dean think cas is mocking him

All of the married!Destiel feels in 12x02

I love, love, love all of the Destiel in 12x02! I mean, how in tune are these two adorable dorks? 

I mean starting at this conversation (GIF credits to @subcas​, @flydestiel​ and @sunlitcas​ )-

Dean’s hesitating a little, but nowhere like he used to. He’s feeling (understandably) weird about having a stranger stay with him, whom he has only vague memories of. This is Dean, who routinely mocks Sam when he wants to talk about things, because Dean is always the OLDER BROTHER with Sam- the rock, the unflappable one who has no problems, despite the fact that Sam doesn’t need it and is willing to listen. Dean’s so brainwashed by John he thinks expressing himself is a weakness. 

But with Cas, he doesn’t need to pretend to be strong, he can talk about things and Cas doesn’t judge him or look at him with any disappointment. Cas is also not human and his loyalty to Dean is absolute, so Dean can safely talk to him about ANYTHING without fear. I am so pleased to see his trust and ease around Cas so clearly shown. Cas hasn’t even asked him anything and he’s willingly spilling his guts out!

Also, their conversation was hilarious. I especially loved the last bit, because hello? Married couple feels.

Look at Dean’s expression there (Jensen you are so amazing btw) That’s such a long suffering husband look. The look that says-

“Really? I’ve heard this a million times and this is not helpful but I still love you babe thank you for listening. But your advice also sucks btw.”

I can’t find gifs of this scene, but found them! the morning call from Cas was so sweet as well. Also I’m pleased that Dean is trusting Cas to do HIS job instead of freaking out and trying to do everything by himself. This is what Cas really, really needs now. Can I mention again that SAM IS MISSING and Dean is still calm!  

Cas being so adorably confused and Dean being so done was so freaking cute.

And this wordless conversation was pure GOLD. 

Cas knows exactly what Dean wants with a single glance. Dean knows that Cas is unwilling to do this BUT he also knows exactly how to convince him all in a space of a moment. How intimate can their interactions get?

Oh god, these two will be the death of me, I swear!


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Pairing: Crowley x adopted!reader, Dean x daughter!reader, Sam
Word count: 481

Part 8 of Learning Curve

Dean fought hard to do anything but be forced to beg Crowley for you back. No reaper would help him, which was pretty understandable. No demon would speak with him, unless it was to mock him about the Princess of Hell being a Winchester. Cas was still MIA, and Dean was running out of options.

“It’s your daughter. Suck up your pride!” Sam spat at him, getting angrier with his brother by the minute.

“It’s not pride, Sam! If Crowley’s sees how desperate we are to get her back, think of the things he could do! Just taunting us with her.” He told him. “I wanted to avoid her being used as a goddamn pawn.”

Sam sighed. “She already is.”

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