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Layers of Fear ↔Crowley x Reader↔

Summary: Based on the Psychedelic horror game ‘Layers of Fear’. Rowena narrates the story of her son Fergus and his wife Y/N to the Winchester Brothers when he yet hadn’t sold his soul and eventually became the king of hell. She highlights the day of her death and what followed after Fergus had lost the love of his life and left behind their little son, Gavin, driving him to insanity, depression and a dellusional alcoholic addiction.

Warnings: Angst, Major Character death, Mentions of Alcohol Addiction and Depression, Blood

Taking a sip of her hot beverage, Rowena sat at one of the century old armchairs in the now Winchester household, the Men of Letters Bunker. Humming, the powerful redheaded witch admired the atmosphere in the library, reminiscing the old times, almost 500 hundred years earlier. It was only when the youngest of the brothers occupied the sit accross from her and cleared his throat, taking her back to reality.

“What are you thinking about?” Sam questioned Rowena as she smirked, not realizing Dean Winchester had also joined the duo in the room with an ice cold beer in hand, sitting right next to his little brother he loved dearly.

“Probably about how she can live a hundred or more years in addition. What now? Drink goat’s blood Martinis?” Dean joked, chuckling to himself. Rowena ignored his remark and rolled her eyes.

“Nothing. Just thinking about the old days.” She replied to Sam’s question with her beautiful accent that never failed to impress when she met new faces. He nodded, thinking a bit before moving to a second question.

“H-How was Crowley before he became a demon? And with whom did he have Gavin with?” Rowena almost spit the cinnamon biscuit she was chewing. She tensed up and with wide eyes she stared into Sam’s hazel orbs before relaxing.

“And why would you like to know, Sammy dearest?”

“Moments before the angels fell we held Crowley captive in a barn and he said some…Sensitive things. About how he deserved to be loved and that there was only one person in the world that completely understood and loved him and that she was taken away by our god. He also mentioned that he hated everything.” Sam hesitated but admitted, at least.

“Typical.” Dean groaned and downed the golden liquid in the glass bottle that rested at the wooden table.

“Then, why don’t you ask him?”

“He won’t open up”

“Hmmm…I’ll tell you” She smiled and wiggled in her seat, trying to find a comfortable position. “Get comfy gentlemen, it’s gonna be a long talk.” She cleared her throat and begun analyzing her son’s story. “So, a while back…”

“Mother there is no way this looks good” The young woman spoke as she stared at her reflection in the mirror. Apparently, her aunt’s birthday present was oversized for her body, making it impossible for it to stay in place and look classy or comfortable for the girl to wear.

“Aunt Gertrude must have thought you needed the bigger size”

“Aunt Gertrude can go and..”

“Easy there. What did I tell you? We do not swear for the sake of this family. Honey what will the people think if they hear you, a person of the high class talking like that?” Her mother asked.

Scoffing, Y/N ignored her mother’s lecture and brought up the problem she had with her dress. “Do you maybe know any tailor that can fix it?”

“Of course. There is a new shop downtown. Minka and Vallerie told me that he did a good work on their wedding dresses.” She listened carefully. “William will get you there with his carriage.“

“No, no. I would rather walk”

And so she did. With a smile she faced the world. She found many friends on her way to the tailor. If you could call them friends of course. Maybe they were just acquaintances. Or maybe she was the victim of their lies and their snarky remarks.

Finally she reached her destination. Her face fell when she came across the ‘close’ sign on the glass door. Though she could still make the figure of a man through the window. So she knocked.

“Hello” She spoke in a small voice. Even though her rich and aristocratic inheritance, the almost 25 year old woman could not help but feel shy most of the time. She was surely a kind girl. “I’m sorry if I’m bothering sir.”

“No, it is alright. Come in. My name is Fergus Macleod and you must be?”

“Y/N. Y/N Y/L/N. Pleasure to meet you sir.” He was awestruck by her beauty and kindness. In his eyes, he had never seen such a beautiful person before him.

“From the Y/L/N family? What can I do for you M'Lady?”

“My aunt is a b- Sorry, I mean, she wanted to buy me a dress and got the wrong size so, is there anything you can do to help me? “ He nodded and gently smiled at the young woman .

“Sounds like a bitch” He winked and she chuckled. “I will make it perfect for the perfect girl”

Something about Fergus lit a spark inside her. He was something different than the oh so classy fake men she met. He was kind and funny to her. He made up for every friend she never had and soon, she found herself visiting his little shop more and more often.

