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Helpless - Part 2

Part 1

“Hey, Y/N/N.” Dean smoothed your hair back, running his hand over your cool, pale skin. He did his best to ignore the ventilator keeping you alive. He couldn’t stand to look at it, knowing he was the reason you were lying there. “They said our son is healthy. He’s a fighter…like…” Dean’s voice broke and he grabbed your hand, taking a second to gather his thoughts. “He’s a fighter like his mom.” 

Dean had gotten you to the hospital just in time. The force of the lamp had caused bleeding and swelling in your brain which caused the seizure. The doctors weren’t sure if you would ever wake up, but Dean couldn’t lose you without losing his son too, and he knew you’d want your son to have a fighting chance. “God, Y/N, I never meant for this to happen.” Dean sniffled. “I never wanted you to get caught in the crossfire. Especially not with our son.” 

Dean stood up, pacing the room and running his hands through his hair. “I promised you both I’d protect you. I had one fucking job and I screwed it up.” He made his way back to your bedside, sitting in the chair and resting his hand on top of your pregnant belly, feeling your son kick. “Hi, little guy.” He smiled a little, knowing your son was ok. “Did you feel that? Our little man is trying to tell you to wake up.” Dean grabbed your hand and rested it over where your son had just kicked, laying his head on your stomach. “We need you. I need you.” Dean sobbed against your body. “I love you.” 

“I love you too.” You whispered, sitting next to Dean and your own body, running your hands through Dean’s hair. He couldn’t feel you. He never would again. 

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I’m A Chef

Pairing: Dean x Reader (kind of)

Summary: Sam and Dean find a new place for breakfast.

Word Count: 761

Warnings: none, just Dean being a cutie.

A/N: Written for @revwinchester‘s birthday challenge but I suck so it’s like a week late :) The job I chose was chef (if you know me, you’re probably sitting there like ‘well, duh’).

You watched as two men walked through the glass door, the chime echoing and rattling you out of your daze. These men weren’t two you could miss - one of them towering over 6 feet tall, the other absolutely gorgeous with piercing green eyes that met yours almost immediately as they sank down onto the stools at the counter.

“What can I do for you, gentlemen?” You straightened yourself and reached for a pot of coffee.

“Two coffees, black. And a couple’a menus if you don’t mind.” The green-eyed beauty smiled at you.

You swore your heart stopped in that moment. He was already perfect, and that smile… 

Passing them two menus, you watched as they flipped to the breakfast page. 

“Aw, Sammy. Waffles!” Green eyes grinned and slapped his tall compadre on the shoulder.

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Gotta Shave this Shit

Title: Gotta Shave this Shit

Characters: Negan x You/Reader

Synopsis: Negan wants to rid his beard and wants you to help.

Warnings: NSFW, swearing, Negan himself is a warning lol

Note: ‘Cause I think beardless Negan needs more love. Honestly feeling meh about this but I couldn’t get the idea out of my mind. Hope you guys would still enjoy!

“You busy tonight, sweetheart?”

It was only when Negan’s shadow loomed over your figure on the couch that you looked up and realized that it was you he was talking to. Even after noticing how Negan’s eyes were glued on you and you alone, you still bothered to look around the lounge area to make sure that you weren’t hallucinating. You weren’t a new wife, in fact, you were the third one (out of six) but you were aware that Negan has his favorites. Sherry and Amber topped Negan’s list but the other wives still get their share of Negan’s time.

You’ve had your moments with Negan too, but they weren’t as much as the rest so you assumed that you were that girl— one who was easily forgotten. It was really hard to believe that Negan was really talking to you.

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“His true weakness is revealed. He’s in love with humanity”.

“Protect You” Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 2,559

Lucifer x Reader, Crowley x Reader

Request from @perseusandmedusa : Can I request a Lucifer x Reader story? You’ve watched the last episode where we saw Lucifer in a cage in Hell with Crowley, right? Let’s imagine Crowley found Lucifer’s soulmate & brings her in the room. The reader being a simple woman, she doesn’t understand what’s going on. Luci feels a connection the second she enters the room but decides to ignore it, so Crowley will kinda torture her to get a reaction from the Devil. 

