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[I’m On Fire] - Part 3

AU!Jeffrey x Reader

[Prompt: Jeffrey picking you up from school, and the scandal when everyone who thought he was your father, finds out he’s actually your boyfriend]

A/N: I wanted to write a flashback on how these two met, especially since they have such a huge age gap. In case any of you were curious – Also, I have been having such a serious struggle writing part 3 so if this is shitty or disappointed you guys in anyway…I’m so sorry in advance >.< I’ve written two different versions which I hated and now that I finished this draft I just wanted to post it without thinking. UGH again I’m sorry if its shitty. 

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Part 2 || Masterlist 

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Alma was bustling with life.

Students, lovers and friends gathered together in the tiny narrow restaurant bumping elbows by the dinner tables and getting to know one another as they crowded the bar. The walls were painted an aztec blue, decorated and adorned with textiles of white, orange and mustard yellow. The eclectic music was drowned out by the sound of heavy chatter and the clinking of wine glasses.

Juxtaposing this lively atmosphere, you found yourself seated across Phoebe and Regina spending the first half of your night dealing with their chilling stares and withdrawn attitudes.

No matter how many times you profusely apologised to them, they didn’t appear to be in a forgiving mood.

“Did you guys forget how we became friends in the first place?”, you argued after they continued refusing to accept your hurtful “excuses”.

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Heart Complications Chpt. 2


A/N: I’ve decided to give our superstars a designated kink. They all have a different kind that somewhat fits their personality. You’ll find it out along the way.

Style: Reader x Seth Rollins featuring cameos of Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Jeff Hardy, and Finn Bálor.

Word Counter: 1,836

Triggers: None

Warnings: SMUT. SMUTTY SMUT. Oh, and a daddy kink.


Originally posted by stellarollins

The drive back from the event center is interesting to say the least. Finn, awake enough to drive the SUV to the hotel. Dean sits passenger with Roman behind him, fucking with his hair. You sit in between Roman and Seth. Seth and you are both extremely quiet, not partaking in anything the boys are laughing about.

“Dean, you need a haircut”.

“Touch my hair and you’re dead, Roman”.

You fumble a bit with your phone, trying to find anything to break the awkwardness between you and Seth. You open up a tetris app and begin playing, the tiredness sinking in.

Finn looks in the mirror and pipes up, “why are you two so eerily quiet?”

Your head shoots up on shock, as everyone looks at the both of you. You look in his eyes through the mirror, “I’m just tired, I really want to get back to the hotel and sleep”.

“Wait, wait, wait, we’re going out for a drink tonight”, Roman adds, “you can’t miss it, you never do!”

“Rome, I’m super tired. It’s Monday night, my body hurts. Have you ever been in the ring with three different women”? You pause, “don’t answer that”. Seth chuckles. Roman pushes your head to the side.

Finn pulls up to the hotel, parking into a spot in the back. He shuts off the SUV, “honey, we’re home” he says through thick laughter. You get out and grab your suitcase, awaiting everyone else to grab theirs from the back. Dean yawns so hard he almost blacks out. Roman turns around and looks at the raggedy group of half dead superstars, “alright fine, we’ll go out tomorrow”. He grabs his own suitcase, shutting the hatch.

The five of you walk towards the hotel as Roman begins to yawn, “look what you assholes did”.

Checking in was easier than expected. Normally it’s a spectacle of fans wanting pictures and autographs, but tonight was different. The concierge sits at the front desk, rushing you in before fans can get a whiff of you.

You’re split into two rooms. One room, Room 202, has two California King size beds, enough for the boys to sleep in together comfortably. The other, Room 310, has a small Queen sized bed, good enough for you to be nice and alone in. You give Dean your extra key, “just in case you guys think I’m dead in the middle of the night”. Dean laughs, “I’ll make sure to keep the creeps away”.

“That includes you, Ambrose”, Jeff pushes his head and Dean shrugs, feigning offense. You trek off to the elevator, definitely not attempting to walk up the stairs. The time on your phone reads 11:00pm on the dot. Oh good, your mind says, I can shower before midnight and be in bed asleep by 1am.

