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A little birthday something for Kylie who wanted a Sam and Dean something - SN: 12x20

It’s just a car, Sam.

Yes, the car where you carved your initials in when you were kids. The car you rebuilt from basically the ground up after nearly dying. The car you drive across the country in. The car you call ‘baby’. The car your brother spent months driving around after thinking you died. The car you grew up in.

So say it again… It’s just a car. But it’s so much more to you, Dean Winchester.

An accident and the aftermath

It’s been a long day, little Y/N was already asleep when Sam buckled her into her car seat. “Buggy already asleep?” Dean asks as the two of them get into the car. Sam sits in the back with you, to keep you company amongst a few other reasons.

“Yeah.” Sam replies as he protectively wraps his arm around your small frame. You promptly lean your head against his chest. A few miles away from the bunker a car t-bones the door of the impala, causing Dean to loose traction as well as control of his car.

“You two okay?” Dean asks when the impala comes to a stop.

“I’m a bit banged up, otherwise okay. It’s (nickname) I’m worried about, she’s in rough shape Dean.” Sam answers worriedly. The eldest Winchester starts mentally chewing out the person that wrecked his car as well as hurt his five year old sister.

After the paramedics arrive everything is a bit of a blur, but time seems to stop when a nurse tells the brothers that their little sister is in critical condition as well as in a coma.

A day later, Cas shows up and does all he can to help you- which isn’t much. “I’m sorry I can’t do more.” He says sadly.

“It’s okay Cas, at least she’s not in critical condition anymore.” Dean answers as he gently rubs his thumb over your small knuckles.

It’s been three weeks and you show no sign of waking up. “I’m going to Bobby’s to fix up baby. Call me if something happens.” Dean says standing up, and as he grabs the keys. The car that is currently in use is one of the spare cars from the garage of the bunker.

“You know I will.” Sam answers as Dean leaves. He then sighs and moves your hair out of your face. “Guess it’s just me and you kiddo.” As expected you don’t make any form of response.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
You were back where you started again. You sit on the ground and start to cry- you just want to go home but you can’t. Someone places a gentle hand on your shoulder. “Don’t cry cupcake; if you cry you’re going to make me cry.” Someone says. You look up and see a person with golden eyes and golden hair standing over you. His presence is comforting and for some reason he reminds you of Cas.

“Who are you?” You sniffle as the golden haired man sits down next to you.

“I’m a friend, and I want to help you.” The man then pulls out a lollipop out of nowhere. Before he unwraps it he offers it to you. “Want a piece?”

“Sammy says I shouldn’t take candy from strangers.” You softly answer. The man chuckles.

“I don’t blame the moose for that one- but I assure you, I’m not a stranger. I’m Gabriel, or Gabe if you prefer…” The golden eyed archangel notices how you still don’t trust him. So he decides to change tactics. “Your brothers and Cas sent me. They’re worried about you.” You wipe your runny nose with the back of your hand.

“I miss them and I wanna go home.” You look at Gabriel with watery eyes.

“Hey, it’s okay. I’ll get you home, I promise.”

“Pinkie promise?” You ask holding up your small pinkie. The golden eyed angel smiles as he wraps his pinkie around yours.

“Pinkie promise.”
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
-Sam POV-
I turn on Y/N’s favorite Disney movie, praying for a miracle. Another reason why I turn on the movie is to get the song You Are My Sunshine out of my head. I look at the screen and smile to myself. The part that is playing is one of my sister’s all time favorite parts. “I can’t quote your favorite part of (favorite Disney movie) by myself Princess.” I say. The only response I get from Y/N is the beeping of her heart monitor.

Hours go by, different nurses stop by just doing their rounds. Good news is, is that Y/N’s condition is slowly improving, but she’s still in a coma. What I wouldn’t give to hear Y/N’s laugh, or see her beautiful (eye color) eyes right now. I gently squeeze my little sister’s hand. It’s extremely soft- insomuch I nearly miss it, but Y/N just squeezed my hand in return. I fish my phone out of my pocket and call my brother. “What’s happening Sammy?” Dean asks when he picks up.

