dean is perfect and if you hate dean you're wrong

  Dean knows when something is going on with you. He sees that your smile doesn’t quite reach your eyes and you don’t laugh nearly as much as you usually do at his lame jokes. You, just like him, don’t like to talk about your problems, keeping them bottled up until you explode. 

  Dean doesn’t want that for you, as hypocritical as that sounds.

  Instead he comforts you in a way that you didn’t know you needed. He starts by letting you sleep in way past the time you were supposed to wake up. He knew you needed some extra rest, and he was certainly going to make sure that you got it. 

  He made sure you were eating. He made you breakfast, a plate of chocolate chip waffles, extra crispy bacon and a side of orange juice; something completely normal. He delivers it to you in bed, not caring what time it is, whether it’s eight in the morning or five in the afternoon. He just wants to take care of you.

  Though you may not want to talk about it, Dean makes it known that you can always open up to him, because he deeply cares about you and hates seeing you this way. He cuddles with you, allowing you to use his body as a pillow. He wraps his arms around you, making you feel safe and loved for a little while. To you, that’s perfect. 

  Even though the evil coursing through the world, somehow, some way, being in Dean’s arms makes you forget that you’re a hunter. You don’t need to tell Dean what’s wrong, not really. All you need is him, and he’s certain to give you just that.