dean winchester as jensen ackles

Cause the angels gonna play, play, play, play, play! I’ve had this song stuck in my head for the whole day so I decided to draw this.

Link to the video incase you somehow haven’t already seen it:


Imagine bailing Sam and Dean out of jail

“Are these the two you’re looking for?” The Winchester brothers looked up when they heard the officers voice, Sam smiled when he saw you, Dean just scowled.

“Yeah that’s them.” You nodded to her, thanking her for the help.

“I’ll go get the paperwork.” She scurried off quickly, leaving the three of you alone.

“You called your girlfriend?!” Dean’s tone was less than joyful as he rolled his eyes and slapped his brother hard on the shoulder. “Really Sammy?”

“I don’t see a queue of people here waiting to bail you out Dean.” You rolled your eyes back at him, your disliking for the older Winchester obvious. You and Dean didn’t have the best relationships and Dean detest that his brother was involved with you, calling him stupid for doing so. But you both knew the danger that came with hunting and you didn’t care. Deep down you knew Dean’s bitterness came from a much softer side, his brother was all he had and he was scared of losing him. Whether that be to a demon using him to lure you out or to you yourself convincing him that maybe he should leave hunting behind him. “So suck it up or I’m leaving you here.”

“I don’t know who else to call.” Sam admitted with a sheepish shrug, rubbing slightly at the skin Dean had hit.

“How about Jody or Donna?” Dean listed the first two names that popped to his head, instantly regretting his choice.

“And risk their jobs?” You scoffed at his idiotic suggestion.

“Just hurry up and sign the damn paper work.” He sighed turning his back on you as he continued to mumble. “I need some pie.”

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