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Next of Kin

Saving people, hunting things, the family business.  It’s what they do best.  But what happens in the wake of impala taillights?  Is it all sunshine, roses, and business as usual for all involved? Or are some just destined to be collateral damage?

Words: 4.5k

Characters:  John Winchester, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Reader

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Warnings:  Dark angst, canon style violence, implied child abuse, implied substance abuse.  Flashbacks in italics

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Next of Kin

Lebanon, KS 2013

Sam made his way out to the kitchen, the sound of sizzling and Dean humming leading his way. He’d been rummaging through old boxes in his room in search of a specific book of angel lore when another object caught his eye. The dead cell phone, now clutched in his hand, was stirring a weird need and curiosity inside him.

“Whatcha got there, Sammy?” Dean watched him plug something into a nearby outlet.  

Sam took his usual seat at the table.  “I found this old phone in that box of stuff we salvaged from Bobby’s.”

“It looks like one of mine.”  Dean plopped a plate of burgers on the table before taking his seat.  

“Yeah, I figured I would charge it and see if there are any useful numbers or anything on it.”

“Smart thinking, Sammy boy!” He said around a mouth full.  

“Gross.  Don’t talk with your mouth full, dude.”  Sam shook his head, exasperated at his brother’s lack of table manners.

The phone beeped, halting their juvenile banter.  Sam picked it up and flipped it open.  “Looks like you’ve got voicemail.”

Dean shrugged, popped a fry into his mouth, and raised an eyebrow in response.

“Wow. There’s ten of them. The most recent is dated only two weeks ago.” Sam turned it on speaker and let the message play.

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Remember…..  part 16 

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You walked towards the hotel Dean and Sam were staying. Klaus a few steps behind you. He didn’t say anything towards you since both of you left the compound. You body was starting to itch more and more with every step you took. The smell of the people walking past you was making it worse. You stopped for a few seconds to take a few deep breaths. In a few seconds you realised that wasn’t the best idea. The scent of the people just got stronger and you feel your teeth growing. You felt someone grab your hand and pull you to a side street.

“Y/N look at me.” Klaus said. He grabs your face with both of their hands. You holds you face up making you look him in the eyes. “I’m here.” He says. “Everything is okay. I’m not letting you do anything, okay.” He says to you. You nod your head at him. He pulls you towards him. He holds you in his arms. You missed this so much. Just him holding you making sure you were safe. Making you feel safe. You pulled out of his hug. You looked him in the eyes forgetting the people and the world around you. “i missed you.” Klaus whispered.

“Y/N!” You heard someone say. “Y/N” You looked towards the voice seeing Dean and Sam running towards you. Klaus stepped in front of you, between you and them.

“Are you okay?” Sam asks.

“I’m fine, how are you two doing?” You respond. You noticed the scent of pie and beer making you a little dizzy. Dean takes a step closer making the scent increase making you automatically take a step back. Dean looks at you worried.

“Y/N are you okay?” Dean asks you.

“Her scent is definer. She can smell your intoxicating smell of beer and pie much definer.” Klaus says rough towards him with a grin on his face. “It may make her a little dizzy.” He continues. Dean jaw clenched from frustration.

“Did you already drunk something?” Sam asks. “You know like blood?”

You shook your head towards him.

“What happens if you don’t?” Dean asks

“In this stadium she mostly would be dead at the end of the day.” Klaus says. “But that’s not going to happen.” He continues looking towards you.  

Dean and Sam look at each other and then worried towards you.

“Y/N we need to talk about a few things. Can we meet up at the end of the day at the hotel room?” Dean says softly to you.
You nod your head towards him giving him a little smile. Scent of blood passes your nose and you face goes from a sweet smile to a killer. Sam and Dean look shocked and before you can turn around to see who smelled so delicious Klaus grabbed your arm and pulled you away.

“She will see you tonight.” Klaus said towards Dean. Pulling you away by the arm in a different direction as the smell.


Klaus shoved you into a warehouse when dragging you of the streets of New Orleans.

“Where are we?” You ask him. He’s walking towards a side room. The warehouse was empty and cold. There was nothing in the room but a table and a few chairs around it.

“Safehouse!.” He says to you walking away. You walked behind him towards another room.

“Since when do you guys need a safehouse?” You ask him. He stops in his tracks and looks towards you.

“a few things changed the last year.” He says not looking towards you but instead he looks towards the ground. “I will explain everything later.” He looks towards you. “Come on. You have to feed.” He says giving you a little smile and started walking away. 