“My son fell in love and it ruined him. It was worth it. She was the only good thing that has happened in his doomed life.” Said Rowena.

“No way! Crowley actually fell in love! What happened then, mommy and daddy wouldn’t let their little girl get married to the poor tailor? Aw poor Ferg-”

“Dean! Shut up!” Sam scowled his older brother. “Rowena, go on”

“Not quite. They were pretty fond of my son and maybe a year after they had met, they got married. I’ve never seen someone love so much as Crowley did Y/N and vice versa.” Dean and Sam were shocked to learn that centuries ago, Crowley, the man that almost killed and tortured thousand souls without any mercy was head over heels for someone. Dean was intrigued but Sam already knew it would end in a tragedy. They couldn’t imagine how much pain Y/N’s death costed to Crowley.

Y/N and Fergus had a big wedding and her parents gave the couple as a present a huge mansion over the hills they could use as a home. Fergus at first insisted that they didn’t need to spend that much money and that he would be okay, even with a small cabin as soon as he was with the love of his life but Mr and Mrs Y/L/N wouldn’t have any of that.

So they moved in and had a fresh start. Their love for each other only grew with them and it gave them a son they both adored so much. Little Gavin Macleod.

Nothing lasts forever.

“Daddy where is Mommy?” A three year old Gavin asked Fergus as he sat in his lap in the couch of the one of the many luxurious living rooms in the mansion.

“Mommy is out getting you treats for being such a good boy” The little boy cheered and Fergus’ heart swelled. He had everything he needed. A family. “It is late, little man. Shouldn’t you be asleep?”

“I wanna wait for mommy. She is gonna be home soon, right daddy?”

“Course she will. She’s been really stressed lately so why don’t you go ahead and sleep on your time? She’s gonna be so proud of her responsible little man” The little boy nodded and kissed his father’s cheek before hurrying to find his bedroom excitingly.

No more than an hour later, Y/N joined him in the living room carrying heavy bags. He rushed to her and helped her, kissing her cheek in the process.

“Gavin is a big boy, my love. He went to sleep early tonight with his own accord” He told her, chuckling to himself and winking to his wife. It was then when he started to notice that something had changed. The poor woman looked like she had seen a ghost. He ran to catch her as he realized she was about to fall. “Hey, hey, you’re okay, I’ve got you,okay? I’m gonna get you to our room.” He whispered to her ear before picking her up bridal style and carrying her up the never ending stairway.

“I don’t feel good, baby, not at all. It hurts so much.” She tried to say as her breathing unevened and cold sweat covered her sweet face.

“You’re gonna be okay, my darling, you are gonna be fine. Where does it hurt?” She closed her eyes and tried to focus on eliminating the pain, even though she had no success.

“E-everywhere, baby. It’s s-so cold and I’m in so much pain i-I just want it to stop please m-make it stop” A tear escaped his eye as he watched the woman he loved with all his heart hurt. He couldn’t do anything.

“I-I’m sorry Y/N, I can’t. I promise it’ll go away. I promise”

“I love you so much” she said. “You and Gavin. So so so much” She sobbed. He never got to say it back. The last thing he heard her say was his name. It was the most painful sound he ever heard. It came out as a choked sob. Nothing in the world compared to the pain he felt the very moment he felt her last breath against his lips.

“Fergus changed his name to Crowley. He despised that her last words came out so painful.“ Rowena sighed and the boys stared at her in shock. They could have never guessed the true, tragic story of the deadly King of Hell they met years ago.

“Wow…” There was a pause in the room. Sam and Dean were taken aback by the shocking story they were just learning about. They felt a sudden pity for Crowley. Of course, that wasn’t a reason to kill millions of people and corrupt thousand homes throughout the years that he held his title.“Did he sell his soul to bring her back?”

Rowena shook her head in order to show her negativity. “My son is crazy. He knew that it would just offer him 10 years of life and those weren’t enough to spend with her and maybe after his death, he dreaded the thought that Y/N would be able to find someone better than him and forget him. He needed her all by himself. He was hers and she was his.. He is hers and she is his.“

After his beautiful Y/N’s death Fergus fell victim to the world of alcoholism and depression. He never got out of their shared room for months. The only reason for him to exit his room or the house was in order to buy more liquor. He completely forgot about his son who was asking for his mama all the time. He did not take care of him after what happened. He had been a father to him, now he was nothing. So Gavin learned to take care of himself. He learned to make simple meals alone, wash his clothes by hand and clean his room. Y/N wouldn’t be proud though. That was not a way for a child to grow up. Sure thing, she would be happy that her son is a responsible little man. Nevertheless she would absolutely hate the distance between her beloved son and husband.

