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Makeup Mondays:

Purple and pink glossy inspiration in
“Beauty: Liquid Palette” photographed by Marina Dean-Francis for Volt magazine. Makeup and nails by Helen Brady.

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Name: Andreea

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Star Sign: Sagittarius 

Height:  5'8′’ 

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw 

Favorite color: Purple 

Favorite Animal: Dogs 

Current Time: 12:17 AM 

Cats or dogs: Dogs!

Favorite Fictional Characters: Dean Winchester, Francis de Valois, Neal Caffrey, Harvey Specter, Lexie Grey (lots more that I love, these are the ultimate faves)

Number of blankets I sleep under: 1, really fluffy and comfy 

Favorite Singer/Band: Bon Jovi, Mika, Eros Ramazzotti (again, lots more)

Dream Trip: London

Dream Job: Surgeon 

When has this blog hit its peak: Last week, when I asked the SPN Family to share their Always Keep Fighting stories - never been more inspired  

Why did you decide to get tumblr: I wanted to be able to save the posts that I loved, and that described how I feel.

When was this blog created: Two years ago

Why did I pick my URL: I really liked the way it sounded, I felt like it represents me. And also, subtle Supernatural reference (for me) :))) 

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Ashes to Ashes S03E06 Paul: None of this is real. Sacks isn’t relevant. The riot isn’t relevant. It’s only us that matters, Alex. Alex: Who are you? Paul: My name is Sam Tyler. I had an accident and I woke up in 1973. Alex: No! NO! Paul: Am I mad? In a coma? Or back in…


Fighting Squadron Sixteen (VF-16) F6F Hellcat pilots on board the USS Lexington (CV 16) celebrate after shooting down 17 of 20 Japanese planes heading for Tarawa in November of 1943.
Pilots are L - R: Ens. William J. Seyfferle; Ltjg. Alfred L. Frendberg; Lcdr. Paul D. Buie; Ens. John W. Bartol; Ltjg. Dean D. Whitmore; Ltjg. Francis M. Fleming; Ltjg. Eugene R. Hanks; Ens. E.J. Rucinski; Ltjg. R.G. Johnson and Ltjg. Sven Rolfsen.
The Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Commander Paul D. Buie, would be awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his actions at Tarawa:
“The President of the United States of America takes pleasure in presenting a Gold Star in lieu of a Second Award of the Distinguished Flying Cross to Lieutenant Commander Paul Douglas Buie (NSN: 0-72438), United States Navy, for extraordinary achievement while participating in aerial flight as Commanding Officer of Fighting Squadron SIXTEEN (VF-16) during interception of a large formation of Japanese fighter aircraft in the vicinity of Mille Island on 23 November 1943.
"He led a combat air patrol of twelve Hellcats against a force of 21 to 23 Japanese fighter planes and personally shot down two Zeros in this action. In a similar action off Mille Island on 24 November 9143, he led his twelve Hellcats in aerial combat against 15 to 20 fighters and 2 bombers and personally shot down one fighter in combat.
"His leadership, courage, and aggressiveness throughout these actions were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.” Cmdr. Buie would also receive the Navy Cross, Silver Star, Legion of Merit, and 2 more Distinguished Flying Crosses by the war’s end.
The second pilot from the right, with his fist in the air, is Dick Johnson, who shot down his third Japanese plane that day and overall, would have 3 confirmed destroyed, and 1 to 4 probably destroyed planes. On December 4, 1943, he would be listed missing in action in a mission to Kwajalien (Roi-Namur). Dick’s plane is likely one of over 150 airplanes that rest in the waters surrounding the island.
The Pistol Packin’ Airedales VF-16 squadron would produce 7 aces during World War 2.