dean in colours is going to be a thing now

Breath Dean, Breath.

Summary- Everybody knows how much Dean loves his car, how would he react if she got a little make over?

pairings- sisterxwinchester, deanxsister!reader, Samxsister!reader

warnings- swearing, I think that’s it.


The first thing you need to know about Dean, is how madly in love he is with his car. That’s right, his car, the broom broom beep beep kind. The Impala is his ‘baby’ if anything happens to her he goes into some sort of melt down. I mean, he almost shot a bird for shitting on the front window once but in retrospect the bird was mouthing him off. Yeah, that case was strange.

He would never in a million years let you drive the impala, which is ridiculous. Okay, yes you are a lot younger that Sam and Dean but you were a very good driver! There had been times where you tried to sneak drive the impala, and every attempt lead you getting caught before you even grabbed the keys. 

You and the boys were on a case in Detroit, Michigan. You were hunting a trickster, well, you thought you were hunting a trickster.. The boys however, had another theory.

“Dean, you said it yourself, he’s dead so how in the hell would it be him?” You asked exasperated, “yeah, we learnt that if somebody dies… They’re probably not dead” Sam explained, you cocked an eyebrow in his direction, your head tilting to the side slightly “that made no sense. Anyway, if this Gabriel dude is back, why would he be here? Shouldn’t he be doing angel stuff instead of messing around with some teens?” You asked theoretically, you knew it was a trickster. 

Gabriel use to be an arch-angel, if he was back, there was no way he would waste his precious time playing pranks on kids. “Also listen to this, In mythology, and in the study of folklore and religion, a Trickster is a character in a story, which exhibits a great degree of intellect or secret knowledge, and uses it to play tricks or otherwise disobey normal rules and conventional behaviour. That sound like a freaking angel to you?” You asked smugly, turning the laptop screen toward the boys, Dean rolled his eyes “trust us, this guy has all of the traits of a trickster-” you cut him off before he could continue, “except he’s an arch-angel, yup, got it” you yawned closing the lid of the laptop. “Right, how about in the morning you go talk to the teens, see if you can get anything out of them, me and Dean will go around asking the locals if they saw anything weird” Sam quickly interrupted, knowing you and Dean’s mini argument would escalate into a big one. It’s how you worked. You reluctantly agreed, stumbling tiredly towards the bed, you peeled back the covers but couldn’t harvest the energy to wrap them around you. You were just about to fall asleep when you felt the blanket being pulled up around your shoulders “night kid” you heard Dean murmur before you fell into a soundless sleep.

You woke up to the sound of yelling, more specifically Dean yelling. You ran outside the motel to see Sam trying to calm him down, “what the hell is going on?” You asked, Dean turned towards you before grabbing you by the shoulders “did you do this? Was this you? You’re gonna die!” He frantically yelled, shaking you slightly “Did I do what?” You asked, Dean pointed behind him dramatically, you pushed out of his way slightly before coming to a dead halt “what, the actual hell?” You muttered to yourself, you strolled over to the now newly decorated Impala. You ran a your finger over the now dark green colour, following the orange flowery swirls. You turned to face them “okay… Couple of things, number one this was not me! Number two… I really wanna high five whoever did this” you laughed, Dean glared at you, Sam pinching the bridge of his nose “oh come on! It’s funny! Somebody decorated the freaking impala as The Mystery Machine! Dude, you must of really pissed somebody off” you laughed again, harder this time. 

Dean was about to open his mouth when a voice spoke from behind you. “Heya boys” you jumped, and turned around “oh, and girl! Well, what do you think? Beautiful ain’t she?” The man asked, gesturing towards the Impala. “Wait a minute, you’re the one who did this?” You asked him with furrowed eyebrows, “I thought I made that pretty clear, yes I did” he spoke with a smug grin, you lifted your hand “dude, that was amazing!” You high fived him whilst laughing. “Gabriel?” You heard Sam ask “I thought you were dead” he said in disbelief, the man now known as Gabriel looked down, as if checking himself over “well obviously not” he spoke. “Okay okay enough chit chat, Gabriel fix my car. Now.” Dean said, his voice low and threatening, Gabriel cocked his head to the side and chuckled “now where’s the fun in that?” He asked before vanishing. You rolled you eyes at the sight of Dean, who was completely freaking out, Sam trying to calm him again “Dean… uhhh deep breaths, Dean breath.”


