dean winchester's idea of what it means to be a man


Dean landed on the floor with an ‘oof’, shocked that he had been taken down from behind.

“Hey!” He exclaimed, lifting his head as a knee pressed into his back and cool metal was snapped around his wrists. He glanced up over his shoulder, his neck straining at the effort.

“Y/N?” He asked, a smile threatening at the corners of his lips as he looked up at you. 

“Dean?” You asked. “What are you doing here?” Your knee was still pressed into his back, and you took your hands off of his wrists as you recognized the man you had just put cuffs on. You straightened up and looked at him, blinking a few times making sure that you weren’t seeing things. 

“Apparently, getting arrested.” He said with a smirk, still looking. “Unless this is your way of trying to tell me that you wanna spice things up tonight?”


The Shelf Avengers: Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Advanced Placement.

“So are you for Clintasha or Natbucky?”
“I don’t understand.”
“Jesus, Dean! Do you two ever come up for air?”

“Oh! Hey Kevin. What are you doing here? What’s with the eye piece?”
“I’m here about joining you guys. Jodi said you had some openings. I have some amazing tech I’m working on and…”

“Uh, Kevin… Not that I don’t appreciate the enthusiasm, but I don’t think it’s such a good idea.”
“Why the hell not?”

“We face some seriously dangerous situations. We all have powers and armor. I mean, you’re smart, but you need more in a fight.”
“You defend a 5 ft. tall bookcase. What kid of danger could you guys really get into?”
“Cats… um… falling off the shelf…”
“Dean, if he wants to join, just let him.”

“Sam, I’m handling this.”

“Hey, where’d he go?”

“You mean something like this Dean?”
“Um…. uh, yeah. Welcome to the team.”


“Couldn’t have gotten us another lady Avenger, Jodi?”
“I’m working on it, ladies. I’m working on it.”
“Cool Beans.”


You groaned as you ran your hand over your face and brought your third glass of whiskey to your lips. This was his fifth song. Fifth. These idiots at this bar decided that it was a great idea for him to sing five fucking songs. And it wouldn’t be so bad if he wasn’t drunk and sounded like a drowning donkey.

When your old hunting buddy had given you a tip that he had seen Dean at this bar weren’t were sure what to expect but you were most certainly not expecting this.

I mean, him being knee deep in some strippers with a few dead people littering around but not this. Not a drunk man that was singing his heart out like his girlfriend just broke up with him.

Finally the crowd had decided that they had enough and started to boo him. He frowned.

“Y’all suck,” he mumbled in the microphone before taking another sip of the beer that he had in his hand.

Someone came onto the stage and grabbed the mic out of his hands but not without a little fight but he managed. Dean stumbled off the stage and towards the back bar. Towards where you were standing.

You grabbed your handcuffs from you back pocket, the same ones that you carved a devils trap in and made your way to where he was leaning against the bar, chatting up the blonde that was working the counter.

You stood behind him, watching as his hand swung ever so slightly down by his waist. All you needed to do was attach the cuffs and hopefully he would go with you without a fight. If not, you had your FBI badge in your front pocket ready to pull out at the first sign of trouble.

But Dean was always the one to expect the unexpected. He gave the bartender one last smile before she scampered off to help another customer. A customer that you knew probably would tip better than Dean would.

You almost had the cuffs on him when he turned, pulled you close to your body and slammed you against the bar. You gasped in shock.

He smirked down at you, letting his eyes turn black momentarily.

“Did you really think that you could just waltz in here and slap on some demon proof cuffs, Y/N?” He whispered in your ear making shivers go down your spine. “I’m a Knight of Hell sweetie. It’s going to take a lot more than just that to catch me.”

So, I think that I could elaborate on this and make it a whole lot more interesting. Maybe add some DemonDean smut in there. Would y’all be open to that?

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Cosplay on the Shelf  (part 2)

“So what do you guys think this whole darkness thing is?”
“I don’t know man… The Matrix?”
“Personally, I think it’s connected to Lovecraftian Mythology.”
“What up, bitches?… I mean, Attention, royal subjects!”

“Hey Charlie, what are you doing here?”
“And what are you wearing?”

“It’s my Garb. My LARPing group is having a battle this afternoon. I was wondering if you guys were interested in being part of my Royal Guard.”

“Sure,  I’m in.”
“I don’t know Charlie… Running around with fake swords, dressed in tights… Not really my thing.”

“Really, Dean? Really?? You cosplay all the time.”
“I do not.”
“Three words for you: Red. Gym. Shorts.”
“No idea what you’re talking about.”

“C’mon Dean! If you do this, I’ll let you wear my crown.”
“You really think that’s going to make me agree to-”

“I’m a Princess.”
“I thought that would work.”


“Alright Dean, enough! Give it back!”
“These leather pants are giving me a wedgie.”