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Pink Lips and Emerald Eyes

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A/N: Hey guys, I am SO sorry for not posting in ages. I have been pretty busy recently. And I actually wrote this, like, two weeks ago and have only just got around to posting it. Sorry. :( Also, please send me your requests, I’ll be way more motivated to write if you guys give me requests, so send ‘em in. :)

The sky was getting dark; a few lone stars were peeking out from beneath the clouds. It was relatively quiet out among the empty fields, the only sounds coming from the light breeze in the air and the two teenagers lay in the grass. Although the day was shortly heading into evening the air was still warm and humid, like it usually was during the depths of summer. They spoke in hushed whispers even though there was no one who could hear them. 

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Imagine everybody being more excited than ever to see the gag reel of Supernatural's season 11 because you, Jensen's wife, got a role and managed to star in many episodes. (Sneak Peek 02)

Sneak Peek 01 here!

“It’s like somebody’s got a bit of a…” your husband trailed off only to do something that made you and Jared snicker.

“You-” you placed a hand on his shoulder and he looked at you “-this is what you do at job and then come home and want to- uh yeah…?”

He shrugged as some of the cast around you laughed.

“No people you seriously dont’t get it!” you laughed looking around you.

“To- he wantes to- to what (y/n)?” Jared asked with a snicker and you gave him a look.

“Honestly I- it is funny because this kind of his way of getting me to bed and like this excited grin and I’m-” you laughed “I don’t know what to feel anymore!”

“I could give you something to!” Jensen exclaimed and everybody laughed as you placed a hand over your mouth, laughing.

“H-hey! Seems like it’s gonna be me that later will get a bit of a-”

“Ackles!” you exclaimed as Jared was holding his stomach from the laughter.

“And we’re already getting started!”

Don't go through my stuff

Prompt :You hate when the Winchesters go through your stuff and they know that. They decide one day when you trust them to not go into your room, that they will take a peek. What they find surprises them.

Warnings: Probably language but I don’t remember, gender is female, just getting back into it so keep the critisism consructive ok? lol

Hope you all like it! Requests are open again, too.

There was only one rule between you and the winchesters and it was a very clear rule. The one rule was “Don’t go through my stuff.” You say it every time one of the boys needs to go into your bedroom. You have told them exactly what would happen to them if they did and never spared the details. You didn’t have anything too risky in your bedroom but the thought of them finding something and assuming you were some weirdo was made you uncomfortable and that could never happen if you made damn sure they were afraid to even try.

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Imagine making Sam nervous...

Description: SUPER QUICK drabble - Sammy gets a little anxious when he catches you in just a bra and underwear

Pairing: Sammy x Reader kind of 

Warnings: none

A/n: Just a thought: it’s honestly the worst thing ever to actually be a fan of classic rock (not because of spn, either. I’ve been listening to this crap since i was freakin born) and be a fan of Supernatural cause everyone’s always like “yeah well you only like those songs because Dean does”. but NO. you don’t understand, I actually genuinely love Zeppelin, Skynyrd, Styx, AC/DC, Metallica, and so on and so forth. I LOVE THEM OKAY. thank you, that will be all for this rant, tune in next time.

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I Promise

Request: Hi, today it’s my birthday, so could you write one when Dean(boyfriend) and reader celebrate her birthday?

Characters: Dean x Reader

A/N: This one went in a different direction than expected but I thought it turned out really beautifully so I hope you like it! Let me know what you think!

Dean opened your door, took two long strides, and jumped in the air landing on the opposite side of the bed you were sleeping in. The impact of Dean’s body on the bed caused you to fall off the mattress so that you now laid on the floor fully awake.

Dean peeked his head over the side of the mattress so that he looked down at you.

“Oh good you’re awake.” He grinned causing you to groan and turn away from him earning a chuckle.

“Come on Y/N it’s your day you’ve got to get up.” Dean coaxed you only causing you to groan louder.