Sometimes the Macleod household would receive letters by many friends and relatives sending their sympathy. He didn’t need their sympathy. He needed her, and pieces of paper with meaningless words wouldn’t bring her back.

The house was even worse. It was a mess. Scattered empty bottles of whiskey and wine were everywhere littering the what it used to be a welcoming house, broken furniture were everywhere and some paintings had fallen from the wall to the floor.

Crowley had melancholic illusions cause by his alcohol addiction and they mostly involved Y/N. Sometimes he would see her being there next to him, humming an unknown anthem and other times he would see her dead body looking broken and fragile crying and spasming in the distance. It was a scary sight. It broke his heart.

“Does he still think about her? Why hasn’t he brought her back?” Rowena shrugged her shoulders. Only if she knew the answer… Deep in her cold heart she believed that he thought of Y/N every passing day.

“I do” A voice echoed through the walls of the bunker. “I do think about her every day of this damn life. I still have visions of her.” Crowley announced catching everyone off guard. “Mother, I see you haven’t revealed all of my personal life to Animal Kingdom. Wanna say more?” He said sarcastically.

“I’m sorry” Sam attempted to comfort the King but he only received a death glare.

“Sorry isn’t going to bring her back”

And then, he vanished.

A month later

“Moose. Not Moose. Meet my beautiful queen Y/N Y/L/N. I believe you’ve already heard of her” Crowley admitted proudly, wrapping an arm around the woman dressed in obviously expensive clothing as she smiled brightly. The Winchesters just shared a confused look.

Cause they saw noone but the King standing in front of them, all alone.

Somebody Else

Prompt: Somebody Else

Dean’s One Week Writers Challenge 2.0

Dean x Reader

Summary: You’re a super shy woman who just got divorced from your cheating ex-husband. You were dragged into a bar by your best friends to celebrate your divorce. There’s when you meet Dean Winchester and your entire life changes for good. Plus, you had some similar features of one of his ex lovers.

Words: 2,059

Warning: None, pure fluffiness & some depression talk but it goes away.

A/N: Yes, I took the names of the Sex and the City girls. This is the first prompt of the challenge, hope everyone had fun writing theirs cause’ I sure had some fun writing this. Enjoy, xoxo.

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“I really don’t want to go” I sighed, sitting half clothed on the edge of my bedroom. The one I used to shared with my late husband who I filed for divorce after catching him with another woman on this exact same bed. Today after two years of back and forth trials we’re finally divorced but this depression is still here, intact.  My door cracked when my best friends already dressed walked in.

“Ah sweetie” Carrie knelt in front of me her curled golden hair got dragged away by herself to see my miserable face. “You have to get out of here, it’s been years and today you’re finally free.”

Samantha sat next to me, while Miranda sat down on the other side, both of them with their arms around me. “It’s time to let go and celebrate.” Samantha said.

I looked at her, she’s very funny – we’ve used to make hilarious jokes and I was much like her before I got married, the flings stopped but the jokes didn’t. They stopped when I found him breaking a vow in my own bed. “I want to move, would you help me?”

“Of course I will” Samantha replied with a wide smile.

“We’ll all help you but let’s get you ready first.” Miranda said, “Yeah – leave it to me, you’re going to look perfect.” Carrie added, she’s the fashionista of us four. I nodded and let them take care of my appearance.

After not taking so long as I’d imagined, we took off for this bar. The ambient in here was pleasant, everyone had smiles on their faces so you thought it was nice to fake one even if you didn’t mean it.  The martinis came over and my girls started to get happier with them, the alcohol helped to increase your mood and when Samantha and Carrie said jokes it was impossible not to laugh.

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On Your Left

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 2,032



A/N: I thought this would be a cute spin on the request.

Happy halloween!! 🎃

And I’m going on like 7 hours of sleep over two crazy busy days, so I didn’t proofread. I will edit later, but please excuse any issues

It was your favorite time of the year: Halloween.

Even though–as Sam liked to remind you–every day was Halloween for the three of you, you always loved this holiday, even when you were little. 

Something about dressing up as someone else, getting to pretend you were someone completely different than yourself, just for one night, excited you like Christmas morning–before you learned Santa was just your parents sneaking around the house after you went to sleep. 