“Y/N just squeezed my hand.” I reply.

“She squeezed your hand?”

“It was an incredibly soft squeeze, I mean it was so soft in I nearly missed it.”

“A squeeze is a squeeze…hey Sammy I need to go. Mind keeping me posted?”

“Of course. Talk to you later.”

“Later.” With that Dean hangs up. That was one of the quickest conversations that I’ve had with my brother- I’m also confused on what he meant by having to go. He more then likely wanted to get back to fixing his car or he had to use the restroom, it’s one of those two.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
-Your POV-
Gabe has kept his promise on helping you get home, but there hasn’t been any luck on actually getting you back to your brothers. “I’m never getting home.” You sniffle.

“Come on don’t talk like that. It might take a little bit but you’ll get home.” Gabe replies. “We’ll try again later, okay Cookie?” You simply nod in response.

“Why do you keep calling me food?” You randomly ask, you also tilt your head slightly in confusion. Causing Gabe to softly chuckle to himself.

“I’m not exactly calling you food- I’m calling you sugary snacks.” Your friend says as he pops a lollipop in his mouth. “Besides it wouldn’t be fair if I left you out of the mix- I call your brothers all sorts of nicknames.” You let out a small giggle in response. Your friend then offers you a lollipop and this time you accept the candy mainly because you know Gabriel would never hurt you. He’s almost as protective of you as your brothers and Cas.

After awhile Gabe asks if you’re ready to try again to get you home. Surprisingly you shake your head. “Thought you wanted to go home though.” Gabe comments right when you yawn and rub your eyes. “Oh…” you fall asleep against him. Gabe doesn’t let you sleep long though, and he gave you no explanation why he didn’t want you to sleep at the moment.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
-Sam POV-
Normally Dean and I switch off with who stays with Y/N at the hospital- but I haven’t seen my brother since this morning. So I have a feeling that’s not going to be happening tonight. Cas pops by with an angel I thought was dead. “I thought you were dead Gabe.” I comment.

“That wasn’t really my thing.” The archangel replies as he places two fingers on my little sister’s forehead using his grace to heal her. He mutters a few things under his breath. When he removes his fingers he smiles. “She’ll be okay and waking up soon.”

“Thank you Gabe.”

“You’re welcome- besides I like Y/N.” With that the archangel pops off. Leaving me to wonder about what he meant by that.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
-no one POV-
When you open your eyes, Sam doesn’t hesitate to call a nurse. About half an hour later you’re moved from ICU to a regular hospital room. “Sammy where’s De?” Little Y/N asks her (eye color) eyes have a bit of worry and fear in them.

“Want to talk to him?” Sam replies pulling out his phone. You nod as Sam dials his brother’s number.

“Hey Sammy, any changes?” Dean asks when he answers the phone.

“Yeah, Buggy’s going to be okay.” Sam answers looking at you, you smile a little bit in reply. “Also someone wants to talk to you.”

“Oh really who?”

“If I told you it would ruin the surprise.” Sam says before passing you the phone “Say hello.” Your brother gently encourages.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
-Dean POV-
I start to think that Sam hung up on me… but suddenly there I hear a voice on the other line that I haven’t heard in weeks. “Hello?” The person on the other end is my baby sister.

“Hey Baby bug.” I answer standing up and walking away from baby. I’m also trying not to cry at the moment.

“De!” She happily squeaks. I chuckle to myself.

“Whatcha doing kiddo?”

“Sammy put in a movie for me.”

“Did he now, what one is it?”

“(Favorite Disney movie.)” A smile forms on my face.

“Did I miss your favorite part?”


“That’s okay… hey Buggy could you do me a favor, and give the phone back to Sammy?”

“Otay… love you De.”

“Love you too (Nickname).”
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
-No one’s POV-
Once Y/N is released from the hospital she gets all sorts of confused when she doesn’t see the impala. “That not De’s car.” You say.