“Y/N please get up. For me!” He whined causing you to chuckle before picking yourself up. Dean grinned and ran for the door holding it open for you as you slowly dragged yourself through it. Dean, however, thought you were walking too slowly and picked you up bridal style causing you to laugh. He practically ran you to the bunker kitchen.

As the two of you entered you saw Sam grinning at you holding something behind his back. Dean set you down and you looked at the two of them suspiciously. Sam slowly brought his hands out from behind his back as the two Winchester brothers sang happy Birthday.

Sam pulled out a plate with a small stack of pancakes, a single lit candle sat in the middle of them. Your hands flew to your face as you covered your mouth and tears pooled in your eyes.

The boys immediately stopped singing and looked at you questioningly.

“Y/N what’s wrong.” Dean asked his voice thick with worry.

“No one’s ever done this much for me on my birthday.” You choked out before throwing your arms around Dean’s neck followed by Sam’s.

“Thank you so much this is easily the best birthday I’ve ever had.” You laughed wiping your eyes.

“Well then your standards are not high enough, we’re going to fix that.” Dean chuckled throwing an arm around your shoulders. “Now make a wish.”

“I don’t want anything more.” You grinned before standing up on your toes and kissing Dean.

“Oh well then I guess I should just keep this huh?” Dean asked smugly pulling out a tiny wrapped package. You snatched it out of his hand earning you a chuckle.

You opened the small package to reveal a small velvet box you looked up at Dean with wide eyes and opened the box. Inside there was a silver necklace with a small diamond pendant. That way it was beautiful but not too flashy. In short it was perfect.

“Oh my god.” You breathed bringing your hand over your heart.

“You like it?” Dean asked nervously shifting his weight from one foot to another.

“It’s perfect.” You smiled kissing him again before spinning around and handing him the necklace so that he could but it on you.

Dean brushed your hair out of the way and put the necklace on allowing his hand to linger for a moment longer than necessary. “Happy Birthday Y/N “ he whispered causing you to smile as a pair of warm soft lips pressed against your neck.

“Gross get a room you two.” Sam chuckled before passing you the pancakes.

“Thanks Sammy.” You grinned throwing your arms around his neck.

“Of course Y/N happy brithday” he replied wrapping his arms around you in return.


The three of you finished eating and you went back to yours and Dean’s room to change.

There were three short knocks on the door before it opened and Dean walked in.

“Dean what if I was indecent?” You shrieked trying to cover yourself, even though you were in your underwear and bra.

“Well I was hoping…” He let the rest of the sentence go unsaid as he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively causing you to chuckle.

“Get out you perv.” You laughed throwing a pillow at him which he caught easily.

“But you’re taking too long.” He whined. You rolled your eyes before putting the rest of your clothes on in record time.

“Ok now I’m ready.” You chuckled gesturing to yourself.

“And you look beautiful.” He grinned stepping towards you before placing his hands on your hips and bringing your lips to meet his. He picked you up bridal style again and carried you through the bunker.

He placed you in the front seat of the impala before running around the car and hoping into the driver’s seat.

“Where are we going?” You questioned unable to keep a huge grin from your face.

“It’s a surprise.” Dean replied with an equally big grin before lacing his fingers in yours.


You arrived at a big parking lot that appeared to be in the middle of nowhere. You shot Dean a questioning glance to which he replied to with a grin. The two of you hopped out of the car and Dean ran around to the trunk and pulled something out.

He told you to walk down the path to your right. You raised your eyebrows at him before obeying and walking down the path that seemed to lead right into the woods.

You walked for a few feet before you saw where the path ended. You gasped loudly before taking off running causing Dean to chuckle loudly.

The minute your toes hit the warm sand you stopped running and just took it all in. The beach was completely empty, hot white sand expanded for miles and large salty waves crashed on the shore creating the perfect atmosphere.

“Come on princess.” Dean grinned walking past you, a large picnic basket in his hand.


Dean and you had finished your lunch of sandwiches and now sat against the shore with your feet in the water.

