dean like the only guy she finds attractive that actually has short hair you know!

Imagine Sam realizing you’re jealous after a waitress flirts with him.

Intro: You have been hunting with the Winchesters for quite a while now. Probably ever since they helped you take out a vampire nest a couple months back. You’ve grown very fond of the boys’ presence since then and love spending so much time with them. But recently, you’ve noticed that you’ve been falling hard for one of the Winchesters. More specifically, Sam Winchester. You’ve been falling more and more for him as each day passed and you’d find yourself fascinated by his every move. Damn… Let’s just say, you had it bad.

A beautiful waitress, about your age, gracefully walked over to the booth you and the boys had just sat down in. You were on one side, sitting between the window and Dean. Sam was sitting by himself, across from you two. The waitress (whose name is Molly, according to her name tag) was holding a pad of paper and a pen in her hands, prepared to take down your order. She took a minute to admire the attractive boys you were accompanied by and then glanced over at you. “Ladies first. What would you like, Hun?” She asked, almost too sweetly.

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Dean x curvy!shy! Reader

‘I’ll exorcise, not exercise.’

The boys weren’t due due back from their witch hunt for another two days, they’d left three days ago, Sam having left you a quick note explaining that he wanted to talk some things over with Dean. Alone. Meaning that he needed a ‘chick flick’ moment with Dean. God, they were such a married couple.

Poor Castiel was preoccupied with trying to prevent his brother, Gabe from killing himself with over consumption of candy, it was nearly Halloween after all. Come to think of it, that’s probably what Sam had to talk with Dean about, Gabriel. That poor little moose.

So, here you were, lounging your length on the sofa in the bunker, in an oversized Superman t shirt and your really short, really comfy shorts, the ones that you hadn’t worn in ages because you really didn’t want the older Winchester to see your legs. Usually you wore a baggy t shirt/hoodie with a pair of jeans, never shorts. The guys didn’t know about your insecurity and you didn’t intend to let them know anytime in the close future. When he asked (like when it was 60 degrees outside) you just said that you didn’t own any and that you found them uncomfortable anyway. The reality was you loved your shorts, you were just too shy to wear them around other people, especially Dean.

You really liked the older Winchester, but you were positive that he saw you as nothing less than a little sister. Plus, you weren’t exactly his sort of woman anyway. He was more into the long, tan, tone-legged, too-short-skirt and stringy tank top sort of woman. A woman with experience and expertise. A woman with a perfectly applied face of make up and long, perfectly styled hair.

That wasn’t you.

You were just some kid who Bobby used to look after, he knew your parents and after they’d… left… during a hunt, he took you in. And after Bobby left, the boys took you in, and they let you come on the odd, simpler hunt, you were still relatively inexperienced. You didn’t get out much, so you weren’t as skinny as the women Dean liked, your legs weren’t as toned, there was a little cellulite, and faint red stretch marks on the insides of your thighs. You didn’t like wearing make up, you never really saw the need. And as for your hair, you had decided a few weeks age to get it cut short, for convenience, now your hair was shorter than Sam’s!

You smiled slightly as you remembered the boys shock when you came back to the bunker with short hair. You popped a disc of 'Sherlock,’ into the DVD player and settled down into the sofa, under your fluffy, cuddly blanket to watch it.

———-Two Hours Later———-

The boys entered the bunker to the theme tune of 'Sherlock’ belting through the bunker.

“(Y/N)! Hey, kiddo we’re back! And Sammy’s got a new boyfriend!” Dean smirked deviously at his exasperated younger brother.

When you didn’t reply, the brothers galloped down the stairs and into the living room area. There they discovered you sleeping on the sofa with your legs tangled through the blankets, Sherlock just finishing. Motioning for Sam to be quiet and to get him a beer, Dean gathered you up in his arms, cradling your head to his chest, and carried you to your room, placing you into your bed.

Back in the kitchen. “Hey Sammy, didn’t (Y/N) say that she didn’t own any shorts?”

“Dean, why does this matter?”

“Well, because, well, you know, it makes her ass look gr-…”

“Shut up.”

———-Four Months Later———-

“Hey, guys, so get this. There were only three bodies found, right? But seven of the missing persons reports in the last six months fit the deal.”

“ So, what? Blood slaves?”

“Exactly.” The brothers shared a look across the library, while you continued to read up on the vampire lore. They had actually taken you on a hunt finally.

“So,… They ain’t exactly going to be easy to find. With their slaves and all.”

“No. They’ll be holed up somewhere desolate, so if the girls do try to escape there’s no where for them to go. The only way we’ll get them is a trap, and I don’t think you or I fit the criteria, Dean.”

“What? Young and sexy? I don’t know, I could pull it off don’t you think.” Dean grinned mischievously at his younger brother. “Besides we know you’d just make Gabe jealous.”

Sam pulled his best bitch face, before replying. “Young, hot and female, Dean. Female.”

Dean’s reply was cut short as Cas apparated into the scene.

“Hey, Cas.” You looked up from your reading momentarily to greet the angel.

“Hello, (y/n). Sam. Dean. What are you arguing about, (y/n) has been silently praying for me to come and talk some sense to you.”

Dean shot you a scowl, which you smirked at in return.