You entered another room, this one was comfy. It had a bank a few chairs, a few lamps and books lying around the place.

“Sit down.” He says. You walked towards the bank and sat down. You were looking towards him and saw him reach for something. A blood bag. He walks towards you with it and sit next to you.  “This may be weird at first but you’re going to like it. Trust me you body needs it.” He opens the bag. The scent of blood right away filling your nose. The hungry building up in your body and you feel your teeth come out. He puts the bag in front of you with all of the willpower you have you try to take it slow not wanting to drink the bag of blood in a few seconds, but the hunger in your body is powerful and before you know it the bag is empty.  You body is itching for more. Klaus puts his hand over your hand. You look towards him. He grabs the bag from you hand and walks towards the other side of the room. You felt shameful but at the same time powerful. Klaus walks back to you with another bag. He handles it to you. “Try to drink it slowly. It’s difficult I know, but it’s better.” You look towards him and he opens the bag for you. You feel the hunger come up again and you try to keep it down. Trying to drink the blood as slowly as possible. It doesn’t help much. In a few seconds the bad was drain. But it last longer than the first. When you finished you looked towards Klaus.

“How are you feeling?”

“Better..” You say to him.

He sits next to you and takes the bag from your hand and puts it on the ground. He pulls you closer to him. “It will get better. You have a lot to learn but I will be here to help you.”

“Can I choose another teacher. You’re not the most humane vampire.” You said to him with a smile.

“I’m all you got.” He says. He puts a hand on your cheek. Rubbing it with his thumb. “I missed you.” He gets closer to you. His face just inches from you. Your lips touch and before you know you were pinned up to the wall. His lips on yours.

“Ugh..” Both of you hear coming from the door. You look towards and you see elijah and Rebekah standing there. Looking towards you and Klaus.


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Wanted Ch. 1

Summary: John Winchester comes to six month baby girl rescue from Azazel, who John thinks is any normal child but actually is half demon and half angel. Follow the life of Mikayla Winchester as she discovers who she is and has a love triangle between a trench coat angel and the devil himself.  (Sorry I suck at summaries lol)  Part 2

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The Beginning…

“All right, I’m leaving. Watch over Sammy, Dean.” John orders as he gets ready to leave the motel room.

“I know. Like always.”

“All right, I’ll be back Sunday. Behave yourself now.”

John walks out of the motel room, leaving Dean to take care of a two year old Sam. John finds another lead on the yellow eyed demon. When he makes it to the house that’s a distance away from the town, he sits in the impala gathering his shotgun and other supplies. He gets out of the car and walks over to the front door. He picks the lock and strolls in the house quietly. He scopes the place out seeing not much furniture in the place like they just moved in and looks at two pictures of the mother and baby. He notices there was no father in any of the pictures which makes him think she was a single mother in this case. Suddenly, John hears screaming and he darts up the stairs. He rushes into the bedroom seeing the flames has begun. He’s too late.

The mother is already up on the ceiling, burning. He looks up seeing something black spread across the ceiling and black feathers on the floor. The yellow eye demon isn’t there but there’s two demons there for the baby which John confused about. Never in this case is there ever other demons in the room. He quickly fights off the two demons that soon just leave. He looks at her crib to see the name ‘Mikayla’ is spelled out in small block letters on the part of the crib above her head.

“Okay, Mikayla. Let’s get you out of here.” He picks her up and runs out of the room and out of the house before the upstairs explodes with fire.

He calmly puts the baby in Sam’s car seat that he has in the back seat. He gets in the car and speeds out of the scene. He makes a quick run to grocery store to get some supplies. He puts the baby in the shopping cart where the child is suppose to sit in but he lays her down and makes sure she is comfortable. He wraps the blanket around her and around her head so the surface was softer. John adjusts her a little and that’s when he finally gets a good look at the baby. She has golden honey tone to her, eyes similar to Deans and dark brown hair. She is definitely a mixed baby. It’s the middle of night and John is getting weird looks on why a man would be in the store with a six month old baby at 2 in the morning.

He picks up diapers, bottles, formula, some baby food, and anything else a baby needs. When she starts to get fussy, he lifts her out of the cart and carries her making his way to the register. The woman ringing him up smiles at the baby and waves, surprisingly Mikayla gives her a small wave back. John chuckles at this as he looks down at her.

