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What, you're jealous?

Request: Could you do a Cas x Reader x Dean where Dean has a crush on reader but Cas kisses her in front of him and he gets all jelly *jealous*?

Characters: Sam, Dean, Castiel, reader

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: none

You sat on the bed in the motel that you were staying in with Cas, Dean and Sam. Sam was out getting some supplies while you, Dean and Cas stayed behind to do research.

“Dammit!” You shouted as you slammed your hand down on your laptop.

“You ok?” Dean asked.

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Prompt project

This one is a gift to my editor ( @randomly-awkward-thoughts ) Who still thinks im a flaming whore for writing that sad fic with the song

Pairings: Sam Winchester x Reader 

Written by: @dean1winchester1dreams1of1pie

Edited by my shiny new temp editor: @sleep-silent-angel

Words: Over 900

Warnings: Uhhh I mean it’s a little painful but psh you’ll be fine

Summary: …I just, okay do we really have to do these. WE KNOW I SUCK AT THEM

Prompt: “Excuse me for falling in love with you”

And away we go…


Originally posted by bandss-and-youtuberss

“I can’t believe you! I asked you not to come and you did anyway.”

“Sam you can’t expect me to always sit on the sidelines! I’m a hunter too! I worked my ass off to get as good as I am and I’m not letting myself get soft just because you don’t want me to hunt.”

“What?! So I’m just supposed to be okay with you going out everyday and putting your life on the line?”

“You do the same thing! What, is it because I’m a girl? Is it because I’m smaller than you?”

“Y\N you know it’s not because you’re a girl. It’s neither of those reasons.”

“So let me fucking hunt! We’re used to getting knocked around and thrown all over the place! Let me do what I’m good at!”

“I’m not letting you hunt anymore Y\N, that’s the end of the conversation.” Sam turned and grabbed his coat. “I’m going to go get dinner.”

You ran forward and shoved him.


He stumbled forward but caught himself. He turned back around and grabbed your wrists, slamming you into the wall.

“Say it to my face.” He growled and you fought to get your wrists away.

“I hate you Sam Winchester!” You spat, “I hate you for not letting me do my job and acting like I’m some princess. I can handle myself, what the hell has gotten into you?”

Sam let go of your wrists and grabbed the keys to the Impala.

“Excuse me for falling in love with you.”

He walked out, slamming the door. The room shook and you sunk to the floor, taking in the words he had just said to you. You ran your hand through your hair, curling up against the wall. It hadn’t been the first time you’d had this fight. He’d just never said that was the reason.

“Y\N?” Dean came into the small room and crouched down next to you “You okay?”

“Did you know how he felt?” You looked up to him, tears streaming down your face. He got up and grabbed a tissue box from the nightstand and handed it to you.

“I had my suspicions,” he confirmed, and you grabbed a tissue, wiping your eyes. Not that it did anything to help you.

“How did I never see it?” You whimpered and he groaned, sitting next to you and handing you another tissue.

“Because you were too busy fighting him to see that all he wanted was to know you were somewhere safe. You should have seen his face when we found you on the ground all bloodied up. He freaked.”

You took the tissue and he threw the box across the room, “I shouldn’t have said I hated him.”

“No you shouldn’t have. He’s probably kicking himself in the teeth for saying he loved you.”

“Dean?” You wiped your eyes, standing up and taking off your shirt. “I - I think you’re going to need to get your own room tonight.” You took a shirt from Sam’s bag and pulled it over your head.

“I’m going to make this right no matter what, and I wouldn’t be okay with keeping you up all night with our fighting.”

You took off your pants and grabbed your brush, pulling it from the bun you had it in, You ran it through your hair, being careful around the tangles.

“Yeah,” He grabbed his wallet from the table and scoffed. “Because you look like you’re getting ready to fight.”

“Dean?” You said again, this time walking towards him and hugging him as tightly as you could. “Thanks for the chick flick moment.”

He rolled his eyes and hugged you back, “We never speak of this.”

You saluted him and he left the room to get his own for the night. You turned and went back to your bag, pulling out a bag of makeup you used for undercover work. You put on light mascara and lipgloss and tossed the bag back into your duffel.

