dean still cares for sam as he did before

13 Reasons Why (Tape 3)

Characters: sister!reader, Dean, Mary, Sam, John, Cas(mentioned), Jody(mentioned), Claire(mentioned), Alex(mentioned)

Warnings: swearing, angst, mention of death

Word count: 3830

Summary: Mary’s tape hits Dean harder than he expected and he starts to see the people he loves in a different light

Series: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

Here it was. Tape 3. Ready in the tape player, but Dean just couldn’t bring himself to listen to it… At least not yet.

There were more things that you left behind that he had thought. First of all there were these tapes and how he found out that you left Sam a note. He wasn’t sure when to start reading it, maybe even just looking at your handwriting would have been too heartbreaking for him to see. Even just holding that paper in his hand and knowing that you once held it in your hand was enough to almost make Dean cry. How could he possibly handle reading the letter? The tapes were killing him already, adding more to that would have been too much for him to take in.

He took the tape player with him. It was inside his duffel bag that he had packed ready for the hunt Sam had found them. “You ready to go?” Sam questioned from the passenger seat in the impala.

Dean had been daydreaming this entire time just thinking about the tapes. “Yeah.”

The drive to Tulsa was around 4 to 5 hours long, a car journey that would probably require talking to each other. Dean wasn’t mad at Sam, and it wasn’t that he didn’t want to speak to his brother but everything just felt too tense and awkward after talking about the tapes so much already.

“So, what did you say this hunt was?” Dean questioned after they had been driving for over an hour.

“Well-” Sam started as he pulled out the newspaper from his duffel bag, “-it seems to me like a demon case, but I could be wrong. There’s nothing on here about sulphur so it could be case of ghost possession. But I could be wrong, we’ll see when we get there.“

Dean listened to what Sam said but the words went through one ear and out of the other. He didn’t care about this damn hunt, his mind was on the tapes and he couldn’t stop thinking about them.

“How far are you?” Sam asked. The subject always had to be the tapes, didn’t it?

“Why does it matter? I’m the last one on the tape anyway so I don’t have to pass them on,” Dean replied, keeping his eyes on the road to avoid having to see the judgemental look from his brother.

“Because once you’ve heard them all we can do something about a few of the people on them,” Sam answered as if it was obvious. “Who’s are you up to? Are you on yours?”

“No I’m not on mine!” Dean hissed. He concentrated on the road hard to make sure he looked like he was only focused on driving.

“Then who’s? Have you heard Cas’ tape yet?” Sam questioned which caused Dean to press his foot harshly on the breaks.

“Cas is on the tapes?” He shouted angrily as his look shot to his brother. “Are you fucking kidding me?”’

“Dean, calm-” Sam started to speak but was quickly cut off by Dean’s rage.

“Sammy, I swear if you tell me to calm down.” He shook his head with closed eyes. His voice was steady but angry which was even scarier than when he screamed at Sam.

“Look, I’m sorry, OK?” Sam apologised. “I thought maybe you had listened to a few more.”

“Which tape is Cas’?” Dean asked with his car still pulled over in the middle of an empty highway.


“Ten?” Dean repeated with a loud voice. “I’m not that far! Why are these tapes so easy for everyone else to listen to? I haven’t even started tape three yet!”

“You’re going slower that everyone else, but it’s only because you care about her,“ Sam concluded.

“What, Cas didn’t?” Dean shot back before starting up the car again. He drove slower this time, he didn’t wanna pull over again when driving so fast.

“Of course he did. He still does, but not many people on the tapes did. Only a few of you cared,” Sam explained. “People like you, and Cas. But then there’s Crowley.”

“Crowley’s a dead man,” Dean snapped. “I mean it, when I see him next I’m gonna torture him for months and then drive Ruby’s knife into his heart so hard that not even Hell will be able to save him from what’s coming.”

“Crowley isn’t the only one you’re going to hate after listening to them,” Sam admitted with a quiet voice. “I know that you’re angry at dad.”

“Angry at him, yes,” Dean repeated, “hate him? No.”

“Look, we know everyone on these tapes and we care about most of them,” Sam explained. “It’s gonna be hard to hear them, because they will change the way you see people. Especially this one.“

“Especially this one? What the hell does that mean?!” Dean demanded.

“I told you, you just have to listen to the-”

“Wait a second,” Dean said, coming to a sudden realisation. “Are these tapes the reason you’re all avoiding going to Jody’s?”

Sam swallowed thickly. He had already said too much by saying that Cas was on the tapes.

“Is Jody on the tapes?!” Dean demanded. “Or… Is it Claire? Or Alex?”

“You need to stop asking questions, listen to the tapes,” Sam finished. No matter what was said now Sam would have ignored him so Dean just didn’t bother to reply.

His thoughts for the rest of the drive were on Jody. It couldn’t be her on the tapes, it must have been Claire or Alex. Maybe it was Claire and Alex… You always did have a bumpy relationship with the two girls. Dean always guessed it was because you were all the same age, but maybe there was more to the story.

Before Dean knew it, they had arrived at the motel and checked in. He wasn’t really paying attention to what he was doing but it was such a natural occurrence it didn’t take much thought.

Once they were checked in they went to the house where the victim had died to ask his wife a few questions. They knocked at the door and were greeted by a woman with tears still streaming down her face.

“I’m Agent Stills, this is Agent Collins,” Sam spoke professionally. “We’d like to ask you a few questions.”

“Of course,” she sniffled as she invited them in.

They sat on the couch opposite her and began to ask the usual questions. The funny smells, cold spots, strange noises and all that. She did say it felt a little chilly when she arrived home. She was at the hospital that day having another pregnancy scan because she was over the due date.

Sam and Dean thought how heartbreaking that must have been for her, having her husband die just before she had their baby.

“We’re very sorry for your loss,” Sam Finished. He passed her his card and told her to call if she had anything else to tell them. Once they were done talking to the wife of the victim, they headed back to the motel.

Dean sat on his bed with his duffel bag on Sam’s bed. He just stared at it knowing that those damn tapes were inside there, ready to be listened to. Sam sat at the table on his laptop doing research for the case. “Dean,” he said, but Dean didn’t answer.

“Hey!” Sam repeated as he threw a screwed up piece of newspaper at his brother. “What are you thinking about?”

“What do you think?” Dean replied without moving his eyes away from the bag.

Sam sighed, “I’m gonna swing by the diner, wanna come with?”

“I think I’ll stay here,” Dean snapped. Once again, his eyes never left the bag. Sam said something before leaving but Dean ignored him just like he had been for most of the day. He couldn’t be bothered to listen to what he had to say, all that mattered was the tapes.

And he repeated it once again, just like a mantra. Pick up the tapes, but the headset on, press play. Your cold voice spoke through the headphones and into Dean’s ears.

