dean winchester is a heterosexual

I would like to present the esteemed members of the jury an analogy:

Do you remember this episode? Appointment in Samarra.

Do you remember Dean Winchester’s dialogue following the above scene?

“Well, you know, I’m, uh. I’m no germ freak, but…“

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Dean Winchester is not a germ freak. He said so. He said so himself. There is no way that Dean Winchester could have a phobia of germs. The proof is right there.

Dean Winchester actually thinks of himself as not a germ freak.

The ‘You’re Assuming Sexuality Based on Stereotypes’ Argument pt. 1

In many of the bi!Dean arguments floating around the fandom, people often use as ‘supplementary’ evidence for Dean’s queerness various moments in the text which show Dean doing or liking something that is stereotypically feminine. Many of the antis have taken this to mean we are using questionable stereotypes to interpret Dean as queer. However, often this critique is based on a misunderstanding of what the analysis/claim actually is regarding such moments. 

Often these textual disclosures occur in a larger context wherein Dean has previously said he’s not into X thing (which is coded as feminine) and then later on it is revealed that he, in fact, IS into X thing, and was simply putting on a front of masculinity (what many in the queer Dean meta community have dubbed “Performing Dean”) 

A non-exhaustive list of examples (GIFs not mine):

This pattern has developed into a standing aspect of Dean’s characterization. Sometimes it takes 10 seasons worth of time for Dean to admit he likes the thing. Sometimes it will happen in the space of an episode, and sometimes even within the space of a single scene. But it follows a very predictable pattern: Dean expresses distaste for the thing, and then later on he’s like, actually, I like the thing, and I was just trying to maintain the front of my own masculinity when I said I didn’t. Now, this textual pattern’s relationship to understanding Dean’s sexuality has nothing whatsoever to do with whether or not Dean likes ‘feminine’ things. That is not the issue at all. Him liking feminine things is not what matters here. What matters here is the initial denial.  

What reads as queer about all of this is the multiple interconnected patterns it establishes:

1) Dean is a character who lies and misrepresents his true feelings about what he actually likes and does not like (one of the reasons why his ‘I don’t play for your team’ declarations don’t really hold a lot of water with us) 

2) Dean is especially apt to lie about liking things that undermine his own sense of ‘proper’ masculinity (which being queer likely also would in his mind)

Our argument regarding these moments is not Dean likes chick flicks, or Taylor Swift music, or cucumber water, therefore he is queer. That simply IS NOT the argument. 

The argument is, Dean repeatedly and consistently hides and denies liking things he actually does like because those things are – in HIS mind – too feminine. This pattern of behavior is explicable by interpreting Dean as queer, given that it would explain why he has so much anxiety about these other ‘threats’ to his masculinity, petty and insignificant though they may be. Him being revealed as queer would also simply fit in with that larger pattern (i.e. he denies being into dudes, because his precious masculinity is threatened by it, and then he eventually breaks down and admits, yeah I actually do like dudes, just like I actually do like silly soap operas, and chick flicks, and Taylor Swift music, and cucumber water, and, and…)

And AGAIN, we’re not making a correlative argument that if you like feminine things (as a man) you are queer, or more likely to be queer. We are arguing that a repeated investment in hiding your actual enjoyment of ‘feminine’ things, as a man, suggests you a) aren’t always honest about what you like, and b) you clearly have some masculinity issues, which could easily be explicable by being closeted. It doesn’t automatically mean that, but those two things often are correlated (having masculinity anxiety and being closeted, as man). 


It’s not the liking of feminine things that suggests the queer reading. It’s the initial denial attached to liking feminine things that suggests the queer reading. And not because feminine (in men) = queer, but because anxiety about appearing feminine (in men) implies a potential closeted state (due to the false but still often operative correlation in our culture between male heterosexuality and ‘proper’ masculinity)

anonymous asked:

But Dean is straight isn't he? o.o

Yes, Dean Winchester is an outstanding heterosexual. But you see sometimes he has this problem, where he notices that even though he likes girls, boys can be kinda cute too. All accidents though, no homo. 