“We need vamp bait. Don’t suppose that you could just mojo up a hot twenty five year old?”

Cas squinted at the brothers, before his gaze returned to your isolated figure. “Why don’t you use (y/n)? I believe she is as how Dean describes her, 'one hot slice of pie’?”

“Shut up Cas!” Dean watched your figure edgily for any reaction, it appeared that you hadn’t been paying attention. “And there’s no way I’m letting her be used as bait!”

Cas suddenly disappeared again, without warning as usual, leaving the brothers to stare at each other, debating their options. Sam smirked at his brother, who was admiring your form. The way you stretched out your curvy, jeans clad legs, accentuated by the black calf length combat boots you wore, along with the loose, white Pokémon t shirt you wore.

“I don’t think Gabriel will be the only one to get jealous.” Sam smirked.



———-After a long argument between the brothers———-

“What?! Why do you want me to be the bait? I don’t exactly fit the criteria?!”

“What do you mean?! You’re a girl, aren’t you? Unless there’s something that you’re not telling us?” You shot Dean a filthy look.

“Look (Y/N), you’ll be fine, Sam and I will be there nearby the whole time.”

“No, it’s not that. It’s just that I don’t think the vamps will go for me, their previous victims have been,…. well,… attractive…”

Dean stopped and stared at you in shock, his green gaze studying your embarrassed, pink-tinged face. “What do you mean (Y/N)? Of course you’re attractive, you just don’t dress like a slut! Just stick on your shorts and you’ll be in the running!”

Your face jerked up to meet his moss green eyes in shock. How did he know about you shorts?! NO. There’s no way he’d actually mean that. Definitely not if he’d seen you in your shorts. He was just messing with you, as usual. But it wasn’t funny, not to you. Your anger, shock and dismay melded, leaving you feeling alone, rejected and worthless. Dean quirked a brow as the emotions flitted across your face.

“That’s not funny Dean.” You managed to choke out in a murmur before you swiftly exited, avoiding Dean’s outstretched grasp, and locked yourself in your own motel room, sliding down the other side of the door, breaking down into soft sobs as you clawed at the jeans wrapped aground your thighs. The man you had loved for three years had just smashed you self esteem.

Meanwhile, in the other motel room, the two brothers exchanged looks, “What the hell did I do Sammy?!” Dean raked his fingers through his short hair in distress as his younger brother shrugged apologetically at him. Following in your wake, dean approached your room door and raised his hand to knock, when your muffled sobs on the other side stopped him in his a tracks. Kneeling down, so that he was level with where about your heard was, listening to the choked out gasps of self scorn, he slowly began to understand.

Damn it (y/n), why didn’t you just tell me?!


There is a part two, I promise!


Title: Sweetheart

Pairing: Dean x Female Reader

Word Count: 4,698 

Warnings: use of alcohol, fluff, foreplay, smut

Request: Hi, do you still take OS requests? If you do, can you please write a OS where reader and her (really hot) friend meet Dean at the bar. They both fancy him, but the reader is really shy, barely speaks and blushes every time, when Dean looks at her and she thinks that she’s ugly, so she let her friend flirt with him. But it ends with Dean&reader smut, because he thinks that she’s really cute and her friend is annoying and not so pretty… It would be awesome if you would be able to write this :)

A/N: I apologize for taking so long for this one to come out. I've unfortunately been busy with school as the end of the semester is this week. I promise I will try to write more often. I’m sorry, this is so long as well, I got lost in my little world with Dean for a while. it kinda took a turn on its own, i’m sorry if it’s not exactly what you wanted anon. This is also my first smut, so any feedback (positive and negative) is welcome and encouraged. 

You sat at the bar, awaiting your drinkings to arrive. It was a Friday night, and not your typical Friday night. Your best friend, Becky convinced you to come out with her tonight instead of your usual, stay at home and binge watch something on Netflix for the entire weekend. Going out wasn’t your thing. You’ve always prefered to be by yourself. Being around other people made you nervous. You had always been quiet, no one really noticed you compared to your friends.

 Being shy wasn’t hard most days. It was kinda like being invisible. Everyone knew you were there but they never actually acknowledged you. You wouldn’t really know what to say. Keeping conversations going was difficult to say the least. Sometimes you wished you could just talk for hours on end about random shit, but you knew you would never be that way.

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Dean Winchester has no Control over his Mouth

Pairing: Castiel/Dean Winchester

Word count: 1,638

Rating: Teen (some swear words and nudity, I guess)

Read on AO3

Summary:  Dean has had a huge crush on one of the members of the opposing football team.

When he finally get’s a chance to talk to the guy alone, Castiel has just fallen out of the shower into their dressing room and is naked and kneeling in front of him. Dean’s brain short-circuits and it all goes downhill from there.

That is, until he finally realizes that the gorgeous guy in front of him is his soulmate.

Note: A week ago, a good friend @thoughtfullysmilingbutterfly and I had a talk about fanfiction. When I told her about my interest in unusual soulmate-aus (for example: swear words or obscene sentences tattooed to your skin) we decided to give each other a soulmate-sentence and write a fic about it.

