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Dreams Become Reality pt. 3

Here you go, lovelies! Part 3! I do not own ANY Supernatural characters. They belong to the creators of the show. Thank you @sea040561 for the idea for this part!

Part 1, Part 2

Warnings: Mentions of pregnancy, fluff

Pairings: Crowley x fem!Winchester reader, Mary Winchester, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester

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“Are you serious?” you asked your mom. Amara had returned her to you a few months before. At first, she had fought tooth and nail against you marrying Crowley, but when you told her that her opinion didn’t mean anything since she hadn’t been around, she stopped arguing. Then you started getting closer. “Sorry, sweetie. It won’t zip.” You felt your bottom lip beginning to quiver. Here you were, not even a month from the wedding and now your dress wasn’t fitting properly.

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Fan: So we heard earlier today that you hate it when Timothy Omundson is on set?

Jensen: Who told you this (faking shock)

Jared: hate is such a strong word (he laughs) lets just say a healthy dislike

Fan: He told us why but we wanted to hear your side

Jensen: oh did he.

Jared: Timothy Omundson has a little crush on Chloe.

The crowd applauds

Jensen: okay to be clear, I’m not exactly worried when ANYONE has a crush on my wife. (The crowd laughs and screams in excitement) Just saying

Jared: Conceded much?

Jensen: Have you seen me? (Crowd cheers) but to answer your question Tim comes on set and tries to woo her with like Shakespeare and flowers you know what I mean, you guys have seen Twitter.

(From the corner of the stage Timothy Omundson sneaks out to crash the panel and is wearing a shirt that says “Future Wife” with Chloe’s Picture on it.

Jared sees it first and bursts out laughing drawing Jensen’s attention, who turns raising an eyebrow as he looks him over.

Jensen: yea, I’m going to punch him in the face.

Tim: Make love not war my son

Jensen: didn’t I kill you?

Tim: Jensen is just mad I proposed first to Chloe. And with a much nicer ring

Jared. Yea all girls love bedazzled ring pops over diamonds


Original Request: Hi there! Do you think you could write a reader insert, in which the reader is a hunter the Winchesters end up meeting (kind of like in Bottoms Up?) but the reader is a telekinetic and messes with the boys all the time. I’ve been imagining this for a while, and I thought it would be very cool to see your sassy take on this!! (Love your blog, and your writing btw <3)

Word Count: 812

Summary: Being born with telekinetic abilities makes for a great time teasing the Winchester brothers.

Update! I did a part 2! Spooning Leads to Hunting


This was too perfect.

Sam and Dean Winchester in the flesh. I watched as the two brothers scoped the bar, obviously looking for the same thing I was. A vampire. I was a solitary hunter, but mainly because if people knew about me I’d probably end up with my head on someone’s wall.

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A Love She Never Knew (4/6)

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Heart Song
Enjoy my lovelies.
A Love She Never Knew (4/6)

randomvlogstuff said to 5minutefanfiction:

Could you do a fic where the reader wakes up in a bed with ____ (kinda like the ‘French Mistake’) and kinda freaks out until ____ calms her down. And is supposedly living in the bunker with TFW and is in a long relationship with ____. They try to get her back but then she realizes she wants to stay? I thought it could have smut and/or lots of fluff? ️ thank you so much love😘 I like 100% am in love with your blog 😍🙏🏼💘

Authors Note: Ok so this will be a 6 part series. I am so sorry it’s long, I got carried away…xxx

