dean remembers this in his next life it's why he's afraid of flying

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DeanCas, M*A*S*H

Dean is the pilot who always brings the bodies in, always sees the back of Doc Cas’s head as he’s unloading patients and barking orders for triage… until the day he isn’t. Until the day he’s the one strapped to the side of a helicopter, bleeding from all over after getting shot out of the sky, and he looks up and there’s Cas’s eyes, widening in recognition before his hands are everywhere, prodding aches and making wounds sting more than they do. “You’re at the back of the line, Captain Winchester, you know what that means,” he takes one extra moment to pat his face and assure him, “the dead boys come in first, but you, you’re gonna live, I swear it,” he says, before barking at a nurse, “low priority, on to the next one.”