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“Are you sure this is going to work, Dash?” Kwan bit his lip nervously. “What if we end up with something we can’t handle? I’ve heard these ouija board things are dangerous.” Dash rolled his eyes.
“Don’t be such a baby.” The blonde sixteen-year old shoved his friend. “The girls don’t even have a problem with it!” He pointed out. Star was filing her nails boredly and Paulina was on social media posting about how she was going to use a ouija board for the first time ‘be sure to follow me!’ she posted and took a picture of herself as she puckered her lips sensually. She then put her phone in her pocket and looked over to her boyfriend (soon to be ex, if he kept making her wait like this). The juniors settled in as Dash adjusted their homemade Ouija board to look straight. (They would have ordered a real one, but apparently the company that distributes them doesn’t deliver to Amity Park-bunch of yokels.)
“Come on, Dashie, I’ve been waiting for, like, ever!” She complained with a loud whine. Dash nearly rolled his eyes, but knew that if he did it would be playing with fire.
“Okay, Kwan, get the camera rolling. Let’s go live.” He grinned excitedly and Kwan gulped, reluctantly hitting the ‘on’ button.
“I still think this is a bad idea.” He whimpered pathetically.
“Shut up, Kwan.” Three voices admonished him as the feed went live on social media.

Tucker snorted when the notification popped up on his PDA (of course he followed Paulina-she posted her best pictures there) with the title ‘Ouija Board fun!!!’.
“Hey, guys, check this out.” He showed Sam and Danny the live feed of the four A-Listers holding the planchette and asking questions. In the middle of a dimly lit room with candles, which the trio recognized as the rarely-used science lab on the second floor of Casper High. Sam snorted.
“I would have hoped that a demon eats them all,” She commented casually. “but they’re doing it wrong. That isn’t even a genuine Ouija board; they drew it on a piece of cardboard. They didn’t even add the sun and moon. They’re literally going to be sitting there for hours with no real connection to the spirit world.” Sam informed and Danny wanted to ask just how much Sam knew about summoning things with a Ouija board. Before he could, however, Tucker got a look of utter joy and mischief on his face. Danny had come to know and fear that look.
“Oh no. He’s planning something.” Danny brought to attention, to which tucker only chuckled darkly.
“Oh, you’re damn right I’m planning something… So, Sam, they aren’t getting to the ‘spirit world’ with that thing, right?”
“Correct.” She affirmed, her eyes narrowing. “Where are you going with this, Tucker?”
“So… What if… we bring the spirit world to them?” Tucker finished and Sam caught on quickly. Both of them sent matching grins in Danny’s direction, who finally caught on.
“Oh no, nope. Not doing it; I literally just got the people of Amity Park to trust Phantom! I’m not gonna trade that for a stupid prank!”
“But you don’t even have to show your face! You can be invisible the entire time! C’mon, dude, it’ll be hilarious! Just imagine the look on Dash’s face!”
“No, Tucker.” Danny said definitively, though he had to admit the idea sounded slightly appealing. Sam saw the slight indecision on Danny’s face and smirked.
“Danny, if you do this while the feed is still on I’ll give you fifty bucks.” Okay, now it sounded really appealing.
“… You two are the sole reason that I’m going to Hell when I die.”
“But you’re already-”
“If you finish that sentence, I’m not doing shit, even for fifty dollars.”

Ten minutes and nothing. Dash was pouting, Kwan was relieved, Star was bored, and Paulina was whining-as per the norm.
“This is gonna be the most lamest live feed ever, you guys! Dash you’re not doing it right!”
“How can I do it wrong?! It’s just holding the thing and asking questions!”
“Well, you’re doing that wrong!”
Suddenly, the planchette that they were holding jerked. All four of the teenagers froze.
“K-Kwan… Did you do that?”
“N-No, did you?”
“If I did, would I be asking you?” Dash snapped. The planchette jerked again and the teens screamed.
“That’s it, I’m out!” Kwan said and tried to let go of the planchette. With a yelp, he found that his hands got cold and he was unable to move them. Something was holding him down!
“Will both of you, like, shut up?! This is our chance! We gotta ask our questions now!” Star interrupted Kwan’s hyperventilating. Dash gulped.
“O-Okay… What’s your n-name?” The planchette moved to the letters, seemingly unaware of the teenagers’ fright. Danny, currently invisible and directly above the board, was trying his hardest not to laugh as he held down the A-Listers’ hands and moved the planchette.
“D… A… N.” Star read aloud. “… Dan. Your name is Dan.” She made sure and Danny moved the planchette to ‘yes’. Kwan was whimpering and Dash had a very uncomfortable look on his face.
“Wh-Why are you here?” Dash asked and Danny grinned. They were making this too easy!
“Y…O…U…L…E…A…V…E…N…O…W…O…R…E…L…S…E” Star read off, cutting herself off with a whimper. Kwan began bawling and Paulina joined in. Dash was a white as sheet.
“O-Or else… Y-You’re gonna kill us?” He asked, his eyes wide. Rather than moving the planchette again, Danny yanked it from their grip and threw it across the room. He let out some of his ice powers and made the room at least ten degrees colder. With that, he also blew out all the candles at once. All of them screamed as Danny flipped the cardboard Ouija board and began laughing like a maniac. The teenagers scrambled for the exit and Danny let them run. He was sure that Sam and Tucker were holding their sides by now. He’d noticed the large wet stain on Dash’s jeans as he’d run away. He needed to tell Tucker he owed him for this idea. He noticed the camera was still filming the empty room. Danny knocked it over and then promptly shut it off, laughing his whole way home.

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