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Bugs (1x08) Part One: A Normal Family

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A/N: I have taken the ideas that have been requested to me and incorporated them. If you are disappointed in them or do not like the ideas you guys need to send more ideas in. Thank you all for your patience! I have officially graduated and have nothing to worry about besides work! I am glad to be back! :) 
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You wrapped your arms tightly around yourself, trying to gain warmth as you leaned against the side door of the Impala, staring at the entrance of the bar you were currently parked outside of. At first you had only been crossing your arms, impatiently tapping your foot as you and Sam waited for Dean, but soon that turned into you battling the cold.

         Dean had gone inside, claiming he’d be in there no longer than ten minutes. Both you and Sam knew better, but you had been waiting for about an hour now, and that had grown tiresome. Although, neither of you were about to head in there and look for Dean for yourselves- it sounded like a madhouse in there.

         After a waiting for a bit longer, you eventually shook your head, proceeding to look over your shoulder at Sam who was sitting on the hood of the Impala, lying back against the windshield. He held a newspaper in his hand, and you saw how his eyebrows furrowed as he scanned one of the articles upon the page. “Did you find something?” You asked while turning, attempting to read over his shoulder.

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Here’s what I’m wondering about the finale though

  • What was that ass load of demon-smoke looking stuff at the end???? Knights of Hell returned? Lucifer????? Have all the demons been released????????? I NEED ANSWERS.
  • Is Cas okay? What did Rowena do to him?
  • Crowley?
  • Is Rowena coming back as one of our new big villians? And how long is she going to last before the writers kill her off?
  • cAS??? yOu OkAy???
  • So the Darkness (c'mon writers, you could’ve come up with something a bit more unique) was defeated by God and the angels once before. Does that mean Chuck and the archangels will be returning?
  • Yo. Death. What happens now that he’s dead? Does that mean that the dead can’t come back now? OR are they stuck in the veil?
  • Did they actually seriously consider sending Dean into outer space? Cue the Uranus jokes.
  • cas.

‘Ok, so we’re not celebrating for this?’ he asks and stops dancing the second I look at him angrily.

You’re a Princess, Sam

Title: You’re a Princess, Sam

Word Count: 1,106

Warnings: mentions of a porn magazine???

Summary: Dean, the Reader, and Cas, despite Sam’s protests, celebrate Sam’s 32nd birthday with him.

Pair: [Dean/Sam x Reader Friendship]

Original Request: Since yesterday was Sam’s birthday, maybe you could write a one shot where the Reader and Dean like fixes things for Sam’s birthday. Maybe they bake a cake, decorates the bunker and comes up with weird little competitions, and then Sam comes home and is all like “No I don’t want to celebrate’ but they insist and they all have a really fun time. No special love relationship (^w^)

Author’s Note: “Since yesterday was Sam’s birthday” Dear lord that was literally like three weeks I’m so sorry this took forever to get out.

              Sam had made it quite clear, to both you and Dean, that he did not want to celebrate his 32nd birthday. He claimed that it was simply another day and that they would be wasting their time when there were more important matters to attend to. Though, of course, you and Dean didn’t listen to his requests. The two of you didn’t throw together anything elaborate, just something simple yet very thoughtful. Dean was in charge of getting the pizza, beer, and maybe balloons, as well as making sure Castiel knew of your guys’ plan. You were in charge of baking a cake and trying to tidy the bunker up a little bit. Dean had sent Sam out on an over exaggerated food and supplies run, Dean believing that he would be out of the bunker for at least two hours.

              So, with both boys out and about, you began your end of the deal. Castiel had joined you in the middle of your baking, and offered to start cleaning up a little. Extremely thankful, you accepted his gesture and pointed him in the direction of the broom and duster.

              Shortly afterwards, Dean had returned home with two twelve-packs of beer and a large pizza, alongside with two balloons, one reading ‘Princess’ and the other ‘Happy Sweet 16!’. He informed the both of you that he had passed Sam on the way back, saying that he was about five minutes out. You nodded, understanding, and immediately began to clean up the mess you created in the kitchen.

              “Really? The balloons, Dean? That’s the best you could do?” you inquired, narrowing your eyes as you placed some of your utensils in the sink.

              Dean shrugged, setting the balloons down in the living room area. “It was either that, ‘Get Better Soon’ or ‘Happy Retirement.’”

              You rolled your eyes slightly at his comment, though a soft laugh followed. You wiped a damp paper towel across the counter, tossing it into the trash once you cleaned your mess. “Well, kitchen is cleaned. Cas cleaned up a little around the bunker… we have balloons… beer… pizza… we missing anything else?”

              “Sam, of course,” Cas interjected, shrugging slightly as he made his way towards both you and Dean. “Nice balloons.”

              “See?” Dean smirked a little, motioning towards the balloons with a waggle of his eyebrow.

              “See?” you mocked sarcastically. You walked over towards one of the cupboards, retrieving a stack of plates and napkins along with some silverware.

