A Kiss for the Cook

I finally finished this piece for the @destielharlequinchallenge!!

I know it’s super late and I apologize for that. ;n; Life happened, but all is good now!
I hope you all enjoy this! It was really fun to draw!!

Group chat talks : (supernatural )

_dean_: Cas why is your trenchcoat here?

_Cas_: I forgot it?

_sammy_: mmhmm “forgot it”

_Dean _ : fuck you sam

_Cas_: Dean can bring me it?

_Dean _: I cannn but I’m not going to, and when you come to get it you should bring piieeee

_Cas_: fuck you Dean

_Dean _: I mean if u wanna

Chaarrllie : fam das gay

_Sammy_: Charlie You literally have a girlfriend.


Remember…..  part 16 

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You walked towards the hotel Dean and Sam were staying. Klaus a few steps behind you. He didn’t say anything towards you since both of you left the compound. You body was starting to itch more and more with every step you took. The smell of the people walking past you was making it worse. You stopped for a few seconds to take a few deep breaths. In a few seconds you realised that wasn’t the best idea. The scent of the people just got stronger and you feel your teeth growing. You felt someone grab your hand and pull you to a side street.

“Y/N look at me.” Klaus said. He grabs your face with both of their hands. You holds you face up making you look him in the eyes. “I’m here.” He says. “Everything is okay. I’m not letting you do anything, okay.” He says to you. You nod your head at him. He pulls you towards him. He holds you in his arms. You missed this so much. Just him holding you making sure you were safe. Making you feel safe. You pulled out of his hug. You looked him in the eyes forgetting the people and the world around you. “i missed you.” Klaus whispered.

“Y/N!” You heard someone say. “Y/N” You looked towards the voice seeing Dean and Sam running towards you. Klaus stepped in front of you, between you and them.

“Are you okay?” Sam asks.

“I’m fine, how are you two doing?” You respond. You noticed the scent of pie and beer making you a little dizzy. Dean takes a step closer making the scent increase making you automatically take a step back. Dean looks at you worried.

“Y/N are you okay?” Dean asks you.

“Her scent is definer. She can smell your intoxicating smell of beer and pie much definer.” Klaus says rough towards him with a grin on his face. “It may make her a little dizzy.” He continues. Dean jaw clenched from frustration.

“Did you already drunk something?” Sam asks. “You know like blood?”

You shook your head towards him.

“What happens if you don’t?” Dean asks

“In this stadium she mostly would be dead at the end of the day.” Klaus says. “But that’s not going to happen.” He continues looking towards you.  

Dean and Sam look at each other and then worried towards you.

“Y/N we need to talk about a few things. Can we meet up at the end of the day at the hotel room?” Dean says softly to you.
You nod your head towards him giving him a little smile. Scent of blood passes your nose and you face goes from a sweet smile to a killer. Sam and Dean look shocked and before you can turn around to see who smelled so delicious Klaus grabbed your arm and pulled you away.

“She will see you tonight.” Klaus said towards Dean. Pulling you away by the arm in a different direction as the smell.


Klaus shoved you into a warehouse when dragging you of the streets of New Orleans.

“Where are we?” You ask him. He’s walking towards a side room. The warehouse was empty and cold. There was nothing in the room but a table and a few chairs around it.

“Safehouse!.” He says to you walking away. You walked behind him towards another room.

“Since when do you guys need a safehouse?” You ask him. He stops in his tracks and looks towards you.

“a few things changed the last year.” He says not looking towards you but instead he looks towards the ground. “I will explain everything later.” He looks towards you. “Come on. You have to feed.” He says giving you a little smile and started walking away. 


You entered another room, this one was comfy. It had a bank a few chairs, a few lamps and books lying around the place.

“Sit down.” He says. You walked towards the bank and sat down. You were looking towards him and saw him reach for something. A blood bag. He walks towards you with it and sit next to you.  “This may be weird at first but you’re going to like it. Trust me you body needs it.” He opens the bag. The scent of blood right away filling your nose. The hungry building up in your body and you feel your teeth come out. He puts the bag in front of you with all of the willpower you have you try to take it slow not wanting to drink the bag of blood in a few seconds, but the hunger in your body is powerful and before you know it the bag is empty.  You body is itching for more. Klaus puts his hand over your hand. You look towards him. He grabs the bag from you hand and walks towards the other side of the room. You felt shameful but at the same time powerful. Klaus walks back to you with another bag. He handles it to you. “Try to drink it slowly. It’s difficult I know, but it’s better.” You look towards him and he opens the bag for you. You feel the hunger come up again and you try to keep it down. Trying to drink the blood as slowly as possible. It doesn’t help much. In a few seconds the bad was drain. But it last longer than the first. When you finished you looked towards Klaus.