“I never realised how much a persons life could be affected just by the opinion of another,” you said to start off the tape. “Sure, there’s that saying that ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me’, but seriously… Words tear our brains apart. Broken bones are just a physical pain that can pass, but our emotions and the way people make us feel stays with us forever.”

* * *

Three days had passed since your mother had died and you hadn’t even seen John or Mary. After you left they took off on the hunt you were looking at in the newspaper and left Sam and Dean behind which meant only they showed up when you called.

When they took you back to the bunker you started to question things in your mind. Dean was 38 and Sam was 34, they were old enough to look after you, so why did they have to live with John? Why couldn’t they kick John and Mary out of the bunker? You knew they were so excited because your dad was back and their mom was back too- but were they really needed?

John and Mary were planning on coming back to the bunker again, still unaware that you had returned. Sam and Dean had no idea how to tell them what had happened so they just waited for them to return.

Your brothers were always so kind to you. As soon as you returned to the bunker they made sure you were ok, they took you to your room to make sure you got some sleep and enough food and water when you woke up. And as annoying as it got, they constantly explained to you how hard this life was and how hard things can be, and that if you really wanted to they could send you to live with a woman they knew called Jody. She had two other girls staying with her, Claire and Alex, and she set them both up at school.

Their offers were kind, they didn’t care about what they wanted, they just wanted you to be happy.

It was around 4pm when John and Mary came home to the bunker. You sat in the library and impatiently waited for them to notice you. You were worried to say the least, the last time you saw John things got really bad. His words hurt you, they would stay with you until the day you died.

* * *

“Hey,” Sam said as he walked through the door with a takeout burger in a box for Dean. “I got you some food.”

Dean paused the tape to listen to his brother. He took it back off again, it was still so hard to listen to.

Sam threw the box to Dean, sat at the table and opened up his laptop. “I’m gonna do some research on the case and this town, can you check out some lore?“

“Sure,” Dean nodded before pulling an old book out to see if any of the descriptions matched the deaths of the victims that had lived in that house over the years. They all died exactly the same way so there must have been some kind of explanation. He ate his burger within minutes, just like he always did. Everything felt like such a rush unless it was hunting.

Hours and hours had passed before they finally came to the conclusion that it was a Pontianak. It was some kind of ghost that died when they were pregnant and went after men with pregnant wives.

The case was all a bit strange, but nonetheless, it was a case. People were dying and it was their job to save them.

Thinking that way broke Dean’s heart because there was only one persons life that he wanted to save… But it was too late for that.

* * *

John and Mary looked at you as they passed Sam and Dean. “Y/N?” John asked. He didn’t seem angry, but not exactly happy either.

“We didn’t want to worry you while you and mom were hunting,” Dean began to explain. “But something bad happened… Y/N’s mom was murdered.”

“What?” Mary gasped. “Sweetheart, I’m so sorry.”

Mary spoke softly to you as she took a seat next to you and rested her hand on your shoulder. “What happened? Did you see anything?”

“No,” you lied with a shake of your head. “She just, I got home and she was dead. The demon attacked me but I didn’t get a good look, it all happened so fast.”

“So, are you moving back here?” John asked.

“I know you don’t want me here,” you looked down. “After what you said-”

“I didn’t mean it, Y/N. I’m sorry that I sent you away,” he apologised. It wasn’t enough that he was sorry for sending you away; you knew that he didn’t love you the same amount that he loved Sam and Dean and that telling you to leave didn’t affect him.

“Sam suggested me going to live with Jody,” you replied as you wiped your tear away quickly. He already thought you weren’t as strong as the rest of them, but you couldn’t show weakness, even if it was one of the hardest moments you ever had to go through.

“I think that’s a great idea,” John agreed. Now you were sure that he meant what he said when he told you to leave. He just wanted to be kind to you right now because you were in pain. For a second, you thought that maybe he was sending you away to protect you, but the thought was quickly pushed to the side when you remembered how angry he was towards you when he kicked you out of the motel.

“Oh, I don’t know if I want to,” you admitted. “I mean, I want to stop the world from having to deal with deaths because of monsters. I know I can never get mine back but I could stop people from losing their mothers and that’s enough for me. I want to continue hunting,” you spoke with a strong voice as you stood from your chair. “You’re all good hunters, you can teach me.”

Dean smiled. He loved seeing this side of you, you took charge and told them what was happening. No more crap about, ‘maybe next time’ or ‘you need a different life’. If you wanted a different life you would have taken it but this was your decision. Not John’s or Mary’s or Sam’s or Dean’s. It was time for you to make your own decisions.

* * *

Sam and Dean decided to check the house out at night. The woman had gone into hospital to give birth and the boys wanted to go back to the house and kill the Pontianak. They figured the house being empty would be a good opportunity to get the job done.

Dean went inside first, his flashlight stopped working the second he set foot in the living room. From their research they knew who the Pontianak was, they just didn’t know where she was buried. The Pontianak was once a woman called Jane White that lived in the house hundreds of years ago. They figured there would be something that would tell them where she was buried.

* * *

A few months had passed since you moved back into the bunker and things were going well. John seemed to adapt to you being around and although you still knew he didn’t like you, it was something you had to move past.

You sometimes had those moments where you would share a father/daughter bond, and in those times you felt happy. But afterwards you would just remember what it was really like and that you just had to keep a work relationship.

The boys were still the boys. Very loving and very protective, but you could also mess around, laugh and actually have some kind of relationship with them. There were a few snappy moments here and there but apart from that things were fine. They were going great.

But as soon as things got better, they got worse once again.

* * *

Sam checked down in the basement for clues while Dean stayed in the living room and waited for her to show. He put salt on all the windows and doors.

He felt a sudden chill as she appeared in the living room

“Dean,” Sam shouted up the stairs. “She’s buried in the basement, I just have to break through this wall.”

“Hurry, Sammy,” Dean replied as he picked up his gun and shot the Pontianak with rock salt.

The hunt was fairly simple. Sam burned the body, the spirit was gone and no one else had to die. The next day they packed up their things, got in the impala and drove off back home to the bunker.

The hunt wasn’t enough for Dean. He really wanted something he could stab, shoot, fight or punch. Dean needed to let go of all his rage and hunting seemed like the only way… He needed something bigger than this.

Sam was still tired on the way home and ended up falling asleep, so Dean continued with the tape while he was driving.

* * *

It was around 9AM on a Monday morning when you came into the bunker kitchen. You heard yelling on your way down and wondered what the hell was going on. No one had argued for a while, maybe it was just something that needed to happen.

“She has to go!” You heard John shout. You felt a twinge of panic in your stomach as he spoke, you really thought things between you and John were getting better.

“I thought you were past this, dad!” Sam yelled. “Christ, what is your problem?”

“Your mom doesn’t want her here either. It makes her uncomfortable to know that Y/N’s my child but not hers,” John revealed.

* * *

“Welcome to your tape, Mary.”

