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Dean’s True Love

Title: Dean’s True Love
Prompt: “I hope your apple pie is freaking worth it!”
A/N: This is for @jalove-wecallhimdean #DoitlikeDeanchallenge.
Warnings: None
Summary: Sam forgot the pie…again.
Word Count: 1037
Tag: @jalove-wecallhimdean Others are below the cut.

“Hey, Y/N, can you do me a favor?” Sam asked while walking in the kitchen.
You looked up at the taller Winchester. “Sure. What’s up?”
“Can you bake Dean an apple pie?” He asked sheepishly.
“You were supposed to buy one while you were out.” You stated.
“I kinda…forgot.” He said. “I honestly forgot all about it until I walked in the door. Can you do it before he gets back?”
You sighed. “Yeah, but you owe me big time.”

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Splintered flames, burning dreamer.

Written for @dr-dean ’s ABO birthday challenge

Pairing: Alpha!Dean x Omega!reader x Alpha!Sam (no Wincest

Warnings:  Language, mentions of violence and death, ABO dynamics, Smut, Threesome, double penetration, probably other shit too but if you’re ok with the latter there’s no point in me listing them all ‘cause your a kinky little fuck.

Following @helvonasche and @madamelibrarian ‘s ABO rules - where heats (after 25y/o) and ruts (after 35y/o) make the subject susceptible to death if knotting does not occur.

Setting: between 12x8 and 12x9.

Summary: Having a past - not that kind of ‘past’ - with the Winchester’s meant you were one of their first calls for help putting Lucifer back in the cage. That part worked out quite well, but goddamnit you got caught. Now you’re in lockdown and fuck if your heat doesn’t hit. Good thing the ‘bad guys’ want you alive and talking.

huge thanks to my betas :)


“Brothers. Born in Lawrence, Kansas to Mary Winchester, deceased, and John Winchester, also deceased. FBI started investigating them back in 2007. Assault, murder, multiple counts of desecrating a corpse. They made the FBI’s most wanted in 2011, then died in a shootout with police in Ankeny, Iowa. At least, that’s what their file said; but apparently not.”

“And the girl?”

“Same M.O. Her record runs mostly hand in hand with the Winchester’s from 2007 to 2010, then she drops off the map, goes quiet until today. Does look like she’s the only one who’s not a ghost though.”


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Things Meant to Be

“Cas, promise me you’ll never leave me.”

They’re in bed when Dean says this, their limbs intertwined, Cas’s slightly shorter frame spooned so perfectly in his own.  

It’s the only time Dean allows himself to speak like this, when he lets himself be open and vulnerable.  When he’s with Cas, just with Cas, it feels as though he can finally take off a mask he’s been wearing all day. 

Cas cranes his neck to peer over his shoulder at him.  “I can’t promise that, Dean.”  

Seeing the incremental look of hurt that starts to spread across Dean’s face, Cas elaborates,  “I’d never leave you willingly, of course.  But this universe is a cruel one.  Sometimes, it calls for our separation, and there’s nothing you or I can do to prevent it.”

Dean says nothing, only nods in silent acknowledgement at the unfortunate truth of Cas’s words.

He knows this, of course.  He’s seen it happen too many times before, some pompous asshole like Naomi or Metatron or Lucifer or even Crowley prancing out of nowhere to tear his angel away from him.  He should have learned by now that there’s nothing he can do about that.  Nothing either of them can do about it. 

All he can do is hope to Heaven that he never has to lose Cas for good.

On this bitter note, Dean closes his eyes, trying to relax, put the unwanted memories out of his mind, and catch some much-needed shut-eye.

“But Dean?”  says Cas, not looking up this time.


“I’ll always come back to you.”

Dean’s eyes blink open, surprised by the intensity behind Cas’s words.

“I never told you this,” the grumbling voice continues.  “But when I was…’God’ -” He encapsulates the word with exaggerated quote-y fingers.  “-I saw things.  Most of which my mind can’t make sense of, I…”  he trails off, shaking his head.  “Angels were never meant to have that much power.  I’m surprised I didn’t go totally insane from the sheer force of it all.  But I saw things, Dean.  Things I’ll never forget.  I saw…us.”

Dean’s brow furrows confusedly, trying to figure out what Cas is getting at.  “You mean, like…us in the future?” 

Cas shakes his head.  “No.  Us in other worlds, other universes.  More times than I can count, and each different from the next.”  He turns to face Dean conspiratorially.  “In one, Dean, you were the pizza man and I was the babysitter,” Cas whispers, as though this is scandalous information. 

Dean smiles bemusedly, and opens his mouth to make some characteristically lewd remark, perhaps point out that the pair assume those roles quite often in the privacy of their bedroom, when Cas goes on, “In another, you were a fireman and I, a doctor.  And in still another, I was a writer, and you were the exotic dancer serving as my muse.”

Dean’s not sure how to respond at this point, but luckily, he doesn’t need to, because Cas continues, “Sometimes, we had what you humans call a ‘happily ever after-’” (More quote-y fingers.)  “-And spend our lives together, happy and content.  Other times, fate wasn’t so kind.”  

Cas pivots his body so he’s lying on his back now, looking regretfully up at Dean through long, dark lashes.  “In one, I watched you go to war and never truly come home again.  And you, in turn, were forced to watch me die.”  Cas shakes his head ruthfully.  “It’s a shame, really.  We were so in love.  And we could both ‘dig Elvis.’”  

Any other time, Dean would have demanded Cas stop with the air quotes (admittedly, he does find them endearing, but three times in one evening is just plain outside the bounds of social acceptability) but he’s too baffled and overwhelmed by what Cas is saying.  