“Don’t remind me.” Dean replies, as he climbs into the driver’s seat leaving Sam to help you with your car seat. Before San can sit in the passenger seat you give him the puppy dog eyes asking him to sit in the back with you. You would’ve done it to Dean but he was in the driver’s seat before you could even ask him.

“Not today squirt… besides, you’ve got Cas to keep you company.” Sam says when he’s done buckling you in and when he sees the trenchcoat wearing angel sitting next to you.

On the way back to the bunker you fall asleep against Cas- car rides always puts you to sleep. The angel becomes confused on why he is suddenly being used as a pillow. “Is this normal?” Cas asks gesturing towards you.

“Nine times out of ten yes- but mind keeping an eye on her? Rather not take her back to the hospital because she fell back into a coma.” Sam answers.

“She’s just asleep.” Cas replies as he removes his fingers from your forehead. “She’ll be fine.”

For the first few weeks of you being back home at the bunker, your brothers take turns of keeping an eye on you throughout the night- just to be sure you don’t fall back into a coma.
You’ve given both of your brothers a fair share of heart attacks- mainly because when you get nightmares you always go to one of your brother’s rooms… and you never really go to the brother who is keeping an eye on you that night.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
It’s Dean’s turn to keep an eye on you- and the hinges on his door softly squeak open waking him up slightly. He tiredly reaches for the gun under his pillow before turning to see who opened the door- it’s just you and your stuffed animal friend. “Why are you still awake kiddo?” Dean asks with a yawn.

“Scary dream.” You reply softly, you then say you stayed with Sam the last time you had a nightmare. Dean disguises a chuckle as a yawn, before making room for you. You then crawl under the covers and snuggle next to your brother absorbing his warmth.

“Night munchkin.” Dean says as he kisses the crown of your head- yeah you’re going to be just fine. Baby on the other hand isn’t going to be roadworthy any time soon… much to Dean’s annoyance. Even though he’ll never admit it, he would rather have his baby destroyed, but his family is alive; than the the other way around… a car can always be rebuilt; however the pain of losing someone that you love is like a wound that never wants to close… a wound that always finds away how to open after one is positive that it’s healed.

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You Are Not My Mother Part 2

Part 1
Warnings: Angst, Mentions of past torture
Summary: Sam and Dean’s younger sister caught Mary working with the BMoL and left to protect the Colt and her family. How will the Winchesters and Cas react when they see that she’s gone?
Word Count: 1946 (It’s a little longer than the first part)
Tags are below the cut. Let me know if you want to be added or removed from the list.

     Cas walked to the library after stopping in front of Y/N’s door. She asked to be left alone so Cas respected that. He saw Sam and Dean sitting at one of the tables with drinks in their hands.
“Hey, Cas.” Dean called. “Where’s Y/N?”
“Her room.” He answered. “She said she wanted to be left alone.”
Sam looked at the angel. “Did something happen on the way back?”
“No.” Castiel lied. “She said she was tired.”
“I guess we’ll see her in the morning.” Dean said.
     Moments later Mary walked in and sat down next to Dean.
She looked around. “Where’s Y/N?”
“She went to bed.” Sam informed her. “Cas said she was tired.”
“Oh.” Mary whispered. “I was going to talk to her.”
“You’ll have to wait until morning.” Sam laughed.
“She sleeps like a rock.” Dean added.
     About an hour later they went their separate ways and headed to bed.
      The next morning Dean walked down to his sister’s room to get her up for breakfast. He knocked on the door and didn’t hear a response. He opened the door and walked in to see her bed empty. He looked around and noticed the dresser drawers were mostly empty and her weapons bag was missing from the closet. He was about to yell for Sam when he saw folded pieces of paper resting on the pillow. There was one for him, Sam, Cas, and Mary. He grabbed his letter and eased onto the edge of the bed.

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Fast Cars and Freedom

Word Count: 3351

Warnings: Language, nudity, minor character death(s)

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader (Y/N Singer)

Italics indicate flashback

A/N: Inspired by the song Rascal Flatts Fast Cars and Freedom (watch here). I have been listening to some older, better country lately and this has been nagging at me for awhile now. I have plans to turn this into a series if y’all are interested. Thank you so much to @death2thevirgin who was my amazing beta for this!