“Dean seriously this is the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me.” You admitted resting your head on his shoulder.

“Well what kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn’t do my best to make your birthday extra special?” He chuckled before kissing the top of your head.

“Wanna build a sandcastle?” You asked excitedly wiggling your eyebrows.

Dean chuckled before nodding and getting to work as you did the same.


You stood back and admired your work, a two story high sand castle, every time you tried to put another story on it it would fall over, with a moat running around it.

“Why don’t you go fill this bucket with water so we can fill the moat?” Dean asked handing you a bucket.

You nodded before running into the water filling up the bucket. You ran back and dumped the water into the moat and stood back admiring your work, however, there was a weird sparkle coming from the top of the castle.

Upon closer inspection you found that the sparkle came from a small diamond, the diamond belonged to a beautiful engagement ring. Your jaw fell to the floor as you picked it up to admire it.

“I’ve been saving up for months.” You heard a voice from over your shoulder causing you to jump. You spun around to find Dean was looking at you with a small smile on his face. His hands were in his pockets and he looked very nervous and tense. “You know extra pool games and stuff. It’s not a lot but I bought it with my own money.” He rubbed the back of his neck nervously.

Tears streamed down your cheeks as you looked at him in disbelief. “Now I know I can’t promise you much of a life.” He continued slowly inching towards you. “It will be filled with monsters, cheap motel rooms, and crappy food. But I can promise you a happy one. I can promise you a life full of love and passion.” He slowly got down on one knee “I promise that I will love you with everything I’ve got and I promise I will never leave your side because there is no one I’d rather be with than you. So Y/N Y/L/N will you marry me?” He asked.

You were now fully crying as you nodded your head and wrapped your arms around his neck. He laughed as his eyes also welled with tears. You pulled back and kissed him before he slid the ring onto your finger.

“I love it.” You whispered admiring the ring on your finger.

“I love you.” Dean responded also admiring the ring still not believing that you actually said yes.

Teenage/ High school AU || Dean/Cas

Cas pressed closer to the solid form in front of him, bathing in the warmth emanating from the body before him. He slowly becomes more aware, blinking away the heaviness from his eyes, and staring at Dean’s back for a moment before peering over Dean’s shoulder the to see the time. 6:57 AM. A few minuets before the alarm will go off. ‘huh, might as well stay in bed until it does.’ Dean mumble something unintelligible before burying his face deeper into the pillow. An amused smile graces Cas’ lips at Dean’ actions.

The ungodly beeping does nothing to rouse Dean into getting up, in fact it only causes Dean to face away from the dreadful noise and bury himself further into the mattress in a futile attempt to escape it.

Cas, now wide awake, laughs at this before leaning over Dean to switch the alarm off himself when it becomes apparent Dean isn’t going to.

Dean groans into his pillow, before peeking up at Cas. “You Okay to go to school, today?” His words are still laced in sleep which tugs a smile from Cas’ lips.

“Of course. I am not going to miss school over a silly nightmare, Dean.” Cas states.

Dean frowns at that. “It’s not silly Cas. Especially if your gonna start having panic attacks again.”

His words are gentle but firm, and the serious expression taking hold of his features drains Cas of any argument he may have had. His shoulders slump “ I know, but I’ll be fine” he quirks a half smile “I promise.”

Dean seems conflicted for a moment before he relents “Fine…but you tell me a soon as you start to doubt that, okay?” Cas nods “Alright then, lets go get breakfast, I’m starving!” Dean then proceeds to climbs out of bed careful not to trip over the blow up bed on the floor, which Cas had been sleeping on before he was awoken from his nightmare last night, and stumbles out his bedroom door and bounds down the stairs with Cas clambering behind him.



Author: randomfandom8

“C’mon Y/N! We gotta get back to the bunker to help Sam and Cas with that spell, sometime this week would be nice.” Dean grumbled as he plopped down on one of the leather ottomans in the fitting room lounge.