And because she’s such a sweetheart, she gave me this one: “This situation right here is what I usually masturbate to.” Of course, I had to turn it a little more innocent, just because :)

Dean’s running off the football field, helmet in his hand, damp hair sticking to his head. It hadn’t been a particularly good game today, but they had still beaten their rival college’s team, which is what’s important when it comes down to it. His entire team is still celebrating their success on the field, but Dean feels sweaty and disgusting and altogether just isn’t in the mood for all of this pretentious crap, so he’s heading to the dressing room to take a shower. It had taken him some time to untangle himself from his team’s way too enthusiastic group hug, though.

To be honest, him rushing to reach the showers is mainly based on his hope to cross paths with one of the guys from the other team. Since they all already left to shower and get changed, it’s possible that number 5, with his incredibly blue eyes, is still around. Dean has had a silly crush on the guy since… probably since the first time they’ve come close enough to each other on the field for him to actually see the man’s face. He doesn’t even know his name, but he’s been having embarrassing fantasies about him for months.

In his defense, number 5 is ridiculously attractive; tousled dark hair, shining cobalt blue eyes, fucking amazing cheekbones and those legs, Dean could talk about them for hours. The whole football equipment doesn’t look bad on him either.

Dean has spent countless nights thinking about how to start a conversation with the gorgeous guy, but he has never actually dared to make a move and talk to him. See, the problem is Dean’s soulmate tattoo. It’s on his left forearm, prominent black words on pale skin. “Oh, so you are the person that made my life a living hell.” Ever since the mark appeared on his skin he has been scared about meeting his soulmate and finding out just what he has done to him. It got him to the point of being afraid of starting a conversation with new people.

Dean is literally super careful about what he says, how he talks to and about others and especially how he approaches strangers. He has never insulted, let alone bullied, anyone, he actually gets along with everyone he knows. But you could say that he has lost so much sleep over his tattoo, that he’s practically overthinking every single conversation he has these days because you can never know who barges in and listens to one of your sentences.

Castiel has tried to give his best during today’s game, but his team has lost nevertheless. Thanks to his coach, who had threatened to assign him a seat on the bench for god knows how long if he doesn’t up his game today, he’s been running as fast as never before. His legs are already quivering and all he can think about is going home and spending the rest of the day in a horizontal position without having to moving again. But at least his trainer is satisfied with his performance.

He took some extra time on the field to let his team retreat to the showers first and grabs his duffel bag to walk into the building about 15 minutes later. The reason for him to let them go first is that he’s pretty embarrassed about how he’s currently more waddling than walking. His legs hurt like shit and he really doesn’t need his teammates to make fun of him on top of that.

When Cas enters the dressing room, his teammates are all already finished and there’s only one man left, who is currently putting his shoes on. He dumps his bag on the bench across from the showers, grabs his towel and throws it over one of the shower rods. Hoping that the warm water is going to soothe his aching muscles, he’s quick to pull his shoes and clothes off, grab a shampoo bottle and finally close the shower curtain behind himself.

It’s only been about two minutes when he first starts to feel his legs getting weaker, but he ignores the feeling in order to keep enjoying the refreshing shower.

Considering all of this, what comes next really shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. When he tries to turn his body to face away from the steady stream of water and towards the shower curtain, he slips on the soapy tiles of the shower. Immediately, his thighs give in and his legs are not helpful at all in trying to prevent him from falling.

He scrambles to catch himself from crashing to the floor by holding onto the shower curtain, the only thing separating him from a room full of god knows how many members of the local football team.

This, of course, only makes matters worse- and Castiel has nobody but himself to blame for that. Naturally, the old, plastic shower curtain isn’t able to support the weight of a full-grown, well-trained, nineteen-year-old football player.

The curtain rips from the rod, Cas loses his grip on it, crashes on the floor of the dressing room and is basically visible to anyone who might be in there. He lands on his knees, butt-naked, the curtain on the tiles next to his knees.

And because the whole situation isn’t already embarrassing enough, Cas finds himself eye-to… well, eye-to-crotch with a guy. A guy, who has apparently been in the middle of undressing, considering that all he’s wearing are tight, green boxers. Fuck, he really doesn’t want to take a look at the face of whoever’s crotch he’s currently staring at. Instead of checking who it is he’s kneeling in front of, he starts grabbing for the shower curtain and quickly scans the room. Okay, at least this guy’s the only witness to the shit-show that is his life.

Dean’s pretty sure that his brain simply collapses as soon as it takes in the full glory of number 5- fuck, he should really find out what his name is- naked, tan skin wet from head to toe, dark hair damp, blue eyes wide and on his fucking knees right in front of his crotch.

That’s the only reasonable explanation for the thought he’s about to voice out loud. The last thing he registers before the words practically shoot out of his mouth, without any kind of permission of his brain, is that the guy is apparently scrambling to grab the shower curtain to cover himself.

“This situation right here is what I usually masturbate to,” he chuckles. And fuck, he could slap himself right in the face for that sentence. Way to make a good first impression, Winchester.

The man in front of him stares at him with wide eyes for about five seconds, huffs out a breath and answers in a completely calm and serious voice. “Oh, so you are the person that made my life a living hell.”

