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“Dean is overwhelmed as he comes face to face with his mom, Mary Winchester. Meanwhile, Sam is fighting for his life after Toni, from the Woman of Letters, shot him.“


Keep Calm and Carry On

:> Supernatural S12E1 : Keep Calm and Carry On    Here!!

Dean is overwhelmed as he comes face to face with his mom, Mary Winchester. Meanwhile, Sam is fighting for his life after Toni, from the Woman of

Letters, shot him.


::> S11E23: Alpha and Omega   

::> S11E22 : We Happy Few  

::> S11E21: All in the Family   

::> S11E20 : Don’t Call Me Shurley   


Dean: Cas, who was that guy?

Castiel: What are you talking about?

Dean: That stupid asshole that was flirting with you.

Castiel: He was flirting with me?

Castiel: I didn’t notice.

Dean: How did you not notice?

Dean: He was practically whispering in your ear.

Castiel: I guess it’s because you’re the only asshole I could ever be in love with, Dean.

Dean: I really wanna be mad at you for saying that.

Dean: But damn, that was smooth. 

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Imagine Confessing Your Feelings to Dean

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Request: Hi! I love your writing!!! So beautiful! I was wondering, if you could do a Dean x Reader where the reader has a crush on Dean but thinks she can’t have him because she’s so quiet and shy and would rather just suffer alone while he flirts with other women, until she can’t take it anymore and gets upset and Dean noticed and lots fluff maybe a little angst?? Please and thank you!!!!!! 🤗💜 – @chaos-and-the-calm67

Author’s Note: Thank you! I hope you like it! There’s a chance I might not be able to post on Sunday, and if that happens, I’m sorry. There’s a lot going on at the moment. – Haley xx

Night after night for the past year, you’ve watched Dean Winchester strut up to a different girl, sometimes a group of girls, and do what he does best: flirt. Dean could charm anyone if he wanted too, but he definitely got you wrapped in that charm as well. You have known Dean and Sam your entire life and been working with them since you where twenty-one, but it’s only been the past year that you felt something different for the oldest Winchester.

You sat quietly, draining your second beer, as your trained hunter eyes stared Dean on the other side of the bar. He had his arm around a girl with windswept black hair and piercing blue eyes. Dean caught your eye and he winked, sending shivers down your spine, but he kept sitting with the other girl.

You stupid girl. You thought harshly, Dean wouldn’t want you if you were the last woman on Earth. You two are complete opposites and hunting is the only thing you have in common.

All the negative emotions you were trying to keep under wraps were spilling out right there. You stood up too fast, making the beer bottle fall to the floor, and bolting outside to get some fresh air. You leaned against the side of the bar, gasping for breath as your cried your eyes out over the man you loved but would never love you.

You felt strong arms pull you into a hug. You knew it was Dean by the cologne, but you didn’t have the strength to push him away. “What’s wrong?”

“I’m an idiot,” you cried. “I’m a damn idiot.”

“Well, that’s not true,” Dean said. He let go of you and held you at arm’s length and wiped away your tears. “C’mon, what’s really wrong?”

“I care for someone so much, and I think- no, I know I love them, but….” you trailed off.

“But what?” Dean asked.

“But I know you don’t feel the same,” you said, confessing to Dean. “I’m not the type of girl you want. I’m a quiet, shy, home-bodied girl, Dean. That’s not what you like.”

“How do you know what I feel? Or what kind of girl I want?” Dean whispered. “If I didn’t care for you, I wouldn’t have followed you out here when I saw tears running down your face.” The pad of Dean’s thumb wiped away fresh tears. “I’ve always had feelings for you…. I just never thought you felt the same.”

“I’m not like those girls, Dean.”

“You’re right and none of those other girls can be compared to you,” Dean said, pulling you closer to him and giving you a soft kiss.

One is a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist and the other the epitome of the working class hero, which should place Tony Stark and Dean Winchester at the opposite sides of the spectrum, but the two characters have much in common.

Much of their similarity has to do with both characters having been failed by their fathers, and having this tragedy at the base of their origin stories. Both Howard Stark and John Winchester were embittered men, driven to alcoholism by their respective losses and looming large in childhoods of their sons. Both Tony and Dean were raised to take over the trade of their fathers, in the family business, and neither son questioned their role in the grand scheme of things.

And both sons, Tony and Dean, far surpass their fathers in their chosen fields, and they do not surpass their fathers in their trade necessarily because they have superior technical expertise, but because they both have the bigger heart, compared to their sires. It is the heart of Tony Stark and Dean Winchester that is the source of their heroism, that makes both of them a better man than their fathers.

