dean singing

A drabble inspired by a song that came on the radio while I was driving home today.

Dean Winchester is a terrible singer.

Or at least, he pretends to be. And he pretends to be a terrible singer all the time.

More often than not, if they are in the Impala, Dean is singing. Loudly. Off key. Messing up the words and making odd sounds in attempts to sing along with the guitar solos.

Sam finds it incredibly irritating, because it loses it’s charm about five songs into any road trip and Dean just won’t stop, dancing around and drumming on the steering wheel as he drives, growling out dirty lyrics at the top of his lungs.

“Can’t you make him stop?” Sam asks Cas finally. “Withhold sex or something?”

Dean snorts a laugh. “Cas wouldn’t give up a second with this sweet ass just so I’ll stop singing. And didn’t you say we weren’t ever going to mention me and Cas having sex again?”

“Yeah, well. I’d deal with a conversation about my brother and my best friend getting it on if it meant you’d shut up.”

Cas stays silent. He’s learned his lesson about getting in the middle of these types of arguments.

Besides, he doesn’t mind Dean’s terrible singing.

Because Cas has heard Dean’s real singing voice. It happens sometimes when they’re driving alone, late at night, when everything is still and quiet and it feels like the whole world exists solely inside the metal frame of that car. The radio will land on a cheesy soft rock station, and Dean doesn’t bother to change the station, because that would mean pulling his hand away from Cas’, and well, that’s just unacceptable.

So instead, Dean will roll his eyes and leaves the station where it is. And then Cas hears it. The low, quiet humming that slowly turns into actual words. Deep and sultry, and much more on key than it ever is when the sun is up.

There’s one song in particular Dean sings to him, a soft ballad about “turning your angel eyes my way”. Cas knows the general public probably thinks it’s saccharin and a little cliche, but he loves it. He wants to answer the questions Dean sings, to tell him exactly what he did to win Cas’ love. But he also doesn’t want his own voice to interrupt, so he never does. He just listens, lets Dean’s voice flow through him until he’s dizzy with it.

Dean and Sam continue to argue, but this is one fight Cas can’t help Sam win.

He wouldn’t mind if Dean sang every minute of the day.

what I expect from the musical episode
  • Dean: where the hell are we
  • Sam: I don't know man but it's weird...I'm gonna go check it out
  • Dean: ok good 'cause while we're here Im gonna need a drink
  • Sam: *leaves Dean alone at bar*
  • Dean: *takes a swig of beer*
  • Dean:
  • Dean: ...maybe I should try calling Ca-
  • Dean: what the hell?!- I SAID I WOULDNT CALL BUT IVE- what? no wait- LOST ALL CONTROL AND I NEED YOU NOWWWW- Cas!!-
  • Cas: *poofs into room* Dean, what is it?
  • Dean: Cas i- WANNA KNOW WHAT LOVE ISS *clamps hand over mouth*
  • Cas: ??...Dean-
  • Cas: Dean? I don't understand.. *steps closer and reaches out to touch shoulder*
  • Cas: what's going on-- *freezes on contact, eyes wide*
  • Dean: Cas what's wron-
  • Cas: *forcefully grabs Dean's collar and pulls him close*
  • Dean: Cas what the-!
  • Dean: -SAM HELP!
  • do u want to smite deemun


Do you want to smite a demon?

Come on lets go and hunt

You refuse to see me now

We’ll work this out

Stop pushing me away

You said we were family

Don’t act like we’re not

I wish you would talk to me

Do you want to smite a demon?

It doesn’t have to be a demon

I’m poison, Cas

No you’re not

Do you want to smite a demon?

Or gank a witch, come on lets go

I think a talk is long and overdue

I’ve started talking to the bees that buzz around

(you keep buzzing bees)

I’m feeling pretty lonely

Even with Sam here

I really want to see you


Please, I know you’ve heard me

Please let me help you feel okay

Sam says to leave you be, impossible

I can’t leave you alone, I-I love you

You know we need each other

We make a great team

You know that it is true

Do you want to smite a demon?

based on this post

Things I Need to See in Supernatural:

1) the Imapala gets turned into a person. My dream choice would be Jaimie Alexander

2) Sarah Michelle Gellar co-stars in an episode. If she was a bad-ass demon hunter, all the better

3) A musical episode.

4) An episode where Cas and Crowley have to solve a case together. No Sam or Dean; just Cas and Crowley having to put up with each other.