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I finally watched “Rebel Without A Cause” and loved it’s themes of the american youth and the differences and conflicts between generations, and the film made me think of my own internal conflict and journey into adulting and how I’m still trying to ride through this whirlwind and I guess made a playlist based on it…..X

The character of Plato in Rebel Without A Cause (1955) was supposed to be subtly but definitely understood as gay. Although the Production Code was still very much in force and forbade any mention of homosexuality, director Nicholas Ray, co-star James Dean and the actor who played Plato, Sal Mineo, all worked together to insert restrained references to Plato’s homosexuality and attraction to Jim, including the pinup photo of Alan Ladd on Plato’s locker door, Plato’s adoring looks at Jim, his loaded talk with Jim in the old mansion, and even the name “Plato,” which is a reference to the Classical Greek philosopher. For that mansion scene, Dean suggested to Mineo that Plato should “look at me the way I look at Natalie.” (x)

Devil’s Trap - Part 2

Word Count: 2349

Pairing: Eventual Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, Stuff. lol I’m so bad at warnings. If you guys happen to find any triggers just let me know and I’ll keep it in mind. 

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Series Rewrite Masterlist

“You better hurry up and beat it before the paramedics get here.” Bobby said, grabbing some stuff for you to take with you.

“What are you gonna tell ‘em?” Dean asked.

Bobby chuckled. “You think you invented lying to the cops? I’ll figure something out.” He handed the Key of Solomon book over to Sam. “Take this. You might need it.”

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