Like the time he accidentally flirted with the cute cop and Sammy literally had to drag him away:

Or the time he accidentally checked out a guy’s ass, even though two cute ladies were walking by at the same time:

Or his accidental crush on TV character Dr. Sexy who accidentally happens to be a male: 

Or his little accidental flirting adventure with Aaron where he gets all flustered, and Dean being genuinely disappointed when it turns out that Aaron wasn’t flirting:

Or Dean accidentally checking out his best friend when said best friend accidentally unbuttons his shirt. WAIT NO, HE WASN’T ACCIDENTALLY UNBUTTONING THAT SHIRT, HE WAS DOING THAT BECAUSE DEAN SAID SO:

And here we have Dean accidentally checking out his best friend again:

And again:

What is it they say again about three times being a pattern? WeJustDontKnow.gif 

Not to mention his accidental reaction when he sees Cas all cleaned up for the first time after purgatory:

It’s okay Dean, we don’t judge. Also, I hope that answered your question.


“You can’t suddenly make him bi after ten years!" 

Bitch, he was bi literally from the beginning.

"Suddenly he’s bi completely out of the blue!”

Bitch, his bisexuality can be seen from actual space.

“They’d totally stop thinking he was bi if Cas went away just like they stopped thinking he was bi when Ash was killed”

Bitch, he was bi years before Castiel was even on the show.

“It’s totally OOC for him to be bi after so long”

Bitch, what show you been watching?


News flash: A man who has canonically stated he’s heterosexual who ends up FanBoying over a wrestler, an all male group, or even possibly a chef DOES NOT EQUATE him to being bisexual. He is still a heterosexual man who appreciates different people doing their job, period.

Dean Winchester and naked dudes

A catalogue of the times Dean Winchester has happened upon the naked male form:

In 1.07, a half naked man offers to let Dean paint him. He declines, puts his reluctant little brother to the task and sits back to browse through a magazine called Backside. Dean steals a few looks, not that subtly. We cut from the scene to the image of half-naked Christ on a cross.

In 2.05, we get full frontal Ash. The scene is curious. Sam and Dean are heavily contrasted. Sam bangs on his door and calls his name several times, but he doesn’t answer. Dean waltzes in and knows the magic word, calling Ash by the name Dr. Badass, intuitively knowing what Ash needs. He answers the door to Dean immediately.

Stark naked.

Sam is taken aback briefly, but schools his eyes to Ash’s face and goes about his business like it’s no big deal. Not Dean.

Dean… gets a load of Ash’s goods and screws his eyes shut. His reaction is overblown. He avoids looking at the man in an extremely pronounced way. His reaction is not in proportion to what is happening in the scene. The casual viewer will read this as evidence of upstanding heterosexual Dean Winchester having a moment of gay panic. That’s not even close to what’s happening, though, when you take in the context, the framing scenes. Because just afore, he had dodged the eyes of Jo, his designated female love interest at the time, in the same way. A lot of people missed the way Jo and Ash were framed and off-set for Dean. He basically has the same reaction to Jo and to Ash, but Ash is way more naked.

And afterwards? After Ash puts on some clothes, Dean is hovering behind him (again the scene is set with Dean between Ash and Jo), way closer than he needs to be while Sam is casual, all business, sitting at the table. A heterosexual dude that just burned his eyes with unwanted mandick would not have positioned himself like Dean did. Dean isn’t acting like a man who got an eye.full of something he didn’t want to see. Dean is acting like someone who saw something that hurt.

In 5.07, Dean checks out a naked dude and tells him he looks great.

It has been pointed out several times how needless it was for Dean to uncover the man’s nakedness with regards to the case. The thing we don’t talk about in connection with this episode is how Dean doesn’t check out the two Asian hookers, not while they’re on the bed as the boys barge into the room, and not while the girls are exiting the room. Asian hookers, which we have been lead to believe are his fetish of choice. His attention is focused on Cliff the whole time. And while he’s passing his judgement on Cliff as hey leave, he takes one last look, I’m sure wanting to make sure the birth mark is still there, through the robe.

In 5.14, Dean checks out a naked dude’s dick again.

Again, his reaction is contrasted with that of Sam. We get no reaction shot of Sam toward dick, and his level of non-comfort with being hugged by a naked man is in proportion. No one likes it, Castiel says.

This episode was about hunger, and while Dean described himself as well-fed and Famine theorized that Dean had a void inside, he looked like a hungry-hungry hippo throughout the episode with regards to men. Make of that what you will.

In 5.19 Dean gets a full frontal view of Ganesh, who tells him it’s not a peep show. The god had a very large trunk.