Warnings: Alcohol, mentions of torture, angst, a few swear words, fluff

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“Need a drink?” Crowley sat down next to the woman at the bar, sliding a wink at her.

She looks over at him, unsure if he is being serious or not. People don’t typically approach her at bars, but if they do, it usually never turns out well. With her past history of creeps trying to drug her or losers trying to get in her pants, she normally just kept a straight, ‘don’t talk to me’ face while she drank.

“I’m good.” She raises her glass, indicating that she already had.

“What’s your name?” Crowley asked, swirling his chair so he is facing towards her.

She tells him a fake name, while giving off a quite bitchy attitude, hoping that he will leave her alone. Crowley knows she’s lying, making him raise his eyebrows. He knows her name. Actually, he knows a lot about her.

When he had captured Lucifer a few weeks ago, he tried everything he could do to torture him. All the techniques that Lucifer had once used on him, and everything that he had picked up on his own. He was quite skilled in torture, being the king of hell and all. But nothing seemed to break him. He continued to be his normal, regular, horrible self. It was driving Crowley mad knowing that he couldn’t get Lucifer to break. He wanted him to break just as Lucifer had broken him all those years ago.

The only other thing he could think of was something he didn’t think was possible. He had deemed it an impossible mission when he had called his mother, Rowena, and asked for help. He had figured she would say that his plan was a bust, that she couldn’t find anything.

But she did.

That plan of his was to find his soulmate. That’s the only thing in the world that no one can resist. Soulmates are something on another level that even God can’t mess with. Everyone is born with one, even angels- even Lucifer. When Crowley called Rowena, asking if she could possibly find his soulmate, he thought it was a long shot. There was too many possibilities- he or she could have already died, not even been born yet, or might not even be human. They could have been another angel.

But of course, Rowena came through. She always did. Crowley couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Lucifer did have one- a woman named Y/N. And she was very much alive.

He tracked her down, and here he was. Offering to buy her a drink, planning on getting her drunk so he could easily take her back to Lucifer. He needed her to get done what needed done.

“Now now, don’t lie about your name.” Crowley frowned, flagging down the bartender. “Scotch, please. And another one for the lady.” He orders her a drink despite her protests to him buying her one earlier.

“And how is it you know that isn’t my real name?” She was the one raising her eyebrows this time.

“Because, love, I know everything.”

“Uh huh.” Y/N had to stop herself from rolling her eyes. In her eyes, she just thought this was some random old guy trying to hit on her, and not really doing a good job.

“Take the drink?” Crowley passes over one of the glasses that the bartender brought him.

“I told you I was good.” She slides the glass back over to him.

Crowley was growing impatient and frustrated. She was stubborn. No wonder she was Lucifer’s soulmate. He decided to go a different route and just wait her out until she left. Crowley excused himself from the bar and goes outside, waiting patiently until she comes out.

Y/N finishes up her drink, relief flooding through her chest as the man next to her finally left. He gave off a dark vibe, one she couldn’t quite explain. If she believed in the supernatural, she’d describe it as the feeling of death. The feeling that everywhere he goes, darkness follows.

She frowns, thinking she’s overthinking things and being paranoid. She picks up her purse and pays the tab, thanking the bartender for his service. She ignores the wolf whistles coming from the men in the bar as she makes her way out, grabbing her car keys as she opens the door.

She’s about to open the door to her car as she sees the reflection of the man in the car window, making her jump and drop her keys.

“Did I scare you, Y/N?” Crowley smirks. She doesn’t even have the time to process the fact that he knew her name before she finds herself in a totally different place.

She looks around, the man that was once with her in the parking lot now holding on to her wrist as he drags her through the dark corridors. She looks around in fear and starts hyperventilating, her mind running a million miles an hour.

Crowley tightens his grip on her wrist as he drags her towards the room, not caring how much she is resisting. He doesn’t care that she’s scared. The only thing that he cares about is the look on Lucifer’s face when he sees her, and how he will react to knowing he’s got his soulmate as captive.

“Luci, we’ve got company.” Crowley says in a singsong voice, throwing Y/N into the room.

