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Y/N: What’s got you like this Dean?

Dean: I don’t know. It’s just sometimes I think that, compared to others, I’m not as muscular as you’d want me to be.

Y/N: That’s bullshit. You don’t have to have sculpted abs or overly defined muscles because I didn’t fall in love with you for that. I fell for your personality and your mind. I love you Dean.

Don’t you dare think that there is anything, past or present, that I would put in front of you! It has never been like that! Ever! I need you to see that. (Dean)

You saved my life over and over. Man you sacrifice everything for me, don’t you think I’d do the same for you? You’re my big brother, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you. (Sam)

I hope you like it :)

Imagine: Having a tummy flu and feeling awful so you text Dean while he’s away on a hunt for comfort.

(I think I have a stomach bug so that’s where this comes from- yes I know it’s awful I’m not trying to make a good imagine I’m just feeling like shit and in pain and I just did this just because. I have no idea why you would want to be tagged in anything I do, this is evidence why but hey ho I’ll tag you anyway then you can tell me to never do it again lol @charliebradbury1104 )

Dean Winchester related salt

(So I ranted about Dean to my girlfriend, but I changed it to sound less crazy haha! Anyway @deanirae I’d love to hear your input/additions or if you agree or anything like that!)

So we can all agree this season is treating Dean like crap. Or atleast we should because it’s pretty obvious.

Aside from that memory loss episode, where they were treating memory loss like a joke and treated it like a god damn drunk blackout thing at first(sadly I’ll admit I laughed a lot during this ep until the ending area of it made me think differently). And ya know, Dean was getting emotionally fucked with.. Per-usual. Because that’s a thing that doesn’t get old, apparently. (Jesus I shouldn’t be used to Dean torture wtf)

This was the man who adored his mom, put her in this light that played her as such a wonderful but NOT UNREALISTIC mom. I know mom’s like her. Yes I know Dean was a child, but you remember ghost Mary in “Home”? That wasn’t a woman who saw a small four year old, she saw Dean and Sam the way they are now(well at the time, they’re older now obviously).

Then he gets slapped in the face but so many things: She essentially tells them they aren’t her kids(yes I know this affects Sam but this isn’t about him) and leaves as soon as they got their mom back from the DEAD. She then starts lying to them for almost a month, and when the truth finally comes out(not until after one innocent died and one other person almost did so), she basically tells Dean to “Suck it up, me being a hunter is more important than being your mom and you aren’t a kid anymore so you shouldn’t expect me to feel bad for you even though I’m your mom”(which actually hit me close to home personally), she was implying he had to “Get over himself, stop being upset” because he wasn’t little anymore which is ridiculous. (Also that “I never was [a kid]” broke my fucking heart)

So yeah we get that, then the show forces Dean to essentially ‘forgive’ her like.. What, the next friggin episode? Or the one after it? Dean needed an apology, not to 'forgive’ someone.

THEN he gets lied to AGAIN but by Sam(which I already found was OOC of joining considering they physically and mentally tortured him, I don’t care if it was just that girl she is OBVIOUSLY not the only torturous and cruel one). Sam lies for weeks and NOT ONLY THAT, but he he tricks Dean into going on the jobs with Sam that the Men of Letters send to Sam. Then Sam just… Says he’s sorry… And Dean forgives him. Uhm? I’d be fucking LIVID, and I doubt Dean wouldn’t be or ATLEAST sad? A simply apology isn’t enough. (I’m not saying Dean hasn’t lied to Sam, he has and it was bad. But this is about currently.)

Then we get Cas lying to Dean too. He’s going back to Heaven, but he lied and said something different, said he was doing something else that I missed because I was too busy groaning in frustration to hear. Cas is Dean’s best friend, he tells Cas everything and Cas is always one to try and give him advice or reassure him, Dean being lied to by his best friend is NOT OKAY I don’t care what the circumstances are, what if Cas doesn’t come back(atleast for a long time)? You know how scared, worried and upset Dean would be? I don’t care if Cas thought it would sadden(or even anger) Dean, he should have told the truth. Dean deserves that much from his closest friend.

But back to Sam. Of course Dean would forgive and forget with Sam, he’s his little brother who “felt bad” and was asking for Dean to join with him.. And of course Dean will want to be on Sam’s side he loves his brother too much not to. (I’m not saying Sam is just some heartless manipulator but.. Whether it was intentional or not, Sam manipulated Dean in my eyes. No way around it.)