Dean is surprised since he thought he saw an elephant. But he does not look displeased by what he saw.

In 6.14 Dean stops to check whether the male mannequin doll is anatomically correct. It isn’t. Dean checks out the doll’s junk three times just to be sure.

In 7.16 Dean volunteers with due enthusiasm to retrieve a cursed object from a man and leaves Sam to retrieve one from a woman. The cursed object is a gentlemen’s magazine, so Dean goes in with the expectation of seeing something erotic. It is revealed that Dean caught the man in medias res, likely masturbating himself to death. Dean does not elaborate to Sam on what he witnessed. Make note that when ever they split up, Dean usually makes the first choice and picks witnesses that are sexually attractive to him.

In 7.23 Dean gets to see Castiel naked, covered in bees, which he reports to his brother. Dean’s line can be parsed in two different ways: either Castiel showed up on his car naked or that Dean swears on his car that Castiel showed up naked. The likely scenario is that it was in answer to his prayer because the line is giving in response to Sam’s suggestion that they try calling Castiel again. In either cae, Dean seems much more perturbed by the bees than the nakedness.

In 8.16 Dean sees Shane-Prometheus naked in the morgue, laid down on a table, dead. After he wakes up, he wraps a thin morgue cloth around him, which is the only thing he’s wearing when Dean hauls his ass back and slams him against an operating table. Dean attempts to keep his eyes above the guy’s neck but isn’t entirely successful. Later he checks out the man’s rear as he exits the motel room and projects on Sam his desire to perform a cavity check on Shane.

In 10.01, we’re shown that demonic Dean Winchester is comfortable with allowing another man to see his nakedness. 

In 10.12, Sam comes to Dean with a case of missing naked people. As far as Dean knows, they’re all men. The one confirmed case Sam shows him is a man, whose photo Dean enlarges.

External image

And then Dean tells his brother: “About time this gig got an R-rating“ before handing the tablet back to him. R-rating for nudity. Regarding naked men. To spell it out for you: he’s not passing judgement on the idea of naked men, he is expressing a wistful yearning to have more naked men in his life. He’s come a long way.

I hear you, Dean. I hear you, man.

We come a full circle in 10.21 where Eldon Styne bears himself to Dean, conducting himself in an aggressively sensual manner because he’s a creepy sexual predator.

He not only shows his naked midriff, he also calls attention lower on his body by mentioning the “Bunch of extra muscle, especially in the legs.“ The natural inclination for any observer, especially one conducting an investigation on weird shit, would be to see this extra muscle for himself. Dean, though?

Dean looks at neither his midriff nor at his legs. An he doesn’t convulsively screw his eyes shut like he did with Ash. He keeps his eyes on the man’s face. Professional. Only, he’s doing the opposite of what any straight dude would do in the situation. He’s keeping himself in check. If naked dudes were something that did nothing for him generally, he wouldn’t need to check himself. He wouldn’t need to not look at the dude’s weird surgical scar and his extra leg muscles. But Dean is into naked dudes. So he doesn’t check out Eldon Styne because Eldon Styne is the job.


“Cas, wait.
I can’t let you do this.”
Oh my god, oh my god, breatheeee.
Destiel. It’s happening.

“You’re gonna wear that on a date?”
Shit, are you for real?!

“Why don’t you unbutton it?”
Oooh, so now you’re stripping him.
Veery heterosexual, Dean, very heterosexual.

So, let’s talk about Boris and Natasha. We get the following exchange in 10.17:

Dean: Been waiting on you.
Crowley: Squirrel.
Dean: [nodding] Boris. Or is it Natasha?
Crowley: Would it make a difference?
Dean: Not really.

There are a few things going on, here.

One of them is (another) confirmation of Dean’s bisexuality. Boy, girl, makes no never mind to him. Dabb has been rolling with bisexual Dean for six years, so there’s nothing new there.

But this is also about the particular way Dean and Crowley connect. Castiel was given a pop culture hack in Meta Fiction, but before that he did not get references. And Dean communicates mainly in obscure pop culture references. Dean is nigh impossible for a person of his actual frame of reference to understand at the best of days, because he’s extremely self-referential. Getting his references requires that you’ve lived his life and experienced his experiences, basically. Most people don’t speak Dean.