Lucifer looks up from behind the bars, unsure of what Crowley is talking about. He sees him throw the woman into the room; she looks terrified, and immediately Lucifer feels bad for the woman.

He becomes confused as to why he felt badly for the woman he didn’t even know- he doesn’t feel bad for anyone. He doesn’t give a shit about anything except himself. But the helpless, scared look on her face was enough to make to make even his heart melt. He didn’t even know he had a heart until he saw her.

“Aha, gotta love company.” Lucifer smiles his signature smile.

“Who are you? Why am I here?” Y/N’s voice came out quiet and weak. She was standing in the middle of the room, Crowley standing in the doorway to her left and Lucifer behind the bars to her right.

“Oh, sweetie, I apologize for him. He’s always been a bit rude to houseguests.” Lucifer says condescendingly, hoping to get underneath Crowley’s skin. He’s not going to let anyone break him, not even this mysterious woman in front of him.

“I’m Crowley. King of Hell.” Crowley closes the door, stepping into the room and going to sit on his chair. Ah, his signature chair. He loves sitting in that chair, it makes him feel powerful. Especially when he can sit there and see Lucifer caged up right next to him, helpless. “And that over there, well, that’s the Devil.”

Y/N thought she was going to pass out. First, she’d kidnapped from a bar by a strange man, who claims to be the King of Hell? And now she’s locked up in a room with not only him, but someone he is introducing as the Devil? This was too much for her. She starts pacing the room, pinching herself in several spots on her body. This must be a dream.

“The Devil is a bit of a harsh name, if you ask me.” Lucifer pipes up. “But, I second her question, Crowley- what is the poor woman doing here?”

“You didn’t feel it yourself?” Crowley feels himself pause. Lucifer should have felt the instant connection the moment she stepped into the room. Angel can sense their soulmates much more acutely than humans. Crowley clenches his jaw, thinking he might have messed up and grabbed the wrong girl, before he notices the change in Lucifer’s face. It was only a split second, but it was enough for Crowley to know. He felt it.

Lucifer’s face dropped the minute Crowley said that. He had felt it, he knew. He knew why she was here, and he knew why Crowley was acting so smug. That woman standing there, that was his soulmate. He could feel the connection between them, his immediate liking to her.

“Oh, Crowley,” Lucifer laughs. “You really thought a girl could get under my skin? You’re dumber than you look, and that’s saying a lot.”

“Now, Lucifer, you of all people know the power of soulmates. Don’t try and act like this woman isn’t affecting you, dog.”

Y/N was seriously on the edge of passing out. Soulmates? To her, soulmates aren’t even a real thing. It’s just a fairytale, the things that moms always tell their little girls about.

“What am I doing here?” She repeats again. No one responds to her.

“She means nothing to me.” Lucifer insists.

“No?” Crowley asks in an unbelieving tone. He grabs Y/N, pulling her back into his chest and placing his knife across her neck. She starts to choke back tears, terrified that he was going to kill her. She tries to go and speak, but with a snap of Crowley’s fingers, her voice was gone.

“So you wouldn’t mind if I sliced her neck?” He dragged the knife slowly across her neck, not putting enough pressure to cut her, but that could easily be changed.

Lucifer wanted to get out of that cage that moment and turn that knife around, stabbing it into Crowley’s neck instead. Or, if he had his power, just simply snap his fingers and snap his neck. Anything would do at this moment. Seeing her standing there with a knife to her neck, terrified and crying, was not a sight Lucifer wanted to see.

But his pride gets in his way, and he refuses to let Crowley see how this bothers him.

“Do you realize who I am?” Lucifer seethes his teeth from behind the bars. “Nothing and no one can get to me. I’m the one who people run away to their mommies for. I’m the big, bad monster. A measly woman is not going to do shit for me.”

Crowley calls his bluff and presses the blade slightly deeper into Y/N’s neck, making blood start to flow out of the wound. He allows her voice to come back so Lucifer can hear her screams.

“Stop it!” Lucifer screams, not being able to take it any longer. His eyes start to glow red from the anger inside of him. “Stop fucking touching her!”