“How are you feeling?”

“Better..” You say to him.

He sits next to you and takes the bag from your hand and puts it on the ground. He pulls you closer to him. “It will get better. You have a lot to learn but I will be here to help you.”

“Can I choose another teacher. You’re not the most humane vampire.” You said to him with a smile.

“I’m all you got.” He says. He puts a hand on your cheek. Rubbing it with his thumb. “I missed you.” He gets closer to you. His face just inches from you. Your lips touch and before you know you were pinned up to the wall. His lips on yours.

“Ugh..” Both of you hear coming from the door. You look towards and you see elijah and Rebekah standing there. Looking towards you and Klaus.


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Could you please do 11 on the soulmate ah with dean winchester x reader thanks!

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  11) Your soulmate is the only one you remember from your past lives.

“I’ll be back in five, I really need that chocolate.” You told your best friend as you got out of the car. You were not really the type to just hop into a car and go on a road trip, at least you thought you were not, but here you were. Miles away from home, a car and your best friend, sleeping in crappy motels and eating junk food. It was a nice change from your hometown, you were glad to have a friend who was so strong willed. The road was fun, meeting new people and all. That was a big reason why your friend wanted to go on a trip, she believed if she was out travelling she could maybe find her soulmate.

  How ridiculous.

  You didn’t believe it, how the man that kept showing up in your dreams was actually your soulmate. It was a stupid belief, you thought, that everyone had a soulmate they remembered from their past lives. The little bell above the door rang as you entered the small gas station market. You were planning to ride non-stop to get to the city early, but this was an emergency as you craved your favourite chocolate bar. Walking between the isles, your eyes searching of the colourful chocolate section, you heard the bell ring, indicating someone just entered the store. You didn’t look up, you were getting some kind of weird feeling about this place, you just wanted to grab your food and leave. Footsteps were getting closer when they came to a halt. Your curosity was getting out of hand, so you looked up, and felt the world stop. 

  There was a man, standing a couple feet away from you, looking at you with a face full of pure shock. You knew why, as shock was all you could feel too. It was him, standing right in front of you, the man from your dreams. The man who was supposed to be your soulmate, his green eyes were so familiar to look at. It truly felt like you knew this man, this stranger, how even his posture seemed so recognizable, or the way his hair was, or the shape of his lips.

  “You, you are…” he seemed like he was not sure how to end his sentence, you could just stare at him, his voice surrounded you, bringing back memories, feelings you forgot. “My soulmate.” he finally said, and took a step toward you.

  The road trip adventure took such a fast turn, you thought, taking a step towards the tall man.

Unexpected Truth

Dean X reader - based oh the prompt “I love you ..I’ve loved you since the first time I laid eyes on you and oh, Screw it ”-

 - You were used to Dean ’s random  night stands. But when  he starts  seeing the same girl  over and over again. You start to get worried.   You  have been in  love with Dean for a while  but had gotten  use to the fact he didn’t see   you like that.  But when he starts talking of bringing this new girl  into the hunting life.  that results in a fight between the two of you . You let slip  your feelings and things get complicated.

“What do you mean he going out with her again ”  you asked and even you could hear the panic in your voice. Sam just gave you a look over his computer.

   "yeah apparently they are going out to  dinner and a movie tonight “ he replied glancing back down the computer screen. A amused smile on his face  .. ” in fact he seemed really nervous. “

 You held back a groan running a hand roughly through your hair. You guys had been stuck in this same town  for  more than two weeks after finishing the hunt and now you realize why.

 The first night in town the three of you had stop in the local diner to eat before starting on the  research of the three missing teenagers   that all disappeared   in the same night  at the local hang out.

 You had settled into a corner booth  Sam sliding in beside you and Dean on the other.  The waitress a  pretty blond  came   up to the table.  Her name tag said Laura  and she was all smile and eyes  once she saw Dean.

   This was nothing unusual  neither was the fact that by the time  they left the diner  Dean had  her number and a date for later that night.

But here you were over two weeks later  and  Dean had been out with Laura  every other day now.  He told you and Sam  that it was good  to take a break from hunting.

 To say you were worried would be a understatement .  You know you shouldn’t be worried Dean finally finding someone  he  really likes   instead of all the one night stands . That should be a good thing  right.

 It should be but it wasn’t since  you had been  in love  with Dean since you first laid eyes on him.  That was years ago and  the feeling  wasn’t going away  no matter how  many woman you watched him with.