He continues, “Like I said before, Dean, angels weren’t meant to have so much power, and in truth, I don’t know exactly what it was I saw – if I truly was catching a glimpse into alternate universes or if it was only the short circuiting of an inflamed mind.  But I know that what I saw was real, Dean, if only symbolically:  I may have to leave you, Dean.  Sometimes the universe demands it.  But it will never truly be goodbye.”

Cas looks up at him, oceanic eyes meeting Dean’s peridot, brimming with an intensity that, even now, never fails to make Dean’s heart flutter. 

“I will always come back to you, Dean,” he says, with such certainty that Dean can’t help but believe it.  “Over a thousand different universes, a thousand different worlds, I’ll always come back to you.  I’ll always find you again, even when it doesn’t feel that way.  And most of all, Dean, I will always love you.”  He pauses briefly, squinting contemplatively into space.  “I believe some part of me always has – that it’s built into the very fiber of my being.  Perhaps even the universe itself.  And that’s why, no matter the circumstances, we always find each other again.”

Dean doesn’t know what to say.  He’s not sure there’s anything to say.

After a moment or two, he swallows wetly, and inquires, “So, uh.  Why didn’t you ever tell me this before?” 

Cas shrugs.  “I could never think of an appropriate occasion.  You were, as you put it, ‘working through some shit’ at the time, and afterwards, it simply never came up.  But I thought it was time you know.”  

Dean nods stiffly as Cas curls up against him once more, this time resting his head on Dean’s chest like a pillow, wordlessly, as though this surreal, existential conversation had never transpired. 

Dean’s still processing as he almost instinctively presses his nose to the top of Cas’s head and breaths in the smell of him:  faintly electrical, like lightning, and something sweet that Dean insists is apple pie.

“I love you,” he murmurs, voice slightly muffled into the dark, messy hair.  

“I love you too, Dean,” Cas replies, adding, “Goodnight,” even though they both know he isn’t going to sleep.

“G’night, Cas.” 

Dean breaths a contented sigh as he allows his eyes to flutter shut, the tension leaving his muscles.  

Even now, though, as if on instinct, he draws Cas in a little closer, squeezing his angel a little tighter, as if daring the universe to try and take him again.   

The Littlest Winchester

Part 1: Strangers (Supernatural fanfiction series)

~ Warnings: Non graphic child abuse minor character death cussing violence sadness cuddling angry Dean ~

Tommy ran out of his house at midnight. His little face covered in bruises and his eyes where blackened and full of tears. His father punished him again. All Tommy wanted was to take a brake from his chores. His dad started to beat and chase Tommy. This time Tommy started to push him trying to get him away from him. Tommy pushed him and the top of the stairs his father fell and tumbled down the steps braking his neck. Tommy got scared and ran in to the woods.

While in the woods Tommy saw what looked like two twins fighting.

In reality it was Dean fighting a shifter. Dean defeats the shifter killing it. Tommy climbs up a tree and hides.

Dean saw Tommy’s shadow go up the tree and knew he was young.

“Hey buddy it’s ok I won’t hurt you. Why don’t you come down and we can talk?” Dean asked softly.

“My name’s Tommy not Buddy. I am not supposed to talk to strangers.” Tommy said looking down.

Tommy I’m Dean. Now you can come down cause we ain’t strangers now.“ Dean said try not to laugh.

Tommy climbed down slowly and hugged Dean tight not saying anything. Dean could tell Tommy was only five or six. He was also hurt scared and hungry. Only reason Dean knew he was hungry was he heard Tommy’s grumble.

“Hey kido why don’t I take you some place to rest. Get you something to eat ?” Dean asked still hugging Tommy.

“W What kind of work do I need to do sir. Before I eat?” Tommy asked shaking.

Dean froze he wasn’t sure what to say. He never heard of such a thing. For a brief moment his eyes turned blood red with rage. How could anyone do this to a little boy. Or to anyone for that matter. Dean quickly hid his look of fury with a soft smile so not to scare the little boy. They stood there and hugged in silence.

A soft snow started to fall. Baby had a slight dusting on her hood. Made the old girl look pretty in the pale New Jersey moon light. Finally after a long awkward pause of nothing but hugging. Dean cleared his throat and spoke.

“Tommy you don’t have to do work for me. You’d be my guest and be able to play and have fun. I’ve got a little brother who would love to meet you. Also Cas who’s my special friend he’s very sweet and wouldn’t hurt you.” Dean said as he picked up the little kid.

He put the poor little kido in the backseat of baby. Got a blanket and pillow from her trunk. Dean tucked him in and watched as the little one fell asleep. Dean laid a soft little kiss on his for head. Then got in turned on a classic rock station to clear his head.

He pulled up to an old run down apartment building. Parks Baby in her spot. He gets out and picks up the sleeping little boy. Tommy wakes up half way and hugs his neck.

Dean carries him in and sets him on a kitchen chair. He fixes Tommy beanie weenies and a slice of apple pie. Dean watches as Tommy starts eating fast. Like he hasn’t ate in days.

It made Dean sick to think of someone starving a child. Even though he was very pissed he didn’t say anything. He didn’t want to upset Tommy. Also Dean remembered not eating so his little brother Sammy could eat. So to see Tommy like that really tore him up inside. How could anyone do that to a kid.

“Hey there slow down or you’ll make yourself sick. After you eat that of your still hungry I’ll make you something else ok little one?” Dean said in a soft voice.

“Ok Dean thank you very much.” He smiles very brightly at Dean.

“I’ll be right back I have to use the bathroom.“He said as he walks to the bathroom and shuts the door.