“Y\N we need to-” Sam came into the room with food for the three of you and your favorite milkshake. You got up from the chair you’d been sitting in and sauntered over to him. He raised an eyebrow and slowly put the things in the mini fridge, keeping an eye on you. When he got done putting the stuff away you kicked the door shut with you heel and grabbed his shirt, bringing him to your level.

“What’s all this?” He asked, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“I - I owe you an apology… A huge one… And I don’t know how to make it up to you. I thought, hey, why don’t I be sexy. But these heels are totally killing me.”

Sam, laughed and lifted you up. You wrapped your legs around his waist and he carried you to one of the beds.

“I know something that might help make it up to me.” He kissed your neck, biting down, causing you to moan softly. “Be mine? Let me take care of you, Y\N. I know we can’t get out of this life, but maybe we can be miserable in this life together.” He laid you on the bed and pulled off his shirt.

“On one condition.” You watched him as he kissed his way up your legs, laying his body on yours. You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed his nose.

“Anything, Y\N.”

“Let me be an adult and make my own decisions. If I decide to go on a hunt, let  me.”

Sam kissed your neck again, sucking on the spot he’d bitten.

“I promise to let you be your own person. I love you, but I can’t always make your choices in life.”

“Sam Winchester, you’ve got yourself a girlfriend.”

Not a fairy tale

A/N:So this is my entry for @one-shots-supernatural’s SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge. It’s my first time attempting this challenge. I hope you guys have as much fun reading it as I had writing it.

Word count: 1621

Dean X Reader

Prompt: “Are you.. watching a Disney movie?”

Warning: Dean fluff?

Originally posted by demondetoxmanual

“Pick another one”

“What? No!”

“Come on Sam, you are better than this”

“What’s your point? The movie was a blockbuster”

“That’s it, we are leaving. Move your ass”

“No. I am buying this”

“Hah.. Sure go ahead Sammy.”

“Dude! Where’s my money? Give me back my money”

“I’ll see you in the car, Sammy”


You silently laughed to yourself as you waited outside the shop. Dean emerged from the insides wearing a smug smile, followed by Sam who was glaring at Dean’s back.

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Practically Inseparable (Part 5)

Summary: Your friends discuss how to get you and Cas together.

Words: 953 (1,001 including texts)

Cas x Reader

Warnings: none

Notes: Sorry for the delay in update, A shorter chapter because it’s a filler leading to the next one, which will start being more about Cas and the reader exploring their relationship :)

Beta: @teamfreewill-imagine

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Let’s Go To The Beach

Title : Let’s Go To The Beach

Pairing : Castiel X Reader

Word Count : 2,720

Prompt : You and the team go out to the beach in an attempt to find mermaids. However, it turns into more than just a regular hunt when none of you can find any signs of the supernatural. In the end, you all just have to learn to have a day off… But relaxing is not as easy as it would appear when you are a trained killer. Who knew it would end up being such a hassle to have a vacation?

“This is the life.” Dean leaned back on the longue chair, folding his arms behind his head as he snuggled down in the blinding sunshine.

“But we failed to catch what we came out here for, Dean.” Sam said, leaning out over the edge of the boat, squinting despite the sunglasses on his sun-blocked nose. “Remember? We were supposed to catch a mermaid.” Sam ran a hand through his hair as he ducked back under the shade of the boat’s roof. “What am I supposed to say to that guy who lent us his boat for the day?”

“You know something, Sammy? You worry too much.” Dean smirked, closing his eyes to the sharp rays of light beating down on you.

“Just relax,” Dean murmured and Sam sighed.

“I just don’t like being stuck in the middle of the ocean when we are trying to prove that monsters exist in this area.” Sam scowled.

Dean scoffed. “You scared of the ocean?”


Dean sat up, peaking at his brother with a smirk. “I think you are.”

Sam rolled his eyes. “I’m not.”

“Perhaps we should return this boat then.” Both Sam and Dean turned at Castiel’s solemn voice. He was staring at the vastness of the ocean, his blue eyes squinted against the glare, and his button-down shirt looking much less formal all disheveled and half removed by the ocean wind. His hair was tangled wildly around his sunburned cheeks. “We could return to shore.”