“Don’t sass me Winchester, this is all your fault. Wasn’t it your bright idea to play dress-up for this hunt?” Pulling the hem of the dress down for the hundredth time you finally built up the courage to step into the shoes Dean had claimed were the only pair he could find in the entire store, I should make him wear these heels, see how he likes it.

“Tick tock, Lady Gaga!” You rolled your eyes at him through the fitting room door and took one last glance in the mirror before cautiously opening the door. Hiding behind it you peeked your eyes out to glare at him, “Dean, I swear to God I am going to kill you dead for making me wear this.”

“Hey, you picked the dress, sweetheart”That I did. When you didn’t respond he added, “You gonna hide back there all day?” You sighed and taking a deep breath you stepped out from behind the door, taking slow, measured steps.

Since you were too busy looking at the floor trying to keep yourself upright you hadn’t noticed Dean’s reaction. Putting one hand on your hip, the other to your side, you looked up to meet his eyes and asked, “So, how do I look?”

Dean simply sat there, gaze wandering, drinking in the sight of you. You took a few steps toward him stopping to adjust the hem of your dress once more. “Well, Y/N I gotta say you’ve - uh, ahem - certainly got great taste,” he finally replied. You looked up at him once more to see him smile rather nervously.

“Ya think so?” you asked. You turned and made your way to the big, illuminated mirror next to where Dean sat. As focused as you were admiring the way the dress hugged your figure - because even you had to admit you looked stunning - you almost didn’t notice Dean in the corner of the mirror. Almost.

He just could not keep his eyes off you, and that was putting it mildly. “So you think this is the dress, then?” you asked keeping your eyes on him, studying his face.

He rose from his seat and walked a few paces toward you still gawking. “Uh, mm-hm. Yeah, I think this is definitely the right dress for um.. for uh-” He licked his bottom lip subconsciously, unable or unwilling to finish voicing his thoughts.

“The right dress for the hunt?” you offered, biting back a smile.

“What? Oh, yeah. Right, the hunt. Definitely the right dress for that, too.”

“Too?” you asked, amused with the effect you were having on him.

He chuckled finally meeting your eyes in the mirror and realizing he’d been caught, “Don’t mind me, sweetheart.” he was at your back now towering over you even with the heels. “Why don’t you take this off,” he breathed, his rough hand rising up the length of your back to touch the zipper between your shoulder blades, “ and come meet me at the register? I’ll wait out there for you.”

You nodded briefly, not trusting your voice. “I hope that dress comes off more quickly than it goes on.” he murmured, making your face flush deep crimson. As he walked toward the register he added innocently, “We do have a spell to finish at the bunker after all.”

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A History of Reasons:

WincestBB15 | 10x23 au | 19k words | No Warnings | PG-13

“You don’t need to do this,” Sam reaches for the right words.  “You don’t need to die.”

Sam doesn’t know what he was expecting when he got here, but this–this isn’t it.  

Dean stares back at him, cold and calculating.  There’s no emotion, just a decision made.  And once Dean has made up his mind about something, it’s usually too late.   But Sam refuses to let Dean do this, to let him take his life when he’s this close to getting the cure from the book.  

“Truth is, when I left,” Dean begins apathetically.  “I thought the only way out was my death, but I was wrong, Sam.”

Sam wants to find comfort in these words, but there’s an emptiness in Dean’s eyes that makes him sweat profusely.  

“It’s yours.”


Sam stretches his limbs outwards and he feels his bones move, his muscles sighing reverently as they pull.  

“Keep your eyes closed,” Dean whispers.  

Sam doesn’t think he can possibly pinch his eyes tighter, his eyelashes tangling hopelessly together already, his eyes watering slightly from the pressure.   He tells himself to relax, it’s what Dean said is the most important thing to remember.  And Sam is trying to remember this, again and again, with every breath that circulates within his lungs.  

