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Ohh, this is so cute! I really liked it. My favourite line was the last one, you write so good fluffy Dean moments😍. One last thing what inspired you to write this fic?? *sending you a virtual hug* ❤

Thank you! That means a lot to me!

Sometimes I’m just watching an older episode and I want to hug the shit out of Dean and then I write about it. I like a happy Dean :)


Little Moment


i finished  “The Hug”! óuò i kinda went a bit crazy with this i guess..but the scenes kept popping up in my head so yeah.. <:D i really hope you can read everything.. >_< sry if it’s too cheesy but..that’s just me. i need this.. úuù

also, THANK YOU ALL SO SO MUCH for all those notes <3 it makes me so happy that you love my little hug thingy so damn much! óuò i read every single tag and smile like an idiot because of your kind words and reactions <3 and thanks for following me! <333 i got a whole bunch of new followers and it’s just overwhelming that so many of you like what i’m doing <:D so..Welcome! i hope you enjoy your stay and i hope you like this comic just as much as i do! <:’D

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Random observation: It’s kinda funny that the monsters Dean chose to remark on (and those Sam chose to remind Dean about) were Djinn and Sirens. You know, “I’d rather stab myself than live in a world where we were estranged” Djinn, and “I’m not a hot chick but an actual literal stand-in for your brother” Sirens. I mean. Just, you know. An observation. Because “Happiness means nothing if I don’t remember you” wasn’t quite clear enough.


“Imagine… The boys thinking you’re angry at them because you don’t talk to them as much or you distance yourself from them; but in fact, you have a hard time showing your emotions because you’ve been hurt so much in the past and Sam understands you and Dean comforts you.”

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