dead-klokateer for making me ship them. Like Deanley. I never would have tried that without you. So I gotta thank you son of a-, for that. 

So if you got any ship, no matter which series, movie, books, and you want to talk about them, let me know, as long as I got a clue about that stuff. 

And people please. Don’t spread hate about a pairing you don’t like. Not liking them is alright (like I said I don’t like Sam x Ruby, I don’t like Skwistok in the MTL fandom, not a big fan of Brutasha in the MCU universe), but hating them and making people feel bad for liking them, is just douchey and dickish. Thanks <3