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I’m just going to leave Dean singing Eye of the Tiger riiiiight here. 

I’m pretty sure my love for Jensen Ackles just reached stalker status.  

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Idk what to call this. Imagine? Spec? Idk, anyways, for end of series: dean, cas, and Sam in one of he toughest battles they've ever had, slowly getting boxed in and wearing down. Cas' grace had been fading, gradually leaving him more human. With no other option, the last of Cas' grace erupts from him to smite the monster(s). The screen gets brighter and whiter. As the grace fades back, we see Sam sitting in the Bunker kitchen, drinking coffee and reading news articles 1/?

On his laptop. Dean wanders in, clad in his dead guy robe, hair still a bit missed from sleep. He grabs two mugs and pours coffee into both. Taking both mugs he settles in across the table from Sam. Less than a minute later, cas shuffles in with his epic bed-head and sleep rumpled clothes, a pair of sweats stolen from dean and his old eye of the tiger tee. He sits next to dean, who slides the second mug over to him. As cas takes a sip, Sam looks up at them. “so get this …” Fade to credits 


This will never get old

“Who I Am Inside” Part 10

A/N: I am very sorry this took so long to write. I didn’t mean to keep you guys waiting. I was talking to this guy, but I think it’s over now. I also got my braces off! Yes, I’m going to be turning 20 this year lol. I’ve been really busy these past to weeks. More is coming soon! Thank you guys for all of your support! I love you all so much! You guys are the greatest! I can’t believe I passed 150 followers!

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It’s been 3 months since I moved in with Sam and Dean. They’ve been so great to me, and made me feel so welcomed. They are the best brothers anyone could have. I don’t know what I’d do without them. I’ve learned more about them during this time.

Dean. The cool guy. The 80’s rocking, head bobbing, leather wearing, macho man, all around tough guy. The one who you would want on your side going into battle, or the kind of guy you would want as a best friend. Underneath that tough guy shell of his, he’s a big softy. He’s sensitive more than the eye can see, but that’s just because he cares.

Sam. The brainiac, the logical thinker, the college boy,  Oh, Sammy. He’s a big teddy bear, but he can be tough when he needs to be.  He’s always very understanding, and their if you need a shoulder to cry on. They are both so protective too, but honestly it felt kind of nice being worried about. It’s kind of weird for me to be going from oldest to youngest, but it was nice to have brothers to rely on.

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Sometimes I just need to watch Dean sing Eye of the Tiger and so do you


Summary:  When Sam is injured on a hunt and Dean is left to look after him, both the boys are reminded what they mean to each other, and why they keep fighting. Season 2. One-shot. Hurt/Sam and Protective/Dean. Grieving boys.

Prompt: Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor

Read: Can be read on my blog, or on my fanfic page 

Everything had been fine.  

Well, as fine as things could be for the Winchesters.  

The Impala was as good as new, Dean had repaired both the damage from the accident and the damage he had personally inflicted upon it.

Dean was slowly becoming more himself.  Less angry, but still far too reserved for Sam’s liking.  

His older brother continued to throw himself into hunts too aggressively.  They no longer took time out to have some fun or just relax a little between gigs.  

They had, however, started bantering like they used to, but Sam could tell that Dean’s heart wasn’t really in it.  

Any discussion the younger hunter attempted to start that contained the least bit of depth or emotion, was shut down instantly by his older brother.  

Sam also couldn’t shake the feeling that Dean was hiding more than just his grief from him.

So, maybe things weren’t fine.

But they had been getting better.  

And at least the hunt had gone as planned.

That was, until, Sam stepped directly into a trap…literally.

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