   Maybe it was because they never stayed . The girls just came and went. But this time it was different.  Dean usually never saw the same girl twice. But  Laura had been around  for two weeks now.

   That was the part that was scaring you . What if Dean was in love with her . What if you had lost your chance to really let him know how you feel.

 You were in so much trouble  and  you didn’t know what to do about it.


   You left Sam at the library and slowly made your way back to motel room.  You couldn’t sit still anymore .All sorts of thoughts ran through your mind.  All of them center around Dean .

 It wasn’t that you didn’t want Dean happy . You did  after everything that he been though he deserve  it.

   But seeing him getting serious about someone that wasn’t you  hurt. But you kept your mouth shut because  You were afraid of the rejection. But if you keep your mouth shut then you could possible  lose Dean forever.

 You made it back to the motel room with all this still floating around  your mind.  You  unlocked the door and  walked inside without really thinking.

But you stop short when you caught the sigh  in front of you.
Dean was sitting on the bed  arms and lap full of Laura who was straddling him  kissing  hard and rough . Her hand running through his hair.

 His  sliding up underneath her shirt . The skirt she was wearing was hiked up   her hips .  You froze unable to move Laura turned her head saw  you and eyes went wide.

 She pulled away  You heard dean groan and it hit you in the heart.  ” Oh gosh y/n I.. We didn’t hear you come in “ she said as she got up off Dean.

” yeah I thought you were at the library with Sam “Dean said as he fixed his shirt and ran a  hand through  his hair.

   So much to say but none of it what you could say . You sigh ” Headache “ you replied  ” Oh  well I should get out and let you rest I have to work in a hour any way “ Laura said reaching across the bed to grab her purse and stealing a kiss from Dean as she did .

 She gave you a friendly smile as she passed you heading towards the door.  "Hope you feel better ” she said .  You nodded “Thanks ” you said  hating  yourself for feeling  so jealous when  Laura was nothing but nice to you.

 Once she was gone  you were able to move and you headed toward the other bed and flopped down on your back staring at the ceiling .

“You ok ..beside the headache ” Dean asked from the other side of the room.   You shifted and turned your head to look at him. He was  settling  down at the table near the window. His laptop in front of him.

   You tried to figure out what to say to him  "  Dean It been a couple weeks. I know you said about wanting a break  but two weeks is a long time  "you said

He glanced at you  the expression on his face unreadable.   “ I think it time we look for another case  ” you said .

“I guess  ” he said looking down at the computer  and you felt hope  but then he looked back at you  "  I was thinking of asking Laura  to come with us “ he said n

You shot up to a sitting position  "Are you serious ?” you asked  alarmed at how fast your heart was racing  and angry  was flooding your whole body.

Dean looked surprised  " What?“  he asked   ” I think she would be  good . She takes kickboxing classes and can take care of herself and she very open minded. “ he said

You stood up  biting your lip as he listed all of Laura ’s good qualities .  You couldn’t believe he  was talking of bringing Laura into  this life with you guys.  It was to much

 "Seriously Dean that is messed up  why would you want to drag her into this life ” You snapped  He frown and closed his computer.

“ It not messed up wanting to be happy and she makes me happy ” he said . You felt the last of your heart that was holding by  a thread break under his words.

“what is your problem any ways ” he snapped  "I .. It’s nothing I just think you shouldn’t dragged her into this.  "No matter how much she can handle herself. “  you said

Dean stood up ” You or Sam ask me anything and I do it no question asked But the first time I ask for anything  it a problem. “  You are unbelievable  you know that ”

 He had taken the couple steps towards you  and was now glaring at you . “ You know what is unbelievable  ” you said  " Only knowing this girl for a couple weeks and you’re ready to  drag her out of her nice life  into one that  it nothing  but Death and pain"  you said.

“I like her and I think that this thing  could  be something more  I want  a chance to find out ” he said.  "You should be happy for me “  I wouldn’t be throwing a fit if this was you asking ”

 You shook your head it’s just .. “ you trailed off  "What ?” he asked  then the words were coming out before you could stop them.

“I love you ..I’ve loved you since the first time I laid eyes on you and oh, Screw it ”-  and before you think  you were crashing into  Dean  your mouth on his .

 It only took you a few seconds before you realize what  you were doing and that  Dean was frozen not moving not responding at all.

You pulled back  gasping for breath  "Dean… I am sorry “ you said softly.. Dean didn’t say anything  he didn’t look at you  . The longer that the silence went on   the more worried you got.

