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did somebody say wedding day destiel?

You’re an angel dressed in armor
You’re the fair in every fight
You’re my life and my safe harbor
Where the sun sets every night (x)

can we please let them slow dance in their pyjamas or something?
lil’ thingy for @sarawh, love u buddy

The Littlest Winchester - Sapphire

Character: Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 716

Request: Can I make a tlw request where Dean does that really cute dad thing where he puts his little girl on his feet and dances with her? Thanks babe 😘😘


    Dean walks into the health club carrying two tickets, trailing his four-year-old daughter, and wearing a silver crown the little girl picked out for him. He’s also wearing a dark blue suit to complement his daughter’s blue princess dress. Technically, the tag called it an evening gown, but it looks the same as every princess dress he’s ever seen but double the price. The chances of her ever wearing or fitting into it again are one in a million, but if it makes her happy for tonight, Dean won’t concern himself with any of that. A crown on his head and a bouncing toddler at his heels, he walks up to the entrance of the gym and hands the tickets to a bored young woman at the doors. A banner above the double doors reads “Welcome to Franklin Health Center’s 14th Annual Daddy-Daughter Dance!”.

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I posted this again cause this is my background for my mobile blog and someone wanted it. I didn’t want to go looking for my old post and I didn’t want that person who requested it to look through all my posts to find it. (Not my gif/artwork. Credits to the original artist)

Old Time Rock N Roll

This is my entry for @deanwinchester-af 25 songs challenge. My song prompt was Old Time Rock N Roll by Bob Seger. My beta was the lovely, talented @inmysparetime0. Tags are below the cut, if I have wrongly tagged you please let me know asap so I can remove asap :) I have used the tagging lists provided by @mrswhozeewhatsis and the SPN Fanfic Pond.

Summary: Dean comes back from a solo hunt to see his girlfriend and brother, messing around without him and he gets jealous, can his girlfriend convince him that everything was innocent fun?

Warnings: Some cussing, small mention of sex, angst, fluff.

Word count: 1315.

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Dean walked into the Bunker carrying his duffel bag, after coming back from a solo hunt. He was exhausted, hunting a Werewolf by yourself was never an easy task but Sam had wanted to stay at the Bunker, claiming he wasn’t feeling well and Y/N was away on a hunt when he left, so he had no choice but to go alone. He had managed to get the hunt wrapped up early and with minimal injuries so he had driven through the night to get back to the Bunker. He wanted to check on Sam and wait for you to get home safely.

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So every year my school has a mandatory 50s/60s themed swing dance and today was the swing dance. So I’m dressed up in a leather jacket and pretty much look like a greater from Grease or something and I’m dancing with my friend who’s partner ditched her. My friends has never seen supernatural. So we’re dancing, and suddenly a very familiar, painfully sad song comes on. Twist and Shout. I just stop dancing and look at the band. Because here I am, dressed in a leather jacket, on a THURSDAY of all days, at a 50s/60s themed dance. I had to excuse my self to go into the bathroom and cry because it’s Thursday, I’m wearing a leather jacket, the weather is beautiful and my heart was ripped open and torn to shreds by gay porn. My friend thinks I’m crazy.