Dean, once again, was shocked by what he had heard on this tape. Mary was involved? She was uncomfortable with you living with them? Dean always thought that Mary loved you like the daughter she never had. He always thought that, to her, you were one of the Winchesters. That was another misjudgment he had made about his family. Where do their loyalties lie? Can he really trust them?

* * *

You didn’t want to hear anymore, so you stepped into the kitchen. Sam’s eyes shot to you and John followed. “Y/N…” John spoke.

“Thank you for being honest,” you simply replied. “I’m glad I know where we stand. John.”

“Wait,” he tried to explain but you had already wondered off. This was all probably just a misunderstanding. Maybe Mary always wanted a daughter and she was upset that you weren’t really hers. She was such a kind woman from what you knew, she comforted you when you lost your mom and treated you so well. You wanted to make her feel like she didn’t have to be uncomfortable with you.

“Mary,” you smiled as you stepped into the library.

“Oh,” she replied with tense shoulders. “Hi, Y/N.”

“So, listen. John told me that you feel uncomfortable with me around because I’m not your daughter,” you said, getting straight to the point. You folded your arms and Mary looked shocked at your words. “I’m not mad. But Mary, I see you like a mother. You’re not just Sam and Dean’s mom, you’re mine too.”

You stood there for a second and waited for her reaction. You didn’t know what to expect yet what she did still surprised you. She laughed.

“Oh, Y/N,” she continued to laugh. “You think I want you to be my daughter?”

“What?” You questioned as you unfolded your arms and dropped them to your sides. “Mary-”

“Thank you for that, I really needed that,” she replied with her final laugh. “You see, I’m not uncomfortable with you because I wish you were my daughter. I’m uncomfortable to know that you are John’s mistake. He didn’t love your mother… He only slept with her because I was dead.”

Her words hit you. You never expected her to say anything like this. You wanted to reply but you were frozen in shock.

“So,” she continued as she stood up and spoke so close to your face that you could feel her breath. “Sam and Dean are my children and John is my husband. I don’t need you coming in and messing up my family. You can stay, I can’t make you go, but don’t think for a second that you are my daughter, you never will be. You’d be better off dead.”

* * *

“I don’t remember everything that you said, but a lot of it stayed with me. I remember you saying that I’m not a really Winchester and that I messed up your family. I remember you calling me ‘John’s mistake’. But the thing that hurt me most was when you said that I’m not your daughter and I never will be, that I would be better off dead.”

If only there was a way to explain how angry Dean was. How could Mary say that to you? How could she make you feel so worthless? To tell you that you were better off dead could have been the first thing to give you the idea that death was an option.

“My message in this, ladies and gentlemen, is to be careful what you say to people. To you it may seem like you’re just getting your point across, but to the person on the other end it could quite literally feel like the end of their world. Mary, I want you to know how badly that scarred me, how much it hurt to know that a few months after I lost my real mother, the closest thing I had to one didn’t love me. You never wanted me, and that’s when I began to feel like I didn’t belong anymore.”

That was it. The end of tape 3. This changed the way Dean felt about everyone on there. He was furious with his dad, he was ready to kill Crowley, and when he next say Mary- well, he’s not going to keep his feelings to himself.

It seemed so unlike Mary to say anything like that. There must have been a reason. Something must have happened to cause her to act that way. But that didn’t matter to Dean, all he knew was that she said it and it was way out of line.

But, then again, she should have thought about that before she became one of the reasons why.

The Winchesters and the Milligan

A/N- The fifth part of Long Lost Sister. I recommend reading the rest of the series.

Series Summary- Sam and Dean meet their sister, Adam’s twin, on a hunt and things don’t go all that smoothly.

Disclaimer- I don’t own the Supernatural universe or the images/gifs used, they were found on Google.

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Long Lost Sister Masterlist 


Y/N swung the demon blade through the air, swiping the demon standing in front of her. She ducked as he lunged toward her and then jammed the knife up through his rib cage. The demon crumpled, dead, on the floor. Y/N straightened up and looked around. The other three demons lay dead on the ground. She headed over towards her brothers, Dean checked over his younger siblings, “Everybody okay?”

Before they had the chance to respond, a new, heavily accented voice called across the warehouse, “Did you really need to take out Anna? She was one of my best.” The siblings stood on defense against the Scotsman. “Well, well, if it isn’t the littlest Winchester. Reunited with big brothers at last.”

Y/N narrowed her eyes at him, “Crowley. For the last time, it isn’t Winchester, it’s Milligan.”

Sam and Dean shared confused looks, Y/N and Crowley had meet before? When and where had she run into him?  Either way, the brothers were not too happy with Crowley being around their sister. Dean stepped forward toward Crowley, “Have you two meet before?”

Y/N shifted uncomfortably, “Yes, we’ve run into each other before on a few hunts.”

“More like hunting for me.” Crowley mumbled under his breath.

“What was that?” Sam asked. The brothers knew there was something Y/N wasn’t telling them. Of course the brothers didn’t know everything about Y/N, Sam was aware of that, but Y/N’s mysterious past with Crowley was making him uneasy.  

Y/N threw Crowley the signature Winchester bitch face, “You’d think as the King of Hell he’d be more well connected, but he’s kind of useless. Why have you guys even left him alive this long?”

Crowley made a face at the young woman and leaned closer to her. Dean and Sam instantly moved forward, trying to step between the two, but Crowley bent closer to her and said, “Now now, no need to be rude. It’s not my fault, we both know nobody can help you with what you want.”

“What does that mean?” Sam asked, looking back and forth between his sister and the King of Hell. Crowley winked at Y/N and disappeared. Before Y/N could even suck in a breath, Dean and Sam turned on her, questions pouring out of their mouths.

“What was that about?”

“How did you meet Crowley again?”

“What did he mean by you hunting him?”

“Yeah and what was that about nobody being able to help you?”

“Help you with what?”

“What exactly are you trying to do?”

Y/N took a deep breath and sheathed the demon blade, “It was nothing, it’s all nothing. Don’t worry about it.”

“Don’t worry about it?” Dean gave her an incredulous look. “Seriously? Our little sister has some obvious beef with the King of Hell and you want us to just not worry about it? Are you kidding me?”

“Yeah, Crowley’s nothing I can’t handle. I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself, I’m not some little girl.” Sam sighed, rubbing a hand down his face, this was a common fight between Dean and Y/N. He’d say something about her being their little sister, or him looking out for her and she’d automatically bite back that she could take care of herself; it would just escalate from there.

Sam stepped in before it got bad, “We’re not saying you can’t, but the point is you don’t have to worry about Crowley on your own anymore. You’ve got us now and we know from past experience how much of a headache he can be. We just want to know that you’re safe. Dean didn’t mean to imply that you couldn’t look out for yourself.”

“That’s kind of you Sam, but really it’s nothing. Seriously. Let’s just get out of here okay?” The brothers knew that there was more she wasn’t telling them, but decided to wait till they got back to push for more information.