"Dean ?” you said  reaching out again  but he jerked  back “ I am  going out ” he said roughly jerking away and grabbing his key  and stormed out of the door  before you could say  another word.


 Two days and Dean still won’t talk to you . Still won’t be alone with you in the same room.  It was your fault  you hadn’t mean to say all that  . You hadn’t meant  to tell him how you felt now   you had ruined everything

 " You two should really talk  " Sam said as the two of you  lounged around the motel room  with beers in your hands.  The TV was on but  you weren’t paying attention.

 Dean had disappeared  earlier saying he was going out with Laura again.   “ No  the last time we talk it went to  hell ”  you said . “Things won’t get any better until you talk ”   he said  .

   You didn’t reply just  took another sip  of  beer. The door busted open  and Dean came stomping in “let’s go ” he barked out  reaching for his duffle bag.

 You and Sam  looked at each other  "What ?“ Sam asked  ” I said let’s go we are leaving  " Dean  said as he threw his stuff into  his bag.

“Why now  ?” you asked as you stood up  "What happen “  Dean glanced at you but didn’t say anything.   Something had happen  and Dean was upset  but you knew you couldn’t push him it would just make it worse.

So you and Sam  packed up and followed Dean out to the car  throwing your stuff into the back .  You climbed into  the back and the boys up front .

No one said anything as  Dean pulled out onto the road. It was tense  silence  and it soon became apparent that Dean was going to  drive all night  .

 So you settled yourself in backseat and tried to sleep  and after a couple hours   you finally  slept.


   When you woke up  you realize that  the car was stopped  . You sat up slowly rubbing at your eyes.  Looking around you realize that  you were stop at a little diner in what looks to be in the middle of nowhere.

 Sam was sleeping  leaned up against the passenger door a jacket  underneath his head for a pillow.  But Dean was  nowhere in sight.  

 You  open the door and climbed out shutting the door softly not to wake up  Sam up .   You headed for the  diner.

 Dean was sitting at the counter with a plate of food and a cup of coffee.  You walked up and slid onto the stool next to him.

   He didn’t really acknowledge you  just kept eating. The lady behind the counter came up with a warm smile  ” just coffee please “ you  told her and she nodded  and wander back down to the other end of the counter.

   You sat in silence for a moment gathering your thoughts. ” I am not going to ask you about what happened back there  cause you won’t answer. “ you said

” But I want us to be ok ’ you said  " I am sorry I freaked you out . But you don’t have to worry about me I am a big girl and I know how to handle a rejection  "   you told him

“ I just want us to  be ok that is all ”   you said  trying to keep the emotions out of your voice.  You were slowly coming to  accept Dean didn’t love you but  you couldn’t accept  not being friends with him.

 You watch him not saying anything else. He had finished eating and was sipping his coffee.  But finally he looked at you and nodded  .

“Go wake up Sam so he can eat ” he said . Relife  flooded your body  and you  nodded and stood  up and headed out to the car.

    Once  you and Sam had eaten the three of you headed to the car . Dean tossed Sam the keys  before climbing in the back seat  and stretching out.

 It wasn’t 20 minutes into the drive  that Dean was sleeping  Sam finally asked. “ You two ok ” he asked  you glanced back at Dean in the backseat  his arm slung over his eyes  mouth slack  breathing deeply

   You were still so in love with him but that was slowly being buried deep down so it wouldn’t hurt any more.  You looked back at Sam

 " We are getting there  " you told him.


 Weeks passed into a month  since you told Dean how you really felt. Things were still tense  but it was getting better. You and Dean  were able to work a case  just fine.    Things were still awkward  when alone  . But you figure  that  would get better to .

 Then things turned crazy and real fast.  You guys were working a vampire case  and had finally manage to find their nest.  But there were more vampires than you had originally thought.

   The three of you were out numbered and it took all you had to keep one step ahead.  You quickly lost the boys in the fight as you took down as many of them as you could.

 You had just finishing take two down and was turning  when something tackled you into the brick  wall  your head snapped back  into the wall and you saw stars  briefly  before everything went black.

   Your head was  killing you when you finally came to. But at least you were alive  you thought. Or  you hope  you were.  If you were dead then why would  you be feeling pain.

 You managed to open your eyes and you found yourself staring up at the ceiling of what you were guessing was motel room. You slowly turned your head  wincing as the pain exploded behind your eyes.

   The very first thing you noticed was Dean he had pulled a chair up next to your bed  .He was slouched over asleep   your hand resting in his  on his leg.

 You blinked a couple times but he was still there .  " hey how you feeling. Sam came into your view then looking concerned.