“Cas,” Dean raised a hand to the angel, cocking an eyebrow. “I love you man, but for God’s sake; you need to get that stick out of your butt.” Dean pulled a beer from the six-pack by his chair and smiled. “Just try to have fun for once.” He tossed the drink at Cas to emphasize his point.

Cas caught the bottle easily, reflexes on point as usual, and he glared at Dean. “I do not have a stick up my butt.” Dean let out a snort of laughter at Castiel’s contempt. “What is fun about taking advantage of a fisherman like Hasseman?” Cas continued, looking down at the drink in his hand.

“Hey, he lent us the boat for as ‘long as we needed to catch the mermaids’, remember?”

Cas narrowed his eyes and set the beer down by his bare feet. He had rolled his long dress pants up around his knees. With a pair of sunglasses on his head in that attire, he almost looked like the owner of the yacht-like fishing boat.  Were it not for his attitude, he might have been able to play the part.

“But it is more practical to return to the port—”

“Oh, come on, Cas. We are not going back yet, are we?”

Cas whirled around at the sound of your voice, his mouth still agape as he lost thought completely.

“Wow.” Dean smiled, nodding to you as you stepped up onto the hot deck in bare feet. You stuck out your tongue at him as you passed, wearing little to nothing in your black bikini. “Y/N, never knew you had that hidden under all those delightful layers of plaid and leather and,” he raised a drink to his lips shooting Cas a smug look, “emotion.”

Cas finally managed to close his mouth, staring at you. You stepped toward him and wrapped your arms around him happily, loving the sensation of the warm salty air as it whipped through your hair. “Dean, you would never know because you never take time to dig through layers.”

“I dig.” Dean insisted indignantly, spreading his hands.

“No you don’t.”

“I’m pretty sure all of us have too many twisted layers anyway, Y/N.” Sam said, pulling off his red t-shirt with a sigh before he sat down on a lounge chair by Dean. “Your argument is invalid if all of us are equally screwed up.”

“Touché.”  You smiled as you ran your hands teasingly along the button-down seam of Castiel’s blouse. You were itching to get him out of it, but he wasn’t like Sam and Dean. He was gentler, purer, and far more fun to mess with.

You looked to Cas. “I thought we were going swimming.”

Cas was watching your fingers as they traced the buttons of his shirt. He dragged his gaze up to yours after a struggle, his cheeks pink as he took in the sight of you. “I…” He looked around, as if he forgot his argument altogether.

“Yeah, but Cas wants to go back to the port.” Dean said with a smirk. You giggled as Cas shot Dean a poisonous glare. “Isn’t that right, Castiel?”

There was a pause as Cas swallowed quickly and cleared his throat. “Well, if that’s what Y/N really wants, I’m sure a few extra minutes couldn’t hurt.”

“Sweet.” You and Dean both let out a cheer at Cas’s consent. Sam chuckled and leaned back, picking up a book he had been reading and placed it over his eyes as he settled down to rest in the shade.

You tugged on Cas’s arm happily. “Let’s go!”


“Let’s swim, dummy.”

Cas let out a low laugh, unamused. “I don’t want to swim, Y/N.”  You turned to him, pouting and he smiled at you, blushing slightly. “Of course that doesn’t imply that you aren’t allowed to get in if you want to.”

“You like to watch, eh Cas?” Dean called, and Sam punched him as you both rolled your eyes.

“Are you sure you don’t want to go?” You asked, deflated.

Cas smiled and gestured to his clothes. “I did not bring a change of clothes.”

“You could take them off.” You offered with a slight smile. You knew you wouldn’t be able to convince Cas. When he set his mind to something he was impossible to persuade.

“I’d prefer to keep my attire on my body while Dean and Sam are around.” He cast a glance at the boys. “They tend to be…” He trailed off, searching for the right word.


“Bitches?” Dean shouted, his eyes closed as he smirked to himself.


You let out a laugh and stepped away from him, looking over the edge of the boat into the clear, blue waters. It looked so tempting… “But how often do we get the chance to swim in a place as beautiful as this?” You undid the latch that held the ladder up against the side of the boat and it fell intot he clear, blue water with a splash. You turned back to the angel, giving him the best puppy-eyes you could muster.