His mental and emotional state is too weak to fight back and argue with Sam more, and I don’t know how to feel about that at this point.

Dean didn’t really do anything wrong this season, from what I remember? He doesn’t deserve this. I swear if this is simply for some fucked up plot reason, I’ll kill a man, because that’s just using the characters mental health/stability for plot at this point and that isn’t right.

Don’t think about Cas sitting somewhere by himself on a college campus just reading a book and Dean and a group of his friends walk by and Dean is just like,

“I bet I could get his number and a date in less than a minute.” And his friends are like, “haha, yeah right. He’s out of your league, Winchester. Novak’s don’t date. They just curve all the tests.” Then Dean goes, “I bet you $200 each. And I’ll even add in an extra bet that I’ll get HIM to kiss ME.”

So they take the bet and Dean just waltz over and sits down next to Cas and just smiles at him and says, “hey, sweetheart” then hands him his phone.

Seconds later Castiel just leans forward and kisses Dean on the lips and goes, “are you scamming your friends out of money with bets again? You know eventually they’ll figure out we’ve been dating for a little while.”

Then Dean just grins like, “And that’s when I’ll stop.”

Meanwhile Dean’s friends are just standing there in shock because what did they just see?


Happy 28th Birthday, Alfred Enoch! ♥ 

I’m always amazed when people recognize me from that because in my mind, I didn’t do very much! As a kid, I read the books and absolutely loved them, so getting to work on the movies was really cool, and people really care, which is wonderful. It does still happen, and it never ceases to amaze me. Sometimes people are like, “Hey, you played Dean Thomas!” and I’m like, “Wow, you actually know!” It kind of shocks me because when I think about movies I love, and if I saw someone who essentially did what I did in Harry Potter, I probably wouldn’t recognize them walking down the street. I’m always impressed by that, I’m like wow, fair play. The least I can do is be like, “Yes, that was me, hi.“ 


I can build a million castles-
I can wish upon all the lucky stars
Nothing compares to my life with you.

[Sam’s version] [Sam and Dean’s version]


Dean watches Cas hold out his hand and catch a snowflake.

“Snowflakes are beautiful,” Cas comments idly, staring at the crystal glitter in his hand until it melts.

“Yeah, all that ‘no two alike’ stuff,” Dean agrees half-heartedly. The mark on his arm is burning, the fear has numbed him almost completely, and his mind isn’t letting him think about things like snow appreciation right now.

Cas catches the tone. “You don’t agree?”

Dean shrugs his shoulders. “They melt away pretty quickly. Kind of sad that they just get forgotten.”

Cas tilts his head and squints at Dean. "They don’t get forgotten by me,” he says softly. “Each one is unique. Complex. But there are a few that are just…more beautiful than the rest somehow. I remember those. Even after they’re gone.”

Dean shuffles his feet a little. “What’s so special about those? Why are they more beautiful?”

“Snowflakes are all crystallized. Ordered. But they aren’t perfect. The structures get marred and interrupted, and sometimes the snowflakes are a little damaged. Those are the ones that seem to catch the sunlight a little more. Shine a little brighter while they are here.”

Dean looks up from the ground to meet Cas’ eyes, and they stare at each other for a moment.

"I remember those,” Cas murmurs. “So they’re never really gone.”

Dean steps forward and Cas opens his arms, lets Dean press against him until they are both warm.

The snow still falls around them, catching in their hair and eyelashes.

Cas will remember.

Highlights of Regarding Dean
  • Dean and the bunny (#GiveDeanWinchesterABunny2K17)
  • “And B, I can still kick your ass” (always love brothers being brothers)
  • Jensen’s acting
  • Dean not remembering what key is the Impala’s one (tbh it broke my heart a little a lot)
  • Dean naming all the things in the room to prove that he’s alright
  • “This is a…light stick”
  • Dean trying to read lips
  • “I know how to shoot a gun?!”
  • “We kinda sound like heroes to me.”
  • (just think a little about the implication of this sentence and you’ll cry)
  • Dean commenting on Rowena’s hair
  • Basically Dean being so damn adorable
  • Sam putting notes on EVERYTHING
  • Mr. Ackles’s acting
  • Jared’s acting too (because everything this man can say with his eyes wow)
  • Sam caring and worrying so much
  • The BM scene in the bathroom
  • Sam almost crying because he can’t bear to see his brother losing everything he is
  • The mirror scene
  • The mirror scene
  • The mirror scene
  • Dean calling Sam’s name because he hears him being hurt even though he has forgotten his own name  
  • The notes “OPEN ME” and “NO!” on the grenade launcher and “THIS GUN!”
  • Dean holding the “witch killing bullets” note with one hand and his gun with the other (if you pause at this moment he’s so freaking sexy)
  • Sam pointing to himself and saying “brother” and then to the witch and saying “witch”
  • Jared’s acting 
  • “It was us, it was we do, you know; all of it.”
  • Jensen Ross Ackles