 "Head feels like it about to explode but otherwise ok I guess what happen ?“you asked  trying to sit up but this cause more pain .

You groan which  cause Dean to jerk awake sitting up  rubbing the back of his neck.  His eyes  landed on you and they lite up .

 ” Hey how are you feeling ?“ he asked  ” Alive so could be worse  "  you told him. “What happen ?

Dean sigh running a hand over his face ” there were too many vamps more than  we were expecting “ I had just  come around the corner when I saw you get knocked out

Dean glanced at Sam ” We grab you and got out of there  " he said  .“and the vamps ?” you asked  "  we took out most of the nest  the reaming  just fled  nothing much we could do “Sam said

You struggled to sit up but  it hurt a whole lot. Dean was out of  his seat and onto the bed next to you sliding an around you . ” You need to rest" he said

 Startled you looked up at him   he was looking at you in concern but there was something else  too . Something that had your heart racing in your chest.

   But Sam spoke again pulling you from your thoughts. “Are you hungry ?”  I can run to get you burger or something “ he offered .

 That did sound really good and you nodded glancing at Dean again who hadn’t moved and still had his arm around you .

You met Dean’s gaze.. ” yeah  Sam  why don’t you go grab some dinner and I will stay here “ Dean said  his steady gaze on yours .

 You heard Sam say something but you say  exactly what . But then he was gone and  you were alone with Dean

After a moment of silence  Dean cleared his throat  ” Do you want to get cleaned up ?“  he asked   You nodded Your whole body was going to be sore in the morning but maybe a hot shower would take some of that away.

 Dean help you to your feet  keeping  an arm around your waist as you stood  on shaky legs. ” You going to be ok  ?“  he asked  You took a deep breath and  took a couple step away from Dean

"yeah I will be fine ” you said  as you made your way slowly into the bathroom  . “ Just grab me some extra clothes will you?” you asked

 You made it to the bathroom and leaned heavily on the sink to take a breath.  Dean came up next to you laying the clothes on the sink.

 You gave him a smile “Thanks” you told him. He nodded “are  you ok ?” you asked feeling there was something different with the way he was acting .

“  I am ok…” he said “ but seeing  you getting hurt like  it shook me up ”  he said “  it scared me” he admitted  . “ But I am ok ” you told him  reaching out to touch his arm

“ Yeah I know  but… I should have been there to protect  you ” he said   . You rolled your eyes.. “ I am a big girl Dean I can take care of myself. ” you replied

“ I know that  and that is one of the things that I love about you is that you can ”  he replied  He looked up meeting your gaze

“ and I do you know  "he said "What ?” you asked   “ Love you ” he replied .  There it was those words that you convinced yourself that   you would never here from him

 Your heart was racing in your chest  as you stared up at him wide eyed.  " But you .. I thought “  you bit your lip trying to figure out what you wanted to say

He waited and watched  ”  Your not saying this because I got hurt and you now feel guilty “  you asked him.

 He frowned  ” No  that is not it  " I am not saying  this because of guilt . “  he said.  ” Look get cleaned up and in some comfortable close and we will talk  "  he said

“ I will be right outside the door  if you need me ” he back out of the   bathroom and  you shut the door  . You took a moment  to take  a couple deep breaths  .

   You had already half giving up hope that he wouldn’t feel anything for you. You were going to be content with just being his friend.  But now he saying this.  It made your head hurt.

 But you would listen to him and hope that your heart was ready


 You took your time in the shower mostly because your body demanded slow . But to give you time to prepare  yourself for this conversation  with Dean.

 By the time you were drying off and getting dress. Dean was knocking on the door  . “You ok ?” he asked from the other side.

You opened the door and found Dean  standing  right outside  the door.  "Yeah  But no sudden movement and I will be ok" you said.  

 "come on let’s get you comfortable  " he said his arm going around  your waist again and led you over to the bed.

 You settled down on the bed with Dean next to you. You decided to be the first to break the  ice. “ Look Dean I want you to be honest with me and yourself. ”

“ I know how I feel about you and that probably won’t change but I was content on us just being friends.”  But I can’t have you  telling me you love me and then turn around change the meaning of that love down the road. “ you said

 "that is not what going to happen "he said ” But before with Laura  I thought you were falling for her .. “   you said  ’ He sigh

” I am used to putting what I want to the side for others. “ For Sammy  for you ”  I have always had these feelings for you  but I have  never been good in relationships. “

” You deserve someone that can be everything for you" he said “ I figure that if I never said anything you would find someone someday . ” Even if it killed me" he said

   You placed your hand on top of his  that was laying on your leg.  " I don’t want everything  Dean  I only want you “ you told him.

   he looked at you for a split second  before he was pulling you closer and then his mouth was on yours.