It only takes a few seconds and a quick glance at the guy’s exposed wrist for him to figure it out. Shit. SHIT! Well, at least he finally knows what exactly went wrong. The one time he lets his dick talk… and his soulmate has to live with its words tattooed on his arm. Wonderful, the guy’s parents probably hate him. The guy himself probably hates him. Fuck.

Fuck, I’m so sorry! I’m usually so careful with what I say to people!! I know, um. I know this is stupid and, honestly, I’d get it if you hate me and all that, but… I’ve been waiting to meet you for so long and now I fucked it up, dammit.” At this point, he’s straight up rambling but he can’t stop himself either. “Maybe I could try and make it up to you? I um, I know a place that serves the best apple pie ever. Um, it’s like two blocks away. I could drive us there- If you want, that is.”

He doesn’t even need to see the grin on number 5’s face to realize that, on top of his embarrassing rambling, his face had turned scarlet red. He brings his hand to his neck and tries his hardest not to let his eyes wander from the face they are currently locked on to stare at his soulmates mostly naked body.

Damn, the guy looks adorable with a blush. Not that he wouldn’t look good without it; broad shoulders, toned tummy, plush lips, spiky blonde hair, freckles and amazingly green eyes. And he seems genuinely embarrassed about what he had said earlier in the heat of the moment… maybe he deserves a chance?

“Honestly, I’ve always wanted to get to know the person that would throw a line like that at someone they don’t know at all. So, yes. Let’s go get some pie.” He gets up from his kneeling position, looking way more confident than he feels, turns around, leaves the shower curtain on the floor and reaches for his towel. If he happens to push his butt into the other man’s direction a little more than what would be necessary- well, it isn’t as if he hasn’t already seen him in all his naked glory anyways. When Cas turns back around, lower body finally wrapped in his towel, he raises his hand. “Castiel Novak, by the way.”

“Awesome!” He shakes his hand with a shy smile. “Um, Dean Winchester. I’m just gonna take a quick shower, change and we can go- if that’s alright?”

“Okay. I’m going to finally put on some clothes. You know, to spare myself further embarrassing situations,” Cas laughs.

“Just so you know, it wouldn’t mind it if you’d decide to spend some more time walking around naked!” With a cheeky grin, he pulls his boxer shorts down, winks at Cas and saunters off to take a shower.

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Summary: Plus sized! reader feels very self-conscious. Sam and Dean show her that she is wanted.

Warnings: Smut, threesome (no Wincest)

Word Count: 3300

A/N: Requested by both @dorky-and-i-know-it and @for-the-love-of-dean. I hope you enjoy!! XOXO

“Easy there,” Dean grinned, “Give someone else a chance.”

You took a long drink of your beer as you watched the pool balls scatter from your break. Two solid balls sank into pockets, and you shrugged and winked at the older Winchester. “Why would I do that?” You were feeling good tonight. The beer was making you just the right amount of giggly, and you were playing pool with Sam and Dean Winchester.

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MrImpala67 (ReaderxDean)

Request: Idea! Can I request one where the Dean has a Tumblr and him and the reader start talking through it? And over time, they become good friends and decide to meet, where they get along really well and he tells her what he does and she’s accepting and actually thanks him? And they end up together? Maybe go into some detail about the kind of blog Dean has cause that would be interesting? :)

Warning(s): fluff, smut implication

Words: 2916

Note: Sorry it got kind of long! This was a really cute idea, although Dean probably wouldn’t even know how to work tumblr ;) (Dean’s like 28 here)

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Don’t Know, Don’t Care

Author’s note: This isn’t making fun of anyone or anything. Well, apart from the cliché (that I have used myself) that Sam is the socially aware, comforting brother who talks Dean through his sexuality crisis once he meets Cas.

The thing is, Sam is freaking prepared.

No matter how much Jess rolls her eyes at him, he is freaking prepared.

He’s known Dean is bisexual for a long time, and he’s been aware just as long that this means a big crisis is brewing on the horizon, because Dean identifies himself as a manly ladykiller. Therefore, once he finds a man too attractive, he will probably start screaming or sit in a corner and whimper, and Sam will be there, ready to explain, listen and comfort.

First he thought Benny might be the one to trigger a response, but they ended up as friends. Same with Aaron (although he obviously had the biggest crush on Dean).

Still, Sam is prepared with books, leaflets, documentaries.

But what he isn’t prepared for is… nothing

It all starts when Dean meets Cas. He wastes no time to introduce the quiet librarian to all his friends and his family, showing him off like he found a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

And it is so. Damn. Obvious

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Request: Could you do a one shot where the reader doesn't even know sam of dean but there in the same town and dean and the reader switch body's (the readers a girl) but the reader and dean have some of the same interest( like music and leather jackets oh and shes really tough) so dean has go to her school and meet her friends that are boys haha and the reader has to do the hunt and she does really good at it xD i thought it would be funny thanks if you take this request :)

(I put a little twist at the end)

Waking up was always the worst thing. If your alarm didn’t wake you, it was one of the kids at the foster home screaming. Oversleeping wasn’t an option. But for some reason, when you woke up the clock read 11:00. You were beyond late for school. Your foster parents were going to kill you…

You jumped out of bed, falling on the floor and knocking the covers off your bed. You jumped up and threw them back, but paused before moving any further. Those weren’t your covers. Those covers were dark blue, yours were a light green. And you weren’t in your room.