The hallway you enter is beautiful, a light dusty rose with beautiful white lace paint donned the walls. The lights are bright enough to see, but not enough to hurt sleepy eyes. You softly march down the hall, reading doors.

You whisper to yourself, “three-oh-eight… three-oh-niiiiine… three-ten!”

Sliding the card into the door, it opens, allowing you in to the room. You plop your bags down by the door and instantly go towards the shower, stripping off clothes on your way. You step into the bath, drawing the curtains around you. You start the water, putting it to your perfect temperature as you stand in it, letting the droplets from the shower head attack your tired skin, rolling down your body. You manage to wash your hair and brush your teeth at the same time without mixing up the two, miraculously. Turning off the water, you grab a towel and wrap it in your hair, tugging another off the wall and on to your body.

Walking back out to your bedroom for the night, you dig through your luggage, pulling out a white tank top and a pair of black panties. Your personal sleepwear. Tugging both on almost helplessly, you flop onto your bed and hit the light, snuggling up to the warm white blankets. You just start drifting off when..

Knock, knock, knock..

Your eyes spring open like a cat scared of a human sneezing. Were you imagining that? You stare at the door, hoping they’ll go away.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

You groan, pulling your body out of the snuggly bed you just got comfy in. The last thing you want is human interaction. It’s been a day.

You turn the door handle slowly, pulling the door open, when a pair of hands cup your face, and another person is on the other end of your lips.


He pushes his way into your room, using your face as a steering wheel. The door clicks behind him. His tongue gingerly grazes your bottom lip, asking entrance to your mouth. You flick your tongue against his, wrapping your hands around his neck, tangling your fingers in his black, soaked hair. He slips his tongue into your mouth, wrestling gently with yours, as he easily picks you up off the floor, placing you on his hips.

Carrying you towards the bed, he bends down against you, grinding against your body as you hit the mattress. His fingers move slow from your shoulder, down your side, leaving white hot trails against your already burning skin. He carelessly pulls your left leg around his hip, giving him access to more of your beautiful body.

He breaks away from your lips with a hot gasp as his finger tugs your tank top.

“Can I?”

You nod, and he begins sliding your shirt off your body, tossing it to the floor. His head dips down to your chest, taking one of your perfectly colored nipple into his mouth, letting it harden against his gentle licks. His right hand comes up and delicately pinches the left nipple, twisting soft to give both stimulation as it hardens in between his hands. You let out a stuttered gasp, feeling his smile against your skin.

His right hand begins to move further down, the look in his eyes, asking permission. You bite your lip, nodding again, not being able to make a noise. His fingers trace your slit against your panties, making your body twitch. Suddenly both of you are startled out of your moment as Seth’s phone rings. It’s Finn. He answers.

“Hey Finn”, “what no, yeah I’ll be back in a while”, “nah I’m okay, just got a little”, his fingers tug your black panties hard causing them to slide down your body, “hungry”.

“Yeah, I’ll be back in about an hour”. He hangs up, throwing the phone on the chair across from you as he bends down his knees. His lips leave burning kisses against your thighs as he makes his way to your soaked core. Seth grabs your hips and tugs you towards his mouth as he looks up to you.

“I uhh”, he blushes, “I kinda have a kink”.

Your head lifts and tilts slightly to the right, “and what might that be?”

“I.. I like being called.. Daddy”. He dives his mouth into your wetness, licking a flat line up to your clit. The sudden shock slips a moan from between your lips, the grin pulls against his face, flicking his tongue against your clit, then sucking around it.

You shove your fingers back into his hair, tugging every time he sends an electric shock through your spine.

“I’m not letting you feel me inside you”, he rubs his thumb against you, keeping the stimulation constant, “until you say it”.

You let out a playful groan, not ready to say it yet.

“Oh, so you like to play that way”, Seth stands up before you, dropping his hold on your legs. You didn’t even realize he managed to take off his shirt. You prop yourself up on your elbows, taking a good look at him in the light of the moon. He’s beautiful. Seth unbuckles his pants, dropping them to the floor, letting his cock have some freedom from being strained against his black jeans. You can’t stand it.

“Oh god, please”, you whine.

His fingers trace your jaw, slightly pulling your head to look at him at he starts pulling off his black briefs, “oh god please, what

”? His smile is passionate but evil.