Tommy finished eating he washed his plate and put it away. He was feeling very tired. So he looked for a bed to sleep in. Sam was sleep in his bed Tommy goes in his room. Climbs in the bed and cuddles close. Sam in his sleep hugs Tommy.

Dean sees this smiles and goes off to bed. Dean falls asleep smiling a little knowing at least for now Tommy is safe.

To be continued…..

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You’re my Apple Pie

Title: You’re my Apple Pie

 Prompt: Had a request for some Male!Reader stories! ^^

 Pairing: Dean x Male!Reader

 Summary:  You have always loved Dean Winchester, but he never looked at you, at least you thought. Little did you know, when Dean pictured the apple pie life, it was you he was picturing it with.  

 Warnings: Angst.  Mild Language.  Fluff.

Originally posted by dean-sam-winchesterbros

You sat back in your chair and propped your feet up on the one next to you.  “Glad we didn’t have a hunt.”  You spoke softly.  “It’s nice to just relax.”  You reached your arms up in a big stretch, your shoulder popping a couple times before you settled back down.

“Dude, you need to get that checked.”  Dean spoke as he nursed his whiskey.  

“Don’t mother me, Dean.”  You said with a chuckle.  Although you always brushed off his worry, you secretly loved it.  You loved it when Dean worried about you.

“Not motherin’.”

“Sure you aren’t.” You watched him for a moment.  His green eyes were trained on his drink, his finger moving around the rim slowly.  You watched him for a few moments before speaking up.  “What’s bothering you?”

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10 years || spn

Request: A World At Rights

Request: I know it’s Thursday but could you possibly do a deanxreader, where the boys are on a hunt and are going to be be back that night so Y/N decides to cook food for them and she’s listening to music and Hey Jude comes on and it’s one of her favorites so she’s singing along, (doesn’t know about it being Mary’s song) and she doesn’t hear the door open, and she hears this thump and turns around and sees Dean standing there with his duffel on the floor and tears in his eyes. You can go from there <3

Word Count: 830

Okay, this request is so so so cute and I loved writing it!! Thank you<33

The bunker always feels so empty when there isn’t a crisis to be researched. The hustle and bustle of coffee making and pages turning always makes the ancient place come alive, and when Sam and Dean aren’t here to make all of the noise, it’s so quiet and dead. You fill your time with projects – some of which to brothers know about, some they don’t. You redecorated some of the rooms, refreshing the décor that was at least half a century old, and added some new lamps and paintings. Then, you found a dusty old piano and after a few youtube tutorials on how to tune it, taught yourself to play a couple of songs. This week, however, your mini passion project has been baking.

Pies, biscuits, cookies, cakes – you’ve taken four trips into town in three days. You leave all of the food you make at the local homeless shelter – you wouldn’t be able to eat it all on your own, and you had to go into town anyway for more ingredients. One morning, however, on your seventh day of isolation, you wake to a text from Dean, promising that he and Sam will be back later that evening and so you get to work, deciding that it would be nice for the brothers to come back to some home-cooked goodies for once. You make Dean a pie, of course, and Sam always seemed to like apple and cinnamon cookies, so you make some of those too. By the end of the day, the whole bunker smells like heaven.

You’re dusting some cupcakes with icing sugar, singing along to the radio. Hey Jude by the Beatles plays through the speakers, and you sing too, it being one of your favourites since you were a kid. Even through the instrumental, you hum along, finding the familiar melody soothing you as a mother would a child. The song comes to a lull, when you hear a thump behind you.

You turn sharply, expecting some grotesque monster ready to eat your brains, but what you find surprises you even more.

Dean stands in the kitchen’s doorway, his duffel discarded on the floor beside him. He’s dirty and grimy, the marks of the hunt still marring his otherwise perfect skin – but what strikes you most of all is the tears that glisten like diamonds in his eyes. He just stands there, staring at you like you’re the light at the end of his tunnel.

“…Dean?” You frown, taking a cautious step towards him. He still doesn’t come out of his trance, however, though his eyes follow you as you approach him, “Dean, what’s wrong? What happened? Is Sam-“

“My mom,” He whispers, his eyes still fixated on you, “My mom used to sing that to us, all the time.”

You freeze, meeting his gaze for the first time, “Oh, Dean, I’m sorry. I didn’t know, I’m-“

“Don’t be.” He smiles wistfully, “It was nice. Y/N, it was… it was perfect.”

You don’t quite know what to say to that – you know about the tragedy surrounding Mary, and how it’s left a dark curtain over the brothers’ childhoods – and, arguably, their lives. You’ve known both of them for a long time – coming up ten years – but you’ve never heard it mentioned that that was their mother’s song, and suddenly, it seems like a significant detail to miss.

“I’m sorry,” He says suddenly, “I didn’t mean to freak you out, I just… you surprised me.”

“Don’t worry about it.” You’re about to turn away and head back to your cooking when Dean reaches out and grabs your arm, pulling you closer to him.

“I’m sorry it took me so long to do this.” He whispers, leaning down and kissing your lips firmly, like it’s something he’s planned. You’re surprised, sure, but it comes to you almost instantly and you kiss him back.

You two have almost always carried the status undefined. You’ve always had a casually flirtatious relationship, sure, but there’ve been moments when both of you felt like it could have gone deeper, like you could have been so much more.

When you pull away, Dean merely smiles bashfully at you, squeezing your shoulder. Both of you are somewhat lost for words, but for once, Dean knows exactly what he’s thinking.

For a moment there, he saw his mother in you – not in a weird way, but he saw a reflection of her love, of her infinite, never-ending care and compassion. And, whether he wants to admit it or not, he’s already hopelessly in love with you.