Crowley smirks, pulling the knife away from her as he allows her to drop to the floor.

“Bingo.” Crowley says. He’s about to say something else before his phone rings, earning a groan in response. “Sam and Dean. Always needing something.” And with a snap of his fingers, he’s gone.

“Y/N, come here.” Lucifer calls out from the cell.

“No, don’t come anywhere near me.” She’s scared, and holding her neck to keep pressure on the wound. It’s not very deep, but it’s enough to make blood drip down onto her shirt.

“I want to make sure you’re okay.” Lucifer sighs. Y/N is hesitant, but crawls over to where he is. He looks at her neck, placing his fingers on it, earning a wince from her.

“Didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“Who are you?” Her voice comes out shaky.

“I thought that was made clear.”


“Lucifer?” He asks. “Yes.”

“But how can you… How?”

“There is a lot you don’t know, Y/N. This world, it’s not what you think.”

“Uh huh…” She wasn’t sure how to respond. This was a lot to take in. “And… soulmates?”

“Everyone has someone.” Is all he responded.

“And you’re my someone?”

“Seems so.”

“Okay.” She tried to pinch herself again.

Lucifer didn’t know what to do. He has never felt compassion or anything or anyone in his life until this girl. He’s not sure how to act around her. All he knew was that he wanted to help her. She can’t handle this.

“Y/N, I need you to do something for me.”


“I want you to grab that key that’s on the desk right there. Open that door and get out of here. There isn’t any demons standing guard. You can find your way out. When you get out, I need you to do something else for me. I have followers, people who well help you. Pray to Abraham, tell him that I sent you. Tell him to wipe your memory.”

“I don’t-“

“Just do it!” Lucifer yelled. He felt the overwhelming sense to protect her, to keep her safe. If she knew about any of this, remembered this, she’ll think she’d gone crazy. Any normal human would.

“O-okay.” She stuttered, fear rising inside of her from him yelling. She walked over to the table, grabbing the keys and opening the door.

“How are you going to escape?” She asked him, pity in her eyes. He was helping her and she didn’t want to leave him.

“I can handle myself. Leave, now.”

Y/N closes the door behind her. She runs through the hallways, barely able to see from the lack of lighting. Eventually she finds a door that leads to the outside, and she sighs in relief, happy to be out of there.

“Abraham?” She says oddly. A part of her feels like this was just some big joke someone was playing on her. She felt extremely ridiculous praying to an angel. “Lucifer sent me.”

She stood there for a few minutes before shaking her head, thinking that she was going insane. She was about to walk away, run and find a road before a man appeared in front of her.

“You prayed to me. Lucifer sent you?” The man, presumably Abraham, asks her.

“Yeah,” She could barely believe your eyes. This night was getting crazier by the moment. “He, uh, he wanted you to wipe my memory. Something about being his soulmate, saying he wanted to protect me.”

“You’re her?” His eyes widened, and he immediately rushed over to her side. “What exactly were his orders, miss?”

“He wanted you to wipe my memories of the night.”

“Where were you before this?”

“A bar. Thaxton’s.”


Y/N stands in front of her car, confused as to why she is just staring at the window and not opening her car door. She looks down, noticing her car keys are dropped on the ground. She frowns and picks them up.

The time on her phone said it was almost eleven at night, making Y/N’s eyes widen. ‘Had I really been in there that long? I’ve got a test tomorrow!’ She thought to herself, not knowing where the time went.

“I’ve had too much to drink.” She mumbles to herself.

And just like that, she gets into her car and drives away, not remembering a thing.

Love Affair Part 8

Beginning Love Affair Part 1

Warning: Cussing. Slight Smut.

Love Affair Part 8

Chapter 15

“So let me get this fucken straight?” Negan said as he stood out of his seat. “Even though my girl doesn’t want that fucker’s house, truck, or fucken money. Will she pretty much doesn’t want shit but her personal stuff, she still has to fucken take that fucken prick to court. Which may take months to final the whole shit hole marriage that’s been over for months. And then..”

“Negan.” I said, tugging at his jacket. “Stop please.”