It took you a second to comprehend what was going on but before you  could really respond  Dean was pulling back so he could see your face.

 "So you’re serious ?” you asked with a half smile .He returned  the smile “ I am very sure and once you are feeling better  I will show how sure I am ” he responded as he leaned in for another kiss.


Remember…..  part 15

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“Uhhhhhh” You open your eyes and sat on the bed.

Klaus sits in front of you immediately. You look at him, your hands on your head. Your had a bad headache like you just woke up from a hangover. 

You looked at Klaus.

“Where’s Dean and Sam?” You ask him.

His jaw clenches immediately. He gets up from your bedside.

Your mouth was dry and you had this pain in your belly.

Klaus was looking towards you. “You need to feed.”

He says to you and walks away.

“Feed? What do you mean feed?” You ask him.

He doesn’t respond you hear him walk downstairs.

“Hi.” You were snapped out of the sound and you looked towards the voice.

“Elijah..” You say happy. Your headache pops up again. He smiles and walks towards you.

“How you feeling?” He asks.

“Fine, where is Dean and Sam?” You ask him. He doesn’t respond. “Are they okay?”

“They’re fine you will see them soon enough.” He says to you. “What can you remember?” He asks you

“Well the witch was pinning us to the ground and then..” You stopped for a moment to think. “I don’t remember anything else.” You say to him.

Klaus walks into the room with a blood bag.

“Drink this.”He says to you handling the bag to you.

“NO.” You say to them “What happened after the witch pinned us up to the ground?”

“Elijah leave please. I have to talk to her alone.” Klaus said to them. Elijah got on his feet and started walking towards the door.

“Klaus what happened?” You ask him.

“Y/N I’m sorry but I had no choice.” He says to you. “She snapped your neck.” YOu put your hands around you neck and you took a few minutes thinking about what he just said.

“I died with your blood in me.” You say to him choked.

He nod his head. You put your hands to your face. This couldn’t be happening. When you were with Klaus sometimes that pasted your mind but never like this.

“I remember everything.” YOu say to him. His serious look just turned to a smile.

You slapped his face “You asshole I can’t believe you made me forget everything.”  You got out of bed and walked towards the door. Klaus was in just seconds in front of you.

“What do you think you’re doing?” He says to you.

“i’m going to see Dean and Sam. They are probably worried.” You said to him.

“No you’re not.” He says to you. “You’re going to stay here and drink that bag of blood.”He continues his tone being commending. He grabs your arm and pulls you towards the bed where the blood bad was lying.  “Drink it.”

“Klaus please just let me go see them and then I do what you want.” You say to him. His grip on your arm thighted. “I have the obligation to explain to them what happened.” He still didn’t let you arm go. “Klaus they were there for me when you weren’t.” You say to him. His face going from angry to hurt. He lets your arm go. “Thank you.” You start walking towards the door.

“I’m going with you. You’re turning and I don’t want nothing to happen.” He says to you.

You walked back towards him and you gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you Nik.”


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Super Strange Things

Pairing: Eventual Johnathan Byers x Reader

Summary: Y/N Winchester, middle child of John and Mary Winchester, arrives in Hawking’s with her family to investigate a series of disappearances and hearsay of a strange, faceless monster, along with a girl who can supposedly move things with her mind.

Warning: Warped time line.

“Y/N!” your elder brother called from the kitchen of the small rent home that your father had paid for in cash, his voice booming off the walls. “Would you hurry the hell up?”

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” you huff out in annoyance, your fingers swiftly braiding your H/L, H/C hair into a loose French braid. You had already applied mascara onto your lashes from the single tube of the liquid substance that you owned, which had been snagged from a gas station one night while your father wasn’t looking. You quickly shimmied into your black denim jeans and shrugged on a loose black shirt and stepped into your ankle high black boots. You complete the dark look with a single pop of color, a green plaid shirt, which you promptly tied around your waist instead of slipping it onto your arms.

You snatched your army green bag from the floor of the makeshift room you were sharing with your little brother, Sam, since it was only a two roomed rent house, and tossed it over your shoulder, running out of the room.

“Here, you’re going to have to eat in the car,” Dean grunted as he handed you a plate of scrambled eggs and a few slices of bacon.

“Thanks,” you said as you took the plate from him, carful to not let the plastic fork drop to the ground.

“Sammy’s already in the car,” Dean said.

“Since when are you so eager to be on time?” You asked as you shove a fork full of eggs into your mouth.