“Please Daddy, fuck me”.

That’s enough to send Seth over. He pulls your legs again, this time meeting your wetness with the head of his hardened cock. Without so much as a warning, he begins slowly pushing himself inside of you, watching your body jolt at the sudden feeling. He buries himself to the hilt inside your wetted pussy, watching your face make the most beautiful expressions. He slowly pulls back, then snaps back in once. You moan, loud. He slowly pulls back again, snapping back in harder. Your stuttering moan lets him know he’s allowed to keep going, as he begins to pick up pace. He holds your hips, bouncing you off of him, the skin to skin contact making soft clapping noises all over the room. His pace quickens again, snapping upwards in you, hitting every little spot you could ever imagine, and ones you couldn’t. You shut your eyes, mouth agape as his fingers rub your bundle of nerves, the double stimulation too much to handle.

“Ahh, daddy”, you moan, “daddy please”.

He presses his thumb hard against your clit, “daddy what?”

Daddy, please let me come”.

He growls lowly, his thumb releasing pressure as it slowly begins to circle around your clit again. He slows, keeping his thrusts in motion with his skilled fingers.


The coil inside you ruptures. Your moans stifled by the sound of nothing as your orgasm rides out against his thick cock. Seth feels you pulse and tighten around him, which makes him slip over the edge.

Ahh, (Y/N)”, he moans lightly before catching himself on the bed. As you both calm down, he softly pulls himself out of you, tugging up his briefs, then his pants.

“You’re not staying”?

He smiles gently at you, and it’s the most sincere smile you’ve seen on him, “I wish I could but that would look a little suspicious”. Seth grabs his shirt, pulling it over his head. He then reaches down, placing a delicate kiss against your forehead before tucking you in.

“Next time, I promise”.

You swiftly fall asleep as Seth leaves your hotel room, making his way back to his own. He knocks on Room 202. Finn answers.

“So, how was (Y/N)?”

Seth stops in his tracks, unable to lie to one of his best friends, “how’d you know”, he asks.

“Well, your wallet was on the table and am not an idiot”.

Seth closes his eyes and let’s a deep breath out.

“I’m not upset”, Finn adds, “everyone in this room wants to be with her, what I don’t know is why you were first”.

K-HipHop and K-R&B Appreciation Post (male ver.)

Hey guys, I’ve been listening to k-hiphop and k-r&b for awhile now, so I figured it was a good time to compile a list of my favorite artists, my favorite songs by them, and what I think about them. Obviously, this is just my opinion and of course it won’t include EVERYONE that I listen to (even if I really enjoyed someone’s album or something like that) because that would genuinely be waaayyyy too long of a post. (im doing this to save both myself and you tbh so just nod your head and act like you agree with this statement thanks). 

PSA: every song title is hyperlinked even if it doesn’t look like it. hmu if one of the links aren’t working.

*music cue* I’M STARTING


I have been a fan of Dean since the very beginning, so I’m really happy for him and how far he’s come. He is getting more and more popular and has been more and more active in the performance scene.I really like his flow and the command he expresses over his songs.

If I had to choose a favorite song by him I really can’t because I enjoyed the ENTIRETY of his first mini album, 130 mood trbl. BUY IT GUYS– IT BLESSES MY EARS SO MUCH.

Aaaaanndd as a bonus, I’m going to include some songs he featured on that I really enjoyed:

1. Heize- And July (ft. Dean, DJ Friz)

2. Zico- Bermuda Triangle (ft. Dean, Crush)

3. Suran- 1+1=0 (ft. Dean)


Is there really any need for me to explain why I enjoy Crush’s music? You know those people that you can’t explain why you like their music? Well, he’s one of them for me. He’s Crush, come on. He’s got a cute dog and everything. 

