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If you’re having a bad day, and you’re a Supernatural fan, watch this video. HECK, even if you aren’t a Supernatural fan (idk how you can’t be) still, watch the video. Even if it’s a good day for you…just watch the video.

Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting Jensen Ackles.


This is the BEST ever. <3

Christmas Pranks

Every year since I could remember, I got oranges in my stocking. I admit, I ain’t no ray of sunshine, and I fully accept this; especially when my sister and I join forces.

This year, my mum bought a carton of oranges so she’d be ready for Christmas. But my sister and I started eating them.

When we were almost done the first carton our mum bought another one; we accepted the challenge, and openly proclaimed that we’d eat them before Christmas (that was 4 days away).

When it came for our mum to oh-so-sneakily fill up our stockings, she went to the kitchen to grab some oranges, only to find NONE.

Mum’s reaction was priceless.


Where’re the oranges?!

Jacki: *points to stomach*


Jacki: Except for 4!


Jacki: Stephy ate those this morning.


Best Christmas prank so far