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Bonjour Timothy (1995) 

Happy Timothy, daydreaming about his reunion with Michelle, is so precious.

I liked this film a lot. It is so 90s! Besides, it gave me a sneak peek of the kiwi lifestyle. Not to mention baby Dean who speaks French. :3

  • Fun fact: For my bachelor’s degree, one of my exams was to pick a scene from a film where I could demonstrate the specificities of an English accent. I chose to work on Bonjour Timothy. After my oral, my professor (who is a sweetie) asked me with enthusiasm: ‘Where did you find such a film?’ I tried not to fangirl too much when I explained him the reasons. That is to say, Dean O’Gorman. (¬‿¬)  But my professor was no fool. x) Finally, he asked me: ‘Why did you choose this accent?’ I answered: ‘It may sound silly but I think that the kiwi accent is really cute.’ He laughed and told me: ‘No, that’s not silly! For my part, the Quebec accent is the cutest!’ And then, he talked to me with a Quebec accent… As I said … Such a cutie…
  • I didn’t manage to understand the last words. I tried everything. So, if someone knows, please tell me! ^___^