“Oh, she is just adorable,” the older woman beams. John smiles at Mikayla as she happily sucks on her pacifier as she plays with John’s necklace. “I’m surprised she’s up this late.” The cashier says. “She was sleeping in the car until we got here. We’re on a small trip.” He half lies. The lady bags everything for John and he makes his way back to the Impala and puts Mikayla in the seat before unloading everything then drives to Bobby’s house. John grabs the bags and gets Mikayla out of the car and knocks on the door with his foot since his hands are full.

He waits a minute for him to answer the door. Bobby looks through the peephole, seeing John and what looks like a baby. Bobby blinks a couple times to see if he was imagining things.

“Bobby, open up!” John yells. Bobby opens the door to see he really wasn’t seeing things. 

“Finally!” John says walking past Bobby and into the kitchen to put the bags down.

“Who’s the kid?” Bobby ask.

“This is Mikayla.” Mikayla gives Bobby a small wave if you could call it that before her eyes starts closing as she gets sleepy.

“Well, where’d she come from?”

“I had a hit on the yellow eyed demon and I was too late to save the mother. But the weird thing is the yellow eyed demon wasn’t there. Well at least not when I got upstairs. There were other demons there to take the baby.”

“Why would they want the baby? They’ve never taken the baby before.” Bobby says confused.

“I’m just as confused as you are. So I brought her here to keep the little rugrat safe.”

“You’re gonna leave her with me?” Bobby raises his eyebrows.

“Yeah? Bobby you’ll be fine. She’s well behaved. All you gotta do is four things. Feed her, bathe her, change her, and entertain her a little. Not hard.”

“Easy for you to say. You have two boys already.”

“Oh, she can’t be any different.” He says smiling down at her.

“She sure has a grip on you.” Bobby says noticing the baby was clutching onto John’s jacket.

“She’s been like that since I got her. She wouldn’t let me really put her down. She just wants to stay in my arms. She was scared, Bobby.” Bobby smiles when Mikayla yawns and messily rubs her eyes. “Rugrat’s tired. Looks like she needs some sleep.”

“Do me a favor will ya? Put some formula in the bottle, heat it up. Run some hot water over the bottle. Make sure it’s warm. Dab some on your hand to check while I get her settled upstairs.” Bobby nods taking the stuff out the of bag and gets the milk ready. When Bobby makes his way upstairs and into the guest bedroom, he hands the bottle to John. Bobby goes into his bedroom to grab a book and was gonna head downstairs but stops at the guest bedroom door when he hears John singing:

“Hey Jude, don’t make it bad
Take a sad song and make it better.
Remember to let her into your heart
Then you can start to make it better.
Hey Jude, don’t be afraid
You were made to go out and get her.
The minute you let her under your skin
Then you begin to make it better”

Bobby recognizes the Beatles song immediately. He also remembers John telling him that Mary would sing it for the boys to put them to sleep. Bobby smiles at the sight of John smiling and feeding Mikayla peacefully. He hasn’t seen him smile like that in a long time. Bobby waits for John downstairs and read the book. When John comes downstairs with the baby monitor he quickly installed, he hands it to Bobby and joins him at the table. Bobby hands him a beer.

“So, now what would a couple of demons want with a baby?” Bobby questions.

The next day, John goes back to Bobby’s to check up on him and the baby. What he doesn’t  expect is to see the man’s entire food supply on the floor around Mikayla’s newly bought high chair and no sight of Bobby.

“Oh, Bobby.” John mutters but he can’t help but smile at the sight of the little girl happily eating Cheerios. Mikayla looks up at John and gives him a little baby smile as she messily shoves another cheerio into her baby food stained mouth.

“What has he done to you, huh, Mikayla?” John puts his bag down on a chair near the door and walks up to Mikayla just as Bobby walks around the corner holding a few wet hand towels.

“All right, you little rugrat—” Bobby stops mid-sentence when he looks up and sees John staring at him with an amused smile.

“I see you got the hang of this.”

“Oh, yeah. 100 percent.” John lifts his eyebrows. “She would not eat anything I’d give her.”

“I see that.” John motions to the mess up floor.

“That food you bought is apparently crap. She prefers this. She don’t even got much teeth. Why would she want that? I had to soften it a little with some water but she seems to love it.”

“Well, at least you got her eating. How was the first night?”

“Hell. She wouldn’t sleep, she kept crying, I tried giving her milk but then I tried rocking her to sleep and she threw up all over my shoulder.” John chuckles.

“Yeah, I learned that the hard way. It’ll get easier. She’ll grow up and stop puking all over you.”