The boys didn’t try again until they were settled back in the bunker the next day. The siblings were seated in the library, researching and enjoying burgers. Sam and Dean exchanged looks over the books they were hiding behind, each trying to get the other one to ask.

Finally, Dean cleared his throat, but Y/N continued to read, obvious to his attempt to get her attention. When she didn’t look up Dean tried again, louder this time. Y/N raised an eyebrow at him, “Yes?”

Dean looked nervously at Sam, who nodded at him, “Well, we wanted to talk about the run in with Crowley yesterday.” Y/N slouched back in her seat, crossing her arms over her chest and the Dean braced himself before continuing, “I know you said you it was nothing and we know you can take care of yourself, but we are still worried. What exactly were you all tied up in with Crowley? What did you go to him for help about?”

“Guys, there is nothing to worry about. It was all in the past.”

Sam leaned forward in his seat, “Y/N, you didn’t make a deal with him, did you?”

“What?!” Y/N looked between the two brothers, shocked. Dean wouldn’t look her in the eye, terrified she’d say yes. “Of course not! Like he said, Crowley couldn’t help me. There was nothing to make a deal about. He couldn’t offer me anything.”

Again, the brothers shared uneasy looks, “But there was something you were willing to make a deal about? What was it you so desperately wanted?”

Y/N threw her arms up, exasperated with the relentless questioning, “Fine, yes I went to Crowley for help and probably would have made a deal.”

Y/N pushed back her chair and stood up angrily from the table. Sam and Dean followed her lead, both standing from their chairs.

“For what?” Dean’s voice was gruff and angry, it set him on edge that she, or Sam would ever do that.

“I was looking for someone that could help me free Adam from the cage. I thought Crowley as King of Hell might be able to, but just like everyone else he’s been a dead end.”

At the name of their mutual brother Sam and Dean both went rigid. The three siblings had never really discussed Adam and realistically the conversation was inevitable, but that didn’t make it any easier. While they never talked about him, Sam and Dean both individually felt guilty about their youngest brother’s fate.


“Don’t, okay? There really isn’t any need to even be having this conversation. There’s a reason I didn’t bring it up to you. I know you don’t care and I’m not going to make you talk about it, about him. Now you know how I meet Crowley. Happy?”

Y/N turned on her heel and went to storm out, but Dean reached out and grabbed her arm stopping her, “Just stop, you didn’t even give us a chance to say anything. Look, I know it’s a rough subject, but we don’t not care.”

Y/N let out a humorless laugh, cutting him off, “Oh you care? Wow, y’all have a weird way of showing it then. Leaving him to rot in hell with Lucifer and Michael is your way of showing you care?”

Dean’s hand dropped from Y/N’s arm, and both averted their eyes, not able to look Y/N in the eyes. When she continued her voice was harsh, with a cold edge to it, “No, if you cared you would have tried harder, hell you would have tried. You never really did. You made a half assed attempt with Death once, but quickly gave that up for Sam here. Let’s be honest with each other, if that was one of you still down there you would die trying to free the other.”

“Y/N,” Sam started, but he honestly didn’t even know what to say. How was he supposed to defend them? She was right. If Dean was trapped in the cage he would never give up trying to free his brother and Dean had done everything to free him before.

Dean tried to blink about the tears starting to form, “It’s not that black and white. Hunting never is, we wanted to save him, we really did, but you said it yourself, there is no way of getting him out.”

“Don’t. You didn’t try and exhausted all your resources and try to set him free. You figured there was no way, but you didn’t try and find a way. Don’t even try and give me that bullshit. That’s my twin brother you’re talking about and you left him in the cage for all of eternity.”

Sam and Dean were shocked into silence. The guilt they felt for Adam before now multiplied. Sam stepped towards Y/N, but she quickly stepped back from him, “I was down there Y/N, I know what it was like. If there was some way we could have saved Adam we would have done it. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy, and certainly not my brother.”

Y/N’s voice kept rising as she got angrier and angrier, “Don’t call him that. He wasn’t your brother, you never treated him like a brother. Like you treat each other, but then again no one will ever be as important to you to as each other is.”

“What does that mean?” Dean snapped.

“It means unless you’re Sam and Dean Winchester, you better watch your back, because you two will screw over anyone to save each other.”

Sam gave her a lost look and tried again to reach out for her, “C’mon, that’s not true. Y/N-”

“No, it’s a hundred percent true. You’ll always pick each other, like with Adam, hell like with the apocalypse. You will risk everything, even the safety of the whole world to protect each other. I can’t trust you two; I can’t trust that you’d do anything for me. I never will be able to, because if push comes to shove one day, I’m the extendable one here.”

Sam and Dean stood there in shock, not sure how to respond, “That’s what I thought.”

It was the slam of Y/N’s door that finally shook the boys out of it.

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gif is not mine

Title: Forever

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word count: 1,106

Warnings: injured reader, angst, fluff

A/N: This was requested by anon! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!! <3 <3

Gabriel knew he loved you the second he laid eyes on you.  However, he never came forward with his feelings, and neither did you.  The two of you loved each other and neither of you knew how the other felt.

When Sam, Dean, and Cas came back, Gabriel went from excited to horrified within a matter of seconds.  The Winchesters were leaning on each other as Castiel carried you in his arms.  Your clothes were soaked with blood.  He was sure most of it was your own, judging from the gashes on your arms.  

“What the hell happened,” Gabriel asked urgently, taking you from Castiel’s arms.  “Why didn’t you call for my help?”

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Screw the Ocean

Originally posted by supernatural-jackles

Dean Winchester X Reader (Female)

Summary: Dean decides to take you to the beach and things don’t really go as planned. 

      “Okay, I have to get out of here.” You said with a sigh and slammed the lore book that you had been reading shut. The loud noise you created caused both Dean and Sam to look up at you with their brows furrowed. 

       “Whats wrong, sweetheart?” Dean asked you with a small grin on his face. You knew for a fact he knew what was wrong you talked to him about it just a few days ago. Ever since you got hurt on the last hunt the boys had decided it would be best if you rested up for a few weeks, henceforth keeping you trapped in the bunker for weeks on end. You fought and pleaded forever for them to let you out but they refused and put up just as much of a fight as you did. 

       “I need out of here, Dean!” You yelled, moving to stand behind his chair, resting your hands on his shoulders. “Just get me out of here.” You put your chin on Deans head, feeling his soft hair press against your face. 

      “Alright, where do you want to go?” He said moving his hands to rest on yours. You thought about it, where did you want to go? You ran through tons of options in your head but none really jumped out at you. 

      “We could go to the beach,” Sam said still keeping his eyes glued to the book he was reading. 

       “Ohhh.” The beach sounded nice. You could already hear the ocean waves crashing against the shore in your ears, you could feel the sand between your toes, and you could feel the sun tanning your skin. 