And this scene beautifully demonstrates how Crowley not only speaks Dean, but how their languages are similar. Crowley also speaks in obscure pop culture references (and innuendo, to boot). Crowley, unlike Dean, doesn’t care whether people get his references, they’re to amuse himself. But Dean does get his references, and he gets Dean’s references. There’s a beautiful progression in how Crowley’s regard for Dean Winchester has changed, and grown, and how he’s come to respect the man and the keen intelligence that he keeps under wraps. It’s easy to mistake Dean Winchester for a blunt instrument, but Crowley has learned to see past it, and he’s learned to see it well.

He has called Sam and Dean “Moose and Squirrel” for years, a reference to the Rocky and Bullwinkle show. Rocky is actually the brains of the operation (“Listen to Moose, Squirrel”). He displayed a begrudging respect for Dean by giving the moniker. Dean got that.

So Dean is asking Crowley whether he sees himself more as Natasha or Boris, in this situation.

It would have been easy for Dean to just call him Boris, since he’s short and and dresses in black, outwardly would he make a pretty good match. But Dean was willing to entertain him as hot Natasha, too. Makes no never mind, to him.

But the important thing is that by acknowledging that he gets Crowley’s reference, he’s unequivocally connecting with the man. It’s an acknowledgement of shared past, of shared history. It’s nostalgic. It’s familiar. It’s comfortable.

But by admitting that it makes no never mind to him, Dean is also saying that he finds Crowley both morally repugnant and sexually attractive at the same time. That’s what happened there, in case you missed it.

I’m writing this as a reference post because there’s a tendency among straight Dean stans to just round up a bunch of gifs without context as though that somehow constitutes an argument.

To start off, Dean Winchester has never called himself “heterosexual” or “straight” on the show. It has never happened, not in a single episode in the ten year run of the show. The burden of proof falls on anyone who claims that he has, and it’s proof they will be unable to provide. Literally, he has never said those things. He has indicated it euphemistically, but that’s another thing, and we’ll get to that.

Eric Kripke, the show’s creator, has likewise never called Dean Winchester straight. He did, in one round table interview at Comic Con in 2013, say that he thought the dynamic between Sam and Dean (who are brothers) is not unlike the dynamic between Sebastian and Miles from Revolution (being the topic of the interview), who are two straight men - as regards the unstated homoerotic subtext between the pairs of characters. But on Dean Winchester’s sexuality he has never commented upon, other than admitting that he named him after an iconic bisexual character: Dean Moriarty. The only indication of what Eric Kripke thinks about Dean Winchester’s sexuality can be found in the episodes he’s written.

Now let’s look at what passes as proof of Dean’s exclusive heterosexuality:


To start us off with, ‘swinging that way’ is a euphemism that could well refer to erotic attraction to males. But it could just as well refer to anonymous hook-ups with random strangers off the side of the road.

But if you think this scene has anything to do with Dean Winchester’s sexuality then you, my friend, are simply reading the scene wrong. The scene has nothing whatsoever to do with sex or sexuality. I mean, it might reflect on Dean’s sexuality if he earnestly believed the man was propositioning him and he felt the need to assert his heterosexuality. If that is how you choose to read the scene, then you must contend that he isn’t much of a hunter.

But let us assume that he is a hunter, and a good one at that, and he’s correctly reading the suspicious intentions behind the surface-friendly request by a figure claiming authority in the situation. Dean feels threatened by the man, not only because his hunter’s instincts are telling him there’s all kinds of wrong in the situation and how the man is not following the script of usual social conduct, but just in the fact that he is standing up and Dean is sitting down, which gives him the dominant social role in this interaction.

Because in that scenario Dean’s behavior is better interpreted as a strategy. And to understand this strategy, you must note the contrast between what Dean is saying and what Dean is doing. He’s saying he isn’t interested in the proposition. What he’s doing is attempting to use his charm, his youthful good looks, and flirtation to get out of the situation unharmed. He’s engaging in defensive flirting to get out of a threatening situation, a strategy employed by women, and men of oppressed minorities, all over the globe.

If you’re interested in Dean’s sexuality, you’re better observing his interactions with Mark. This is a Shiban episode, after all.


Sam pretty much says everything that needs to be said about this scene. What is interesting is the contrast the scene offers for the scene at the end of Bitten, though.