After a moment, you break into a smile, “I made cookies?” You offer, stepping aside to show your plates of goodies.

“You’re a frigging saint, you know that?” Dean grins, making you laugh.

“I do try.” You shoot him a wink and let him dig in, stepping back to watch him smiling and being happy for once. Somehow, when Dean is happy, the world feels at rights.


Originally posted by youre-good-im-crowley

Pairing: BobbyxReader
Word Count: 2,359
Author: Brittiny
Request: Anonymous. This is my first time requesting so it might be rubbish, okay? But I’m huge Bobby trash so yeahhhh :D Well, I was wondering if you could do a fic where the reader is told by Sam or Dean that Bobby has a crush on them and then acts really flirty around him and just ending it with whatever suits it best… ideally fluff…..? Okay well, thanks :D

You, Sam, and Dean, were headed to stay at Bobby’s for a much needed R&R. You were a big worse for the wear, you were sure they had seen better days, and according to Dean, Baby needed some TLC. You swore the man was married to his car. Not that you ever said that out loud.

Sam and Dean had been oddly quiet on the trip, which worried you. You didn’t know if something was off between them, or what. Finally, it got to you. “Okay, spill. What’s wrong?” You said, resting your arms on the bench seat between them.

“What?” Sam asked, glancing at you.

“We’ve been driving for nearly five hours, and neither of you have said much. I think the most I’ve heard either of you speak was at the gas station. And that was Dean bitching about the nerve of companies calling those pastry things pies.” You pointed out. “So, I’ll ask again. What’s wrong?

Sam and Dean did that look thing. It was annoying. Were they mind linked or something? “Uh, nothing.” Dean shrugged. You raised an eyebrow at him. “Nothing’s wrong, really…” You could tell he was hiding something.

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It smelled like lavender, apple pie, and waffle cones the first time they kissed 

It was just another summer day, too hot and too sticky to be outside but they braved the heat to walk to the ice cream shop 

Dean smiled as his best friend leaned toward the glass display of cold treats and it only widened when Cas excitedly pointed at his favorite flavor and requested two scoops in a waffle cone 

One year 

They had one year left together before college and the adult world tore them apart Cas took his cone and immediately gave it a long lick, closing his bright blue eyes for a moment to revel just as Dean would revel every moment they had left 

“Dean aren’t you going to get something?” Cas asked, his lips hidden behind two large scoops of his beloved lavender honey ice cream

Dean focused long enough to order two scoops of rum apple pie. In a waffle cone

Dean paid, ignoring Cas’s argument. He smiles at the shop attendant as he accepts his change and turned to find Cas struggling to take a bite of his treat without dismounting the top scoop  

His eyes were nearly crossed as he tries to watch his own movements and Dean could see the corners of his mouth turned down in a concentrated frown

Dean’s heart swelled. He was going to miss this

What if he never got this again? What if by this time next year they were already across the country from each other and Dean never got to see Cas adorably maul an ice cream cone? What if he never got to watch Cas chew on the tip of his favorite pen while he studied again or gaze adoringly while Cas’s big eyes widened as he gushed about the book he just finished? What if he never got to lay in Cas’s backyard and quietly follow the movement of the bees that wandered through Mrs. Novak’s garden or try to hide his blush when Cas’s hand squeezes his own while watching the end of “Star Trek: Into Darkness” even though Cas knows how it ends because they’ve watched it a dozen times?

What if this was it?

Cas finally pulled back and everything from his chin to the tip of his nose was layered in lavender honey ice cream and soft laughter bubbled through’s Dean’s internal panic

Cas blushed as he tried to lick it all away put he missed so much and Dean just couldn’t stand there and let him struggle. What kind of friend would that make him?

So he lifted a trembling hand and cleared a stripe across Cas’s chin with his finger, licking the sweetness away

Cas’s blush slowly darkened as Dean met his stunned expression with a nervous smile, an apology searing the tip of his tongue

But then the crinkles around Cas’s eyes deepened and Dean felt a shift, all at once feeling like there was no oxygen and gravity had abandoned him

There was virtually no space between him and Cas all of a sudden and he didn’t know who had moved and he couldn’t really care when just three inches from his face Cas’s blue eyes were staring at him with guarded hope and completely ignoring the sticky mess around his mouth

It smelled like lavender, apple pie, and waffle cones and all Dean wanted to do was kiss his best friend

So he did  

And five years later when Dean pulls Cas into the shop, Dean drops to one knee while Cas tries to bite at his cone (because he still hasn’t learned his lesson) and he asks a man with lavender honey ice cream smeared across his face to marry him

It’s not unusual for Alphas to take another mate after their first one dies. 

It’s only Omegas who mourn their mating bond forever - although Dean isn’t sure if that’s biological or because tradition dictates that they do. 

When he gets word that his dad is courting again, Dean doesn’t think much of it. He already knows his father has a third son by a pretty Beta in another state. 

He drops by, just to check out the potential new member of their fractured pack, and in that instant everything changes. 

The Omega his dad is courting is nothing like Dean would have imagined.

For one thing, he’s a male Omega. He’s tall and strong, only an inch or two shorter than Dean. (“Good for breeding” John says when Dean corners him and asks “Why? Why this Omega?”). His eyes are a dazzling blue. His voice is rough, gravelly, although he hardly speaks. (“I like that about him. He doesn’t talk back,” John says.)

He’s quiet, dutiful and Dean hates the thought of his dad touching him.

His name is Castiel. 

He smells like apple pie and cinnamon. 

Dean loves him instantly. 

And from the looks Castiel gives him - startled, horrified, realization dawning in those wide blue eyes - the feeling is entirely mutual. 