        “I take it that interests you, Y/N” Dean smiled and shifted his head so that he could look you in the eye. “If you want to go to the beach I’ll take you to the beach.” Dean stood from his chair and look to you and Sam. “Well get to packing were going to the beach.” He said ushering you towards your room. 

                                                           * * *

      You sighed as you stepped out of the Impala, breathing in the sweet, salty air of the coast. You could hardly remember the last time you had been to the beach, but you could still identify the sweet smell of the ocean. You stepped around to the trunk and threw your duffle bag over your shoulder, patiently waiting for the boy to get their stuff together. “ready?” Dean questioned as he grabbed his own bag from the car. 

      “Ready as I’ll ever be.” By this point, you could hardly contain your excitement The beach was calling your name, you wanted nothing more than to sit in the sand with a beer in your hand and Dean by your side. Dean Smiled and gave you a quick kiss on the forehead. 

     “I’ll go check us in, you two can wait out here,” Sam said, adjusting the duffle bag the hung over his shoulders. 

      “Sounds good.” Dean smiled. It was the first time you had really seen him happy in awhile. With everything going on Dean hardly ever looked genially happy, but today he did and it made you happy. 

                                                     * * *

         You dug your toes into the sand and took another sip of your beer. You, Dean and Sam, had taken up what seemed like permanent residence on the beach no less than an hour ago, but you could already feel every stressful thought in your head disappear. Dean gripped your hand and squeezed it causing you to open up your once closed eyes. “Hey want to go for a swim?” He questioned glancing down at the ocean. 

      You suddenly became giddy with excitement. “Yeah sure.” You said trying to hide your utter excitement that threatened to break away your dignity. 

      He pulled you towards the ocean, leading you towards the people that you shared the beach with. “When is the last time you have actually been in the ocean?” He questioned as he tugged your body towards the crashing, blue water. 

      “It’s been years.” You said eyeing the ocean with anticipation in your eyes. He never said anything back he just continued to pull you towards the water. You both stopped when the water touched your ankles. “It’s a little cold.” You stated, glancing over to see he was just as excited as you were. 

       “It’s not too bad, sweetheart.” He squeezed your hand tightly and began walking out into the waves, pulling you along with him. The further out you got the stronger the waves got, forcing you to tighten your grip on Dean’s hand. “He lets swim under them.” He said, talking about the waves that headed towards you two. 

       “I don’t know, they look a little intimidating.” Noting the strength of the waves. You were surprised you had stayed above water this long.

       “Youll be fine, come on.” And with that, he let go of your hand and dove his way under the incoming wave. He was faster than you were and got under it before it could crash around him, but you were too slow. The wave pushed against your body, but not hard enough to shove you under, but hard enough to make you struggle to keep your balence. When Dean finnlay rose to the surfface again, he laughed when he saw you standing in the same place he left you. “You alright?” He questioned with a laugh. 

      “Just give me a minute.” You said, anxiously waiting for the next wave to form. It was no time before you saw the ocean start to roll forward and the big wave began to form. 

        “Just swim under, babe, it’s not hard,” Dean yelled, you couldn’t really tell if he was trying to mock you or be helpful. You sucked in a deep breath and eyed the wave heading towards you. You quickly dived under it, submerging yourself in the salty water. You could hear the water rushing around you, the pull was strong, but you managed to swim against it. 

         When you finally pushed yourself back to the surface you knew something was wrong. You could now feel a breeze on your chest that wasn’t there before. You quickly wrapped your arms around your chest and looked around to see if anyone had gotten a glance at your now bare chest. “Dean.” You said getting his attention. He turned to face you, shock spread across his face when he saw you standing there naked from the waist up. 

        “Where did your top go?” He questioned, wrapping his arms around you to shield you from prying eyes. 

        “If I knew Dean don’t you think I would be going after it.” Your eyes glanced around, looking for a brightly colored bikini top floating around, but you found nothing. 

       “Well, what do we do now?” He questioned, trying not to laugh at this whole situation. You face, no doubt, was 20 different shades of red. This was the worst thing that could have possibly happened, that, and getting eating by a shark. 

        “Try to get Sam’s attention.” You said in hopes that maybe he could bring you Deans t-shirt he wore down here. 

           “Uh, why?” He said looking down at you confused. “You want him to see you in your full glory or something?” He said pressing you closer to his chest as a small boy floated by on a boogie board. 

         “No, he can bring me your shirt.” You said annoyed. God, you suddenly wished this was a nude beach, then your bare chest wouldn’t be such a problem. 

          “Oh, good Idea.” He smiled at you. Dean thought for a minute before turning around and pushing your chest into his back, still shielding you from the public eye. “That feels kinda nice.” He said, taking notice of your skin pressed up against his. 

         “Not now Dean.” You complained. 

         “Sam!” Dean yelled out, causing the people around you to all look towards him. You two were pretty far out at this point, and Dean was going to have to yell pretty loud to get Sam’s attention, which meant drawing the attention of all of those around you as well. He yelled his name a few more times before Sam finally looked up. “Bring me my shirt!” He yelled again. You peeked around his large arm to see if Sam understood him. Thank God he did. Sam picked up the black T-shirt and started to head for the water. Sam was confused no doubt, but you could care less, you just wanted the shirt. 

           It took about a minute for Sam to finally reach you two, but when he did Dean snatched the shirt out of his hands and gave it to you. You were still hiding behind him using his body as a shield. “Turn around Sam,” Dean commanded and Sam did as he was told giving you some privacy. You quickly threw the fabric over your body, covering yourself once more. 

      “Alright.” you said, Finally moving out from behind Dean. 

      Sam turned around with a big grin on his face, “Did the ocean eat your top Y/N?” He laughed, causing you to blush once more. 

        ‘Shut up, screw the ocean,” You said starting to make your way back up to the shore. “The ocean is a pervert.” 

       ‘What because it took your top?” Dean asked with a smile. 

       “Yes, because it took my top.” You said pouting, “it was expensive too.”

Happy birthday, Sammy

Author: @waywardkitten
Featuring: Wincest
Square filled: Weecest
Warnings: Slight angst. John’s A+ parenting. Mostly just fluff
Rating: Teen and up
Word count: 3320
Summary: Sam presents as an omega 2 weeks before his fifteenth birthday. John comes home, finds out and acts like John does. Cue big brother Dean and his Cheer Sam up masterplan.
A/N: Okay. First of all, I took some creative liberties here because this story is more or less set to a playlist that you can find here (I strongly suggest you listen to it while you readbut the song of most significance (Pearl jam- Just breathe) was released in -09. But for the sake of the story let’s just pretend that that song is a cover of some obscure band who wrote it sometime in the early eighties, mkay? Second, this is inspired by this scene from The perks of being a wallflower and this scene from SPN season 3. Thirdly, I mostly write smut but when I do write fluff, like this, it tends to be tooth-rotting and sappy beyond sanity. Don’t judge me. But yes, if it is indeed super cute fluffy a/b/o weecest you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place. Enjoy

Son of a-



His fingers were stiff from the cold night air and his face felt clammy and wet from his own warm, wet breaths as he leaned his forehead against the steering wheel of his father’s Impala.