“Dads orders,” Dean said.

You snorted, “Again, since when?”

Dean rolled his eyes at you, but put his arm around your shoulders as to usher you out of the house faster.

“I don’t know, but he wants us to behave this go around,” Dean explained.

“And by ‘us’ I assume he means just you and me?” You ask.

Dean smirks as he opens the door to the impala, “You know it.”

You chuckle slightly as you round the car to take your place in the passenger side seat. Sammy had always been the picture of innocence, he always took the classes he was put in seriously, liked to do his homework, and generally enjoyed the normal life.

You and Dean however, well, that was another story.

While you were slightly more behaved than Dean, you were nothing compared to Sam. Your grades were good enough to pass you, which is more than you could say for Dean most of the time, but they were not honor, nor banner, roll material for that matter. You preferred to spend the time you should be paying attention to your teacher drawing in your sketchbook or skipping out on classes to go sketch out the scenery elsewhere. Dean, however, enjoyed spending his time making out with random girls in the janitors closets or vacant classrooms.

“Alright, is everyone clear on their job?” Dean asked.

“Mhm,” you hummed.

“Yeah, yeah,” Sam muttered from the back seat. He had his elbow on the arm rest, and his face laying on his closed fist, brown puppy eyes staring blankly out the window.

“What’s wrong little one?” you asked, shifting around in your seat as Dean cranked the car, the engine sprang to life with a comforting purr.

“It’s nothing,” Sam muttered.

“Obviously not,” you countered, “You look like you just lost your best friend.”

“I don’t have a best friend to lose,” Sam sighed, “I hate bouncing from school to school. I don’t even know how to make friends! How am I supposed to get those kids to like me when they’re just going to think I’m trying to replace their dead friend?”

“We don’t know that the kid is dead, Sammy,” Dean muttered from the driver’s seat as he sped down the road ways to the school. You had no idea how Dean always knew the location of everything, but he always seemed to know where he was going. You had a suspicion that it was some kind of super power.

“Yea, we don’t know what happened to any of those missing people,” you said, quickly backing your older brother. “He’s only been gone a few days. He could even just be lost in the woods.”

“Yea, whatever you guys say,” Sam said as he turned his attention back to the scenery rolling by outside of the car window. You sighed at your little brother and fixed yourself in your seat, making brief eye contact with your older brother, a look you knew the meaning to all too well, as it had been drilled into your head since before you can remember.

Look out for Sammy.

All eyes followed your brother’s sleek impala as it pulled into the school parking lot, everyone’s normal morning activates came to a halt as they traded them in to watch you two of you get out the car, which had previously been blaring ACDC. Dean, as always, was the first to get out. He slammed the door shut, and suddenly, every pair of female eyes had turned to him, small smirks growing on some of their faces.

Dean sent a flirtatious wink to a group of four girls giving him the once over, who all busted out into girly giggles at the action. You rolled your eyes lightly but still chuckled at your brother’s behavior none the less.

You got out the car next, Sammy had already been brought to the middle school side where you three had spotted the Wheeler boy and his two friends, Sinclair and Henderson, getting off of their parked bikes. Sam had sighed dramatically at both his siblings encouragement to “go get them tiger” before you had let him out of the back seat, all three of his targets eyes swept over the impala and watched you leaning over to let your younger brother out. When you had seen them, you threw a wink at the young curly haired boy who turned red in response. When you and Dean pulled off, you could see the same kid approach Sam.

Now, you were the one slipping from the car. You rested your arms on the top of the impala, watching through your dark octagon sunglasses (also stolen from a gas station) as heads turned your way. The girls were quick to size you up and you saw more than a few of the boy’s checking you out. You resisted the urge to crinkle your nose at them. Unlike Dean, you were not flirtatious.

Not that you weren’t sexually attracted to people, you just didn’t see the point in forming a romantic attachment with someone when you knew you wouldn’t be staying around long. And you got attached a lot faster to people than you’d care to admit aloud, which is why you didn’t typically bother making friends either.

Your E/C gaze swept over the campus, mentally mapping it out and taking special precautions to note every exit you could see. Slowly, you rounded the car after shutting the door to meet Dean. The bell ran in the distance, and the two of you began to make your way to the building, where you would have to find the principal’s office to get your schedule and be ushered to your respective classes.

You let out a lengthy sigh, “How mad do you think dad would be if I skipped out of the first day?”

“I’m going to go with very.” Dean answered. “So don’t even think about it. We have orders to behave.”

You snorted, always the perfect soldier, that one.