“Yeah, easy for you to say. Mary did all the feeding.” John gives him a melancholy smile and looks away. “Sorry, John, I didn’t mean to—”

“No, she did, didn’t she?” John looks at Mikayla as she eats her cheerios and plays with one with her other hand. Eventually, her gracefulness ends when she throws one straight at John’s face. John laughs when Mikayla shrieks out her own laugh. Bobby can’t help but join in too.

“So, now that I’m here, are you missing anything for Mikayla?”

“Uh, food maybe. No, definitely food. Cheerios. Get every box if you have to. I uh, picked up a car seat and a highchair.”

“You bought them?”

“No, I found them on the side of the road when we went on a walk. It was a bit of a hassle bringing it back but they’re pretty nice for a second hand.” Bobby points over to the car seat that was near the door. It was more of a car seat for kids who are maybe 3 years old and able to sit up properly and starting to use the regular seat belt.

“How about we switch car seats? Sammy’s older than her. His would be better for her.” John looks back at Mikayla who was starting to doze off with a cheerio hanging on her lip.

“That’s perfect.” Bobby looks at John and see how entranced he is with Mikayla.

“You want to put her to bed for her nap? I’m not doing that again.” John laughs but agrees. He walks the few feet over to Mikayla and gently picks her up. Mikayla’s face scrunches up and she whines as she brings her little fists over her eyes and rubs them.

“Time for your nap, princess.” It’s been a while since Bobby’s seen John being so gentle and sweet. Most of the time when Bobby sees him, it’s to talk about a hunt. But seeing him with Mikayla was like seeing him with Sam when he was still a baby.

“I’ll leave you to clean this up.” John smirks at him before leaving to go to Mikayla’s room. When he walks in he sees another hand towel on the floor near her bed. That must’ve been the spot she threw up on that Bobby didn’t bother cleaning up completely.

“Oh, Uncle Bobby’s such a great host. Are you asleep on me?” John speaks as if she could understand him. John lifts his shoulder a little bit and see Mikayla’s closed eyes and hears her soft breathing. She was out. John puts a hand on her head and holds it as he lowers her down into her makeshift crib of blankets, comforters and many pillows. He puts a blanket over her and rubs a hand down the side of her face, essentially moving her hair away. He smiles before getting up and walking out of the room. He doesn’t know when he would see her next time but he promises himself he’d try to make it soon.

[2 months later]

It was a regular day at Bobby’s house. He was napping on the couch while Mikayla naps in her room. The baby monitor is on his chest and his hat was more over his eyes than his head. If Mikayla were to cry, he most likely would hear it. And he did. Bobby wakes to something, he wasn’t exactly sure what it was yet. He was still out of it.

He scrambles to sit up and pushes his hat back on when it almost falls off. He looks around the room as if he would find the culprit but instead he hears Mikayla shout.

“Bibi!” That’s her way of saying his name. Close enough. By now, Bobby managed to get her a proper crib. It was a hand me down and he found it surprisingly at a thrift shop but it works just fine.

“I’m comin’, Mikayla.” He grunts as he stands up and puts the monitor down on the couch. He goes up the stairs and opens the door to her room. He stretches his limbs a little on the way and, without really paying attention, leans over to grab Mikayla, except she wasn’t there. Bobby’s eyes widen as he looks around the room.

“Mikayla?” He calls out. She couldn’t have possibly gotten out of the crib. Even with her standing up against the railing she was barely tall enough for her head to reach over the railing and at 8 months old, she could barely walk. She could stand up but then she’ll fall back down. How the hell did she manage to escape?

“Mikayla?!” He yells out this time. He’s still disoriented and alarmed as he thinks maybe he put her in his room but she wasn’t there either.

“Mikayla!” Bobby stops walking and just listens. He hears the little girl’s voice so he walks back to Mikayla’s room but she still wasn’t there. He stops moving again and definitely hears her this time when she yells out: “Bibi!”

“What in the—” Bobby races down the stairs and rounds the corner to see Mikayla on the couch holding the monitor.

“Bibi!” She grins at him with her only 5 teeth and holds up the monitor. Bobby was still so very confuse. This 8 months old, barely stable on her feet baby somehow manages to get out of her crib, walk to the door, open the door, close it, go down the stairs, and on top of the couch all before Bobby could see her. It was impossible. He would’ve seen her. He saw her through the monitor before he went upstairs. It’s like she…teleported. No. She couldn’t have. Could she?

“Mikayla, how’d you get here?” Bobby walks over to her and kneels down in front of her. Of course she didn’t respond. She just says his name again and rubs her hands over his beard.

He definitely has to call John.