You ran out of the room and into an unfamiliar hallway. You heard somebody in another room, and followed the noise. You saw a huge guy with long hair standing in front of a stove. He turned around and smiled at you. “Hey, you want eggs?”

“Uh.. Sure.” You answered, sitting down carefully. “Um, the clock said it was eleven. Was it right?” You asked.

“Yeah…. Why?”

“I’m late for school!” You exclaimed, jumping off the seat.

The guy with the long hair laughed and shook his head. “Dean, you’ve been out of school for years, and even if you were in school, you were never eager to go.”

“Dean?” You asked. “My name’s Y/N." 

The guy completely turned around so he could look at you. His eyes narrowed and he looked at every bit of you. "Have you looked in a mirror today?”

“No.” You answered, confused as to why it mattered. 

“You may want to.” He suggested. 

“Where’s the bathroom?” You asked. You had to pee anyways. He pointed to a door and you walked in. You glanced in the mirror, and stopped right in your tracks. “What the Hell?” You mumbled, touching your face. In the mirror, instead of your usual face, was an attractive, middle aged guy. “What the Hell!” You shouted.

The guy from the kitchen stood in the doorway, giving you a weird look. “Y/N, I need you to stay calm, okay? I think something happened, and you and my brother switched bodies.”

“Wait… Your brothers in my body?” You asked.

“That’s the only thing that makes sense." 

"I have school!” You exclaimed. Oh shit. You just prayed he didn’t screw ruin your life.


*Dean’s POV*

I’m used to waking up happy, and when I want to. Not when some three year old screams in my face. It didn’t take me too long to realize that I wasn’t in my own house, but it took me a little longer to realize I was in somebody else’s body. It must’ve been the witch from yesterday. But who the Hell was the girl? 

I got dressed in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. It’s surprisingly hard to get dressed while your eyes are closed. I didn’t know how old the girl was, but she seemed fairly young, and I didn’t want to be a pervert or anything.

Breakfast was already made; an assortment of pancakes and eggs. I ate quickly, then tried to get the phone. But there was a line of four kids waiting to use it. Just my luck.

“Y/N, hurry up or you’ll be late for school!” Somebody shouted. I didn’t pay them any attention though. “Y/N!” The woman pressed. Then, I felt somebody touching my shoulder. “Are you deaf? Hurry up or you’ll be late.”

So my name was Y/N, good to know. I put some shoes on and grabbed her backpack, then went outside. The woman who told me to hurry was waiting in her car, and motioned for me to hurry up. I jumped in the backseat with three other kids, and she sped off to school.

She dropped us all off and everybody went their own ways. I went to the main entrance, hoping I’d be able to find my way. “Y/N!” Somebody shouted. I recognized the name and looked for the person who was yelling.

A group of boys was motioning for me to join them. Oh God, please don’t have a boyfriend. Please don’t have a boyfriend! I begged. I jogged over to the crowd. “Was there homework in math?” One of the boys asked.

“I.. Maybe?” I guessed.

“Shit! Y/N, you’re supposed to be the smart one!” He exclaimed, earning a laugh from the rest of the group.

“At least we’ll all fail together.” Another kid joked.

“That may be okay for you, Alex, but I actually want to do something with my life.” Another kid said.

“Like what? Go to jail?” Alex retorted.

“Y/N, you’re being awfully quiet.” The first kid commented.

“I, uh, just don’t feel well.” I lied. 

“Gross.” Alex commented.

The bell ran and they all jumped up. “C'mon Y/N, if we’re late to homeroom again Mr. Ford will kill us.” The first kid said, walking away.

“Bye Kyle, bye Y/N. See you later.” One kid called. So his name was Kyle, good to know.

Lucky for me, i had all my classes with Kyle, so I just followed him around for the day. I had no idea what was happening in the classes, but I tried to look like I was interested. Kyle kept throwing paper at me, I guess that was something Y/N had fun doing. I dunno, kids are weird. Hopefully Sam would hurry up and help me.


“Do you think we can go to my school and get him?” You asked, running your hands through your new short hair.

“The school would never let us take you. We’re not related. We’ll just have to wait until your school’s over. Until then, we should figure out what caused this.” Sam said. You hated to admit it, but he made sense.

“Alright. Do you have any ideas?”

“I think it was a witch Dean and I hunted yesterday.” Sam said.

“A witch? Seriously?” You asked, raising your eyebrows.

“You are in somebody else’s body, you really gonna question the existence of witches?” Sam asked.

“Good point." 

"But I don’t know why it was you. Do you have any connection to the witch?" 

"Do you know the witches name? Maybe I do, and I just didn’t know she was a witch?”

“Daniel Collins. Sound familiar?”

“Not at all.” You sighed.

Sam rubbed his face in annoyance. “I have no idea what it could be.”

“Look, my school gets out in like an hour, maybe if we have -what’s your boyfriend’s name? Dean?- Dean, then we’ll have an easier time fixing the problem.” You suggested.

“Alright, first of all, he’s my brother. And that sounds pretty good. I’m gonna do some research, though.”