“Really, Y/N, you can swim if you want to.” Cas insisted gently.

“I don’t want to alone…” You turned away and sat on the open chair by Dean, frowning.

You glanced at Cas out of the corner of your eye hopefully, praying your pouting would change his mind. But to your surprise, you heard Dean let out a groan of compliance. “Alright fine.” Before you could question him, Dean had stood up and pulled his olive-green tee over his head.

You let out a soft sigh, not wanting to cause him any trouble by compelling him to do something he didn’t want to do. “Dean, its fine. We can stay dry today—” Your voice cut off in a squeal of fright as Dean swooped over and picked you up easily in his arms.

“Y/N, Y/N, Y/N…” Dean shook his head at you as you struggled in his arms for a moment, your eyes wide with fright as he carried you to the edge of the boat. “Everything is more fun when wet.”

Before you could finish a scream of realization, Dean tossed you over the edge of the boat and you landed in the salty water with a gigantic splash.

You bobbed to the surface, sputtering and coughing, rubbing the sea water out of your eyes. You blinked up to see Dean laughing so hard he was doubled over on the edge of the boat, Castiel and Sam rushing to see what had happened. You frowned, despite the fact that the water felt amazing and it was good to hear the Winchester’s laugh again.

“DEAN!” You shouted, as a gentle wave cradled you in the warm water, bobbing you up and down. “What the heck?!”

Dean let out a final chuckle, wiping his eyes as Sam came up behind him. “How’s the water, sweetheart?”

You narrowed your eyes at him, pushing your wet tresses back from your forehead. You glared up at Dean. “Delightful.” You cast him a sudden smile, laying back on the waves, enjoying the sun on your face. “I’m surrounded by idiots on a boat and potential mermaids in the water. I’m actually happy down here, thank you very much!” You turned and started swimming around indignantly.

You smiled to yourself, paddling a little ways away.

“Y/N, don’t go too far.” You frowned a little at Castiel’s worried voice.

You turned on your back to look at him from where he perched on the boat. His eyes were locked on you attentively. You smirked to yourself as you realized you had his full, rapt attention. You pushed your hair back from your face and fluttered your eyes at him as seductively as you could. “Nothing’s going to happen, Cas. You’d jump in to save me wouldn’t you?”

You heard Sam chuckle as Castiel flushed a little pink as you shimmied away from him on your back, swimming tauntingly around the boat. Cas’s eyes were locked on you. You smiled to yourself, mentally praising the way you were holding his attention so strongly.

You closed your eyes against the brightness of the sun, ducking under the waves for a few seconds. The sound of the ocean was dull and muffled under water, but it was still magical. You reemerged a few moments later, wiping the water from your face.

But as you resurfaced, you heard a low, raspy voice call out from the deck. “Oh my god, what is that?!”

You whipped around in the water, the concern in Dean’s voice setting you on edge. “What?”

Dean pointed, running to the very edge of the boat, his eyes narrowed in suspicion and fear. “That, in the water!”

You spun a quick circle. You could not see anything.

“What is it?” Castiel’s voice was full of protective roughness as he came up beside Dean, his eyes wide and searching the water.

“In the water next to Y/N.” Dean pointed.

CAs leaned over, his eyes narrowed at the waves.

“It looks like…” Dean shifted a centimeter closer to Castiel, and his frown suddenly vanished into a grin, “an angel.”

Before any of you could react, Dean stepped behind Cas and shoved him hard in the back. Your eyes flew wide in shock and amusement as a low growl of shock ripped from Cas’s throat before he hit the water in a loud splash. You let out a laugh as Dean wiped his hands in front of him, as if satisfied with his work. He shot you a look as Cas surfaced a few feet away, sputtering something in Enochian, “You’re welcome.”

“You really are so charming.” You laughed as you paddled toward Castiel, shooting Dean a sarcastic smirk.  

Castiel frowned, swimming in a sloppy circle before he shot Dean a deadly glare. “What was the purpose of that?!” He snarled, but a wave cut him off, filling his mouth with salty water. He spit it out and frowned up at Dean as Sam came up to stand beside his brother.