This imagine was based on a post I found on here a couple of months I ago, I hope you enjoyed it! 

My requests are open if you want to submit anything and please do!

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So, a sudden thought hit me. Remember how like, Cupid’s bow is like on his palm or something? Like, below if u need pic reference:

And how when Cupid touches two people, that’s like shooting a love arrow at them or like, destinying (not a word, but whatevs) two peeps to be together?

Now remember in episode 5.14: My Bloody Valentine, how the first thing Cupid did (I think) when he sees the trio is like:

He touches Dean, then Cas before letting them go and backing off. Don’t that mean they’re destined for each other?

AND if you look at the background closely…

Need a clearer(ish) shot?

The colours of the bisexual flag (ish).

Now need we more proof of Destiel?

(tries to ignore fact that Sam also got hugged by Cupid shh I’m trying to prove my ship is canon rn)

I’m probs reading too much into everything… And making up my own crazy-ass theories. And this is also something that probs lots of other people have already picked up on and posted about but eh. AND this is also a couple seasons late (couple meaning six) but WHATEVER. Destiel, man.

i just need it to happen in s12 b4 i go insane :((

k bye

  So a couple of weeks back I accidentally listened to a playlist that was the entire Heathers musical in one place, and from then on things…got out of hand; I had to watch the 80s movie for context, then relisten to the songs, then I had to find and watch the musical… I may have an obsession now.

Some day I might colour this too.

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top 5 romantic things dean would do while also acting like its no big deal even though it means a lot to him


  1. Dean buys flowers for Cas every now and then, shoving them at him like they’re poisoned, when actually he spent over an hour - a whole hour, damnit, where did the time go?! - in the shop, looking around at all the different types and colours and choosing the perfect ones
  2. Dean takes Cas out for a fancy dinner date one time when they’re in a big city after a hunt, with suits and shiny shoes and starters, the whole nine. he plays it cool, but just walking into that fancy-ass place with Cas on his arm makes him feel so proud he thinks he might burst
  3. whilst at the dinner, Dean picks up his napkin and deftly folds it into the shape of a rose, handing it over to Cas with a small, self-deprecating grin. he spent three hours learning how to do it, watching videos on YouTube and practising on oil cloths from the garage
  4. Dean plays Cas a lot of music, old stuff and new stuff and weird stuff, trying to figure out what he likes and doesn’t like. when he’s got a decent list, he makes Cas his very own “Cas-sette tape” to play in the car, and the last ten seconds on Side B is Dean himself, speaking roughly into the old microphone on the bunker’s cassette player, saying “I love you, Cas” with a smile in his voice.
  5. Dean’s not much of a one for words, but every now and then he’ll see Cas sitting in a certain light or looking at him in a certain way and he won’t be able to stop himself saying, “I’m so glad we’re in love, Cas,” and then turning away with his ears going pink

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top 5 romantic movies they would watch together (with dean pretending not to like them)


  1. Pride and Prejudice.“that Darcy guy has the whole strong and silent thing going on. It’s pretty… yeah, he’s alright. he talks weird, though.”
  2. Bride and Prejudice. “Cas, this is ridiculous. I’m turning it off. Oh, hey, look at the colours! … fine, we’ll leave it on for now.”
  3. The Notebook. “no, I’m fine, it’s just - he wrote every day for a year, not even knowing if she was listening - uh, reading them. he was so sad, Cas”
  4. The Princess Bride. “we can skip through the kissing parts if you want. oh, heh, I forgot that’s what the little boy says, too. well, I guess we shouldn’t skip them, then.”
  5. Beauty and the Beast. *pointing at the Beast* “hey Cas, I didn’t know you were once an actor! boy, you’ve really let yourself go since then.”