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Describe between a Sam hug and a Dean hug. :)

Sam is bigger, therefore he is known to tower over me without my consent, which is fine because he is significantly taller than my body to begin with, but as a result his hugs do seem slightly more awkward as he has to hunch ever slightly. I do not have the pleasure of hugging Sam as often, therefore perhaps my judgment of his ability to do so might be skewed or based off of unknown information, but since you asked the difference I do believe it is more to do with our differences in height, even if it is only a few inches. When Sam consents to a hug, however, he does use his entire body, which I suspect would suffocate me if I did need to breathe, but he usually will hug after a particularly difficult case or to make sure I am okay, in which case the reasons are noble. I am not used to differentiating the levels of a hug, therefore forgive me if some of this does not make sense.

Much unlike a Sam hug, Dean is a lot closer in height, therefore the element of awkwardness is nonexistent there. Dean also is more open to the notion, despite his repeated warnings about his issue of personal space. Like Sam Dean will also throw his body into a hug, but because it is far easier for me to return the hug for Dean than it is for Sam, I suspect this is why Dean’s hugs feel a lot more meaningful to me. Perhaps it could be also because of our history, or perhaps it could be because Dean will hug after an emotional battle or a time in where we almost lost one another, but there is something distinct that separates Dean’s hugs from anyone else’s, not just Sam’s. Yes, Sam will hug with intention, but Dean will hug with vigor. Dean will hug with his life and soul. It feels more gratifying, and I am at liberty to breathe with as much room as I choose given that my head will meet Dean’s instead of meeting Sam’s chest.

They both feel genuine, but for different reasons, and I am still trying to figure out just what makes me happier to receive a hug from one person in particular as opposed to the other, and also why I am more inclined to give hugs to one more than the other not that I think about it.

It is quite the discussion you have conjured up for me.