dean x charlie

I ship...



And this

NOT this

I ship this


And this

NOT this

But listen closely…

Did I directly criticize any of these ships? 

Well, did I?


You ship Destiel, or Johnlock, it’s all good. These are my ships, you can have yours. No need to get mad at others for shipping what they want. So, are we clear?


“I love you”

I know. 

This is Dean in his finest hour, this is Dean growing, this is Dean letting go. This is Dean accepting love . This is Dean knowing someone can love him, knowing he might, in his deepest self, deserve that love. This is Dean enjoying friendship. This is Dean breathing.  

Can you see his face, after he lets her go? There is no bitterness, there is no anger, there is no blame , and there is no hurt. 

This is a healthy goodbye, a peaceful one, love that is not dependence, love in eye level, not threatening him, not confusing him, not demanding.  

This is Dean, in his beautiful self, the way brother should be. 

I am waiting for that Dean to manifest again, stronger, peaceful, loving, letting go. 

I am waiting for that Dean to show, to accept the light inside him, to see himself through the eyes of those who loves him, and believe in him.

I love that man, and I wish for him to love than man too. 


Pic credit: angelshawke (x)