He could still hear the disappointed tone in John’s voice ringing in his ears; and the look of complete devastation on his brother’s face was something he feared would never fade from his memory.


What the hell

Come on you motherfucki-

A loud noise from inside the ratty old house made his body jolt in fear before he realised it was only his dad’s drunken snores from the living room couch. Closer to him was the bedroom he and Sammy shared, and if he listened closely, which he really tried not to, he could hear a soft muffled crying coming from the other side of the frostbitten window. Dean could picture his little brother way too vividly, curled up on the bed with his face pushed hard into his pillow to conceal the sobbing; the reason he could picture all of this so clearly was that he’d seen it on one too many occasions, and that knowledge was enough to make his heart break a little. He knew how ashamed Sam felt every time their father made him cry.

Dean sighed and gritted his teeth in a gesture of determination.

“Come on, Baby. For me?”

He connected the exposed wires again and with a roar the Impala’s engine came to life. Dean slumped back on the seat with a satisfied huff and patted the dashboard.

“Knew you had it in ya”

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It’s All Fun and Games Till the Wrong Brother Kills the Hellhound

A/n- The next part of Long Lost Sister. Sorry its a little long. I’ve got a good idea of how I’m going to use Y/n in this trials storyline. 

Series Summary- Sam and Dean meet their little sister, Adam’s twin, on a hunt and things don’t go all that smoothly.

Disclaimer- I don’t own the Supernatural universe or the images/gifs used, they were found on Google.

*Let me know if you want to be tagged in any of my future works*

Long Lost Sister Masterlist


The siblings hadn’t even been there 24 hours before Carl was killed by a hellhound. Y/n walked to the barn to grab her gloves, when she noticed Alice Cassidy grooming her horse. Y/n tried to quietly walk around the woman, not wanting to disturb her, but she paused on her way out, “Are you alright Mrs. Cassidy?”

“I’m fine.”

Y/n looked at the woman confused. Fine? Her husband just died, “Are you sure?”

“I really am, and I know I shouldn’t be because I loved Carl, I think. I just can’t remember why.”

“What, what do you mean by that?”

“Carl grew up around here, we went to school together and he was always mooning over me. I never, I used to make fun of him. We didn’t get together till Valentine’s Day 2003. I was at this party and Carl was there and it was like I was seeing him for the first time and suddenly he was cute and smart and funny. It was magic. Carl and I were happy for ten years.”

Y/n stood there eyes wide, well this changed things. She hurried back to the room, rushing through the door to tell the boys what she learned, “Guys-”

“No running around, you’re still recovering!” Dean cut her off. She tried to talk again, but the boys talked over her, continuing their conversation.

“Dean, were not summoning a crossroads demon.”

“I agree with Sam,” Y/n firmly cut in.

“Plan A bombed,” Dean stated. “So, welcome to Plan B. We get some red-eyed bitch in a trap and we hold a knife on her until she calls us in a pooch. Special delivery!”

“Yeah, except when Crowley finds out we’re dialing up hell, he won’t send one hellhound, he’ll send a hundred. That’s not a plan Dean, that’s suicide,” Sam argued back.

“Well you got a better plan?”

Sam hesitated, clearly having nothing. That’s when Y/n interjected, “Yeah, we stay here. I just talked to Alice at the barn, Carl didn’t sell his soul for oil. He sold it for Alice.”

Sam and Dean shared confused looks, “His wife?”

“He loved her, she barely noticed him, so he made a deal and now the time’s up and it’s like she barely even knew the guy.”

Dean pauses, “You think our demon signed up more than one schmuck when he was in town?”

“Wouldn’t be the first time,” Sam nodded.

“Look Dean, this family’s rich because someone booked a one-way ticket downstairs,” Y/n said. “And as of tomorrow, they’re all gonna be right here.”

“And you want to scope them out?” Dean questioned.

“I want to kill a hellhound, not die. How about you?” Sam responded. The two brothers were starting each other down, and Y/n got the feeling she was missing something.

“Two days and we do it my way,” Dean caved.

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Tired of Waiting

Sam Winchester x Reader

1350 Words

Story Summary:  Crushing hard on the younger Winchester, you aren’t sure you will ever act on your feelings. Then Dean comes along, trying to help you out.

Another day, another book in front of you as you tried to find a way to stop the Darkness before she destroyed the world. Tossing it onto the ever growing stack, you grabbed another one, opening it, but not really seeing the words in front of you.

You were tired of researching, itching to head out for a hunt. To get your hands dirty, and to forget about the fact that you were currently in love with a man who thought of you as his little sister. Even sitting here, right now, you had a hard time keeping your eyes on the book in front of you and not the messy mop of hair on the other side of the table. He was invested in his book, his wide shoulders hunched as he speed read through the book that was in multiple languages. That was another thing that drew you to him. It wasn’t just his long shiny locks that you were itching to run your fingers through. Or even the multi-faceted eyes of his that were so full of life and hope. It wasn’t even the long lean legs or strong chest. He was incredibly smart and humble, and putting those with his handsome features, it wasn’t hard to see why you had fallen for the man.

“You okay Y/N?” He asked, his eyes full of concern as he saw you staring. Nodding, you ducked your head back down. Reaching over, he grasped your hand. “Why don’t you take a break? You’ve been hitting the books for quite a while now. I’ve got it.”

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Intact (Dean Winchester)

Originally posted by soluscheese

Pairing: Dean/Fem!Mermaid!Reader
Words: 1500+
Warning(s): Drowning, slight nudity, self doubt
A/N: I hope you enjoy. sorrry the ending seems a bit rushed, I finished this at like 1 am on monday when I have s c h o o l. rip me but i love writing at unreasonable times.
Request: can you write one where you are a mermaid living with the boys (cas knows but keeps it a secret) and has to save Dean on a case by transforming? the reader is scared dean will hate her but confesses to loving her?

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Kiss the Girl

Word count:  3831

Pairing: Cas x Reader

Warnings: language, extreme fluff

A/N: My fantastic lovely human @the-awkward-writer hit 500 (and deserves so much more). i am taking part of her challenge and much to her liking, doing a fluffy story based off the song Kiss The Girl from The Little Mermaid. Also stealing the way she formats her stories based off of songs because it’s gr8 (just like her).

Originally posted by subcas

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I’m loving how we’re all discussing that Dean and Cas act hella married this season, but it’s also a constant reminder of how frustratingly close to canon they are, like how little would have to happen in order for it to actually be canon.