“I’m almost fucken done doll.” Negan said, looking over at me and smiling. He turn back to the lawyer, still smiling. “And then, she as to do this what did you fucken call it “Discernment Counseling” Negan use his fingers to do quote and unquote. “Which happens when one person wants to fucken end the marriage and the other one wants to fucken save it. So doll now has to do that, if Danny is still fucken set on saving their marriage, for some fucken reason. Also she’ll have to do that shit for 30 fucken days with him. Talking about their feelings and shit. Then after that, she can finally fucken file for divorce and deal with all that fucken fun shit that will take months. Unless, he just fucken signs that papers, which he fucken won’t. Did I miss fucken anything?”

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“Uhh.” The Lawyer said trying to gather his thoughts. “No, that’s pretty… Uh pretty much it.”

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“Missed You” Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,255

Dean x Reader

Summary: Based on 12x10. Your boyfriend Dean finally comes home from the prison, and you’re excited to see him because he was in there for so long and you missed him.

Warnings: Fluff

Originally posted by strangersinadarkparadise

“What do you mean I can’t go with you?” You demand to Castiel, earning pity eyes from him.

“We can’t risk having you go along with us. You’re not a hunter and we don’t know what we’re going into. I’m not letting you go in and risk getting hurt. You mean too much to us, especially to Dean.” Mary commented when she saw the glare you were giving Castiel.

They had potentially found out where Sam and Dean were after two months of them being gone, locked up somewhere for attempted murder of the president. You missed them, you missed Dean.

“What am I supposed to do? Stay here in the bunker?” You scoff as if it was the dumbest idea you have heard in your life. You knew the two of them were right, that you weren’t a hunter and going along wasn’t a good idea, but you wanted to see Dean.

“That’s exactly what you’re going to do.” Mary tells you, putting her hand on your shoulder. “I know you miss him. We miss him, too. But we’ll bring him home safe. I promise.”

“Please.” Your eyes start watering up. “Don’t let anything else bad happen to him.”


The entire time they were gone, you couldn’t rest. No one was responding to your messages, which just made your mind wander more, but you tried to not let it get to you. You’d trust Mary and Castiel with your life, so you were going to have to trust them on this.

Dean and you started dating about a year ago, but had known each other your entire life. You were Bobby’s daughter, which is ironic considering that you aren’t a hunter. He had kept you away from hunting your entire life, which you were okay with since you wanted a normal life.

One night, after a long few hours of drinking, Dean confessed to you that his feelings for you were more than platonic. You were shocked, as you hadn’t really ever thought about him as more than a brother figure, but as time went on you started to develop feelings for him. The two of you officially had gotten together after the whole Chuck and Amara situation was dealt with, and you’d been pretty happy ever since then. Obviously there were bumps on the road, but every relationship has those.

When Castiel came back to the bunker that one horrible day, telling you what happened with Lucifer/the President, you broke down sobbing. You were convinced that this was it, you were never going to see him again.

The past two months have been hard. You’ve been keeping busy with work, but the sadness in your chest from Dean being gone was definitely still present. You had no idea what was happening to him in there, whether or not he was even alive.

You sigh, shaking the thoughts off your mind and remembering to stay positive. They’re going to get him, he’s going to be okay. So is Sam.

You walk into the kitchen and heat up some leftover pizza from the night before, as you haven’t eaten all day and it was just now catching up to you. You glance over at the clock. Midnight. They’d been gone all day, and that was starting to make you worry more. They said they should have been back by tonight.

You take the pizza out of the microwave and take it over to the couch, turning on the TV to some cheesy romantic movie while you ate your food. You could feel the tiredness seeking in, but you ignored it for as long as possible. You wanted to be awake when they got home.


You jolt up off the couch, the sounds of voices flooding through the bunker awakening you from your sleep. There was now a blanket on top of you, indicating that someone had come home and covered you up. Your heart flutters, hoping that it’s Dean.

You look at the time on your phone- three in the morning. You rub your eyes and get off the couch, slowly walking into the room where the voices are coming from. Castiel, Sam, and Dean are sitting around the table and drinking beers, all looking stressed.

“Dean?” You say quietly, your smile growing wide. His face brightens up when he sees you, and you run over into his arms.