They’re supposed to be mates, Dean can feel the tug of their bond deep inside him, but Castiel is already being courted by his father. The best thing to do, the wise thing to do, would be to leave. He should go, should bury his feelings for Castiel down deep so they can’t trouble either of them again. 

Dean’s never prided himself on being wise. 

And for all Castiel is dutiful, a good Omega, he still sneaks into Dean’s room that night and bares his throat for the young Alpha to bite. 

anonymous asked:

so what really is abo? I want to give them a try but I don't like rape or anything that might resemble rape. from what I understand a person is claimed by another? but what if they don't want to claimed?

Hi Nonny!

I love love LOVE abo and talking about abo and everything to do with it!  So I’m going to tell you about what abo is (there’s a really good wiki article that gives a general overview of abo and what it is to the fanfiction community at large), and then I’ll talk about the abo that I LOVE and why I love it, and contrast that a bit with abo that I won’t touch with a 60-foot pole covered in a zillion condoms.

It’s going to be a long post.  It might be a little overwhelming.  It might raise more questions.  I’m happy to answer those questions too.  If I’m not clear about something or something is still confusing, ask more questions!  I LOVE TALKING ABOUT ABO.

I’ve also already converted at least two of my friends who were squicked by abo into total abo trash (for good abo fics).

Here we go!

So abo is an au where people have these characteristics and instincts that coincide with whether they present as an alpha, beta, or omega during puberty.

Alphas tend to be large and masculine, their instinct is to be aggressive and dominant, and they have a knot.  A knot is a swelling that starts at the base of their cock and if it swells into place during sex, the couple is locked together for a period of time after (usually about half-an-hour), which is called knotting. Their monthly cycle is called a rut. During their rut they’re even more attracted to omegas (more on omegas in a moment) than usual, and in what I think of as bad abo (the stuff I NOPE out of so fast and find squicky and uncomfortable to read) they are written as if they have zero control over themselves and their urges and they will take whatever they need from whomever they want it from. This is where abo gets its bad rapey rep from.  I don’t like this brand of abo at all.

Omegas tend to be smaller than alphas.  They are more submissive, and they don’t have a knot.  Their monthly cycle is called a heat, and during their heat they produce an oily substance called slick which leaks from their backside, much like a menstrual cycle.  During their heat, they are even more irresistible to alphas than usual, and their instinct to submit to an alpha is even higher than normal, which again, in poorly written abo can lead to some DubCon (dubious consent) crap that I’m not cool with.  (If they wouldn’t want to have sex without the heat/rut, I don’t want to read about them having sex during the heat/rut.)

Betas are either left out of the stories entirely (alpha/omega verse, where everyone is one or the other), or they tend to be the neutral people in between. Their sense of smell isn’t as keen as the alphas or omegas (the people in the fic can usually smell out which group a person falls into).  They don’t have heats or ruts, and they tend to be the filler characters.

There are also Unpresented.  Unpresented characters don’t know which group they belong in.  This is usually treated as some sort of worrisome condition.

Still with me?  This is where stuff starts to vary like crazy between the abo universes people set up for their own fics.

People tend to establish within their own fic a normal age for presenting (usually around puberty), and how much people are attracted to the scents of the alphas/omegas around them.  I am a total sucker for the soulmate trope where alphas and omegas can smell the people around them, but only their soulmate smells irresistibly good to them, is able to scentmark them or send them into a heat/rut, etc.

Scentmarking is when, usually an alpha, can sort of claim an omega.  It causes a more temporary scent change than marking, can send omegas into heat, and it can be done accidentally.  I don’t see a ton of scentmarking in fics, but when it’s used well I really like it.  This could also be used in a really gross alpha-“claiming”-omegas-without-their-permission-and-on-purpose kind of rapey way that I would not be okay with, but I haven’t seen a lot of that either.  Limerence uses Scentmarking in a way that I enjoy.

Marking is kind of like the equivalent to marriage (mating).  The alpha will leave a bite mark somewhere on the omega (usually the neck) which means that they have a mate.  Again, I like fics where marking is discussed before it happens, because if not, ick.  But there’s an instinctual aspect to marking.  The alpha really really really wants to mark their omega during the knotting process, and often the omega really wants to be marked too, but it’s a serious commitment and should be treated as such.  Often, marking will have some permanent effect on one or both partners’ scent, making them less good smelling to other alphas/omegas who are looking for a mate.

A thing that also varies from fic to fic is how rare omegas are.  There are some fics where male omegas are a normal, well accepted thing.  There are other fics where being a male omega is a thing to be ashamed of, and others where this makes you a prized commodity and you’re in like, super big danger because all the alphas with zero control are going to want to claim you and you need your soulmate alpha to protect you.  I’m not a big fan of either of these universes because they tend to be written around all the angst of coming out and being “broken” and that’s not what I love about abo.  Plus they tend to toe the line of rapey, and again, ew.  I like the “everyone, male or female, presents as one of these two or three groups around puberty and life happens around this fact” type fics.

And then there’s mpreg.  Mpreg is the phenomenon that omegas can get pregnant by alphas.  Some fics ignore this completely.  Some fics are centred on this (like the ones were male omegas are “prizes” because you can “breed” with them).  There are, of course, ways around this.  When I write abo I tend to have my characters use condoms or be on suppressors (the equivalent of birth control, they are hormones omegas can take to not go into heat) just to take the possibility of mpreg out from the very start because I’m not a fan.  I can deal with fics that use mpreg as like, a part of the happy ending, but I stay away from fics where mpreg is a major part of the plot or kink of the story.