Save me… part 3

You can read part 1 en part 2

“I healed her,” Cas said.

“You healed her?” Dean said angrily. “You don’t know her. What if she’s not on our side?”

“I trust her,” Cas said.

Dean stops. He looked at you, not knowing what to say.

“She is a good person. She won’t tell.” Cas said.

Nobody said anything Dean and Cas were only looking at each other.

“Look I don’t want to be a bargain. I just want to go home and rest.” You say carefully through the quietness of the room.

“No. You have to stay here.” Cas said. His eyes still on Dean. “She stays,” he says to Dean and disappears.

Dean looks at you.

“I will just go.” You said to Dean walking towards the door.

“You heard him. you’re staying till he comes back.” Dean says annoyed. He walks towards you and handles you a burger. “Here eat.” He then walks towards the table in the middle of the room.

He puts another burger and a salad on the table with a few bottles of beer and water. He sits in a chair and grabs for a bottle of beer.

You walked towards him and also sit on a chair on the other side of the table. You unwrapped your burger and took a bite. You looked at him.

“What’s your name?” He asks.

‘Y/N.” You say to him. “Can I say something?”

He nods his head towards you. “I know where you can get better burgers.” You said and you wrapped the burger up and put it on the table. He grows a little smile on his face.

“You should change, your clothes are all under your blood.” He says his voice now softer. You just looked at him not reacting to what he said. “I can bring you home to get you some clothes.”

“That would be nice.” You said with a smile on your face.

‘Let’s go then.” He said standing up.

You followed him outside.

In the parking lot, he made his way towards arrow with cars on the back. He stopped in front of one of the cars.

“This is Baby.” He says with a big smile on his face. Like a kid who is showing the candy, he just got.

You could see the car was important to him, so you just played along. “Hi, Baby.” You said standing next to him.

 “I think I get why Cas trust you.” He says walking to the driver’s door.

“No, you don’t,” You said quietly to yourself.

Both of you sat in the car. “So where to?” He asks driving away from the parking lot.

Dean stops the car in front of your house. Both of you got out of the car.

“It looks like a nice neighborhood.” Deans says looking around.

“Don’t say that twice.” you said joking.

You walked towards your door and just rang the bell. Maybe there was someone home.

Dean just stood behind you. “So do you live with your parents?”

You looked at him. “No I have 2 roommates and either of them are home,” you said disappointedly. “Let’s check the back.”

You walked to the back of the house with Dean behind you. “So it’s all girls in the house?”

“No.” You stopped in front of the backdoor. You tried the door but it was also closed. “I live with two guys.”

“Oh okay.”

“You sound disappointed it,” You said towards him. You took a stick from the ground and broke a window. The broken glass was laying on the kitchen floor.

“Wait did you just broke a window?’ he said surprised.

“Don’t have the keys on me and I have to get in.”

“Let me..” He says. He walked towards the door and put his hand through the window, opening the door.

“Y/N?” A elderly voice said.

Dean and you looked to the side of the house. You neighbor Marlane was standing there looking towards Dean and you.

“Hi, miss Marlane.” You said. “I forgot my keys.”

“Ah, are you okay you didn’t get home last night?” she asks putting her glasses correctly on her face.

“Yes, I’m fine don’t worry.”

“Are you sure? It looks like you have been hurt?”

“I’m fine miss Marlane.” You said giving her a smile.

“Okay I will be here if you need me.”

“Thank you.”

She then walked back from the front of the house. You didn’t like to have her around it even gave you nightmares sometimes. She was powerful and you knew she did black magic, you saw enough demons walk out of that house. She was always nice towards you, but you just didn’t trusted her. You looked back at Dean.

“That was creepy. I didn’t even hear her walk towards us.” He says looking towards you.

You just gave him a smile and you walked into the house.

“I’m going to take a quick shower and throw new clothes on. The fridge is full of food, so you can eat and drink what you want and the tv is that way.” You pointed to a room.

He just nods his head towards you.

“If you need something, I will be in the room on the left side of the stairs.” You gave him a smile and you walked out of the kitchen towards the stairs.

You actually run upstairs towards your bedroom. Cas healed and that wasn’t with a price for both of you. He could be an angel but that didn’t mean that he didn’t have to pay a price.Plus it had to leave a mark. You took your clothes off and looked at the mirror. You skin was perfectly healed no cuts no bruises nothing. Till you spotted a mark on your back. You didn’t recognise it.

Your heard the television go on downstairs making you realise that Dean was downstairs. You went to your bathroom and entered the shower.


