dean looks so happy


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6.22 | Reasons I love Sam: [ 12/∞ ]:
↳ He took back lifetimes of damaging Cage memories so he could be with Dean.

It was the fourth of July
You and I were, you and I were fire, fire, fireworks

@oceansex look at these grumps

Dean looked so happy after finding cas 😢 I bet my left leg he would’ve cried if Benny wasn’t there (because he somehow still manages to do the no homo in purgatory) and I bet my right leg they would have made the hug like 10 minutes longer had lingering eye contact afterwards and maybe just maybe one of them would’ve decided they were tired a pining little dipshit and go in for at least one kiss.

In the summertime Dean always tries to pick motels with a pool. He loves his Baby dearly, but her vintage air conditioning system provides little relief from the scorching sun.

After a long day on the road, the Winchester brothers love nothing more than soothing their heated skin with a cool dip in the pool. 

Dean watches Sam surface and toss his wet hair back causing droplets to skitter across the surface of the water. His eyes are closed and he looks so happy and content. 

Dean’s heart swells a little at the sight of Sam enjoying himself. He swims over and wraps his arms around his little brother’s chilled body before leaning in for a kiss. They’re the only guests at the motel in the middle of bum fuck no where, there’s no one around to interrupt them.

They’re pressed up against each other treading water, losing themselves in the kiss.

Sam squeaks a little as Dean slides his hand down to cup his cock through his swim trunks. But just as quick the touch is gone Dean shoots him his trademark smirk before flopping back down under the water.

They have plenty of time to play. 


Ugh I’m getting absolutely nowhere with this case, my motel room is freezing at night, and when I had dinner at the diner I accidentally spilt my drink on the floor which made one of the waitresses who was carrying a tray of empty dishes fall to the ground.

Definitely sounds like something that should have been filmed.

Ha ha, very funny. I just want to come back home and see you Dean. I miss you too much.

Yeah I know Y/N. I miss you too.