The party had been a success and we were both tired. I had just brushed my teeth, getting ready for bed when I walked back into our bedroom and my heart stopped at the sight before me; sitting at her small vanity table, removing her makeup, not like she needs it. Twenty years later, she still takes my breath away.  I leaned up against the door jamb, just watching her, enamored by the vision of her. Memories flooded my mind, like a dam breaking.

I was fifteen years old when Dad dropped us off with Bobby for a few days. Sammy was only eleven and didn’t understand why Dad was gone so much. I did my best to explain it to him, but he was just a kid and didn’t get it. He just knew he missed Dad.

Our Dad was a mechanic for a trucking company in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. A few times a year he would have to travel to pick up a big rig that broke down. He didn’t like leaving us ever since Mom died, but he didn’t have much choice. The job paid well and we had Bobby to keep watch over us while Dad was gone.

We went about our daily routine, breakfast, school, homework, chores. Bobby owned a garage and salvage yard, on a large plot of land with a few animals and there was no shortage of work to be done.

Y/N was Bobby’s daughter. She was less than a year younger than me and more often than not, she and I were left in charge of Sam when Bobby was working out in the shop. We got along well since the first day, discovering we had a lot in common and she adored Sammy. That was enough in my book.

The phone rang just as we were finishing up supper. As a general rule, Bobby didn’t allow phone calls during meals, but while Dad was gone, he made an exception so we could talk to him. Once Bobby gave his nod of nearly imperceptible nod of approval, I jumped out of my chair so fast it almost tipped over and ran to the phone.

“Dad!” I exclaimed as I answered the phone. Only the voice on the other end wasn’t Dad.

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Imagine falling asleep in the Impala with Sam

A/N: I’m currently stuck in a long as can be traffic jame with my sister, brother in law, & 2 nieces. My nieces inspired this with their adorableness. This is also my first time writing on my phone so my bad if the layout is whack.

Dean’s age-18

Sam’s age-14

Reader’s age-Younger than Sam 

“Dad, how much longer until we stop, I’m sleepy.” You asked your dad while rubbing your eyes. You were sitting in the back of the impala next to Sam while Dean sat shotgun as your dad drove. You’d been stuck in the car all day driving from New York to Bobby’s place in South Dakota. Dad had promised to stop for a real bed tonight but since it was 1 AM you had a feeling you wouldn’t be stopping.

“Sorry kiddo but I wanna be able to get to Bobby’s by tomorrow night. That means we’ll be driving all night.” John responded.

You let out a sigh and lightly banged your head on the window, “But Dad,” you whined, “You said we’d stop at a hotel for a real bed tonight.”

“I know I did but we’re making good time.” Your father responded.

“Yeah but you promised!” You said right back to him.

“Y/N,” Dean said in an authoritative voice, “You heard dad, knock it off.”

“I’m not talking to you Dean.” You sassed back.

“Knock it off Y/N, just go to sleep.” Dad told you.

“But I can’t get comfortable!” You once more whined.

“Come here Y/N.” Sam softly said to you while lightly grabbing you. He pulled you down so you were laying your head on his lap and your feet were curled up on the backseat. Sam started to scratch your head which, along with the hum of the impala lolled you to sleep.

Fifteen minutes later and not a single peep had been made from the backseat; it peaked Dean’s interest. He turned around and the sight of you asleep on Sam, Sam’s arm protectively around you melted Dean’s heart. He grabbed his jacket and lightly draped it on top of you. You readjusted yourself and grabbed onto Dean’s jacket, inhaling the scent before falling back into a peaceful sleep.

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Fragments - Part 2

Word Count: 6682

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Canon typical violence

A/N: Constructive feedback always welcome and appreciated. Unedited. All mistakes are mine. If you’d like to be tagged you can add yourself Here

Fragments Masterlist

Cas had managed to get details from the getaway driver for the people who took Sam. It wasn’t much but it was something to go on. You’d found out they were British and had just flown into the country the same night they took Sam. He also told you he drove them to a local veterinarian but didn’t know why. Dean was off checking the tail number of the plane. Cas was checking into the Vet. Mary and you were sitting at a table in a park outside of the Vet’s practice, waiting for him to show back up.