Okay, so I think that’s sort of the mechanics of what abo is.  Here’s why I personally love abo.

The thing that drew me into abo was the scent-matching soulmate tropes.  I am a sucker for two people finding each other in this world because they were walking down the street and then suddenly they smelled something that smelled better than anything else they had ever smelled in the entire world. Think, like Amortentia, the love potion in Harry Potter, and that’s what their soulmate smells like.  And these scent worlds are fun because you get to read about what these characters smell like, and they’re usually great nods at what’s already well known and loved about a character.  Like, both Dean Winchester and Steve Rogers tend to smell like freshly baked apple pie because, duh.  This stuff is fun to write (I spent a lot of time texting shennanigoats about what Natasha Romanov would smell like when I was writing Lost and Found), and it adds an extra layer to a fic when you read it.  You don’t just see what the character sees; you smell what they smell, and you have an extra sense of immersion (see what I did there?).  I’ve also had irl partners who just smelled so damn good and so I like seeing that in fic.  There’s also all the irl science around who smells good to you, and how they tend to be people who have opposite immune systems to yours, or complementary genes, who are good reproductive matches, so the nerd in me likes abo for this reason too.

And then, once I was deep in it and I had to explain my love of abo to a friend, I realized that part of the reason I love abo is because of the glorification of menstruation.  Abo fics (the ones I enjoy, anyway) take the heat, the abo version of a monthly period, and they use it as this totally irresistible, most delicious smelling thing the alpha has ever smelled, plot driver to get characters in bed having the most instinctual, animalistic sex imaginable.  And I fucking love that.  I NOPE out of fics that treat the heat like it’s gross and icky and shameful, because I’m not fucking here for that.  I am fucking here for alphas who smell their omegas in heat and it drives them fucking crazy, and they need to be all over their omega right fucking now because their scent is driving them up the wall (but they are still somewhat in control of themselves and making sure this is consensual because rape will also make me NOPE out of a fic so fast I get whipslash.)

That is A LOT of information.  I hope it wasn’t too overwhelming.  I hope it was pretty clear.  If you have more questions please please please ask them.

I hope you go forth and enjoy the shit out of some good abo.  Or not, if it’s just not your thing.

I would start with Limerence by Valyria.

Maybe We Didn’t Need That Supply Run After All by emmarowene-fandom-queen is the only other ABO fic that’s made my ficrecs list.

And of course, if you’d like to see how I write ABO, my Stucky fic is Lost and Found.

I hope this was useful!! <3

EDIT:  I forgot, I also read this super awesome fic really recently!  It plays with the idea of an alpha wanting to be dominated and an omega wanting to do the dominating and it is FANTASTIC.

Also, if you find any abo that you like, please send it my way because THIS IS MY JAM.

Skinny Love Pt. 2

Pairing: Dean x Reader 
Word Count: 1100-ish
Summary: When Sam goes on a date, you and Dean suddenly find yourselves alone for a TV night, sparks fly.
Warnings: language, fluff (because I don’t want you to not know that here might be…fluffy fluff)
A/N: ahh here it is, the second part. what do you think? x

Read Part 1 here.

You both sat there, in front of Dean’s laptop, with your soul reaching out to his, but with your body remaining motionless, as if you could break if you would dare to move.

Beyond your blushing face and your erratic heart beat, beyond all the butterflies that made you dizzy and the fear to wake up just now, there was a spark of contentment, of feeling home oh so slightly.

Little did you know that Dean’s heart beat as erratic as yours, that he was afraid to say just one word and make you flee like a deer.

Oh little did you know that the man next to you was as madly in love with you as you was with him and felt like he was a big foot in front of a beautiful glass sculpture.

You just didn’t know, that he was so rough and short around you, because you made him speechless, that he gave you commands for every step you took on hunts because he was so afraid of loosing you.

The elder Winchester was so wary, so guardedly, so reserved, because for him you were the sun and he was stuck between running and saving you from his darkness and coming closer and bathing in your light.

Oh so little did you know, that Dean sat here next to you, cradling you in his arms, and tried desperately to gather up the courage to say something, to make you aware, that you were so precious to him, covering it up between steady circles on your arm and saying nothing, holding onto this feeling.

When Sam would home later that night, it could have passed an hour or hundred. You and Dean sat on his bed with the bright screen in front of you, but oblivious to the show.

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As soon as you walked out of the gas station store your eyes were drawn to a black car; a 67’ impala to be exact. With your tongue practically hanging out of your mouth, you walked over to the hunk of metal and glided your hand across the handle. You were looking inside the window when you felt a hand tap your shoulder.

“Wrong car.”

“I’m well aware of that, it’s just who could pass up a beaut like this.” You replied turning around.
The man smiled replying with a simple shoulder shrug.

“Seriously though, where’d you find her?”

“Uhh– my dad gave it to me.”

“You’re so friggin’ lucky dude.” You proceeded to circle the car in admiration as the guy stood there with bags in his hands and a smirk on his face.

“So, you’re into older cars?”

“Yea… The crap they make nowadays.” You looked up to him and shook your head.

“I don’t even want to know what they put in cars now.” He replied furrowing his eyebrows.

“You’d be surprised.”

“What do you drive,” he asked opening his car door and putting the bags inside.

“The black 69’ Camaro over there.”

“No?… For real?” He asked surprised.

“For real.” You said letting out a slight laugh. You both walked over to your car so he could check it out.

“Hey, here’s an idea,” you spoke up getting his attention. “There’s a race track a few miles from here, why don’t we head over there and burn some rubber.”

“Serious?” He asked with a smile.

“Yea, I let you drive mine if you let me drive yours.”