If you wanted to see what overcompensation looks like, look no further. Sam innocently mentions fairies and suddenly Dean needs to project his insecurity on Sam on four different occasions. If Dean’s tendency to project his issues on Sam isn’t a thing you’re familiar with, then watching the show a little more might benefit you.


You’re making an assumption that the swinging here refers to sexual orientation, when it might just easily refer to the bondage scene. But that’s beside the point, because this banter is about dominance posturing, not about the sexuality of any of the participants. Dean isn’t inferring that he thinks the agent is a kinky son of a bitch or that himself and Sam are staunch upstanding heterosexuals, it’s not even remotely about that. He is telling the agent that he is unperturbed by this current state of affairs (which he most definitely isn’t, once he and Sam are alone).

Agent Hendricksen, who has told them in no uncertain terms that he thinks their father was a survivalist whacko who probably bad touched them as children, is the last person Dean Winchester would volunteer private information about himself. If you don’t understand the dynamics in this scene and think this is about Dean Winchester asserting his heterosexuality, I can’t help you. But I will ask you to take a look at a similar scene in 2.19 where the only difference is that Dean feels like he’s in control: he blatantly flirts with the arresting officers.

In the same episode, we also get a shot of Dean checking out Officer Amici’s ass (the camera actually pans on his ass) for what appears to be no reason. Later, the demon Ruby comes in and starts talking about sacrificing a virgin, and Ruby looks at the male officer, twice, like he’d do, she could sacrifice the officer, the officer is a virgin. But the officer looks at the virgin girl Nancy like he thinks she’s the only virgin in the room. Ergo, Ruby thought the officer was some kind of virgin that Dean wasn’t.


The thing about the episode that is significant is that the magicians were professional cold readers. Cold reading is something Dean and Sam also do for their job, but these old magicians were better at it, they’d been doing it for a long time. And these magicians assumed that Dean Winchester was a closeted FBI agent.

The reason for their sending Dean to the underground gay club seems to have been because they saw right through him. It was to teach him a lesson, to send him a warning: they know his secret, so he better leave them alone. The magicians recognized Dean’s queerness, and this is why they devised this particular run-around for him. They likely would never have sent Sam there.

Dean’s reaction is also interesting. Dean most definitely gags upon seeing the Chief. You can interpret that as being a reaction toward the gay aspect, in which case you have to contend with him checking the bouncer out when he first enters the club. Or you can interpret it as a reaction to the idea of torture, seeing how he was fresh out of hell. Dealer’s choice. But at the end of the day, both professional cold readers and an actual psychic (Jimmy Tomorrow) have read the man as swinging that way.


“Save it for the health club,“ Dean Smith tells Sam Wesson. Dean Smith is a health club regular.

“Look, man, I told you, I’m not into the, uh— ,“ Dean Smith tells Sam Wesson, a bulking huge stranger that accosts him in a closed space for the second time.

Note the definite article.

“The gay thing“? That’s one alternative, but their first interaction suggests otherwise.

“The random anonymous hook-ups thing“? Maybe, but he is a health club regular with what sounded like a regular fuck-buddy.

“The whole office hook-up thing“? Now this sounds more likely, since Dean Smith was all about company policy, and that kind of thing would both be frowned upon and come between him and the promotion his boss was dangling in front of him.

Now, it is possible to interpret this scene as regarding Dean Winchester’s sexuality. But it’s not the only interpretation. He was a health club regular, after all.


“Sorry pal, I don’t play for your team,” Dean tells the creepy stranger that accosts him in a dark alley. Now, this is a contrast to Croatoan in that Dean may have through the man was honestly propositioning him. Unlike in Croatoan, there’s also no indication that Dean thought the man was threatening beyond your random creepy stranger. You could well interpret this euphemism as Dean asserting this heterosexuality. 

Dean was, at this time, in a long-term relationship with a woman with whom he was trying hard to make a long distance relationship work. He was definitely turning the man down, and may even have thought he had gone straight. We can respect that.

In an amusing twist of events, however, Dean actually ends up playing for the vampire team in the episode. And it’s only an episode later that he describes sex between men as “sexy kind of drilling“.

If there’s a scene I’m forgetting, hook me up.

Also, just so we’re clear, Dean loves posse. No one’s saying he doesn’t. You can print that on a t-shirt.

Note the contrast between the literal and the subtextual meaning, though.