You weren’t speaking, opting to watch Mary. Everyone had been so worried about you and your memory issue then about Sam disappearing they hadn’t paid much attention to her and how she was adjusting. She was watching everyone, staring at the cell phones and the laptops. She looked just as lost as you felt. You didn’t remember your life, but you remembered what life was like. You remembered phones, computers, technology, how to use everything. All of that was still there. You couldn’t imagine how she felt, being dumped 33 years into the future with a dead husband and two grown sons.

“Are you ok? I know how I feel. It must be a lot for you to take in.” Mary turned to you, smiling sweetly and nodding her head just as Cas approached carrying coffees, passing one to each of you. “Thanks, Cas.”

“It’s how you like it.” Cas said, sitting in the chair next to yours. “Or how you used to like it.” You took a sip and hummed in satisfaction, earning a smile from Cas.

“This must be difficult for you.” Cas said, turning toward Mary, apparently picking up on the same thing you had. “I remember my first moments on Earth. It was jarring.”

“One word for it.” She laughed. “I grew up with hunters. I’ve heard of coming back from the dead…but to actually do it after 30 years…a lot’s changed.” She glanced around again, looking at everyone on their phones. “A lot.”

“Y/N what about you? Are you holding up ok?” Cas questioned. “I can’t really get a read on you. Then again…I guess I never really could.” He chuckled to himself, shaking his head. “You were always a mystery to me.”

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raes-dream1and  asked:

Headcanon of Dean and Sam and little sister (reader) having to drive for several days to get to a case. ( I hope that makes sense. I'm not going anon in case it doesn't and you need to ask)

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- You all are pretty bored, so you play these games to keep yourselves busy and somewhat entertained.

- You and Sam bickering about who’s turn it is to ride shotgun.

- Dean buying endless of snacks for the road, while getting a few apples for Sam just to make a point, which you find pretty funny.

- Dean tormenting you with his music, and while you pretend to be annoyed for the sake of it, you actually kind of like it. It’s nostalgic and feels like home.

- You and Sam smiling at Dean’s singing, and sometimes joining him.

- You watching the stars through the car window at night.

- Planning out the hunt while being in the car, so that you’re all prepared and know what to do and where to begin investigating.

- While stopping at diners, you and your brothers always have the same thing and then rate it, comparing to the previous version from the previous diner.

- You and your brothers stopping and taking breaks. Often at viewpoints or landmarks. Therefore you get to see all these beautiful sceneries and landscapes.

- Stopping at random, cheap motels for the nights and all cramping into one small motel room.

- Sam being sweet and moving to the backseat so that you can sleep with your head in his lap.

- Dean glancing at you through the rearview mirror, just checking. Looking over at Sam now and then too.

- Prank wars!

Hope I got it right :)

Slipping Through My Fingers

Summary: The reader gets hurt on a hunt and refuses to call for help. Dean isn’t too happy about it.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Violence/gore, swearing, anger, angsty