And ironically, both Tony and Dean have weak hearts and suffer from physical heart conditions. Tony lived for years with shrapnel from the weapons of his own company inching closer to his heart, and Dean Winchester would have died had a gay man not suffered a heart-attack to save his life. Tony and Dean have big hearts, which are both a source of strength and the cause of their suffering, giving them capacity for such love and such sorrow.

Both Tony and Dean are keenly intelligent. Dean Winchester’s formal education was cut short, where Tony has completed several PhDs. Tony conceals much of his intelligence where Dean tends to think, and fears in his heart of hearts, that he’s stupid. Where Tony tends to show only a socially acceptable amount of his intelligence to the outside world, Dean tends to display only socially acceptable types of knowledge that he possesses, hiding his erudition in topics that his upbringing in the hard-tack hunter world has made him deem unmanly.

Both Tony and Dean perform masculinity because of their fathers. Tony Stark is the most female-coded superhero and Dean Winchester is likewise often portrayed as the more effeminate of the brothers, hiding is uncertainty in his masculinity in bravado and over-compensation. Dean Winchester is likewise female-coded, a victim of eroticized violence. Like Tony, Dean is often stripped of his agency and views self-sacrifice as his only choice, the ultimate act of resistance.

Although both Tony and Dean are objectively very good-looking men and display an outwardly confident performance, inside both characters loathe themselves. They both look into the mirror and hate what they see. Their self-loathing manifests in alcoholism, love of junk food and no-strings sexual encounters with disposable women.

Although both characters have shown a capacity and desire for deep and enduring love, they both self-sabotage relationships that are in danger of becoming significant. Both Tony Stark and Dean Winchester are implied to be bisexual and to harbor erotic desire toward their close male associates, but neither character’s bisexuality has been maintexted so far. But as mentioned before, both characters are also targets for eroticized violence, from both male and female characters.

While both Dean and Tony hold their mothers in high regard, both sons were failed by their mothers are surely as they were failed by their fathers. Both Mary and Maria were murdered, but both Tony and Dean were orphaned long before the physical loss of their parents.

Both Dean and Tony suffer from PTSD, and both characters use humor as both a coping mechanism and as deflection, hiding their pain behind zinger and funny one-liners. Both Dean and Tony have out of necessity created an armor for themselves, to hide their soft core inside, and while Dean wore his father’s leather jacket and Tony built an actual robotic prosthetic for himself, neither of these are the real armor for the characters. The real armor is the personality they hide behind, the devil-may-care attitude that hides their true selves. Both characters can be ruthless when they feel the situation calls for it, but both also have a lost little boy inside that they attempt to protect from the world.

Both Tony and Dean have been called upon to give their lives for the world, and both Dean and Tony have answered this call in the affirmative. They both are the knights and guardians of this planet, and for all their outward differences they represent the same archetype – a male character undergoing the Heroine’s Journey.

So it’s no wonder that Dean Winchester chose the identity of Tony Stark for himself in Andrew Dabb’s Devil May Care. Although Tony is not the only Marvel character that Dean has identified himself with.

Imagine Dean getting pissy when everyone is ignoring you.

Maybe it was because everyone in your family was so busy at the moment…maybe it was because your topic wasn’t very interesting? Maybe it was because you just weren’t being loud enough? Whatever it was, it was causing your entire family to just ignore your already broken voice. It was as if you had never said a word, or like you weren’t even in the room.

Slowly, your voice trailed off as your words were forgotten. You had their attention for only a couple of sentences before it was stolen away easily as someone cut you off. “Right,” you sighed as you leaned back in the chair. Your day at school wasn’t that important anyways…you were just complaining, you thought, but maybe that’s what your demons wanted you to think.

When it silenced back down you tried again. “So, like I was saying-”

“Y/n, god, cant you be quiet? I’m trying to watch this damn show and I can’t hear it with your mouth!” your father interrupted rather rudely.

You nodded before giving Dean an apologetic smile because of your family, but when you looked over, the expression on his face made it fade. His jaw was clenched and his eyes were stone cold and it was as if he was focusing on something or anything to distract himself. Without even thinking twice, you were heading to the only safe place you had from all the negativity, that place being your bedroom.

Before you could even get within three foot of it, Dean had finally refocused on what was obviously making him ready to blow steam. “No,” he stated firmly, “no she can’t be quiet. You know why? Because she has been quiet this entire damn time! She was interrupted when she tried to talk to you guys before she was cut off! Then when she tried to talk again she gets cussed out because you can’t hear your show. Apparently, that show is more important than your daughter because you pay more attention to it than her!” A slight scoff escaped his lips as they curled up in disgust. “And you don’t know why she never interacts with you guys or why she never tells you anything.”

With their jaws on the floor, he turned around and left with you padding behind him with your head down. Never before had they heard something so true about themselves before, and, in your opinion, it was about damn time.