“What am I supposed to do?" 

"I dunno, draw some stuff on Dean’s face in sharpie.” Sam suggested.


Oh, thank God, one more period. I thought, walking into gym. And it was a class I was good at! Apparently the girls had to change, and I walked into the locker room, my eyes trained on the floor. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love nothing more than to be able to walk into a girl’s locker room. But these girls were like, sixteen. Maybe! That’s just wrong.

I got changed in the bathroom, my eyes closed again. And managed to get out of the room without seeing anything. Kyle and Alex were hanging out in the gym, and seeing as I apparently knew them, I went to hang out.

“I still don’t see why you don’t wear those short shorts all the girls wear.” Alex joked. I’d quickly learned their sense of humor, and figured out how to answer in the most Y/N-esque way.

I rolled my eyes and placed a hand on my hip. “Because I don’t want creeps like you checking me out.”

“Uh-oh.” Kyle said, sitting up quickly.

“What?” I asked, looking around. 

“Harley’s staring daggers at you.” He said, nodding to a girl wearing short shorts and a tank top.

“Why?” I asked.

“Are you dumb? You called her out the other day!” Alex exclaimed. I must’ve looked confused because Alex went into detail. “She was making fun of Bruce for his dark clothes so you jumped up in front of everybody and shouted, ‘at least he has clothes!’ How did you forget that?”

“I didn’t forget, I just assumed she wouldn’t remember.” I said. Alex and Kyle seemed pleased with my answer.

“Just be careful. We’re playing volleyball today. She’s gonna try and spike it at your face.” Kyle warned you.

“Yeah? I’d like to see her try.” I laughed. 

Alex and Kyle didn’t look to sure, but didn’t argue with me. Gym class started soon, and everybody brokeup into teams. I had Alex on my team, and Kyle was on Harley’s team, which he didn’t look too happy about. 

Harley started with the ball, and smirked at me. She hit the ball over the net, and I easily got it back over. The ball hit the floor, and I made it a point to smile at her. God, I’ve only been this girl for a day and already I’m causing problems.

The game continue easily, I was a stud at volleyball, which was no surprise. Then, Harley and I were at the front of the line, only the separating us. “Hey, Y/N, I’ve always wondered, what’s your last name? Like, do you have one? Or do you take on a bastard name like the old days?” It took me a second to understand her joke. Y/N lived in a foster home. I was gonna destroy this bitch.

I didn’t get to answer because the next round started. My team hit it over the net, and Harley tried to spike it at me. But I had good reflexes, and I hit it right back. She couldn’t get her hands up in time and the ball hit her head. I tried not to smile too widely.


You and Sam shared an awkward car ride to your school. You didn’t really know what to say. He still hadn’t figured out a spell to put you back in your body, and you were kind of freaking out.

Sam pulled up at the school, and you leaned your head out, looking for your body or maybe Kyle and Alex. To your surpise, you found all three together. “Can I go get me?” You asked Sam, who nodded.

You jumped out of the car and jogged over to yourself. You did that for two reasons: One, you wanted to get Dean back in the car quickly, and two, Dean was very cute, and you knew you’d impress some people. 

“Hey, Y/N!” You exclaimed. You watched relief wash over your face. 

“Hey, Dean.” Your body said.

“Sam and I thought we’d pick you up from school. We’ve got some stuff to do." 

"Oh, did Sam fix that problem he was having?" 

"Not yet. We were hoping you could help.” You said. 

“Uh, Y/N?” Kyle asked, giving you a weird look.

“Oh, you must be Y/N’s friends.” You said, smiling at them. It was funny how intimidated they were by your new form.

“Dean, this is Alex and Kyle.” Dean introduced you. “I gotta go, I’ll see you later.” Dean said, then pulled you away. “Where’s Sam?”

“In the Impala. We parked this way.” You said, leading Dean away. You noticed people looking at you, and saw people whispering. You couldn’t blame them.

You jumped in the front seat, and Dean, after sighing, jumped in the back. “Sammy, school sucks.”

You laughed and rolled your eyes. “You don’t have to deal wit hit everyday.”

“Oh, that reminds me. Do you have a friend named Harley?” Dean asked.

“I know a Harley. But she’s a bitch and hates me.”

“That’s her!” Dean exclaimed.

“Oh, God.” You groaned. “What did she do? Or, better yet, what did you do?”

“I did nothing!” Dean exclaimed defensively. “Well… I maybe have hit her in the face with a volleyball.”

You burst out laughing and clapped your hands. “That’s awesome!" 

"Dean, did you really bully a girl?” Sam asked.

“She started it!” Dean said.

Sam rolled his eyes and headed towards the bunker. You and Dean swapped stories. To your surprise, he did a very good job at being you. You got back to the bunker quickly, and you all ran inside.

“Oh, Dean. You should probably call my foster mom. Tell her you went to Kyle’s house.” You suggested.

“Ooh, Kyle!” Dean said in a high pitched voice, batting his eye lashes.

“He’s just my friend.” You said, rolling your eyes.

“Oh, right. Alex is your boyfriend.” He teased.