Take the “Good morning, sunshine” scene; Dean greeting Cas like that, asking if he wants coffee, Cas saying that he has to go. Sam and Dean rushing after him like they did, and Cas explaining himself like he did. And then Sam wishing him good luck before making his way back to the kitchen, but Dean lingering just a little longer and saying something along the lines of “Fine, whatever, but just be careful, okay?” before briefly pecking Cas on the lips as a goodbye gesture, and THEN Cas leaves.

Fifteen extra seconds, one innocent kiss, the rest of the entire episode could’ve been EXACTLY the same, and it would fit in perfectly without the need to add huge chunks of Dean/Cas screen time or softcore gay porn. Yet it would still be canon.

‘Canon Destiel would ruin the entire show because it would immediately change everything and it would become the Cas and Dean show!!!’

Ehm no… No, it wouldn’t.


Motherduckers by jdragon122
Artwork by @dragonpressgraphics :D

Summary: Dean’s gone through hell, been to purgatory, stopped the apocalypse, but never could he hope to say no to the combined force of Castiel and Sam Winchester. When it came to pets, Dean had always had a strict rule. But for whatever reason, now had to be the time he broke that rule… and thanks to Cas, it seemed the Winchesters first pets would be a group of tiny, fluffy ducklings.

Notes: So this was inspired by a conversation between me and pherryt/dragonpressgraphics :D Started off as being annoyed at autocorrect and then spiraled into using “duck” in place of “fuck”. Then pherryt came up with the brilliant idea, why can’t you use both? And I had to write for it :) And she also provided me with this lovely fanart to go with it, so a big thank you to her! Enjoy :D

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Characters: Castiel, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Reader, 

Pairing: Cas x Reader

Warnings: Smut (not overly grapic but it is there), oral female receiving, grace kink, Cas got his wings back buuuut he needs to work on his landings, pissed off reader, annoying Winchesters (I think that is it)

Word count: 1300ish

A/N: I wrote this for  @bloodysideofhells 1 week writing challenge. Today was lust and the prompt was  “I want you to taste how wet you make me.” 

Also this was the first time I have ever written smut for Cas so bare with me - I am sure it won’t be the last time though ;) 

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

“Y/N I am really sorry…”

“Don’t!” You kicked open the door to the bunker and made your way down the stairs.

“What the hell?” Dean starred at the two of you in disbelief just as Sam walked in from the kitchen, “I thought the two of you were gone for the weeke… what happened?”

The brothers took in the sight of their drenched friends as the two of you made your way down stairs.

“Turns out that even though Cas got some of his powers back his aim is a little off!” you snapped and the brothers quickly looked too Cas who hung his head, “well you wanted to go to Paris…”

“Not to go swimming in the freaking Seine Cas!!” you snapped at him and Cas quickly looked back at his feet just as Dean let out a heartfelt laugh.

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The Line (Part 16)

Originally posted by devoiddean

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, Rowena, Chuck, Billie, Amara, Castiel, Lady Toni Bevell

Word Count: 3000

Warnings: Angst, Torture, Imprisonment (?), Threats, Injury to reader

Summary:  The reader follows Amara into battle and faces off against Dean.

A/N:  This episode is set between 11x22 and 11x23.  So spoilers if you’re not that far.  I had a request a while back for the reader to pay Lady Toni back for what she did to Sam, which I didn’t feel like I could write since I’m morally opposed to torture.  But, if the reader doesn’t have a soul, or morals, yeah, why not?  Special thanks to the wonderful @notnaturalanahi, who helped me outline the rest of this series.  Wouldn’t be here without you.

The Line Masterlist

Your clothes were still hanging in his closet.

You ran your fingers over a sweater of yours, tucked between his jackets and flannels.  

It looked like you lived here.  Like this was still your home.

It wasn’t, of course.  You’d made your choice; you’d sided with Amara.  You’d brought her here: to the bunker, in her quest to find God.  Instead you’d found it deserted.  

The memories of your old life were like ash in your mouth.  

“They’re not here,” Amara said, looking around the room like it was oddly familiar.  You reflected that it very well might be.  After all, it was Dean’s room (your room) and she had known him in ways you couldn’t quite understand.  

You paused, fingers catching on a shirt in the closet, the one Dean had worn that day on the beach.

“What are you planning,” you murmured to him, as if he could hear you.

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Same As It Always Is - Part 2

Pairing: Dean x Reader (…ish?)

Word Count: 3200-ish 

Warnings: Language, Canon-Typical Violence, Mentions of Blood and Alcohol, and a Grumpier Dean

Read Part 1 by @hanny-writes-spn

Read Part 3 by @like-a-bag-of-potatoes (Coming June 15!)

A/N: Written for @spnbuddywriters Annoying the Characters Writing Challenge!~ Our prompt this time around was to use “Someone’s taking up two seats on public transit, so she has to stand” somewhere in our story. Also to annoy the ever loving crap out of the character of our choice of course lol. Ida’s part will be out tomorrow, so look out for that!

(gif source)

“Are you calling Sam or the police?” You quickly asked as you took out your phone, ready to dial whichever one Dean didn’t call. You reached your free hand into the car and roughly shook the man with no sign of a response. You then pressed two fingers against the man’s pulse point just to be sure and there was nothing.

“Sammy–” He said looking at you before turning away to pace next to the car. “We’ve got a situation… Yeah… Uh-huh… No, see some guy rear-ended us in the parking lot and–”

You walked a few feet away as Dean relayed the situation to Sam. You, on the other hand, called 911 because of the very public nature of the accident. In your periphery you could see a few customers inside had taken notice of the situation and had told the staff.

“911, what’s your emergency?” The dispatcher said as soon as the call came connected.

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12x23 Coda: Sitting Vigil

comes late to the party with Starbucks and angst.  1k, destiel


Dean can’t think straight, so when Sam darts into the house with the potentially murderous Lucifer baby, he doesn’t even turn towards his brother.  Instead, he falls to his knees on the dirt beside Cas, his heart stuttering in his chest.

“Cas.  Cas, please.” Dimly, in the back of his mind, he knows that calling his name over and over again won’t do anything.  But he keeps repeating it anyway. “Please.  Come on.”

He tilts his head back to stare at the sky.  Chuck doesn’t descend on a cloud.  Amara doesn’t step out of the night.  Lucifer’s right—no one is coming.  Not this time.


He crumples forward, a marionette with his strings cut.  Collapsing doesn’t make it any easier to breathe.  If anything, it makes the ache in his chest worst, but Dean can’t find the energy to move.  Instead, he gropes for Cas’s hand, blinded by his tears.  When he finds it, he laces his fingers through Cas’s.

“Hey, hey, hey. It’s gonna be okay.”

With his free hand, he smooths Cas’s hair out of where it’s fallen in his face.  He lets himself stroke through Cas’s hair like he never would have when he—if he was still—

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Request: Losing your memory after a hunt goes wrong, forgetting your boyfriend Dean, who has to take care of you and try to get you to remember him. With the sentences: “I’m saying this is their chance - maybe their only chance - to get out of this life. Who are we to take that away?”