Favorite Crush song? Well, friends, I’m going to have to split it into out of new releases and older released. For the former: Outside (ft. Beenzino) or Woo ah. For the latter: Hug Me (ft. Gaeko) or Sofa

Bonus songs that he featured in (I’m not going to include Bermuda Triangle since it’s already in Dean’s section):

1. Sik-K- party(SHUT DOWN) (ft. Crush)

2. DPR LIVE-Laputa (ft. Crush)

3. Dean- what2do (ft. Crush x Jeff Bernat)


(What’s a list with Crush if it hasn’t got Zion.T on it?) I got to see my man Zion.T perform live at KCON17NY this year and I just want to say that he is as amazing live as he is on a soundtrack. I really enjoy his voice and I think that his voice is nothing short of MAGICAL. Also, how could you not like a guy whose (sun)glasses are surgically attached to his face?

It’s not hard for me to choose my favorite Zion.T song: Eat, though, Yanghwa BRDG is a close second.  

Now, for the bonus songs that he’s that he’s featured on:

1. Zico- Eureak (ft. Zion.T)

2. Gaeko- No Make Up (ft. Zion.T, HA:TFELT)

Now this last song, Zion.T isn’t listed on the title, but he sings the last verse SO:

3. Crush- Oasis (ft. Zico)


While I don’t know much about Loco, but I really enjoyed the ENTIRETY his new album, Bleached, so I thought I would include him on the list.

And as a shameless plug for my boy Yonghwa’s new album, I will also be including the new song Loco featured on:

1. Jung Yonghwa (of CNBLUE)- That Girl (ft. Loco)


IT’S TIGER JK, THE GODFATHER OF KOREAN RAP. WHAT KIND OF LIST WOULD THIS BE IF I DIDN’T INCLUDE HIM. I can’t even THINK of not including him. He’s such a good guy. Loves his wife, his kid, fights against child abuse, and  wanted to use hip hop as a form of discourse between the Korean-American community and African-American community after witnessing the  violence between Korean-Americans and African-Americans during the 1992 Los Angeles Riots as a teenager.

My favorite song by him is: Reset (ft. Jinsil of Mad Soul Child). (I know, a lot of people were expecting a different song, but this one really is my absolute favorite by him. I wasn’t expecting it and it just WHAMMED me.) Druken Tiger- Monster is a close second, though.

Now, for my bonus for him, I’m not including songs he’s featured in, but rather just MFBTY. I’m linking my favorite MFBTY song, Sweet Dream.  MFBTY (My Fans are Better Than Yours) is a group created between Yoon Mirae/ Tasha Reid, Tiger JK, and Bizzy.


I’ve got to include this man who is adorably whipped for his daughter (the way I’m whipped for his works, lol). I love his works; to me, this man is a true poet. Every time I hear a work from him, I am astounded at the beauty of what he produces. While Tablo is the leader of the iconic Epik High, I’m including him on this list with his solo artist releases. 

My favorite Tablo song has got to be, without a doubt Bad ft. (Jinsil of Mad Soul Child). AAANNNNDDDD both of his solo albums, Fever’s End: Part 1 and Part 2

Bonus: Tablo covering Taeyang’s Eyes, Nose, Lips (in English) and making it even more of a work of art than it already was. 


Favorite Mad Clown song? Hands down will always be Fire (ft. Jinsil of Mad Soul Child) <–have you noticed my trend of loving anything with her in it :D). The music video has Hani of EXID in it, bc last time I checked, Jinsil didn’t want to be in the MV. Other than that particular song, I thoroughly enjoyed Coffee Copy Girl. He says hilarious things on his tracks, too, (”roses really smells like poop”)  😂

Bonus songs that he’s featured collabed on: lol does this man even feature on anything? I only see him collabing with other artists 😂 so here is are 3 collabs of his to check out:

1. Mad Clown, Kim Nayoung- Once Again (DOTS soundtrack)

2. Mad Clown, San E- Sour Grapes

and one song that is his anyways, but has Hyorin featuring on lol 😂 😂:

3. Mad Clown- Without You (ft. Hyorin of SISTAR)


DPR WE GANG GANG. He made his debut by just releasing his first mini album in March: Coming to you Live. It was AH-MAZING. I really like his flow and what he seems to be doing as an artist. Actually, one of his song’s is listed earlier on this list because it featured Crush.

My favorite song from the entirety of the album would have to be Know Me (ft. Dean).