Word Count: 975

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Reader’s POV

“It’s okay. You’re okay. Just-ah, fuck-just breathe,” I ground out through clenched teeth.
Yeah, right. I’m totally okay. Just peachy, I mentally snapped back to myself as more blood gushed past my fingertips. Letting out a strangled sound, I put a hand to the wall and sunk to my knees.
Damn rugaru. Dean told me I shouldn’t go after it alone. Instead of taking sound advice, I had stupidly gone after the thing myself,  pride hurt but determined to prove Dean wrong.
Fat lot of good that did.
“C'mon, get up,” I grunted to myself, pushing myself to my feet with the support of the wall. Okay, step one accomplished. I’m golden right now.
I should probably get back to my car. Well, my stolen car. Not that it mattered. The chances of me making it to the motel room without passing out from the pain were so small that I was considering not even trying.
But I knew that Dean would come into the afterlife and drag my ass back here solely to lecture me non-stop if I even thought about leaving him. So, I forced my legs to carry me to the driver’s side door.
I immediately slumped against the sturdy car, breathing coming out in painful panting and seeming to scrape along the sensitive walls of my lungs.
After a moment of regaining my composure, I grabbed the door handle and yanked. Adrenaline sinking, I barely kept myself from flying backwards into the mud. “For fuck’s sake, if you’re gonna kill me, do it already!” I shouted at the sky, anger needing to be directed at somebody. Of course, just like always, there was no reply.
Huffing, I felt my legs give out and angled myself so that I fell into the driver’s seat. A weak groan left my lips as the sudden action jolted my wound and a gush of blood soaked the front of my jeans.
As my vision swam, a dreadful realization came to me. I’m never gonna make it all the way to the motel. It’s too far, and I’m bleeding out way too fast.
Dean’s voice echoed in my head, and even though I knew I was probably just hallucinating, it still gave me hope. “C'mon, sweetheart. You can do it.”
Setting my jaw, I pulled the door closed and jammed the keys into the ignition. “You’re gonna drive your ass back to the motel and-shit, ah-you’re gonna tell Dean that you love him and you’re gonna-g-gonna get all fixed up. Dean and Sammy will fix you up. You’ve had worse.”
I was so out of it that I barely even recognized that it was me talking. The deep gash in my side dulled to a barely-there ache.
I vaguely remembered seeing a sign that directed me to a hospital. And then headlights coming straight for me, and I swerved wildly, spinning the car.
And then there was darkness. Cold and pressing and unwelcoming.

I gasped into consciousness. I was barely aware that I was even awake when a voice said softly, “Hiya, sweetheart.”
And, naturally, I punched the unknown man in the nose. Rapid blinking seemed the only cure for the sudden panic I had undergone. The image of Dean, holding his nose gingerly and then pulling his hand away from his face to check it for blood, slowly came into focus.
Completely dumbfounded for what to say, I blurted, “Hey, Dean.”
His head snapped up and a small smirk fell on his lips, looking a bit forced. “You just punched me in the face and all you say is, ‘Hey’?”
Smiling at his playfulness, I ran a hand through his hair. “You’re not getting anything else from me. Now, where’s the-son of a bitch!” I had attempted to get up and discovered my entire midsection to be bandaged and in serious pain.
Dean’s hands were everywhere, slowly helping me to lay back against the pillows. “Woah, take it easy, princess. You’re gonna reopen your wound. Had a pretty nasty gash.” As he gently looked me over, everything rushed back to me.
Confused about the flashes of the previous night in my head, I murmured, “What happened?”
Dean’s emerald eyes locked on mine, and I was suddenly concerned for the darker than normal circles under his eyes. “Why don’t you tell me? You were supposed to wait for backup!” He was getting worked up, now, like he’s been bottling it up for a long time. “And then he hurt you, and you still tried to get behind the wheel. What the hell were you thinking? You should’ve just waited!”
I closed my eyes against his lecturing. Letting my mind travel to give him an acceptable answer, I spouted out the first thing that came to mind. “There was a hospital nearby and there was a lot of blood and I didn’t think that I would make it until you and Sam got there!”
Dean paused in his pacing before sighing and dropping his head to his chest. “You scared the hell outta me, darling. You wrecked that car. Bad. I thought you were…” he trailed off, and he really didn’t have to finish his sentence. He thought I was dead.
I flashed a comforting grin up at him, then reached out to grab his hand. He looked up from the floor, our eyes locking. “You really think you’re gonna get rid of me that easy?” I teased.
Before I could even register what was happening, Dean was knelt beside the bed, my face in his rough hands and tears trickling down his cheeks. “Yeah, I do. And that’s what terrifies me,” he choked out.
Shocked at his confession, I gently pulled him into the bed beside me and stroked his hair as he sobbed into my collarbone. “I love you too much to leave you, Dean.”


Character aesthetic ➤  Dean Winchester

“This is the car of a lifetime. Trust me, this thing’s still going to be badass when it’s forty.“