              “I think Sam’s back,” Dean spoke after a few seconds, the three of you hearing a car door slam from within the garage. The door leading to the garage swung open, Sam emerging. He clumped down the metal stairs, carting five plastic bags full of the list Dean had provided him. He traipsed into the kitchen, his eyes trailing over towards the two balloons.

              “Why do we have balloons…? Saying Happy Sweet Sixteen… and… Princess?” Sam inquired slowly, his eyebrows raising at the three of you.

              Dean smiled proudly, walking over to his little brother and clasping a hand on his shoulder. “Because you’re a princess, Sam. Happy Birthday.”

              Sam couldn’t help but chuckle lightly, his head shaking as he looked down at his brother. “I told you we weren’t going to celebrate.”

              “Yeah? Too bad,” you said, stepping out from behind the kitchen counter and over to him with your hands at the singe of your waist. “I did not just bake your favorite cake to not celebrate. So, we are, whether you like or not.”

              Sam looked between the three of you, sighing quietly before nodding slowly. Large grins between all of you spread across your faces as a reaction. Dean walked over to the pizza on the counter, grabbing it along with the beer, leading all of you to the library to eat. Before you followed, you grabbed the balloons and quickly caught up to them. You set the balloons down near Sam’s seat, sitting down beside him.

              Dean passed everyone, besides Cas, of course, a plate of pizza and a bottle of beer. The four of you chatted stories from past birthdays, Cas even going into detail of what Earth’s first birthday was like. Dean and Sam exchanged their stories of growing up when it was their birthday.

“Yeah, sometimes Dad wouldn’t really ever get us anything when we were younger. So, I remember one time for my birthday, Sam snuck out to go to the drug store down the road to buy me something… and I didn’t know where he was. So, I was freaking out and our dad came home before he did… so, I got grounded.” Dean chuckled, shaking his head. “Thanks, Sam.”

“In my defense, I left a note!”

“Yeah? Saying ‘went out. Be right back.’ That didn’t give me jack shit.”

“I did get you a pretty awesome gift though.”

Dean nodded his head in agreement, laughing. “He got me my first porn magazine.”

Though you were surprised on the response, you erupted into a fit of laughter. “Wait… how old were you, Sam?” you questioned through your chortling.

“I was… probably eleven? Ten, maybe?”

“And… they let you buy the porno?” Cas inquired, leaning forward in his seat a little.

“I got a few weird glances from the shoppers… this one old lady clutched onto this cross around her neck, if I’m remembering correctly. The guy at the counter just looked at me, nodded his head, and gave me a coupon for a candy bar. So, Dean got a porn magazine and I got a free candy bar. It was pretty awesome.”

The four of you continued to share stories and experiences of past birthdays, enjoying each other’s company and past events. With the pizza and cake finished and the beers downed, Dean trudged to bed and Castiel disappeared, leaving both you and Sam in the library.

“You know, Winchester, you’re gettin’ old,” you commented, standing from your chair, picking up the plates and setting them into a small stack.

“Please… don’t remind me.” Sam chuckled, standing and following your actions, cleaning up the empty bottles and the pizza box.

You simply shrugged, waggling your eyebrows at him. You began to make your way out of the library with the plates, though you slowly pivoted around on your heels. “Sam… Happy Birthday.”

              Sam looked up at you, grinning slightly and nodding his head curtly as if to say ‘Thank You.’ You returned the gesture, making your way towards the kitchen to clean up.

Another A/N: Literally, this one sucks and I have absolutely no energy to rewrite so I’m very, very, very sorry. 

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Part One: Terrible Tens. (Crossroad Blues S02E08)

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Word Count:  3,878.
A/N: Like promised, here is the new episode! I hope you guys enjoy!

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[1] A Totally Serious S11 Anon Speculation: So apparently Oscar was Polish. It is all kinds of interesting, because they could have picked literally every other country there is, so, narratively speaking, it ought to have some significance. Interestingly enough, there have been at least two shout-outs to Poland in the previous seasons (5x19, 6x17, possibly more, but I might have missed them), so this makes (at least) a third one. Third one's a pattern? Furthermore! 11/11 JUST SO HAPPENS to be

[2] Poland’s National Independence Day, celebrating the regaining of said independence after wait, what was that? Oh yeah, one bigass long nasty WAR. That said, currently I am about 98,7% convinced that in the beggining of S11 Sam and Dean will discover that they somehow ended up in Poland and that The Darkness tm was a mere side effect of imbibing too much vodka with the locals and then they will have to apply for US Visas, because Poles aren’t buying their fake ID crap for a single second.

Are you saying that Poland is easy to mistake for a demon-blasted nightmare land? Because I’ve known a few Poles and they never mentioned it.

Although that said my Polish friend when I worked at the fairground assured me that Poland was always warmer than here, which could have been code for Hell on earth.

Anyway I accept this speculation as borderline canon until proven otherwise.

I love how angry Cas is at Dean omg. The glares, how when Dean asks whats wrong he looks him in the eye and completely ignores him. Rightfully so, but there’s something so sassy about it. Like two partners having a spat while everyone else in the room just rolls their eyes and sighs.