Summary: Y/N and Dean bet on a game of pool.  Maybe she goes easy on him since she likes his prize, maybe not.  Dean will never know.

Word Count: 309

“Care to make this interesting?” Dean asked with a smirk.

I sighed and leaned against the table.  “What do you got?”

“I win and…you kiss me.”

“A kiss?  That’s it?”

He just nodded.  “You?”

“I win and…I get my own bed tonight.”

“You’re on,” he said with a smirk.

He got the table set up while I watched.  My eyes drifted over his lean body.  I bit my lip when his shirt rode up just a bit too much.

Dean was…well, he was Dean. He was gorgeous and he knew it. But he was smart and skilled and funny and kind and sweet.  And those were the aspect he didn’t even know about.  Those were the real reasons I liked him.

You heard it here first.

I like Dean.

But I’d never tell him that. Until now.

Why would he make a bet to kiss me?  Does he not know he could do that right here and now and I would like him just the same?

“Ladies first,” he said with a mock bow when he was done setting it up.

I smiled and started the game.

It was pretty even most of the game, both of us being pretty good.

Then I started slipping and he started winning.

And I was perfectly okay with that.

“Yes,” he cheered.  “Oh yeah.  Who’s the man?  I’m the man.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at that.

I put down the pool cue and leaned against the table.  I crossed my arms and looked up at him as he slowly walked over.

“I won.”

I scoffed.  “I noticed.”

“So, where’s my reward?”

I smiled a little and bit my lip.  “Right here.” I pushed off the table, went up on my toes and kissed him.

So, maybe I lost on purpose, maybe I didn’t.  Either way, I loved the consequence.  Well, consequences.


Remember…..  part 15

You can read part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here, part 4 here, part 5 here, part 6 here, part 7 here, part 8 here , part 9 here, part 10 here, part 11 here, part 12 here, part 13 here & part 14 here.

“Uhhhhhh” You open your eyes and sat on the bed.

Klaus sits in front of you immediately. You look at him, your hands on your head. Your had a bad headache like you just woke up from a hangover. 

You looked at Klaus.

“Where’s Dean and Sam?” You ask him.

His jaw clenches immediately. He gets up from your bedside.

Your mouth was dry and you had this pain in your belly.

Klaus was looking towards you. “You need to feed.”

He says to you and walks away.

“Feed? What do you mean feed?” You ask him.

He doesn’t respond you hear him walk downstairs.

“Hi.” You were snapped out of the sound and you looked towards the voice.

“Elijah..” You say happy. Your headache pops up again. He smiles and walks towards you.

“How you feeling?” He asks.

“Fine, where is Dean and Sam?” You ask him. He doesn’t respond. “Are they okay?”

“They’re fine you will see them soon enough.” He says to you. “What can you remember?” He asks you

“Well the witch was pinning us to the ground and then..” You stopped for a moment to think. “I don’t remember anything else.” You say to him.

Klaus walks into the room with a blood bag.

“Drink this.”He says to you handling the bag to you.

“NO.” You say to them “What happened after the witch pinned us up to the ground?”

“Elijah leave please. I have to talk to her alone.” Klaus said to them. Elijah got on his feet and started walking towards the door.

“Klaus what happened?” You ask him.

“Y/N I’m sorry but I had no choice.” He says to you. “She snapped your neck.” YOu put your hands around you neck and you took a few minutes thinking about what he just said.

“I died with your blood in me.” You say to him choked.

He nod his head. You put your hands to your face. This couldn’t be happening. When you were with Klaus sometimes that pasted your mind but never like this.

“I remember everything.” YOu say to him. His serious look just turned to a smile.

You slapped his face “You asshole I can’t believe you made me forget everything.”  You got out of bed and walked towards the door. Klaus was in just seconds in front of you.

“What do you think you’re doing?” He says to you.

“i’m going to see Dean and Sam. They are probably worried.” You said to him.

“No you’re not.” He says to you. “You’re going to stay here and drink that bag of blood.”He continues his tone being commending. He grabs your arm and pulls you towards the bed where the blood bad was lying.  “Drink it.”

“Klaus please just let me go see them and then I do what you want.” You say to him. His grip on your arm thighted. “I have the obligation to explain to them what happened.” He still didn’t let you arm go. “Klaus they were there for me when you weren’t.” You say to him. His face going from angry to hurt. He lets your arm go. “Thank you.” You start walking towards the door.

“I’m going with you. You’re turning and I don’t want nothing to happen.” He says to you.

You walked back towards him and you gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you Nik.”


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