“Come on, Cas. It’s not that bad.”

At your voice, Castiel turned around in the water, his anger melting away. You almost giggled out loud as he swam toward you, his blue eyes searching your face with a look of pure, unadulterated concern. “Are you alright?” His voice rumbled, so deep and powerful, you were sure that ripples would cast out from his rib cage.

“I’m wonderful.” You smiled, swimming closer to him, nuzzling under his chin as you paddled beside him. You cast a quick peek at his chest. His button down white shirt was clinging to his well-built chest, and you had to look away quickly so that he wouldn’t notice.

That and you were about to drool. You couldn’t help it. He was flipping gorgeous, his tangled hair dripping and sparkling as if diamonds were being cast of his ebony locks, his clothes clinging to his body, his blue eyes matching the color of the mesmerizing waves.

There was a moment of silence as you cast him a sweet smile before paddling away. Or you would have, if Castiel hadn’t caught hold of your wrist and pulled you tightly to his chest. You almost let out a gasp of delight at the contact, clinging to his strong chest as your eyes flittered up to his. He blinked at you, a slow smile spreading across his face.

“You are blushing.”

You looked away, finding it hard not to smile. “It’s the heat…”

Castiel was still for a long moment, his eyes fixed on your face. “Liar.”

You blinked for a moment, caught off guard like a giggling school girl. “I forgot angels were so perceptive…” You took a moment to regain your composer. Castiel was yours, after all. You didn’t need to be so intimidated by him. You took a deep breath and leaned into his chest. Castiel was still studying your face as you leaned in and pressed your mouth to his, cutting off a gentle breath of question that hovered on his perfect lips.

He always tasted so sweet, almost impossibly so. Now he tasted ever so slightly of salt, and you smiled against his lips as his fingers gently lingered above your shoulders, as if he was afraid to touch your exposed body. You leaned harder into him, enjoying the strangle sound that rumbled from his chest as you pressed your body flush against his.


“Hmm?” You purred, running your fingers through his hair as he shifted under you. You grinned, pulling back to admire your work, only to laugh under your breath at the way his hair was sticking up at all angles on top of his head.

“I love you.” Castiel smiled, a warm growl erupting from his throat. You shivered in anticipation at the sound, so feral and wild and un-earthly. He was so distant form you in moments like this, so desperate for you that he seemed more alien than ever, and yet, you were the closest in these moments as well. Your breath escaped you in a rush as he leaned into you and pressed a wide open kiss to your neck. His fingers moved and started to fiddle with the strings of your bikini ties and you blinked open your eyes.

Up on the deck, Dean and Sam were staring at you with amused grins on their faces.

“We shouldn’t…” You finally ground out, barely managing to finish as Castiel pulled your hand up to his mouth and pressed his lips to your fingers deliciously.  “Not here.” He frowned for a moment and you cast a quick look up at the boys.

Castiel frowned. He looked back to you. “Let them stare.”

You let out a little giggle. “It’s not about me. It’s…” You snuggled up into Castiel’s arms with a smile. “I don’t want them to have the satisfaction of knowing they can throw us into the ocean whenever they feel like it.”

Castiel frowned. “So you are insinuating we should educate them?”

You grinned. “Do angels have power over the elements or is that just Jesus?”

*                                             *                                             *                                             *                                             *

“See?” Dean leaned back, away from the edge of the boat with a proud smirk. “Sometimes you just need to push people together.”

Sam rolled his eyes and sat down on the lounge chair on the deck, sliding his sunglasses down his nose. “Whatever. They are already together. I don’t know what you feel like you have accomplished.”

Dean smiled to himself, folding his arms smugly. “I’m an awesome match-maker, Sammy. Admit it.”

Sam rolled his eyes.

Neither of them could see the giant wave that was traveling toward them from Castiel’s direction.

As it turns out, angel wings can move more than just air.

“Wait!” you called out, struggling to hold your jacket tight to your body in the late October gusts. “You never told me your name.”