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader

Gender: Any/Neutral    Triggers: Angsty/mention of injury/memory loss

Words: 1,550

Originally posted by all-you-need-is-spn

Dean sat next to your bedside, admiring your peaceful face. You were going to wake up soon, at least he hoped you would. It’s been a few days after you go hurt. He couldn’t stop going back to what happened. He never should have made you go on the hunt. You could have died, and he would never be able to forgive himself for that.


You, Sam and Dean were approaching the vampire den. Quietly you entered, your knives drawn. Once you entered the den you found nothing, not one single vampire. Looking at each other confused you all seemed to realize what was happening at the same time. Trap.

Suddenly there was a loud shout, and Vampires were surrounding you. You were surrounded immediately, fighting for your life. After killing one vamp another jumped on your back, quickly throwing them off your shoulder you kicked and sliced your way through some more vampires. But then it happened.

A really big vamp tackled you, you landed on a part of the floor that wasn’t sturdy enough, before you could move, the floor fell out from underneath you, you felt yourself fall and then nothing. 

Dean shuddered at the image. You just disappeared fell right through the floor. After they fought and killed the rest of the Vampires, he and Sam ran to the hole, and they saw you lying on the bottom, not moving. They both thought you were dead. They managed to find a hidden staircase that led to that underground floor, when they got to you, you were barely alive. Luckily they got you to the hospital, and now you were here. Lying in front of him, still unconscious. 

Now he was thinking about what the Doctor said “They experienced severe head trauma, I am unsure of when or if they will wake up. And there is no way of knowing what will happened if..when they wake up”


He was starring at his hands when he heard you move. Looking up expecting to see your eyes till closed, his heart stopped when he saw you looking at him.

“y/n” he said leaning forward

You stared at the attractive man, trying to remember what happened. Reading his expression you knew he knew you, didn’t know him. And that name, y/n, was that your name? You should know that. Why didn’t you know that?”

Seeing your unblinking gaze he spoke quietly “y/n, whats wrong?”

Opening your mouth to speak, you were afraid for a moment that you wouldn’t even know how to do that “I don’t…remember you” you said quietly

Dean stared at you for a moment before scoffing “Come on y/n, that’s not funny”

“I’m sorry, I wish it was a joke” you said, your mind reeling. Why couldn’t you remember this guy.

Just then the door opened, another man, a taller man came in, when he saw you he smiled, relieved.

“y/n! Oh thank God, how are you feeling” he asked approaching you.

“Sam” Dean said still staring at you, recognizing the look on your face. You didn’t recognize Sam. You looked scared. You really didn’t remember.

Sam, looking over at Dean saw his serious expression grew frightened “What’s wrong?”

Before Dean could say anything, you spoke “I don’t remember anything”

Sam thought for a moment you were referring to the hunt, but seeing Deans expression he looked over at you “Like, anything as in what happened or…”

“I don’t remember you” you said staring at him.

Sam looked over at Dean, wanting to see some micro-expression that showed you two were playing a prank on him. But seeing the tears start to well in Deans eyes he knew your weren’t joking.

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anonymous asked:

I love Dean and I don't agree with people saying he doesn't care about Cas as much as Cas does care about him but there's still that scene in season 11 when they got to Lucifer's cage. Dean went straight for Sam and Cas was getting beat up by someone so much more powerful than him. And Dean did what? He told Sam "we just have to wait a few minutes" What is that supposed to mean? That Cas can be the punching bag until they figure out a way to get out of here? This really bothered me.

Cas is an Angel, he’s much stronger than Sam.


It’s part of the toxic codependency, Dean is Sam’s parent crap that Dean had to throw off and he hadn’t at this point.

So…. this doesn’t surprise me AT ALL.

Cas WAS OK, like… he wasn’t close to dying or anything, this is part of what is GOOD about Dean and Cas’ relationship, that they do have confidence in each other a lot of the time. BUT here it is negative for sure because of the reasons behind it and because it’s a part of the string of events that lead Cas to feeling so little self worth that he says yes to Lucifer.

It’s still Supernatural - the relationships and Dean himself at this point are NOT healthy, this is part of why Cas ends up imo saying yes to Lucifer as the whole self worth issue throughout season 11, made worse by Dean not listening to him on the phone, hanging up, assuming he will be fine etc. Which is what Dean was apologising for in 11x23, which is why it was out of place for it to be a romantic declaration, even re: dragging out the story, Dean had to make amends for not helping Cas feel worth while throughout s11 before he said yes and this moment is a PART of it sure, but it had been building for a while.

It’s supposed to be unhealthy and it’s again how when one of TFW regresses to past behaviours, NEGATIVE things come out of it. It’s a continued theme in the show in order to show that it is negative and how they need to accept the things they regress, accept good things for themselves and therefore in the end we should have TFW self accepting, self forgiving, with self worth, all working together and thereby getting a WIN.

So yeah, things have changed now in that Dean has let Sammy go, of course Sam is still going to be the most important person in the world to him, but that toxic part is in theory gone, as long as they follow up on that narrative but I’m sure they will, so now it FREES Dean to think about HIMSELF and someone else who could be good for him.

It’s the standard “single parent lets their child go off to college and finally looks after themselves and finally gets a partner” trope - like I think Gilmore Girls did for example?

So yeah, it’s not TERRIBLE as a one - off thing, but it is part of the overall negativity of many of TFW’s arcs and thus is a part of what happened next, which in the long run will lead to a positive outcome. Again, the regressions are REALLY important to showing the audience and the characters that this is NOT how they should be acting as it ALWAYS results in BAD THINGS.


Pairing : SamxPlussize!reader
Words : 916
Author : Mel

Part 3 of the ‘Who Are You’  series.

You remembered the memories like they were yesterday.

Sitting in the coffee shop with Sam that first time. How women would turn every time he laughed, but he never once even glanced at them. His focus was fully on you. How you both sat there, losing track of time as you started with coffee and muffins, and it easily turned to an early lunch. He made you feel good about yourself so effortlessly. Even as you sat there wearing an old, massive hoodie that all but hid you from the world, he made you feel attractive.

How your face lit up the first time he asked you to dinner. You had run into him on your run, and you happily agreed. Texting back and forth the next two days, trying to convince him to tell you what he had planned, but he refused saying it was a surprise. The night before the date, he called apologizing. Something came up with work and he had to run off, but swore up and down he’d call as soon as he was home again.

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An ending worthy of Castiel

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Cas tells Dean he’ll wait for him.

What’s a few years or even decades for an angel who faces eternity?
In the meantime, Cas returns to heaven in order to make amends and find peace that has eluded him for ages.  While there, he plans to carve out a spot where Dean can one day join him.  One day, that is, when Dean is ready to lay down his Hunter’s burden.
Until then, Castiel rests. The lives of the Winchesters have brought him too many sorrows.

(~600 Words)

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