Maybe his arms aren’t long enough yet, maybe his legs aren’t level enough, or maybe like all else, he’s just not meant to succeed at this.  And the minute he lets these thoughts walk in, he can feel his body jerk as it inevitably starts to sink again.  

He starts fighting and it’s a losing battle, it is every time.  He should know this much by now, but apparently he hasn’t learned his lesson quite yet.  

There’s a sigh beside him and it’s a patient exasperation.  It’s followed by warm pressure on his back, steadying his body and raising him up.  

“Relax,”  Dean instructs.  “You almost had it.”

Sam wants to tell him that he’s just not meant for this.  That maybe he’s going to be condemned for the rest of his life to be a failure.  Just tally it up on the board of things he already sucks at.  

“I’ve got you,” Dean soothes.  “I’m not gonna let anything bad happen to you.  I promise.”  

The words spilling off of Dean’s tongue are warm and comforting.  Sam lets each vowel and consonant soak into his skin, lets his chest breathe in deeply and slowly exhale.  The sun may very well be out, her crown of rays tickling the length of Sam’s skin, but Dean’s presence will always feel brighter to him.  Will always feel warmer.  Safer.

With eyes still closed, Sam reaches his limbs out once again and he just lets Dean carry him a bit longer.  He focuses on exactly where each calloused pad is burning into the ridges of his spine and it makes the baby hairs on the back of his neck stand up.  

Dean is his anchor, his roots.  He is the one thing, no–the only thing, that keeps Sam safely planted into the ground.  Without him–well, Sam just doesn’t want to think about that.  

But Sam does let his thoughts go some place else.  He thinks about how Dean has always been carrying him.  It’s always been him.  Always.  Sam doesn’t remember a time when those arms weren’t around him, weren’t holding him up, weren’t carrying him constantly away from danger.  

And the deeper Sam goes with his thoughts, the more he thinks about his life and how he hopes he never has to live a day where Dean doesn’t carry him in some form or another.  Because Sam knows in his chest, knows it deep to the core of his being, that he won’t survive without Dean there to carry him when he needs it.  

Dean’s breath hitches beside him and it’s enough to pull Sam back to the present.   He can tell Dean wants to say something, but he’s holding his tongue.  And Sam is about to ask why when he realizes:

Dean’s hands are gone and he’s floating on his own.  

Sam opens his eyes and he finds himself staring straight up into the proud, clover-green eyes of his Brother.  It’s such a beautiful sight, that it completely takes Sam’s breath away.  And he doesn’t even realize he’s doing it at first, but he finds himself praying that he can live under the light of Dean’s eyes, just like this–forever.  

Take away the sun, the moon, the goddamned stars in the sky.  Sam doesn’t need any of it, as long as he has Dean looking at him like this.  As if Sam roped everything beautiful in this world and gave it to Dean.  

“Sammy…” Dean works out of his mouth.  

And Sam doesn’t know if it’s the fact that he’s finally floating by himself in a random motel pool in The-Middle-Of-Nowhere, USA or if it’s because he just realized that his older Brother is the only goddamn sun he’ll ever need in his life, but damn–he feels weightless.  

Goddamned weightless.  And free.  

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Imagine catching Dean plucking his eyebrows...

You heard Dean humming lightly as you walked down the hall. He’d never say it, but he wasn’t as bad as he’d have everyone think. You peeked around the door frame and stood deadly still.

Dean appeared to be examining himself closely in the mirror, it was only when you saw the slight glint of the tweezers that you put two and two together.

“Dean?” You squeaked, biting down hard on your lip.

He stopped humming immediately and whipped around, his hand behind his back. He cleared his throat and you could practically see the cogs whirring in is brain as he wprked out his excuse.

“This… this isn’t what it looks like. I’m, um, getting grit out of a cut.”

“Right, yeah sure, I get that,” you smirked. You started to retreat out of the door again, pursing your lips to withhold the laughter. “So, next time I get my eyebrows waxed, do you want me to book you in too?”

Dean didn’t need to utter a single word more. His glare said it all.