The young man gave you a slight smile, the wind brushing through his messy hair as he stood at the top of the concrete stairs. Calmly, he let his hands dangle by his sides as he paused for a moment before speaking. “Sam,” he replied. “Sam Winchester.”


*inspired by gmw*

*HOW BAD YOU ARE AT IT. Sorry about the typo I’m tired.

Sam: Ghandi, what’d he do?
Y/N: Freed Ireland
Sam: …
Sam: Try again
Y/N: …
Y/N: freed Ireland
Sam: freed India
Y/N: …
Y/N: before or after he freed Ireland?
Dean: what’s wrong with you?
Y/N: …
Dean: ok, let’s move on from Ghandi, let’s talk about the Great Depression.
Y/N: … I thought it was a called the Grand Canyon

It’s a Terrible Life - Part 2

Word Count: 2995

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, SPN Stuff

A/N: Feedback always appreciated

Series Rewrite Masterlist

Come on Y/N get your shit together. You ran your hands over your face and through your hair, sitting down at your desk and chugging some coffee. Dean was right, you probably should have gone home, but some part of you was fascinated by all this. You decided to pry into Paul Dunbar’s personnel file and scanned through it, seeing a retirement party was planned for two weeks. “Why would he kill himself two weeks before he was supposed to retire?” You mumbled to yourself and jumped when your phone rang, bringing you back to reality. “This is Y/N.”

“Hey it’s me.” Dean’s voice was like music through the other end of the phone and you smiled despite yourself. “Can you send Ian up to my office? There’s a few errors on a form he filled out I just wanna see if he can correct them for me.”

“Yeah, sure.” You tried to make your voice sound less shaky but you weren’t sure he was buying it.

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Mistakes, Part 3 (The End)

[Read the Prequel] [Read Part 1] [Read Part 2]

Summary: You try to fix your rocky engagement with Dean.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2182

Warning: Angst

A/N: IT’S CHEESY I KNOW AND I’M SORRY AND ADVANCE FOR THE FLUFF I ADDED INTO IT. I COULDN’T DEAL WITH ANGST ANYMORE I’M SORRY I’M WEAK. Oh and I’m starting a general tagging list for every time I post a fic so yea message me here if you wanna be in it :)


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Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Crowley, Rowena, Lucifer and the reader.

Warnings: angst, mentions of suicide…

Words: 3446.

A/N: It’s finally here guys! My 666 followers celebration! I’m so excited about this!! I can’t wait to hear all your opinions!! (I’m open to read all your critiques as long as they’re constructive) Also, thanks to my lovely @kbrand0 for helping me and beta-reading this! Enjoy!! (If you can)


(Gifs & pics not mine!)

SynopsisWhen Y/N first met Dean she fell in love immediately. When he told her about his real life her decision was crystal clear: she would follow him till the end of the world. It was the “apple pie hunter life” until Y/N got badly injured on a hunt and Dean decided he has to protect her. How? Leaving her.

After 5 years of physical rehabilitation Y/N decides to go after the love of her life, but what she finds, when she finally reaches Dean, tears her apart and pushes her to the arms of a crossroad demon.

Years later and after a deal with, by then, the King of Hell, Y/N will seek revenge against the man who broke her heart: Dean Winchester, and she’ll do whatever it takes regardless who she has to deceive or run over.

Blood kept dripping from your hand as you prayed over and over again for Castiel to show up. I need you Cas, I need you, you repeated like a mantra. The thunder of wings fluttering made you open your eyes. There he was, with deep concerned blue irises staring at you,

“Y/N, are you OK?” he asked approaching you as he spotted the bleeding palm of your hand, “What happened?”

It had worked. You smiled coldly and looked at him in the eye. Your facial expression froze him in place, being aware that something was wrong.

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Warnings: mention of death, angst, swearing
Word count: 471
Pairing: Dean x reader (reader x Sam friendship)
Characters: Dean, Sam, reader

“You sat there while I cried my eyes out and you said nothing! You didn’t tell me that it was you or that she was a werewolf! Oh my god. I can’t fucking believe this-” you screamed at your boyfriend Dean in the strange-smelling motel while Sam was out on a supply run.