“Jesus, Y/N.” He holds you tightly, placing his chin above your head. “I missed you.”

“You’re alive.” You smile as you hold back your tears of joy. “I’m so happy to see you. And you too, Sam.” You look over at Sam. “I’m glad both of you are okay.”

Castiel scoffs, which makes Dean glare at him, but you don’t press it. Not tonight. You’re just glad to see your boyfriend home safe and sound- two months was a long time.

“Let’s go to bed, baby.”

“Are you sure? I mean the three of you seemed like you were having a conversation.” You say. Truth be told, you wanted nothing more than for him to go to bed with you, but you didn’t want to seem like you were pulling him away from Sam or Castiel.

“Nothing we can’t talk about later. I’m tired and I missed you and I want to go lay down with my girl.” He smiles at you before picking you up bridal style and carrying you off to the bedroom.

“You should have woken me up when you got here.” You pout as he sets you down gently on his bed. He starts unzipping his pants, leaving him in only his boxer as he crawls in bed beside you.

“You looked peaceful. Didn’t want to have to interrupt that. Besides, I had some… stuff to talk about with Cas first.”

“Like what?” You frown, and you turn off the lamp beside the bed, making it dark in the room.

“We can talk about it tomorrow.” Dean sighs. “Tonight, I just want to relax. Haven’t seen you in two months. You have no idea how terrible it was there.”

“I could imagine.”

Dean wraps his arms around your waist and brings you closer to him, his chest pressed up against your back. You could feel his slow, steady heartbeat, and you smile.

“I love you.” You sigh, turning around and facing him.

“I love you, too.”

Dean presses his lips to yours, giving you a soft and sweet kiss. He wraps his leg around your thigh and pins you underneath him, deepening the kiss.

“Dean,” You breathe out. “As much as I would love to do this right now, I’m exhausted. It’s almost four in the morning.”

“Two months, Y/N.” He whines, but rolls off of you anyways. “I don’t know how much longer I can wait.”

You laugh and bring his arm around your waist again, putting you two in the same position you were in before. You were about to fall asleep when you felt Dean’s lips press onto shoulder, making chills go throughout your body.

“I don’t know how I got so lucky. I love you so much.” He says in a hushed voice, unsure if you were asleep or not. You smile and let sleep take over you, knowing that you’ll always be safe in his arms.

“I think you’re just afraid to be happy.”
“Teach me.”


Sometimes he acts like a five years old when you don’t dance to his tune and do what he wants. But sometimes you need more than the thirty minutes he spends between your legs.
Like now.
“I think you’re just afraid to be happy.” You snap and pull up your panties before sliding out of the bed.
“Oh, is that so? You just made me a happy fuck ten seconds ago.” He cocks a brow and ladylike you show him the middle finger. “C'mon, you knew from the fuckin’ beginning that I only want to mess around.”
“I know.” Sadly you nod while getting dressed. “But that’s not enough for me anymore.”
A sigh leaves Negan’s mouth as he rubs over his smooth face. “Teach me.”
“Teach me how to be fucking happy… again.”
“That’s not how it works when you don’t feel it.” You say and head to the door as he holds you back.
“I am happy when I’m with you.” He mumbles and surprise you stare at him.
“We could do normal things, watching a movie together or something.”
After a few seconds he agrees with a nod and pulls you back in the bed. “We’re still screwing?”
“Yea.” You bend down with a smile and kiss him.

Raise Hell (Part 4)

Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1310

Warnings: swearing, the tiniest bit of angst (barely there), fluff, smut.

Prologue, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

(Not my GIF)

Cas shuffled into your room with a mug of tea he had made for you. He was slowly learning how to make some human food, just so he could make them for you when needed or desired, or so he claimed. Surely Dean was behind most of it.

You gladly accepted the tea and smiled at the handsome angel as your stomach sank. “Thanks, Cas.” You watched him as he slid onto the bed beside you. You closed your eyes as you held the mug to your chest, absorbing the comforting warmth. Letting out a deep sigh, you turned to the angel.

“Is something the matter?” Cas blinked as he sweet smile painted his lips.

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