“Hey, hey, hey– I don’t even know you.” He responded tilting his head.

“I’m Y/N. I like older cars, gas station junk food and long walks on the beach. You?” You answered smirking.

“I’m Dean. I also like older cars, apple pie and Metallica.” He replied laughing.

“All right then, we’re pretty much best friends now. Let’s go, follow me.” When you guys got to the track you hopped down and walked over to him.

“So, how are we gonna do this?” Dean asked.

“We’ll, we might get in about 3 laps before the police come out.”

“Woah! Police?”

“You’re not scared are you?” You laughed raising an eyebrow.

“No, it’s just—“

“Alright then, the engines running. If they do come just follow me, I know how to lose them. Ok?”

“Crap, ok.” You both got in each other’s’ car and adjusted the seats. Both of you revved the engines getting ready to go. Finally releasing the break, you took off leaving him behind.

“Woo!” Your hair was flying in the wind while the Impala reached 80 mph. You pulled the hand break and turned the wheel to drift around the corner.

“Oh my god… I’m gonna marry that girl!” Dean said shocked and impressed seeing his car smoke in front of him. He sped up and got in another lap with you before sirens were heard. You slowed down so he could catch up. You signaled for him to follow you and sped away with Dean behind the track.

“Crap, crap, crap!” Dean was freaking out as the cops got closer. Suddenly you made a hard right down the alley and spun around to hide from the police.

“Where the hell is he?” You got worried when you didn’t see him turn the corner.

You got out of his car and started to walk, until he made the same turn and got out of view. The cops sped past you guys thankfully. Dean got out of the car and hunched over trying to breathe. You of course laughed making him look up confused.

“You do this for a living don’t you?” He asked still trying to catch his breath.

“I thought you said you weren’t scared—and why are you out of breath, you were driving not running?”

He straighten up to reply, but instead just started laughing. After a few minutes he finally replied, “I wasn’t breathing, I guess.”

“Yea—no kidding!” You joined in laughing. “Your car, she can really drift.” You changed the subject after you both calmed down a bit.

“You’re gonna have to show me how to do that. I was pretty impressed.” He admitted smiling at you.

“Maybe, if we meet up again.” You smiled back.

“You’re just gonna leave me after all we’ve been through.” He let out a confused laugh

“All good things have to come to an end, Dean.”

“They don’t have to.” He shook his head. You looked down at the ground not sure of what to do or say. When you looked back up he was standing in front of you.

“How about if you ever need help fixing her up, call me.” You grabbed his phone out his pocket and put your number in. He was staring at you when you put the phone in his hand. “See you around, Dean.”

“You’re really going to leave, just like that.” He said in disbelief.

“Have to.” You replied walking backwards before turning around. You got in your car and pulled up to him. “You can call for whatever.” You gave him one more smile before taking off leaving him behind once again.

“Sam’s never gonna believe me.” He said to himself smiling before getting in his car and heading for the bunker.

The Perks of Being an Angel

Request from infostarcovideos: CasxReader where the reader is around 12 or 13 and has social anxiety, so Cas decides to become her age to hang out with her. 

Summary: Reader just turns 13  and is finally able to go out on a hunt with the Winchesters, Castiel turns himself into a 14 year old so he can hang out with her without being so much older than her. 

AN: I actually really love this request because I suffer from social anxiety so it should be a relatable um…one-shot? But anyway yea, I’ll try not to screw it up to much. Hope you enjoy!

“Happy birthday little runt” Dean said as he handed you a box with blue gift wrapping paper and a gold ribbon tied around it. You could tell it was wrapped by Sam because it was neatly wrapped, but you still appreciated the sentiment. “Thank you Dean” you said smiling. Castiel and Sam both handed you their gifts for you to unwrap. You were thankful for all that the Winchesters and their feathered friend had done for you. When you were 9 your family was killed by a gaggle of hell hounds, luckily while you were hiding in your favorite safe place Dean and Sam had defeated the hell hounds and saved you. They decided that because of what had happened to you, that you would stay with them so they could train you to become great hunters like they were. Along the way you had met and stayed with Bobby but only for a short time because not long after you had learned he was shot by a leviathan named Dick Roman…you thought his first name suited him. It was hard the first few weeks getting through without Bobby there, but soon enough you guys moved into the Men of Letters bunker and you finally had gotten your own room. You met the angel Castiel when you were still living with Bobby, he was so kind and caring but also a little clueless for someone that had been alive for so long. He would be the one that hung out with you when the boys were out on cases for more than a few days. You were grateful and started to develop a small crush on him.

Today was your 13th birthday and you had been more than excited because it was finally this age that the boys would let you start helping them on cases. Dean’s gift to you was of course a gun, but it was your first one and man did it have a kickback the first time you shot it. Sam’s gift to you was your own phone and a laptop so you could do your own research and stay in contact with the guys. “Wow, show off much?” Dean said to Sam in a teasing way. Sam give him his best bitch face. Finally the gift you had been waiting for was Cas’s gift. He gave you a silver necklace with two onyx wings. The way the wings shimmered reminded you of the angel himself so it was a very appropriate present from him. “Thank you all so much, you have been so nice to me ever since I met you. You didn’t have to get me anything though because being here with you guys is enough for me.” You said with a huge smile that filled up pretty much the width of your face. “Okay enough of this sappy stuff, let’s eat some pie!” Dean said. “Happy birthday Y/N. I’m glad you enjoyed your gifts.” Sam said Castiel walked over to me after Sam and Dean left the room. “Y/N I have another gift for you after we are done eating, I hope you enjoy it.” Cas said with a cute little grin. “Cas you don’t have to give me anything else.” You said with a giggle. Castiel tilted his head a little and had a confused look on his face. “But I want to do it anyway.” He replied. “Okay Castiel.” You finally said. “You guys gonna come get some pie?” Dean said coming into the room with what looked like apple pie filling plastered messily on the bottom of his face. “He’s going to eat it all if you don’t!” Sammy yelled from the kitchen. You laughed at Dean and his childish eating.