“Whatever you say, big brother.”

The trip to the principal’s office was uneventful. You and Dean had each been given a copy of your schedule and were taken to separate classrooms, as Dean was a year older than you. You were lead to a class room with an older woman at the head, who made you say your full name and where you were from and asked if you had any specific hobbies, which you had answered, the latter of the questions being drawing and the violin.

You were then seated by a boy with long brown hair, who was staring intently at his text book, a faraway look on his face. From the photos that your father had shown you, you knew him to be Johnathan Byers, your mission. By the time the lunch bell rang, you had already planned your first move.

Your E/C eye quickly scanned the school yard, looking for the boy you had seen earlier in home room, Johnathan Byers, elder brother to Will Byers, the missing kid. From the few times you gazed had skimmed over him today, you had quickly discovered that he was a loner. He never interacted with one, never spoke out in class, or did anything to make himself stand out.

Your gaze soon washed over him, finding the boy sitting at a picnic table, characteristically by himself. He appeared to be flipping through something, you couldn’t make out what from this distance, but you soon planned on finding out. Every other table in the yard was full, friends had already clicked off and were going about their lunch, nibbling on the food their mothers had packed and catching up on the latest gossip the day had brought.

Heaving your school bag higher on your shoulder, you began making your way over to the table. Johnathan paid you no mind as you approached, most likely thinking that you were just a passerby. However, you stopped before him, the shade your shadow provided causing him to look up curiously.

“Mind if I sit? Everywhere else is full and loud.”

The boy blinked up at you a few times in shock before he slowly nodded, motioning for you to sit down. “Yea, go ahead.”

“Awesome, thanks.” You grinned.

You placed your bag down on the bench with a thunk and soon seated yourself. You began to dig through your bag, looking for the lunch Dean always packed, a ham sandwich in a plastic bag, a small bag of chips and a banana, all stuffed inside a brown paper bag.

“How come you’re not sitting with the others?” you asked casually as you slip the sandwich from your bag.

“Not much of a people person,” Johnathan responded.

You took a bite out of your sandwich, “I can respect that.”

The boy looked up at you from under his long bangs, “What about you?”

“Never stay in one place long enough to bother making friends,” you say nonchalantly, fishing around in your bag for the bottle of water Dean had also probably placed there. He was such a mother hen.

You soon found it and let out a satisfied, “Aha!” causing the boy to look up at you. You grinned sheepishly, “Sorry. I knew my brother put it in here. I just have a mess in this bag, kinda makes it hard to find things.”

Johnathan nodded, returning his attention to the thing he was flipping through before. Now that you were up close, you could see that he was flipping through a set of photos. It was then that you noticed the camera sitting beside his bag. So he’s in to photography…

“You have photography classes here?” you ask, your interest was peeked.

“Yea,” Johnathan replied, “Nothing to fancy, just the basics. And we have a dark room on campus.”

You bobbed your head up and down in recognition of his words, “I’d always wanted to learn how to develop pictures, but we don’t sit still long enough for me to learn. My dad’s a traveling detective,” you explained, hoping to peek the boy’s interest.

“A traveling deceive?”

“I don’t think that’s the actual term for it, but that’s what he does. He’s a member of the FBI that specializes in strange cases.”

Johnathan’s eyes flickered over you for a moment before he glued them back to the table. “What weird case is he working on here?”

Got him.

“There’s been a string of missing persons throughout the area. In this town Will Byers, but here’s been a bunch more in the surrounding towns. People just vanishing into thin air. No bodies, no signs of where they went.”

You took another bite of your sandwich.

“Dads says there’s gotta be a reason bodies aren’t turning up, whatever’s going on, whoever is behind this, he’s keeping them alive for a reason. At least that’s his figuring,” you explained further, opening your bag of chips.

You popped a Cheeto in your mouth and watched Johnathan’s brain reel from across the table as he soaked in the bits of information you had fed him. His fingers had long since stopped flipping through his collections of photos to simply rested upon them, unmoving.

“What do you think happened to them?” Johnathan ask quietly, his eyes glued to the grainy wood of the outdoor table.

“I think that my dad is the best at what he does, and I think he’s going to bring these people home to their families.” You met Johnathan’s gaze as he lifted his head and gave him a reassuring smile.

“Will is my little brother,” the boy admitted quietly.

“Well,” you paused, remembering he hadn’t actually introduced himself to you yet, “I’m sorry I’ve been chatting with you but I forgot to ask your name?”

“Johnathan Byers,” he introduced.

You smiled once more, “Well, Johnathan, my dad’s going to bring your little brother home.”