dean x charlie

Wax On, Wax Off


Sweet Jesus, Damn it. Farkkkk!’

The two Winchesters stopped in the middle of the passage way. The unusual sounds and cries echoing off the cold walls of the bunker.

‘What was that?’ Sam asked, quietly.

‘No idea, but what ever it was Y/N didn’t like it,’ Dean frowned.

They approached her door and went to knock when they heard it again. Something was seriously wrong. The pain in her voice, the noise. Both men pulled the guns that they had stuffed in their jean waists.

‘Sweetheart, you good?’ Dean called.


The boys exchanged a glance and opened her door, weapons raised.

‘What the hell is that?’ Dean asked.

‘Torture,’ Y/N sulked, tears in her eyes as she spread the hot wax across her leg.

Sam lowered her weapon and chuckled.

‘Bit of an exaggeration isn’t it?’ Dean asked laughing.

‘I’m sorry. Whaaaattttt?’ Y/N asked as she ripped off another strip, biting on her lip to stop from crying out.

‘Waxing it can’t hurt all that bad,’ Sam pointed out.

‘Are you kidding me? You don’t think it hurts?’

Both me shook their heads.

‘You willing to back that up?’ she asked in disbelief.

The two men looked at each other and shrugged.

‘You’re willing to try it on every area I normally wax?’

The two men nodded slowly and sat down cautiously. Y/N got Dean to roll up his jean leg first and she smeared the hot wax over his leg before placing the cotton strip on it. Rubbing over the material a few times.


‘Nothing to it seriously, Y/Nny, you’re-. HOLY SHIIITTTTT!’ Dean screamed as Y/N ripped the wax strip from his leg.

‘Oh yeah, totally over reacting,’ she smirked.

Dean looked at her with tears in his eyes, unable to talk momentarily.

‘Your turn Sammy,’ she grinned.

Sam looked between his brother and the pot of wax, ‘Ah.’

‘Nope too late no chickening out now. We’ve still got your underarms and bikini area to go.’

‘You…you do that down…,’ Dean asked shocked looking at her crotch.

‘Yes, Darling,’ she smirked. ‘And you men never seem to mind the outcome.’

Dean swore before grinning as he watched Y/N lather the wax and cotton onto Sam’s leg. The panic in Sam’s eyes was hilarious.

‘Let me, please,’ Dean begged, almost bouncing from his seat.

‘One quick, smooth motion.’

‘Dean, I’d rather Y/N- ARGH! FARK!’ Sam screamed collapsing back onto the bed, holding his leg. ‘I think I’d rather be shot.’

‘Wuss,’ Y/N chuckled.

‘I can’t believe you do this,’ Dean commented amazed, watching Sam wipe the tears from his eyes.

‘Meh, it’s worth the pain.’

Once the men had calmed down Y/N grinned at them.

‘Right shirts and jeans off.’

The two Winchester’s looked at her wide eyed.

‘I’m not…you’re not,’ Dean panicked. ‘Not again.’

‘But you said…?’

‘Nope, not happening.’

‘I’m with Dean on this,’ Sam agreed nodding his head.

Both men standing up.


‘Sorry Sweetheart, I’ll stick to shaving.’

She watched as both men rushed from the room. Y/N smirked and picked up her phone.


She watched as Charlie removed her finger from the camera her end and unmuted the Facetime call.

‘That was awesome, well done,’ Charlie laughed.

Y/N could see the tears in her eyes, Charlie was laughing that hard.

‘You owe me $50,’ Y/N chuckled.

‘It was so worth it,’ Charlie laughed.


“I love you”

I know. 

This is Dean in his finest hour, this is Dean growing, this is Dean letting go. This is Dean accepting love . This is Dean knowing someone can love him, knowing he might, in his deepest self, deserve that love. This is Dean enjoying friendship. This is Dean breathing.  

Can you see his face, after he lets her go? There is no bitterness, there is no anger, there is no blame , and there is no hurt. 

This is a healthy goodbye, a peaceful one, love that is not dependence, love in eye level, not threatening him, not confusing him, not demanding.  

This is Dean, in his beautiful self, the way brother should be. 

I am waiting for that Dean to manifest again, stronger, peaceful, loving, letting go. 

I am waiting for that Dean to show, to accept the light inside him, to see himself through the eyes of those who loves him, and believe in him.

I love that man, and I wish for him to love than man too. 


Pic credit: angelshawke (x)