That, right there, was my good old Supernatural. 

Gosh, this is another example where Destiel would be so easy. Can you imagine, almost nothing else about the episode would have to change but Dean could just lean down a bit further and kiss Cas on the top of his head. 

That’s it. It would be simple things like this that could take this to the next level without the raunchy sex scene that they seem to think people want. Honestly, at this point, I doubt it’s going to happen, but when I see scenes like this it just reminds me of how easy it would be to make a few tiny changes that would add an additional level of complexity, heart, and something new and different to this 12 year old story. 

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Since there’s some negativity lately, I felt the need to make a list of all the moments that JD and Veronica were truly sweet and pure, to show that most of their relationship before everything went to hell was actually really good.
1. When Veronica was all dreamy-eyed and giddy watching him during fight for me
2. When they were flirting and he opened up to her in the 7/11
3. When she tell him she knows he’s not numb inside like he thinks he is, and that he’s beautiful.
4. When they kiss in Heather’s kitchen
5. When JD tries to get Veronica away from his dad because he’s being creepy
6. When JD holds Veronica close while all the students are making fun of her
7. When Veronica gets so concerned for him after he gets into the second fight with the jocks and she helps him up and asks him if he’s okay, and then instead of answering he just takes her hand and says, “Are you?”
8. When Veronica holds JD and says “You’re not alone”
9. When she holds her hand out to him in Seventeen and says “Don’t stop looking in my eyes”.
10. When Veronica quietly tells JD to stop talking over her and he shuts up immediately and apologizes, and she kisses him.

They had some damn good times, guys.

Just a Dream

Word Count: 356
Characters: dean, sis!reader(mentioned), sam (mentioned)
Warnings: I don’t want to spoil it so I’ll just put it has mentions of character death
Tagging: @winchesters-favorite-girl@angelkurenai@deanwinchester-af
K: First attempt at a short little angsty drabble, enjoy! :D Feedback would be greatly appreciated! 

(Once again all gifs belong to respective owners ^^)

He has so much planned. Everything is ready, he spent so much time planning and organizing it that it was finally ready. Now he just has to take action. He’s going to take her to the place she’s always dreamed of going.

The place she’s always talks about. Anywhere they were at, she would talk all about it, just making him smile as he heard her talk about her big dream. That when she was old enough she would go and make her dream come true.

But he decided to make her dream come true. He’s going to pick her up, along with his brother and all three of them would go. They will have fun as a family. She’ll have her notebook and sketchbook with her. And she’ll be writing and drawing about the amazing adventure she’s having with her two brothers. He can picture the beautiful smile on her face once they’re there. Her laughter and her goofy self pulling her brothers along with her as they walk. He is going to show her the big surprise he has for her and he can’t wait to see her reaction once he tells her.

Except he can’t.

She’s not here anymore. She hasn’t been here for 5 years. Because she’s gone, lost to death. But he can’t seem to let go of her. How could he? This was his baby sister, but he lost her and he can’t bring her back.

The plan he had and the thoughts of it fade away. The thoughts of her being happy towards being there, gone. All the happy thoughts he had towards telling her, disappeared.

He tries to replay the good memories of her and his younger brother, their smile and how goofy they acted when they were all together, hoping that this was all just a bad dream he was having and that his little sister wasn’t actually gone.

But it isn’t a dream, it’s reality, his baby sister is gone, and now so is his younger brother. With no way to bring them back. They only exist in his memories.

But in reality Dean was alone, forever…

you ever think about how in 10 years all these kids will have the names from all the fandoms because their parents are blogging rn when they should be sleeping and one day your kids will just come home and be like ‘… ya my best friend naruto’ and you just call up that kid’s parents and be like ‘yo season 9 finale killed me’ and we’ll all just be friends

because i do