“He wasn’t my boyfriend when I was in my body. Did you make-out with people during school?” You asked, smirking, making Sam burst out laughing.

After half an hour, Sam and Dean decided the best thing to do would be to kill the witch. They wanted to leave you at the bunker, but you refused. “What if we need to be in the same room to go back in our bodies?” You asked, and Sam and Dean decided it was better to bring you along than risk anything.

Sam gave you a gun, making it clear that you weren’t supposed to use it. It was only for an emergency. You all got in the Impala, and within ten minutes, you were at the witch’s hideout; an old warehouse just outside of town.

You all went in, you stayed at the back of the group, while Dean led.Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, except for the old lady standing over a cliche cauldron. “Really?” You asked, rolling your eyes.

The witch spun around. Her eyes focused on you, then on Dean, and a smile spread over her face. “It worked, didn’t it?” She asked, cackling. She actually cackled! 

“What worked?” You asked, playing dumb. Well, you weren’t really playing.

“Oh, don’t be coy. My spell was very specific. I didn’t know you actually had a daughter!” She exclaimed, eyes alight.

“I… I don’t have a daughter.” Dean said, looking confused.

The witch burst out laughing. “Congratulations! It’s a girl! My spell only worked with child and parents!" 

You looked at Dean with wide eyes. You’d never even imagined meeting your real dad, let alone be inside his body! (Okay, that sounds kind of dirty, but you know what I mean.)

"Change us back.” Dean ordered, seemingly not fazed at all.

“Nope!” She exclaimed, then started muttering something. You didn’t even think, you just let your instinct kick in. You ran towards her and tackled her. She kept talking, so you shoved the first thing you found, a discarded rag, into her mouth.

“Holy shit!” Sam exclaimed. “Way to go!”

“Thanks. Uh, what do we do?” You said, still sitting on top of her.

“Make her change us back.” Dean stated, pulling out a chair.

You all tied her down, and after an hour of 'persuading’ her, she changed you and Dean back. You couldn’t believe how nice it felt to be in your own body. Sam and Dean let the witch live, but warned that if they ever heard from her again, they’d come back.

You all  jumped in the Impala,, and shared in an awkward few minutes. “So… You’re my daughter.” Dean started.

“Seems like it.” You confirmed.

“You two do kinda look alike.” Sam commented.

“What? No way! I’m so much cuter.” Dean scoffed.

“Yeah, and I’m too nice to be related to him.” You retorted.

“You’ve got the same warped sense of humor too.” Sam added.

“But in all serousnes. I’m sorrry I wasn’t in more of your life. I didn’t even know you existed! But, I’m happy you do. And, if you want, I’d love for you to come live with us.” Dean said, twisting in his seat so he could look at you.

You didn’t even have to think about it. “I’d love to!” Sam and Dean were happy about your answer, and couldn’t wait to move you into the bunker.

(I hope you like it!)


Imagine - Going out to the bar with the boys and the only cleans jeans you have are butt bedazzled ones and Dean’s having a hard time controlling himself 

requested by : themoonandsky 

Song dedication(s) : Walk this way - Aerosmith and You shook me all night long - AC/DC 

Word count :1,625

Pairing : Dean x Reader 

credit to gif owner 

“ Good hunt guys” Dean says as we all walked into the bunker. Earning grunts from Sam and I.

“Clean up and bar?” Sam suddenly asked.

“Please” Dean yelled back as he was walking away to this his room. “Sure” I added

We just got done with a week long chase, looking for the Vampire nest. They were talking men and women that were out jogging either late at night or early in the morning. Sam usually goes jogging every morning but he didn’t dare to this week, I felt bad for him unlike Dean. Dean just kept repeating himself about how he had told us that jogging is bad and no one should do it (else you gonna get kidnapped). He’s just a big baby that doesn’t like to do half the shit normal people do. Laughing at yourself, you walked into your room and straight to the bathroom. Your body ached and  you welcomed the hot water like an old friend.  

You stayed in your towel while you dried and curled a few pieces of hair and reapplied some makeup. Once satisfied you then ruffled  through your drawers grabbing an old AC/DC shirt, jacket and the only clean pair of jeans “ OH you have to be kidding me” you grunted the ONLY pair of clean pants where your bedazzled ass jeans. You haven’t worn these in what seems like forever! They fit you in the best way a pair of jeans could, you ass and thighs looked amazing. Though you don’t like wearing them when hunting because there aren’t made for that. But tonight you where gonna strut your stuff.

“Y/N ! are you ready yet?” Sam yelled through my door. “ Calm down, yes I’m ready” you answered opening your door and walking with Sam to the living room.

“Where’s Dean?”

“ I don’t know, not ready yet ?”

“Oh, so you only yell at me” you questioned as you smacked his arm

“Hey!, you don’t take longer if I ask you, he slows his past just to annoy me ”

“True that’ you laughed ’ I’ll go get him”

“ Y/N! , just show him your ass in those jean! He’ll come running” he laughed out.

grabbing  the closes book to you and chucked it at him" Shut up Sam!“

what is his problem lately with this Dean thing, he keeps throwing him looks and these little comments that Dean hit and tell him to stay quiet. I mean you have liked him for a while now, but you doubt Dean liked you back. He has also had a weird, almost angry look when another guy flirts , hell when one talked to me but he’s always kind of done that so I don’t really consider that anything. Lately though he has actually got a little pushy with a few guys but he was also a little drunk so.

deciding to mess with Dean, maybe even scare, because he’s talking to damn long. But hopefully you don’t get shot either, boys got quick reflexive.