But Halloween was still magical, and you intended to make sure everyone would participate.

There was a bar not too far from the bunker that was throwing a halloween party, and just so happened to also be having a costume contest, including a category for Best Group Costume, so, you decided get the group together, whether they wanted to or not.

“Y/N?” Dean storms into the library, his boots echoing through the quiet halls. “What the hell is this?” He fumes, and you don’t turn around, already knowing what was in his hand.

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Supernatural Drinks

For your Supernatural themed soirée or to help you cope with season finales, here are some drinks and cocktails to aid in your inebriation. 

French Connection
1 pt. Cognac
1 pt. Grand Marnier
Serve in a Snifter glass and prepare for an alternate dimension.

Silver Bullet
2 oz Vodka
‘splash’ Scotch
Serve on the Rocks. Will not cure lycanthropy, but you may be howling at the moon later.

Dean Martini
2 oz Ketel One vodka
Shake & strain, serving in a Martini glass and garnish with an olive. Wearing a suit from the 40s is not required, but highly encouraged.

Little Devil
1 oz Gin
1 oz  Rum
.5 oz Triple Sec
1 pz Sweet & Sour
Shake & strain; serve in a cocktail glass. There’s a little devil in all of us.

Black Devil
2 oz Rum
.25 oz Vermouth
Shake & strain; serve in a cocktail glass and garnish with a black olive. Sip with class and cackle maniacally while petting your invisible dog.

Angel Martini
1.5 oz Vodka
.5 oz Frangelico
Shake & strain; serve in a cocktail glass. Because even Angels are a little bit nutty.

Angel’s Delight
.5 oz Triple Sec
.5 oz Sloe Gin
.5 Cream
‘splash’ Grenadine
Shake & strain; serve in a cocktail glass. For our “lover not a fighter” Angel: Gabriel.

1 oz Whiskey
1 oz Amaretto
5 oz Coffee
Serve on the rocks while looking over your shoulder. Repeatedly.

Angel’s Tit
.75 oz Crème de Cacao
.75 oz Cream
Layer in shot glass and garnish with a cherry. Toast (or not) in honor of all the angel twits out there making life extremely hard for the Winchesters.

Adios Mother F***er
.5 oz Vodka
.5 oz Gin
.5 oz Rum
.5 oz Blue Curacao
Fill with Sweet & Sour/ 7up
Serve on ice in a collins glass. Perfect for unwinding after a difficult exorcism.

Rusty Nail
1 oz Scotch
1 oz Drambuie
Serve on the rocks. Rusty, crusty, and scotch whisky? A drink for your favorite salvage yard hunter and resident paranoid bastard.

Shady Lady
.75 oz Tequila
.75 oz Melon Liqueur
Fill with grapefruit juice
Serve on the rocks and garnish with a lime or cherry. Choose wisely.

Silk Panties
1 oz Peach Schnapps
.5 oz Vodka
Fill with cranberry juice
Serve on the rocks. Keep it a secret that you only reveal to yourself to prove that you are yourself.

1 oz Rum
.5 oz Dark Rum
.5 oz 151 Rum
2 oz pineapple juice
2 oz orange juice
Serve on the rocks. Salt & burns are not recommended after as you will be highly flammable.

1 pt Light Rum
1 pt White Rum
1 pt passion fruit juice
Juice of a lime
1 tsp of sugar (optional)
Shake & strain into wine goblet. Toss empty lime shell into drink if feeling sassy. Leave out the sugar if you’re feeling bold.

Eye of the Tiger
1 pt Light Rum
1 pt Malibu
1 pt cranberry juice
1 pt lemon juice
1 pt orange juice
1 pt Simple Syrup
.5 pt Dark Rum
Shake (except the last ingredient, the Dark Rum) & serve over ice in a highball glass. Sprinkle Dark rum on top and garnish with an orange slice. Lip synch to said song on top of a black 1967 Chevy Impala.

Angel Face
1 pt Gin
1 pt Apricot Brandy
1 pt Calvados
Shake & Strain into cocktail glass and garnish with lemon. Said to be a strong, “dry and bracing” drink but with a touch of nutty sweetness.
AKA: Castiel

Soul Kiss
1 pt Red Dubonnet
1 pt Sweet Red Vermouth
1 pt Dry Vermouth
1 pt orange juice
Shake & strain into wine goblet and garnish with a slice of orange. Drink while waiting for your OTP to come on screen.