Bonus songs that he featured on:

1. Eung Freestyle with Sik-K, Punchnello, Owen Ovadoz & Flowsik (Yes, he was indeed a part of that iconic Youtube ad)

2. Loco- Movie Shoot (ft. DPR Live) (this is off of Loco’s new album that I spoke about earlier)

Thanks for reading until the end! I’ll be doing a female version soon enough–this post took me forever (a few weeks lol) to compile, so I can only assume the female version will take just as long. Send suggestions to my inbox if you want to.


Community Rarepairs Week (¾)
Community text posts: Jeff x Shirley・Dean Pelton x Dean Spreck・Pierce x Shirley・Jeff x Chang・Annie Edison x Annie Kim・Jeff x Pierce・Annie x Shirley・Craig x Britta 

Angsty WWE Imagine Requests

Send a Superstar + a number :)

1: “ Give me a chance. ”
2: “ Not you again.. ”
3: “ Leave me alone. ”
4: “ I don’t love you anymore. ”
5: “ Why do you hate me? ”
6: “ I lost the baby. ”
7: “ I thought you loved me. ”
8: “ I don’t need you anymore. ”
9:“ I can’t believe you! ”
10: “ We cant keep this up forever. ”
11: “ You’re a monster. ”
12: “ I hate you. ”
13: “ Don’t leave me… ”
14: “ You’re a disappointment. ”
15: “ Don’t die on me– Please. ”
16: “ I never meant to hurt you. ”

Second Chances: Jeff x Reader - Chapter 10

Summary: Reader and Jeff work a project and become fast friends. The project ends and they go their separate ways, neither forgetting the other. With Hollywood being a small community, you two bump into one another either at events or projects, but there is always something keeping you apart. Will the obstacles ever end?
Chapter 10 Summary: Jeff and Reader in Philadelphia

Warnings: language (probably)
A/N: Please leave comments or let me know if you want to be tagged, etc.
Word count: 1500(ish)
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     It was a bit of a relief to finally be rid of Todd. It was an odd string of emotions to go through. I was happy to be rid of him but I was also mad that he had the balls to cheat on me, and God, why did it have to be that skank, Serena? Ugh. It just wasn’t easy to stop caring about someone, even if he was a colossal douche.
     Thankfully, I was able to go to Philadelphia almost immediately after the incident with Todd. I was so ready for it. It was a bit of a relief to be on my own. I could get my head straight without interference from Todd or Jeff. With a whole country between us, it was much easier to sort it all out.
     Turns out, I was pretty okay with not being around Todd. I was mostly mad that I hadn’t caught him sooner. As far as Todd went, I was sad about losing someone I thought was my friend, but he wasn’t the person I wanted to talk to…about anything. Reconciling my feelings for Todd, I realized that he wasn’t really even a friend. I was never as important to him as he was to me. He certainly didn’t treat me very well. There were many things he’d done that I’d missed that should have been a big red flag, but I’d ignored it. Hindsight is 20/20.
     Jeff was the one I needed. He was the one I wanted to talk to. When I got home from work, he was the one that I wanted to be there, the one I wanted to call when he wasn’t home… Before I left for Philly, I’d told him I needed a little time, not a lot, just to get my head straight and I told him I would call him when I knew. He would text me and send me funny emails. He was so patient. I lasted two whole weeks before I called him.
     It rang twice before he answered. “I was beginning to worry you’d lost interest in me.”
     “You have the patience of a saint,” I said.
     I could hear the smile in his voice. “Some people are worth waiting for,” he said.
     Charmer. “When can you come visit?”

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Second Chances - Jeff x Reader: Chapter 13

Summary: Reader and Jeff work a project and become fast friends. The project ends and they go their separate ways, neither forgetting the other. With Hollywood being a small community, you two bump into one another either at events or projects, but there is always something keeping you apart. Will the obstacles ever end?
Chapter 13 Summary: Motorcycles, 1st day on Gilmore Girls, old friend, and an unexpected visitor
Warnings: language (probably), confrontation
A/N: Please leave comments or let me know if you want to be tagged, etc. Please remember it’s fiction and I get to take certain liberties.
Word count: 1900(ish)
Catch up here: Masterlist
Tags: @jml509 @jasoncrouse @yellatthetopofyourlungs  @bookchic20      
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