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Some Hollywood hotties – past and present – reading books.

1) Marlon Brando.

2) Benedict Cumberbatch reading Love’s Labour’s Lost.

3) Tony Perkins reading Look Homeward Angel.

4) Charlie Hunnam reading… anything.

5) Joseph Gordan-Levitt reading Kenneth Anger’s Hollywood Babylon.

6) Paul Newman reading The Garrick Year, by Margaret Drabble.

7) Gregory Peck, not surprisingly, posed with To Kill a Mockingbird.

8) Farley Granger reading The Edge of Doom, by Leo Grady. (Farley starred in the 1950 film.)

9) River Phoenix reading War and Peace.

10) James Dean reading poetry by James Whitcomb Riley.

“Phoenix once again proves he’s the James Dean of his generation. Phoenix’s Charlie quietly betrays his troubled thoughts by the wounded expression in his eyes, the clenched tension in his forearms. It’s a remarkable, underplayed performance by a remarkable young actor”

- The Philadelphia Inquirer (on The Mosquito Coast)


To those of you who have siblings:

Whether you’re best friends

And you never go anywhere without each other

Or you fight all the time

Or don’t know each other that well

Or even at all

Even when they annoy you

Or take your stuff

You have someone who you were born to love

And someone who was born to love you

You have someone who would probably die for you

Even if they wouldn’t admit it

So tell your sibling that you love them today

Even if they look at you weird

Cuz you’ll never know how lucky you are

Until you don’t have them.

With Love, 

An Only Child

  • Normal people: my favorite character won the spelling bee and is always kind and bakes cookies and is super smart and is always trying to be helpful. They are just great.
  • Me: *favorite characters are rude, awkward, insane, PTSD riddled, mass murderers, womanizers, freaks, several literally tried to be god, have a general depression about life, I could go on*

I just read a great meta about Dean’s leather jacket by @dustydreamsanddirtyscars and happened to watch the pilot just afterward and I noticed he wasn’t wearing the jacket at the beginning of the episode, but rather gets it halfway through. I haven’t been in the fandom long, so I had no idea that the jacket actually was one of the things John left behind in his hotel room when he went missing. I guess I always assumed it was given to him by John, like the Impala was, and now that just adds new layers to Dean’s character, this jacket he wrapped himself up in when Dad went missing, which he went on to cherish after John died. It’s also interesting that we never really see John noticing that I remember hello rewatch that Dean has it, and he certainly doesn’t seem to mind. So, for anyone else who didn’t realize, here you go: 

While looking for John, Sam and Dean find the hotel where John stayed, where a lot of his personal belongings have been left behind. Dean is wearing a canvas jacket at that point, which has been muddied up by his fall in the river. 

Dean goes to take a shower and you can see the shelf with a brown piece of clothing but it’s hard to tell what it is: 

And then Dean comes out of the shower and: 

Grabs the piece of clothing, goes outside and voila

The iconic leather jacket.

Come On

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY @destieldrabblesdaily !!!! Shirley, you are the best. the absolute best. HERE IS A BIRTHDAY GIFT OF A HIGH-SCHOOL AU FOR YOU <333

Dean let out a long, slow breath.

He’d imagined this moment so many times that he’d managed to make the reality of it feel like another daydream. Should he do it at school, or somewhere else? Separately, or all at once? Slowly, or bluntly? Seriously, or as a joke? Over and over, round and round, he’d pictured how he should come out to his friends.

And now here he was, with them all gathered around one of the tables at lunch. It was too hot for them all to be hungry; the summer had set in early, and it was all around them - in the discarded juice boxes littering the floor, and the scent of hot tarmac outside, and the whine of the air conditioning. It was putting sheens on foreheads and turning skin to gold - and Dean and his friends were at one of the outside lunch tables, enjoying it.

Jo and Anna were laughing together about a video that Ash was showing them on his phone; Charlie was talking at length to Garth about the Dungeons and Dragons game that they were both a part of, and Hannah was quietly biting into an apple as she listened in. And opposite Dean, Castiel was reading his book.

Dean watched them all for a moment, unnoticed. He had his bare arms resting on the hot metal of the table, his t-shirt sticking slightly to his lower back in the heat. Soon, they’d need to move inside - but first, he had something he needed to tell them. They were his friends. He wanted them to know.

He took a deep breath, and let it go. He could feel his heart pounding.

“Dean?” Castiel said softly; when their eyes met over the table, Dean swallowed. Castiel’s face shifted; it was the barest hint of a frown, the tiniest tilt of the head, the gentlest clouding of his blue eyes - but in the silent language that they’d built up over the years, it was a clear question. Of course, Dean thought, Castiel would realise that something was wrong.

He cleared his throat.

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