“Y/N please, I swear I didn’t mean to hurt her but she got out of hand, I didn’t know what else to do” He kept his voice calm and low.

“If she was a monster and hurting people then fine. If you told me I would have been upset but I would have understood.” You could feel the tears forming in your eyes, but you didn’t want Dean to know that this was making you upset, you wanted him to think you were angry. “But you lied about it Dean! You fucking lied to me and told me that you didn’t know why someone would kill such an innocent girl. You watched me hold her lifeless, broken body in my arms and you didn’t say anything to me!” You were hysterical, shouting at him and waving your arms everywhere. You felt tears stream down your face but you instantly wiped them away.

He just looked at you… He had no idea what to even say anymore. He was tired of covering it up and hiding it from you. Now you sobbed into your hands, wishing that it was Deans chest you were sobbing in to. But you couldn’t, you were too mad at him.

He took a step forward and placed his hands out. “Don’t” you shouted as you took a step back and put your hands up. He stopped and stared at you as he clenched his jaw, trying to fight back tears. “I just-” you whispered, “I need some air”. You shoved past him and walked outside of the motel to which you saw Sam coming back from the supply run. Sam looked at you as he got out of the impala and noticed you were crying.

“Hey.. Y/N, what’s wrong? Why are you crying?” He looked back up at the door to the motel and realised that Dean was still inside because he wasn’t out her with you. “Did something happen with Dean? Did you have an argument or something?” He now looked back at you.

You looked down at the floor and continued to cry, you didn’t know what to say or how to get the words out. Sam put the bag he was carrying on the floor and wrapped his arms around you. You sobbed into Sam’s chest and gripped onto him tight. All you wanted was to hold Dean but you couldn’t, you were too mad at him. For now, you were perfectly fine in the arms of your best friend Sam.

It’s Not Over

Sequel to my series Please Forgive Me (Please read that first or you’ll be confused :) )

Ok guys here’s a short first chapter to test things out :) Let me know what you think :D

You sat on the bed you shared with Dean watching him pack his hunting gear hastily. The plastic smile you let cover your face hiding the deep scowl beneath it.

It had been 6 months since the demonic version of you had attempted to kill the Winchester’s. Since then things had been awkward to say the least. Sam kept an uncomfortably close eye on you, he shadowed you on the few hunts they allowed you to attend and he even went as far as to remove your weapons. You gritted your teeth and got on with things as best as you could, feeling like a child who had to ask her elders if she could use the scissors.

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Heir to the Throne

Summary/Original Request: Could you do an imagine where your Crowley’s daughter and tfw finds out about you and Castiel starts to fall for the reader but Crowley and dean and Sam do not approve, just a thought.

Requested By: @mishaacklesthepizzaman

Words: 600

Warnings: staring, semi-controlling father, sheltered daughter

A/N: This is my first attempt with putting Cas and Crowley into a fic. Please tell me what you think!

Your entire life you always wanted to see what it was like on earth. You heard so many stories from your father, Crowley, but you couldn’t help but want to see it for yourself. You wanted to meet his friends, Dean, Sam, and Castiel. You wanted to feel all the things your father described, the wind in your hair, grass under your feet, cold water running through your fingers. Yet you were still stuck in hell. It was your home and you felt comfortable there, but you wanted something more. Earth sounded like the most magical place you could ever imagine.

One day you gathered up all your courage and asked your father if you could join him in his duties on Earth.

“Let me think about it, love. Now go torture a soul or something.” Your dad said.

The next day, your dad came up to you and offered you a deal. He agreed to take you to Earth with him, but you were to be the heir to his throne in Hell. You were more than willing to accept his offer.

Earth was just as nice as your dad had described. The birds chirped in the bright, blue, cloudless sky. The leaves on the trees rustled as the wind gently whispered through them. The sun left a gentle warmth on your skin as it touched you.

“Where are we going?” You asked him.

“There is some business to deal with involving Moose, Squirrel, and their Angel friend.” Your dad replied.

“Who?” You asked, raising a single eyebrow at him.

“You’ll see.” He said.

