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So at the MagicCon Comedy Panel, Dean O’Gorman played the role of the Fairy Godmother. He was his usual chill self about it, and that Fairy Godmother would probably not wear this kind of outfit… however the 2015 Cinderella is my favourite film. 

So that considered, and the fact that Cinderella has become a major factor in my fandom identity following my fic “So This is Love”  I felt morally obliged to do a little drawing. Also to celebrate the reunification of my Tablet and my Tablet Pen! 

I am in NO WAY procrastinating the very important very vital work I need to do for my final year final project due in the 26th May ahahahahahahahahahaha *sobs* 

Dean O’Gorman… seriously, can you believe that? When I got his autograph at HC2 he was busy with throwing a piece of chocolate at Graham. This year he had a tiny bowl of gummy bears in front of him and again, when I stood in front of him, he wanted to throw some at Graham, but realised that Graham was sitting too far away, he almost looked disappointed. How did I manage to walk into this a second time? xD

📚 In what language do you read The Hobbit? We will be at #MagicCon this weekend. It combines #RingCon and #HobbitCon. Among other guests, will be hosting Adam Brown, Jed Brophy, Graham McTavish and Dean O’Gorman from the Hobbit movies.

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Yay! I finally got to meet Dean O'Gorman and Graham McTavish and got them to sign my hobbit moleskin!

I also had a lovely conversation with Dean about living in New Zealand and my family out there (this is when he, Lotte, Zach and Keegan were blocking the bar and all started apologising to me)

And I had to apologise to Graham for nearly tripping him up on the dance floor, though to be fair, he stood on my toe hahaha