     ‘I can’t believe that I am that different there,’ Dean said coming down the stairs. ‘I really can’t believe that I would hate you. Not you. Sam yeah I can see that but Y/N it’s you.’ He frowned.
    ‘Thanks Dean,’ Sam sighed. He knew what Dean meant but it really didn’t come out too well.
    Y/N pulled her mobile from her pocket and checked it, funnily enough the messages her Dean had left were still there. She put it on speaker for the Winchester’s to hear.
    ‘You stupid bitch, I can’t believe you have gone and fucked up again. Dad’s dead and it’s all your fault. Which damn cross roads demon did you slut around with to make this happen? Always trying to destroy my life. Dumb fucking-‘ The message cut out and the next one started.
   ‘I’ll make you pay for ruining my life Y/N for Dad, for Sam, hell even for Mum. Some how I bet that was you too. I’m coming for you Y/N. You will pay for this!’
    The two men looked at Y/N their mouths open. Y/N shut down the message bank on her phone.
    ‘So yeah he wasn’t a fan,’ she said softly.
    Dean had never felt so mad, he had never wanted anything dead as much as he wanted that version of him out of the picture.
     ‘Maybe he was just hurting, when was that not long after Dad died?’ Sam asked.
     ‘Yeah but it wasn’t the first message like it and certainly wasn’t the last. Dean spoke to me like that a lot. I was the root of all his problems. If he missed a kill it was my fault, even if I wasn’t in the same town. I don’t even know what I did, other than showing up one day.’ Y/N swallowed, it was still a sore point, she had tried so hard to get along with Dean. At least well enough that he wasn’t abusing her.
    ‘And you’re going back to that?’ Dean asked.
    ‘It’s not like we are together. I don’t even answer the phone when he rings, I just let him leave his message and move on.’
    They sat quietly for a while, before Y/N spoke again.
    ‘Do I have a laptop or something here I can research on? I never heard the witch say anything but maybe I can find a spell.’
     ‘It’s in our room,’ Dean said quietly. ‘I’ll show you.’
     Y/N followed Dean into the bedroom, she could help but notice the pictures on the wall, there was one of her parents, of her and the boys and a huge pile of ones of her with Dean. She moved closer to look at them. She couldn’t help but smile, she doubted she had ever felt as happy as she looked in those photos.
     ‘We look happy,’ she said feeling a pain in her chest.
     ‘Yeah we are…were…I don’t know. But yes happy.’
     ‘You have the impala?’ Y/N asked surprised.
     ‘Of course,’ Dean laughed. ‘Like I’d let baby go to anyone else.’
     He watched as Y/N bit her lip.
     ‘I don’t have her where you’re from?’
     Y/N shook her head.
     ‘Why the hell not?’
     ‘Ah your Dad told you until you cleaned up your act you weren’t getting her. He was worried you would crash it.’
     ‘But I got her after he died right?
     ‘For maybe a week and now she’s at Bobby’s.’
     ‘Explain that one for me sweetheart,’ Dean asked. ‘Y/N,’ he added.
     ‘After your Dad, you got drunk and totalled it. Bobby towed it to his place and you went with him. And you two had a falling out and you left her there and never went back.’
    ‘What kind of falling out?’ Dean asked her.
    Y/N shook her head, she didn’t want to talk about it.
    ‘Where’s my computer?’
    ‘I showed up after your message, I wanted to make sure you were ok. John was like a Father to me too. I wanted to be there for his funeral, I wanted to say goodbye. It was bad enough finding out he died the way I did. You weren’t happy I showed up, we got into a fight and Bobby disowned you and kicked you out. You two haven’t spoken since.’
     ‘Why? I know I was an arsehole but surely mouthing off wouldn’t cause him to do that,’ Dean was confused. ‘Not unless I… Son of a bitch. He hit you didn’t he?’
    Y/N looked to the ground, this was why she didn’t want to talk about it. This Dean was different to the one in her reality; he was kinder, sober and actually cared. There was no way she could picture this man doing anything like that.
     ‘Y/N?’ Dean demanded.
     Y/N spotted a computer and went to get it. Dean stopped her putting his hand on her arm, he turned her so she was facing him.
     ‘Did he hit you?’
     ‘Can we not do this?’
     Dean watched as tears formed in her eyes. He knew the other Dean had. The anger he felt earlier coming back. He wanted him dead. He wanted to make sure that guy couldn’t ever go near her again. He had spent his whole life protecting Y/N, keeping her safe. And out there somewhere there he was being the root of all her pain. It killed him. He wiped a stray tear from her cheek and kissed her forehead.
     ‘I am so sorry.’
     Y/N laughed, ‘I have no idea why you are apologising. It wasn’t you. Well it was but it wasn’t.’
   ‘He shouldn’t have. I would never. God I hope you kicked his arse.’
    Y/N reached for the laptop and felt her body brush against Dean’s as she moved. She walked into the library and sat with Sam. She couldn’t help but laugh at her background it was a picture of Dean with his face and hands squished against glass so it looked like he was stuck in the computer.
 Dean came in about an hour later and put a coffee down near her, running his hand down her head and across her shoulders. Sam watched the action, he watched Dean’s face as it changed from loving to realising he wasn’t supposed to. He watched the pain that tore his brother apart. He couldn’t even imagine how hard this was for him. Dean’s entire reason for breathing sitting there and she was off limits. She was not in love with him.