“DEAN!” you yelled as you threw open his door

“ JESUS CHRIST! shit y/n . are you trying to give me a heart attract.. what do you want” he said as he slowly sat down at the end of his bed while you were trying to control your laughing fit.

“ Don’t use that tone !, are you ready?” you smiled

“ ya lets go” he answered you.

You turn on your heals and started to walk away and you could feel Dean staring at you.


“Another round?” Dean suggested

“Sure” Sam giggled, pretty sure gets drunk easier then Dean and I. We’ve taken 3 or 4 shots by now and I was starting to feel the buzz.

“ you okay Sam?’ you laughed ’ I’ll just got get them”

Dean just nodded his head as you got up and quickly turning towards the counter. When you turned you   apparently ,weren’t paying an ounce of attention because you completely bumped into a waitress. Thankfully her tray was empty otherwise everything would be on the ground right now.

“ Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry” you both said as you bent down and grabbed her tray off the ground.

“It fine, nobody and nothing was hurt so I think were okay” she laughed and then walked off.

“ OOH , Look at that Dean, liking the view?” Sam yelled.

Turning around you shot a glare at Sam and then looked at Dean who made eye contact with you for a slip second before his lips curled into a small smile as he looked at his beer. That little smile he dose kills me. It’s so innocent while is something you’re not use to with his big brother/ bad ass hunter self which made it even hotter. Ordering another round you then carried them over to the table and set them on the table but didn’t sit down.

“ To us” you stated as you raised your glass

“ To us” the boys repeated and tapped are glassed together before we down them.

“ I’m gonna go see what that old jukebox has”

Looking through the song trying to find a good one. Which was surprisingly not as hard as you thought it would be, you decided to do Cheery Pie by Warrant. Turning around you starting to go back to your booth to see if maybe one of the boys wanted to dance but were cut short when this random guy walks in front of you and asked you to dance. Of course you dance with him, I mean he wasn’t to bad looking but he’s definitely not your type. Even if he was he wouldn’t be able to handle you. After that dance Walk this Way by Aerosmith played and you decided to continue to dance with this kid.

“ And your feet flyin’ up in the air
singin’ ” hey diddle diddle”
with your kitty in the middle of the swing
like you didn’t car “

 you where getting a little heated with the dancing, grinding a little too. You could feel eyes burning into your back and soul. Moving around the guy you looked over at Dean who had a tight grip on this beer and a locked jaw, waiting to see if you could make eye contact.

” ‘cause she knew what she was doin’
and I knowed love was here to stay
when she told me to “

eye contact was made. and his eyes were darker then you’ve ever seen them and it was hot.

“Walk this way”

As soon as that played he slammed his hand on the table and walked towards me. He was almost stomping when we walked. When he reached me he pushed the guy back and told him to back off and got sit down. He grabbed my wrist, hard at first but then loosened it slightly as he dragged me back to the boot. Dean sat back down, I didn’t know what else to do so I just sat down next to Sam. Sam looked so confused and yet happy at the same time. He’s defiantly doing to feel it in the morning.

“ The hell was that about Dean?” you asked quietly, trying to read his face

“ I-I just couldn’t stand to watch you dance with that guy anymore. Doesn’t help that your wearing those jeans either, they fit you in all the right places and when you were dancing the jewels were hitting the lights and I was having a hard time controlling where my eyes were wondering” he calmly stated while looking at you .

“ We’ll then let them look, I was having fun and I shall go continue” you sorta snapped back as you got up

“ The hell you are’  he grabbed my arm ’ Were leaving” He was set in his way and his eyes grew darker the longer you looked at him. He helped Sam up and to the car while keeping a close eye on you to make sure you were following. You climbed into the back seat and sighed, acting like you where mad but you honesty weren’t one big. Excited is an understatement. You wanted to know what Dean was going to do when we got home. You’ve never really seem him like this before and it was a huge turn on, at this point you where just hoping Dean really did feel the same as you did and he wasn’t just being as ass.

The Impalas engine roaring to life and the music played. Sam fell asleep almost immediately, but that didn’t stop Dean from playing music, not as loud as normal though. He kept glancing between the road and this mirror to look at me. I felt a little uncomfortable but I just stared at the mirror .  You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC started to come through the speakers making Dean shift his position.

“ She told me to come but I was already there
Cause the walls start shaking
The earth was quaking
My mind was aching
And we were making it
And you shook me all night long
Yeah you shook me all night long ”  

Your lips curled into a devilish smile as you decided to tease Dean. What do you have to lose.  You leaned forward and Dean turned his head slightly towards you and you whispered in his ear

“ Are you gonna shake me all night long?”  you leaned back into your seat with arms cross to watch him. Dean shakes his head as a low growl comes out. He then hits the steering wheel and puts the metal to the metal.

* if you guys want like a  part 2 or anything to this just let me know. cause man i could continue this !! lol :)