You guys had finished up the pie and Cas took you outside to look up at the stars and give you his final present. “Okay Y/N close your eyes.” Cas said. You closed your eyes but still saw a bright glow through your eyelids. When you opened your eyes there was no longer a trench coated blue eyed tall man, but what looked like a 14 year old boy with beautiful cobalt eyes like Cas’ and a trench coat that was much too big for the boy. The boy looked at you timidly and said “Do you like it? This vessel I mean.” Then it hit you, it was Cas but like a younger prepubescent teen instead of the beautiful man he was. But he was as beautiful if not more as a teen than he was as a full grown man. “Castiel how did you do that?” you asked with excitement. “I learned how to make my vessel his younger form for you so that maybe you could have a friend your age to talk to.” He said. You rushed over and hugged him. “Cas this is amazing thank you so much.” You said. He smiled bashfully. “I will need to acquire some new clothing.” He said looking at how the trench coats arm went quite a bit past his own hand. You chuckled to yourself. “We’ll go shopping tomorrow.” You said.

—Time Skip—

You, Cas, Sam, and Dean were out near the mall that was close to the bunker. Sam and Dean had gotten plenty of comments on how they looked cute together and their kids were beautiful and you laughed more and more with each one as they just got more annoyed but Cas was just confused. You all walked into American Eagle to buy Castiel his first outfit and Sam immediately picked up a plaid blue shirt. “Cas, this would look great on you, and it’s totally your color.” Sam said as a chuckled at his comment. A woman that worked in the store came up to you. “Hi! Welcome to American Eagle, can I help you find something?” she said politely with a smile. You froze and instantly became nervous. “I…uh…um…well…uh…” you started to stutter as Cas started to walk over. “Hello, yes can you help me find some pants to match this shirt?” he said holding up the shirt that Sam had picked out for him. “Yes of course, right over there.” The woman said confused as she pointed Cas and you towards the men’s apparel. “Thank you.” Cas said to her. Then he grabbed your hand and walked you over to where the woman pointed. “Y/N, are you okay?” Cas asked with a concerned look. “Yea, I just kinda have social anxiety.” You said as you started to calm down. “Kinda?” the angel asked questioningly. You shrugged and found a pair of jeans for the angel then handed it to him to try on. He started to unbuckle his pants that Dean had found for him. “NO! No not here, you need a fitting room.” You said turning furiously red as you blushed. He tilted his head went and asked the woman for a fitting room. She unlocked the door and a few seconds he walked out of the room shirtless with his pants fitting nicely on him. He still had perfect abs and the way his body was shaped was he same and the blush that was finally gone had come back once again. Dean and Sam approved of his new attire after we were done. We went into the Vans store and got him some plain black Vans to finish off the look. Then you guys headed back to the bunker in the impala.

“Hey guys I found a case” Sam said to us staring at his laptop while we were lounging around the bunker. “What is it?” I asked getting excited because it would be my first case. “Looks like a possession. Could be demons.” He replied. “LETS GO GANK SOME DEMONS!!” you shouted as you went and put on your FBI attire and your new fake badge. The boys looked at each other surprised but then went and got ready. Luckily while you were out you picked up a “monkey suit” for Castiel that actually fit him. And with that you were off to solve the case.

—Another Time Skip—

You guys were in the police station asking around for any hints or help to what this problem might be and where. You were with Sam and Castiel was with Dean. You didn’t mind because Sam was more like a big brother than Dean was. Sam and an officer were talking while you were standing off to the side waiting for him to finish up. “Hey there little one, are you helping your dad with the case?” A male officer said to you. “Um…” you started but ran over to Sam and grabbed his sleeve. “What wrong?” he asked as he looked down at you. You asked the moose to bend down so you could whisper because he was really tall and you didn’t want anyone to hear you. “An officer asked me if I was here with someone so I became nervous and came to you. Are we almost done here?” You said into his ear. He smiled and caringly pet your head. “Yea, almost.” He answered.


Dean, Sam, Cas, and you walked into an abandoned warehouse and found the demon with a bunch of his “friends” and an all-out brawl began. Cas used his grace to make the demons eyes burst into flames then they fell to the floor. Dean used his favorite handgun to shoot the demons, there was special things in the rounds that killed the demons. Sam was using his favorite Demon blade which made a bright red light flash out of their eyes and mouth. Just then a demon started running at you, you pulled out your new gun and shot but it was so powerful that you fell into another demon who grabbed you and held a knife up to your throat. “Okay okay that’s enough fighting for one day.” The pitch black eyed monster said. “Let her go.” Cas said with glowing blue eyes as the room began to shake. And the demon became genuinely scared. He dropped the knife then a black smoke came rushing out of him. Castiel rushed over you to see if you were okay. Your neck was starting to bleed a little from the blade of the knife. “Thanks Cas. You really saved my skin…literally.” You chuckled. He hugged you then kissed your forehead. “Thank dad you’re okay, I don’t know what I would have done without you.” Cas said. “Why?” you asked. “Because Y/N, I love you.” The angel answered. You looked at him surprised then kissed him. Then he picked you up and carried you back to the Impala. You guys headed to the motel in utter silence while your angel held and cuddled you in the back seat. You were finally content.

I hope i didn’t butcher it to much