You and your father walked into a clearing in a small forest and you saw three people standing there. One was unusually tall with long hair. A second was more normal sized and stood there like he wanted to kill everything in sight. The third one, a short guy in a tan trench coat who clearly wore his tie wrong, wouldn’t stop staring at you.

“Cas, put your eyes back in your head. The last person you want to be messing with is someone who follows Crowley around.” The normal sized one said.

“That person following me around happens to be my daughter, Squirrel.” Your father said.

“Daughter?” the tall one asked, “How is that even possible?”

“That’s for me to know, Moose.”

“Well, can we at least know why she’s here?” Squirrel asked.

“She’s here to learn the ropes. She will be taking my place eventually.” Your father turned back to you, “Y/N, these are the people I have been telling you about. The tall one is Sam, the one with short hair is Dean, and the one staring at you is Castiel. Guys, this is my daughter, Y/N.”

“I didn’t know you needed an heir to your throne, Crowley.” Dean added.

“Even I get tired sometimes, Squirrel. One can only take so much torture.” Your dad replied.

“Dad, why does Castiel keep staring at me?” You asked, starting get a bit creeped out.

“Because you are the most eye catching creature I have ever seen.” Castiel replied.

“Cas, you are an Angel. Crowley’s daughter is a Demon. It will never work.” Dean said.

“Cas, Dean is right and I absolutely forbid you to have relations with my daughter.” Your father said.

“Cas, this is by far the most twisted thing I’ve ever seen you try to pull off.” Sam replied.

“Okay, okay. I get the point.” Castiel said, looking down at his shoes.

You got the feeling that this would not be the last time that you would hear about this from Castiel.

The right kind of research

Dean X Reader drabble

Word Count: 500-ish

Warning: Nothing, just Sam being sassy AF! and implied Dean fluff/ smut. ;)

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“That’s it! you both are idiots”, Sam slams his hands on the table, making you jump. As soon as you catch your breath, you look at Dean to enquire what’s gotten into Sam. Deans eyes mirror your quizzical expression. He shrugs when he sees you looking at him, he doesn’t have a clue.

You were lounging in the library with books in your lap, while Dean was sitting in the chair with his feet on the table and beer in his hand. Both of you were busy with the research regarding a case in South Dakota. Only catch: for the past hour and a half you had been stealing glances at the Greek god that was Dean Winchester, trying to be furtive about it.

You had sighed internally, knowing that Dean could never possibly like you that way. You had been hunting with the Winchesters for over a year now and after all that you had been through together, you couldn’t imagine your life without them. You weren’t stupid enough to jeopardize what you had with them for the greed of something more with Him.  You would have continued with your day dream had Sam not interrupted it.

You look up to see him glaring at both of you.

“What?” you asked puzzled

“I leave you guys alone in the bunker for two hours and this is what you do? Research?” Sam is practically yelling at the both of you, his head whipping from one to another. If the situation had not been so confusing, it would have been extremely comical.

“Why Mr. Nerdy Nerdinson, Do you have all rights reserved on research now? Last I checked you didn’t have a patent on that one” Dean smirks.

You can’t believe Sam is making a scene out of not getting to do enough research. Sure he was a geek, but this was too much even for him.

“No, you moron. It’s not that” Sam shoots back

“Pray explain then Princess”, Dean looks down at the book in his hand without waiting for Sam’s reply. Apparently he had had enough of Sam’s tantrums.

Sam puts on his best bitch face. Uh oh Dean.

“Right, because you and Y/N just love having me around being the third wheel."Sam scoffs

Shit. Wait what?

Deans head whips up to look at Sam first and then you, his eyes wide. I pale. It was all out now.

"Oh come on, who did you think I was? An idiot? You think I can’t see you Y/N,  stealing glances at Dean when you think he is not looking? And you Dean? You just about start drooling every time you see her. I’ve had enough of this Danielle Steele novel shit. If I see anymore of this, I think I will throw up. So I am going to head out for a couple of hours again, please quit the façade of researching whilst checking each other out and for god’s sake hook up!”

And just like that Sam walks out of the door with a million dollar smile on his face leaving two shell shocked, furiously blushing and utter smitten people behind.

Needless to say, what followed was exactly the kind of research you had hoped for. ;)


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